I’m not really haunted by much (maybe just the idea of a super large spider or taking a really bad fall), but I do find myself constantly thinking about certain bags that got away. This clearly is a topic that comes up a bit here at PurseBlog; we have covered it twice (here and here) in the past, and before I wrote this post today, I asked members of the PurseForum this very question.

Many of you know that in the past few years, I’ve been hunting for the right version of specific bags. It’s not like the It Bag heyday where if you missed a bag, you would never be able to get it–now it’s more the specific, seasonal versions that I regret not nabbing.

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect Chanel Boy Bag for what feels like a solid year–maybe two–right now. I first thought I wanted the large size, but like a handbag Goldilocks, I decided it was too big. I have an Old Medium, and now I’ve decided I want a New Medium. I love the versions with chevron quilting; it’s different and very cool, and Chanel released different chevron-quilted Boy Bags every now and then. I could get a new version if I wanted one.

But, it was the Chanel Chevron Quilted Boy Bag above, from a few seasons ago, that, to this day, tugs at my heartstrings. I love both the chevron and the classic quilt, which makes this probably the most made-for-me combo out there. I’ve asked at Chanel, and it doesn’t look like this bag will be coming back; because of that, I spend my days thinking about it whenever I try to decide on a Boy Bag. Nothing seems to compare, and I wish had I scooped it up when I could.

What about you–which bag(s) do you wish you bought and feel haunted about missing?

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  • Dell Q

    I missed out on purchasing the LV Speedy Cerise. When this bag debuted, I was in college and had just opened my first business. I put all my time and money into making sure my business was a success and paid my way through college. By the time I had the monetary means to purchase the bag, I had missed the mark. I had hoped LV would reissue the line, but alas, it has remained retired and covetable.

    • SPA

      You can still buy it second hand if you want- I bought mine 2 years ago and i love it.

    • Giselle

      Yes, you can find them on ebay or fashionphile. I don’t carry my speedy very often, but I love the cherries.

  • The Anya Hindmarch Earl Valentine tote from a few years ago. Whimsical and just a bit naughty – wish I’d bought one when I had the chance.

    • I regret not buying the Anya Hindmarch Digestives biscuits clutch! It was so cute. I still think about it to this day and hope I can maybe buy it secondhand someday!

  • I started buying designer bags about 2 years ago. I thought I’d be satisfied with 2 or 3, but I bought more than that and ended up spending over $10,000 total. Sometimes I wonder if, instead of buying all those bags, I should have just bought a Birkin.

    • Yoshi1296

      I think of the same thing and feel regret not buying a birkin, kelly, or any hermes bag! I however did promise myself that my next bag will be hermes so I’m saving up big time for that. I have my eyes on the Berline Mini bag..so cute…its basically a little cross body Birkin.

    • Rashmi BHATTACHAN

      You should have bought GOLD jewelry! :)

    • Sparky

      Don’t feel bad. I’m sure what you bought is beautiful. I started buying a few years back, easing my way up the ladder. I’m ticking the boxes strategically adding key pieces every year. Once my core list is complete, then I’ll look at Hermes. Its not an either or, more like filling out a collection. Enjoy what you have and think of Hermes as the icing on the cake!!

    • SeeJay

      I’ve wondered the same because I’ve made some regrettable choices and given away many bags :(

      • Tangela Levinson

        I have given away a lot too. I call it good karma :-).

    • Dwightinha

      My thought exactly when I look at my rather large handbag collection today.

  • T Tara Bagnista

    Stunning choice. Would you buy secondhand?

  • d

    Chanel jumbo back in 2005. It was $2 grand and some change. I went with the LV Beverly PM which I love and still wear but never will the jumbo be at that price again…

  • Sara

    Mulberry Bayswater in tan – should have got one before prices became laughable.

    • Alex R

      you can still get one for an acceptable price, from ebay or http://www.thefinerthingsaberdeen.com or from naughtipidginsnest, or vestiaire collective— just a few suggestions. I’m sure you can still find the Bays of your dreams :)

      • Sara

        Thanks! Other than e-bay, I haven’t heard of the other places. Will check them out :-)

    • Lisa

      You might check http://www.annsfabulousfinds.com. I don’t know if they have tan but they often carry Mulberry.

      • Sara

        Thanks! So many places I never knew about. Will have fun browsing :-)

  • kate

    Channel classic flap. Every time I decided to get one I cringe on the price tag and leave the store empty handed and I do it every year! Maybe this year I’ll have the courage to lavishly spend the money on the current price. If I didn’t hesitate the first time I drool over it I would be carrying it everyday and would proudly tell everyone who would ask that I got it back in that day when the price was not that crazy. :)

  • lavinia

    Hermes Sokelly, I simply adore that bag and should buy it before it goes out of stock…

  • anon

    Have you had any luck at buying it secondhand? Or has it been pretty much impossible for you to find it so far? Just curious:)

  • Lisa

    When I first started buying designer bags about ten years ago, I wanted a Chanel classic flap but thought it was too expensive so I bought other styles and several less expensive brands. Fast forward: I’ve now sold most of the other bags and finally held my nose and jumped into the deep end, buying two Jumbos last year (a 2002 black caviar with gold-plated hardware and a new dark silver metallic). Ouch!

    Lesson learned: save up and buy the bag you really want; don’t try to scratch the itch with something else– it never works!

    • lavinia

      I agree 100%

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      • Gira

        Omg…. How irrelevant!!!

    • Dwightinha

      My experience too.

    • Tangela Levinson

      Gosh, this is so true. I have wasted a ton of money on bags that did not make my heart sing. Now I am spending crazy money. I guess you have to jump in at some point.

    • Tangela Levinson

      This is so true. I have spent a ton of money on bags that did not make my heart sing when I should have jumped in on the Chanel Train a lot earlier. Oh well…lesson learned.

  • Kate

    Simple, ladylike, sophisticated Hermes Kelly in black that I handled in Paris the first time my husband (then boyfriend) flew me out there for a romantic getaway. I’m not a Birkin fan, but I’ve always loved the Kelly, and as a law student at the time it was beyond my wildest dreams to own one. Unfortunately, however, I wasn’t comfortable letting a boyfriend spend that kind of money on me, especially since he was already undertaking most of the expenses for the trip, so despite trying it on for size for more than an hour, I reluctantly handed it back to the SA and joked that the money would be better spent on our wedding. He did propose in Italy about two months later, and we did have a beautiful wedding two years after that, though both of those things would still have happened even if I had just let him buy the bag for me. It has been about seven years since that day in Paris, and I’ve bought lots of great handbags (and he has bought me a few as well), but I still have no Kelly bag. If I had known that he had already bought the engagement ring and thought of me as more than a mere girlfriend, I would have accepted the handbag. Kicking myself. Not only would I have a Holy Grail bag, but it would have had a great story to go with it.

    • C

      Still a good story! I’m sure it’s not too late for you to stumble on your dream bag in a similarly serendipitous way :)

    • Dwightinha

      I would have come to the same decision under the circumstance. Been in that position myself but with an expensive watch.

  • SerenLuv

    I passed on 2 Fendi Peekaboo bags about 3 years ago and I was haunted until I got one. The bags I passed on were on sale at the Neimans outlet but I was just unsure and somewhat unaware of the value. I did get the large fendi peekaboo 2 months ago in burnt orange (2015 line) for $2100 from Yoox. That was a steal since the retail price is $4500. I have purchased many designer shoes from them and have never been disappointed. The bag is gorgeous and still had the protective plastic on the hardware. The color would not have been my first choice but once I saw it I really did like the color. I wear a lot of black and it will be a great addition to my wardrobe.

  • Wing-Man Chan

    It was a Gucci bag. A boxy boston bag which looks like a jewelry box. Later one I saw it at the outlet, but it was scratched….

  • Suzanne

    Probably the Chanel pearly beige flaps from last year. I was brand new to Chanel and overwhelmed and didn’t realize how much I would prefer that seasonal color over anything else.

  • laura

    A Chanel GST with silver hardware. I saw it two years ago and didn’t buy it thinking I could find it later since it is a classic style. I have been looking in different cities and haven’t been able to find one. There’s no Chanel store where I live so I’m limited to the few trips I take throughout the year. I’m planning a trip to Paris later this year so I hope I can find it there.

  • Jacquie S

    When the Lady Dior came out with the Warhol shoes. I was in London and didn’t want to carry it back. I checked all the Dior stores and was only able to get the clutch with the Gold shoe/ grayish leather. I love it but wanted the Black Lady Dior, with the black shoe more. I started selling on The Real Real and saw the one I wanted for sale. 3 months later, as soon as I had enough in sales credit, it had sold. :-(

  • Vicky Cheng

    IS IT A LAMBSKIN? I dont really know what the difference between a lambskin and calfskin….

  • Passerine

    I still regret not buying the Georges bag by Delvaux about 10 years ago. I loved it — I thought it was a better version of the Gucci bullet bag by Tom Ford. The photo below is the all-croc version. That was out of my budget, but they had a leather with croc trim (same rich brown color) that I could have splurged on. We spent the money on a trip instead. The trip didn’t turn out that great, whereas I know I’d still love the bag! Plus it had the classic Delvaux front opening mechanism that the brand no longer offers. All I can do is hope for a re-issue someday. I’ve NEVER seen one on the second-hand market. :-(
    Next on my coulda woulda shoulda list was the beautiful hand-stitched silk velvet animal print from D&G with snake trim. Up close, the workmanship was stunning. Animal prints go in and out of style, I know, but I thought this one was the best I’d ever seen.

  • Lori

    I had the opportunity and cash to buy a Hermes Jypsiere about 6 years ago and to this day I don’t know why I didn’t just buy it. It has gone up in price a couple thousand since then (I think) and I would have used it off and on this whole time!

    • Lisa

      Love that bag! I finally splurged on the Jypsiere 28 and reassure myself that in a few years it will seem like a bargain.

      For some reason it’s not as popular so you can probably find it at a reputable reseller. I have seen them on Yoogi’s Closet and Ann’s Fabulous Finds.

  • FashionableLena

    Prada Fairy bag and a Celine Boogie bag. Rarely find the fairy on eBay, and the Boogie bag is kind of pricey.

  • Jewish Chick

    In 2007, the standard black Birkin was $5k and I passed it up; I AM KICKING MYSELF FOR IT!

  • Giselle

    I’ve been on the hunt for the same boy bag, I also like the combo of chevron and quilt.

  • TCB

    2012 Prada clutch with the 59 Cadillac on it.

  • Lila

    LV Mono Neverfull before they redesigned the interior with the boring font and no flowers. I have a DE one, but it’s not as casual as the mono. Also, a Roses Neverfull. I want to say it doesn’t matter- they’ll be something else nice down the road but ever since MJ left LV the limited edition pieces are really bleh.

  • Don’t laugh, but the Spy bag. I still want that bag.

  • Sharon Haas

    There was one that wasn’t even overly pricey – I just underestimated how popular it was going to be – Abt 3 yrs ago Target featured a limited run of a certain designer and one of her offerings there was a bag with bird graphics on it. I waited a day to go to a store and by then it was gone everywhere. I have haunted places where used bags turn up, on and off line, but still haven’t ever found it.

  • Sanni

    I saw Tod’s bag at an flea market for 15€ (less than 20$ I guess). It was stylish, white suede and brown leather as new but I DIDNT BUY IT?! I had already bought some cheap clothing (H&M) that I used maybe once before throwing away. The next day I read from Purseblog that TOD’S is making a comeback to handbag game.
    I still give myself a mental slap when I think of that bag.

  • Sanni

    Apart from the Tod’s bag, there was a Hermes So Kelly at an auction house here that sold for 690€ (maybe 750$). Thats’s a bargain for it and I still hate myself for not going there and bidding it.

  • Moni

    I’m a Vintageneer, I coined the phrase. I collect priceless things of beauty. Everything from fashion, art, stemware, etc. I still have nightmares of walking away from from a vintage-white-crocodile-Italian-satchel wait for it…for $30?! It was in pristine condition, I didn’t buy it because I was being stubborn. Considering I recently purchased a vintage-couture-boucle-Chanel trench w/ matching skirt dropped from $19.99 to $9.99 (the thrift store didn’t know valued at $35k), it seemed excessive. And I also purchased an alligator-Kelly bag still had the price tag in it from the 50’s for $65, but it appraised at $62k. What I paid for it too low, it may cause deep jealously, I won’t do it to you. But never again! I’ve learned if something crosses your path and it evokes a deep feeling, it is meant for you don’t leave it. Or the regret will never leave you, unless it’s extremely ridiculous like a purse made out of straw by Givenchy, really?! ????

  • Vicky

    That bi-color reissue I saw years ago. I still yearn for it today.

  • Andrea Spaventa Cole

    Hey Megs! Found that bag on Vestiaire Collective if you’re still lusting after it! http://www.vestiairecollective.com/women-bags/handbags/chanel/black-leather-boy-shoulder-bag-chanel-2767521.shtml

  • emily

    Not a bag but a pair of shoes, black Valentino rockstud flats they were on sale for $400 and I didn’t buy them!!!!????