What qualifies as “expensive” or “inexpensive” is different for everyone. How much money is too much money to pay for something you want depends on a lot of things, and when it comes to handbags, every person’s perception of a fair price for a particular piece is going to vary widely. What we want to know is where you draw the line.

I have no idea what an objectively “reasonable” price for a handbag might be. I’ve worked in the fashion industry for too long and loved handbags for too long, which has warped my understanding of money and fashion. I balk at paying a hundred bucks for a new rug from Target, but paying many times that for a bag seems like no big deal, which is something I ineffectually struggle to reconcile all the time. That battle was probably lost long ago, though; as Popeye would say, I yam what I yam.

Still, I have a finite number of dollars, just like virtually everyone else. I can understand why someone might pay $30,000 for a gorgeous crocodile bag, and I can thought-experiment my way into imagining that scenario, but that’s far outside the realm of possibility for me. Personally, the most I can imagine spending on a bag is around $1,900–something about the one in front is comforting. An extra hundred bucks wouldn’t make a big difference monetarily, at that point, but it’s a world of psychological difference.

Obviously, I value having a good handbag more than most people on Earth, and I’m lucky that a handbag of that price level is an option for me, even as a rare and saved-for treat. We all have our financial and mental limits, though, and I suspect (or, maybe, hope) mine won’t be budging any time soon.

With brands doing price increases left and right, where and why we tap out has been a hot topic in the PurseBlog offices over the past few months. Most shoppers have an ideal upper limit in their heads–what’s yours, and could you see yourself breaking it for a bag you really love?


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