Though I just got back from my daily walk and coffee break, during which I dodged patches of the hot sun for the shady side of the street, I can’t ignore that fall is just around the corner. It doesn’t feel like it just yet, but I know that it soon will, and I long for chilly autumn strolls, cool morning runs, trading my iced coffee for hot americanos, and a weekend road trip to upstate New York.

While most of my bags are seasonless, and I wear them all year long, I am excited to break out my Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Nano in red croc, which I, coincidentally, haven’t used all summer. It’s not that red isn’t a color that I consider a year-round hue, it is, and in fact, I think red acts as a great neutral, but I simply wear other colors, like pastel yellow, purple and blue, that don’t really mesh well with red. Thus, my fiery red little lady sat patiently in my closet, waiting to make her triumphant return (hang in there, honey, it’s coming!).

Saint Laurent Embossed Croc SDJ

I’m also excited at the prospect of adding a new bag to my collection, and that’s happening sooner than I anticipated. After opting not to pull money from savings and choosing to sell my Neverfull and other miscellaneous items from my closet, I’ve set aside money to add a brand new piece to my collection, and I am so excited about it! I’ve already made up my mind, but for now, I’ll let you all take your guesses on what it will be (hint: I’ve talked about it a lot!). I’ll reveal it here shortly, but until then, I want to know:

What bag are you most excited to carry this fall? Are you falling (no pun intended) back in love with a bag from your current collection, or are you adding a new piece into your rotation?

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