I’m about to say something that may be shocking to many of you: for three years, I’ve lived with no closets. None! Not a bedroom closet, not a linen closet, not even a coat closet. Even great New York apartments always have a fatal flaw, and in this case, I paid for the big, sunny windows and beautiful 1899 brownstone details with a tradeoff for a total lack of storage. Two weeks from today, though, I’m moving into my own place with three (count ’em, THREE) big closets, just for me, and I’m still wrapping my head around how to transition back to life with doors behind which to put things.

My saving grace in my closet-free existence has been having a bed tall enough that I can store tons of things underneath. (Well, that and having a bedroom big enough for a garment rack.) So, right now, most of my bags are tucked away in their dustbags, sitting in a large plastic storage container underneath my bed. The rest of them are sort of strewn around my room because I tend to change bags pretty frequently depending on color and if I need to carry my laptop, and also because that plastic tub under my bed is full and they can’t all fit back into it. (Occupational hazard.)

I’ll probably keep the plastic tub for the bags I use infrequently, but I’m not sure what to do with the bags I rotate in and out on a daily basis. I’ll have a coat closet, a storage closet and a standard-size bedroom closet, but no built-in shelves or anything super bag-friendly like that. Because there is likely no other group of people on Earth more well-versed in the care and feeding of expensive handbags than our readers, it seemed like you guys were the first people I should turn to for advice. So how do you do it, especially if you live in an apartment or other small space?

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