A few weeks ago, I realized I hadn’t bought a new bag in a while. Don’t get me wrong, I still absolutely love bags; at this point, though, my collection is expansive and I’m surrounded by bags every single day, both of which help curb my consumerism. However, I started to get an itch and realized it was because I wanted a new bag. I was yearning to add a fresh touch of spring to my collection, and since pastels are the new neutral, I began my search.

I landed upon the mint version of the Loeffler Randall Rider Bag and pressed order as quick as I could. The color is extremely beautiful and feminine, a pastel green that screams spring. Since it arrived at my doorstep, I’ve carried it for two weeks straight and have been loving it. I’ll have a full review to come soon, but I wanted to open up the conversation to you to hear the last handbag you bought and if you love it. Buy my new bag via ShopBop for $495.

[Clearly, I really was itching for a new bag because soon after I bought this bag, I scooped up the Olympia Le Tan Book Clutch, which I am asking you all about as well.]

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  • jennifer

    Really like this bag too…but, tried one on at Saks, and the long strap didn’t go cross body…more just as a shoulder long strap…wanted it to be adjustable so I could have it cross body if I wanted. There are a couple of metal stays that look like it would adjust…but just not enough. Hope they improve on that in the future…cause otherwise..a great looking bag…especially love the black with black hardware –

    • Yes, I am working on a Purseonals on this bag – it’s so lovely but there are def some changes that need to be made!

    • dee

      there are 2 lengths, one is a long shoulder strap to have the bag by your waist, and then the longer option allows for crossbody

  • The last bag I bought is actually a non-leather and super wallet-friendly Accessorize “Mari” tote in emerald. I absolutely adore the bag and carry it everyday to university ! It is big enough to store all my books, comes with additional shoulder strap and best of all, you won’t be sorry If it gets slouchy ’cause of the weighty books!

  • Mrs_R

    I have been on the look out for a neutral leather bag for about a year. I’ve been putting away money every chance I get for my purse fund. Yesterday my mom, sisters and I went to Goodwill to find tea cups for a tea party for my nieces. About 20 feet away this beige leather purse caught my eye. I went to check it out and it was an authentic leather longchamp crossbody bag for $7.99!!! That’s right $7.99. Bought that thing faster than you can say WHAT?!. I am so excited! The price of my longchamp bag doesn’t even equal to a tenth of the tax I would’ve paid for the bag I originally planned to buy!


    • Marilo

      That’s a great find.

    • Melissa

      ahh i found an authentic longchamp at my local thrift store for 1.99! of course i bought it:)

  • Yerani_km

    I haven’t bought a bag for myself (I may have received a few bags as gifts though, which obviously doesnt count) since last year around this time but now I think I caught what you have. But the last bag I did buy was a YSL, a nude patent leather hobo style bag (I don’t know the name) and I loved it! I carried it all summer.

  • Sandra

    I purchased a Moroccan Blue Givenchy Lucrezia…the only problem is now I am a Givenchy addict (already have a Pandora)….I want, no I need an Antigona…soon I hope. LOL

  • denise

    please share this as a new purseonals post soon!! i just bought this bag from shopbop and i’m debating whether i want to keep it or send it back. it’s really beautiful and saffiano is structured/easy to clean. LOVE the many compartments. however it is a tiny bit heavy (for the size!) and i also wish it was a tad bit smaller (i have a kindle but not an ipad). still debating!

  • SK

    I just got the “Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Karlie (cement)” in the mail yesterday! :D

  • lisalovesowls

    I never really used to buy a lot of bags. Then and there just random purchases. Until last year! I discovered Nat&Nin bags, Liebeskind Berlin and Fossil. Well.. my love for better quality bags grew and last month I bought myself a preloved Marc by Marc Jacobs Helena Turnlock Tote in black and just yesterday I had another MbMJ bag in the mail. A brand spanking new Classic Q Natasha in black.
    A purchase I will probably never regret. Such a great bag!

  • gpc

    bought the Delvaux Chablis in terracotta from Barneys – LOVE IT…

  • qh

    I just got the exact same Loeffler Randall Bag in mint! love it and has been getting loads of compliments :)

  • Marilo

    I just bought two Pulicati bags at $99 each from Marshall’s. One is a red satchel with beige handle and the other one is beige with aqua handle. I really like them coz lots of room to put my stuff in and the craftmanship is really nice, e.g. stitching is clean and neat. I’ve never heard of the brand, so I called my brand-conscious sis in Chicago – she hasn’t heard of the brand either. I then googled the name and voila, retail for the red one is $250. Both are great for travel. I think I got a bargain on both.

  • Kett

    It’s so pretty, I love the color! I’m so into structured bags right now after years and years of slouchy and that’s a fun take on it. My last bag was a Celine phantom.

  • Miki

    I loved this minty green bag (and the price!) as soon as I saw it! But when I saw the white one at saks, I noticed that the leather on the strap was separating. So I decided against it. It’s still a great price for a fun, seasonal color.

  • Just bought a Givenchy Pandora in morrocon blue (shinny bubble leather)..loving it! And would love to have LR bag!

  • Fran

    I bought a Michael Kors Jet Set Travel tote about a month ago! It’s a beautiful brown color that goes with everything and I absolutely love the saffiano leather

  • lizzy

    Loeffler Randall at that price?! What a steal!!!

    The last handbag I bought was the 1st generation Prada Madras Woven Bag (in black)
    … it’s the last because I can’t seem to find something that matches my personality quite as much.

  • kristint

    last bag i bought was a RM mac in black ostrich… but that was way too long ago, trying to save up for a big purchase soon! :)

    but absolutely love this bag!! the size looks good and the color is to die!!

  • 2013mizfashionista

    Latest buy was a coach Willis bag which I absolutely adore. I’ve discovered my love for Coach classics. That said – I’ve been wanting the Loeffler Randall Rider Bag purse for a while now and I’m looking forward to the detailed review. Thanks in advance.

  • Marcia

    I bought Celine Trapeze Grey Croc Stamped after 2 years in love with it. I loved it before and love it now and will always do. lol!

  • MMC

    Fendi 2Jours Medium in Grey. I looks great, not as heavy, easy to carry and great to store my day-to-day items.

  • That is a nice purse. Too bad I’m not a shoulder-bag person. I just bought Tod’s D-Styling bauletto bag and I loooove it! The easiest bag to carry, really.

    • jennifer

      I am a huge fan of the Tod’s D-Styling too..yummy thick chewy, yet lightweight leather…mmmm

  • Melody

    I got the rebecca minkoff mini mini mab in baby blue, perfect for spring in color and size. Love it.

  • QuelleFromage

    Two bags!! I bought the Dareen Hakim Le Parisien clutch in emerald and snake this week…and a 28 cm Miel croc Kelly at an auction for a ridiculously low price. The clutch hasn’t arrived yet but there is no question about my adoration of the Kelly, though it will take a YEAR to order its shoulder strap!

  • Bec215

    I splurged on a lipstick red Chloe Marcie large hobo, and it’s one of the most comfortable bags I’ve carried… the wrapped handle feels sooo good, and it just molds to you. Two other women in the store when I was looking picked it up. It’s big enough to stash a sweater when the spring evening turns chilly, and I love that the Chloe bags don’t have a big logo on them.

    • bobbie_ch

      Oh my Chloe Marcie is on my wish list, I am drooling to have one … soon! :)

  • The last bag I bought was the small crossbody bow metallic bag from Burberry. I need a small bag to take out to the night and this one is perfect! The next bag on my list is the Rebecca Minkoff hologram bag, I can’t wait for this one to hit stores.

  • bobbiech

    My latest buy were a Mulberry Alexa regular size, i love it but now I’m thinking of selling it and buying the bigger size.
    Another 1 is an off white Gucci with goldish trim doctor’s bag.. love it it but downside is it easily gets dirty :(

    • bobbiech

      Black Alexa