I read as many comments as I can on PurseBlog, which I love to do. Sometimes I get a little behind and I’ll make myself a tea and sit down to catch up on comments. One comment that I see popping up often is ‘that bag is a copy of this bag’. Some use the word copy, some use unoriginal, some use the word inspired, others use the word knock-off.

Each of these words means something very different to me.

An unoriginal design simply lacks creativity and many times pulls its idea from an existing bag. When it comes to inspired bags, it’s clear that elements from another design makeup the bag. A knock-off is an unauthorized copy of another item, many times labeled as the original; a knock-off bag is a true fake.

This week I was thinking about the topic of what to label a bag that clearly has been inspired by another bag. Additionally, I want to figure out when a designer takes it too far – what crosses the line from inspiration to copying?

The Céline Luggage Tote became widely popular and its defining design element, the gusseted sides, made their way onto many other designer bags. As consumers began to see the Céline Luggage shape on other bags, many called these new designs copies. But is taking a design element or popular shape and integrating it into your lineup a major no-no?

Take the two bags I used for this article as an example. One bag is the highly coveted Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag and the other is the Michael Kors Miranda Bucket.

Obviously, both are bucket bags and it is easy to say there isn’t much you can do with a bucket bag. But when I scrolled past the Michael Kors Bucket Bag I was immediately reminded of the Mansur Gavriel. I would call this bag inspired.

I want to hear from you – when is a similar design or design elements crossing the line for you? Are there certain designers that you find to take too much inspiration from others?

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  • riquita

    A similar design is crossing the line when every purse “designed” looks like a copy of another purse line. (Ahem, Michael Michael Kors).

  • Keiah

    Rebecca Minkoff, period.

    • anon

      Oh totally, Michael Kors & Tory Burch too. I think a lot of contemporary designers are a guilty of this from time to time.

      • joele keilso

        Contemporary designers have no originality, so they knock off and kiss every freaking popular blogger’s arse in order to gain more customers. We never see LV, Chanel, and Prada kissing blogger arses. It’s annoying.

    • YES. I wish I could like this multiple times. Her knockoff of the Chanel Boy bag completely turned me off her brand.

      • Caty

        I honestly couldn’t find the Tory Burch knockoff version. Could you post a picture, or comment the name?

      • joele keilso

        Katrina’s talking about Rebecca Minkoff. RM’s version is called “Love.”

        Tory doesn’t have a knockoff “Boy”, but she does have a similar looking Chanel flap version.

    • joele keilso

      Rebecca Minkoff: “I love Balenciaga so I’m going to knock them off by using their designs and little details such as their fringe zipper pulls, buckle details on the corners of the bag, and even the bag itself! I’m so original!”

      Behold everyone, the female version of Michael Kors has landed. BEWARE!

    • joele keilso


  • Mel

    Michael Kors is totally a “copy-cat” type of designer! Literally ALL OF HIS BAGS are “inspired” by a high-end design that became popular

    • Givenchy Lover

      Unlike many of his other bag designs, his Miranda tote is totally beautiful and was really his own. This bucket bag has 2 key Miranda elements: the ties with the metal tips and a very clean/simple design. But it does look like the Mansur Gavriel a lot (although how original is the MG bucket bag? I’m skeptical.)

      • Bobby

        Michael Kors is total crap. Don’t waste your money.

  • Art De Méndez

    Have you guys seen the Coach “Gramercy satchel”….its an exact copy of the Fendi “Peekaboo”

    • EGlez ?

      This one should fall in the “knockoff” category.

    • Ayishaa

      Hey Megs, I would love to hear ur opinion on this one…the coach gramercy vs fendi peek a boo, knockoff, inspired or unoriginal

    • Meg

      I would say inspired because it doesn’t have the peek a boo affected that fendi has…hence the name of the bag. Coach is more structured with an uptown feel while fendi’s bag is still uptown but has that very playful/downtown look

      • Atelieross.com

        I agree, the Coach also utilizes heritage pieces like the Turnlock and dowel inspired center divider that is beautifully done in a stacked leather look. Ive taken time to analyze both designs and the Fendi falls short on a few fronts. Its heavy, and has a very short unadjustable shoulder strap, ill also add that the top handle doesn’t drop when using the shoulder strap, so it sticks unto the wearers underarm. Coach took the Peekaboo and literally made it better. Its lighter, has a dropping top handle with separate shoulder strap anchors, along with a longer adjustable shoulder strap, which can be worn X-body. Not to mention the craftsmanship we all know is rivaled at coach. It may be inspired, but we know it will last forever. i’ve seen old Peekaboos, and they don’t look too good after a couple years. Not to say i myself don’t want a Peekaboo, its actually one of my favorite bags, but the coach in my opinion hit the mark, even if its a copy. I will close with adding that The Gramercy resembles the archival Gramercy top handle while the peekaboo was designed this decade and looks like an Hermes Kelly, which poses the question, who is actually knocking who off?.

  • Chiyong

    I think it’s subjective, but if someone who’s familiar with bags requires a double-take, it’s too far. There’s a limited amount of styles out there that are practical, so I think it’s quite dependent on the details. There needs to be enough of a discrepancy in the styling to make me prefer one over the other.

    Many of the copies I see greatly vary in pricepoint though, so MK copying Mansur Gavriel is a bit disconcerting. I don’t think that just because someone isn’t willing to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a bag should be denied an opportunity to own a bag style, but do hope there’s arrangement to pay the original designer.

  • HfromT

    As many others have commented here, there are SO many designers whose bags can be considered “inspired by” or “knock offs”, but the one that gets me every time is a Balmain bag that looks exactly like the Hermes Victoria bag. They are virtually indistinguishable from one another in terms of shape, design, size, etc. The only difference is that one is produced in suede (Balmain) and the other in leather (Hermes).

  • EGlez ?

    Well, Michael Kors does know how to copy other designers, mainly Vuitton and Prada. But this bag is actually quite nice and totally different from the MG.The only thing they have in common are the adjustable straps, and the bucket shape… it’s a BUCKET bag, not much room to go from there…
    On the other hand, and it should’ve been this bag on this post is the new Coach “Gramercy Satchel” THAT is a perfect example of when a designer crosses the line…

    • Guest

      I don’t think this bag has the “peek-a-book” option though. So I guess, this would be considered as inspired.

    • Mel

      Literally just like the Peekaboo..

      • AdaDilloneyi

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  • Adam

    This is something I talk about with friends quite often and I’m thrilled that you wrote a post about it.

    From a legal perspective, a design only has to only have a small amount of originality
    to survive a copyright suit. The policy basis for this being that there more or
    less a finite number of ways to design something, and it is better to err on the side of promoting creativity and innovation, even in small steps, rather than stifle creativity by setting the benchmarks incredibly high.

    It’s easy to label something as a knock off, but I like to think of design elements as being a reference to other designers. Much in the same way that art frequently references other works of art, design can reference other design.

    The discussion can also be framed by thinking that maybe the designer wants to do her take on an iconic design. Much in the same way that a chef prepares a classic dish but adds her personal touch, a designer may wish to create her take on the classic flap bag, or in this case, the minimalist bucket bag.

    That analogy ends when you factor in the role of designer handbags as social symbols. Handbags serve as symbols of status and exclusivity. As such, those who carry them have an inherent interest in maintaining their exclusivity and as a result, become hyper-defensive of any threat to that exclusivity. So when a designer references another design, or creates her own take on an iconic design, that design becomes a target.

    I don’t necessarily know if I agree with all of this, but I wanted to present what I hope is a different perspective.

    • PJGambler

      Great post–this is something that automobile and other manufacturers face. For example, sometimes a car looks like a Mercedes until you get right next to it.
      I prefer to buy the original design, if I can afford it. Otherwise, it bugs me to have what looks like it, but isn’t it, and I am not satisfied until I have the “real ” thing. All a matter of personal choice. I have many friends who could care less if something is a “knockoff” or not, and perhaps that’s a “healthier” way to be.

    • Hierophilic

      This is amazingly well thought out and exactly what I’ve always thought but was never able to place into words. Thank you!

    • Thank you for sharing, really enjoyed reading this perspective and I agree to an extent.

      There is only so much you can do with a handbag and I think at times we hold designers to unreachable standards.

  • Meeouw

    And i always thought that the original bucket bag was LV Noe… No?

    • Izzy

      Agreed. I find the Mansur Gavriel very similar to LV Noe. What is an original design? Where do we begin? In this case, if Michael Kors is guilty, then so is Mansur Gavriel.

    • Mel

      I think that Mansur Gavriel did take inspiration from LV’s Noe, but it becomes a problem when a designer “inspires” EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEIR HANDBAGS from other high-end lines (ahem.. MK)

    • I agree – I tend to forget this as the Noe, while still being made, has very little coverage as far as people carrying it it seems

    • ivsmommy

      Agreed! The rest are just copies to me!

    • joele keilso

      The only original drawstring bag I found so far is the Balenciaga PomPon. I haven’t seen anyone on TPF reveal a similar looking design. Unless I’m wrong here?

      • Joele

        Oopa nevermind. RM made a knockoff. Typical of her.

  • missarewa

    I feel like the Tory Burch and Lauren Ralph Lauren copies of the Prada executive saffiano tote were extreme. Total knockoffs. Michael Kors is also famous for shameless copying. I don’t worry too much about it, you can copy a premier designers style but the bags seldom age the same way, and that’s the reason why people pay more. I wonder how the copying designers are perceived among their peers. That can’t be good for your reputation as a designer.

  • ReneeO

    Michael Kors copies someone for ALL of their bags! I would never buy any of their bags just on principle. It’s true that bags can start looking all similar but they take it way tooo far! Definitely MK crosses the line. I vote with my dollars.

  • Bobby

    Quite frankly, Michael Kors is starting to piss me off. I don’t remember the last time they had an original bag. He’s repeatedly ripped off Valentino, Fendi, Prada. It’s absurd and the quality of his bags are now total crap. He used to be an original designer. You couldn’t pay me enough to carry one of his rip offs.

    • Mel


    • Kelsey

      Totally agree!

    • Valentina

      Yes! Thank you!

    • Kitty Calico

      Yes – on all accounts. Michael Kors has definitely crossed the line, a hundred times over. From jewelry to handbags, it’s blatant plagiarising, regardless of legal thresholds for copyright infringement; in some of his worst “work” there is barely an element that is original with the exception of his “MK”. Refuse to buy, own or wear anything from his brand these days.

    • Bugsy Bags

      Michael reminds me of great white shark, something about the Jaws, I guess. Truth is that he is allways copying, but who cares about some high street brand and he gives what people want. Thats his venue.
      About the bags, it must be so hard to make a bag that has not been made before. That way they all are fakes.
      Im an artist and have a eye for details and yes, they are repeted year after year. Italians have original taste, they design very well compared to others, but their products are not so easily available.

  • Renee

    Great topic Megs! My purse blog addicted girlfriends and I recently spend a sad and rather long afternoon at a wake for an 85 year-old in the Midwest. As the massive crowd of elderly ladies strolled in and about, we could not help but notice that almost all of them were tightly clutching either Michael Kors bags or other no-known- name handbags that were shockingly either inspired or knockoff bags. Other than a busy street corner in Manhattan, we had never seen so many faux designer bags in one place. It was only later over cocktails that we agreed that we should have asked where all these ladies purchase their “designer” (and I do use the term loosely) bags.

    • Toothscrubber

      I’m from the Midwest and I know about the “designer handbags” you speak of. There is some company, much like Tupperware, where women get together and buy – “inspired handbags”.
      I see them everywhere and some of them are SO terrible. I am a purest – real or no deal. So that’s all I know about the “parties”. My friends know better than to invite me.

      In our malls, “designer inspired”, vendors can set up a kiosk and sell for 2 days. Then they must vacate. Mall rules. They do this because it will take that long before someone turns them in to the police They are raided and confiscate their items. No on bats an eye.
      A lot of small towns have summer and fall festivals. You can always find a booth selling everything! Knockoff sunglasses, wallets, coin purses, handbags and luggage.
      So, that’s the deal here.
      I have a t-shirt I like to wear on “ornery” days that says, “I can tell your bag is fake”.

      • Stephanie

        Someone needs to drop you in a war torn country so that you can figure out that these “problems” aren’t really all that important.

    • stephanie

      Well how judgey are we now?

  • Kiddo

    I think sometimes people think alike. I think the concept comes into play especially amongst those who are creative.

    • adguru

      I would agree except that Kors copies everyone ALL the time. That’s a bit more than just “zeitgeist”!

      • Kiddo


  • I try to applaud knock-offs. It makes trends develop faster and pushes fashion to evolve when designers are “inspired by” each other. Watch the Ted Talk “Lessons from Fashion’s Free Culture”:

  • klynneann

    The only thing that is the same on the MK and MG bucket bags in the pic, aside from shape and that can’t be avoided b/c a bucket bag is a bucket bag, is the shoulder strap. Just looking at the pic and w/o seeing and feeling the leather IRL, I actually like the MK better…

  • Seres

    The Mansur Gravel bucket bag is the bare elements of a bucket bag. I have an old goat leather one made by a craftsman in Morocco from the 80s. It is not an original idea by MG thus no one has copied/been inspired by it in the artistic sense, but designer companies have recognised that the style is in fashion again and are putting out versions of the same for a slice of the market.

  • Shanelle

    I think that being inspired is one thing but wholesale copying is another. That means the designer is lacking in originality and/or innovation which is one of the hallmarks of any brand. Hence that means there are a large number of brands that are suffering from the same problem. I am glad Michael Kors has done so well (he has been working in the fashion industry for so long), but EVERY bag he does is a copy of something else and that is a shame. Coach does have a bag that is a near copy of a Fendi bag, however, the rest of their lines are inspired by Balenciaga, Givenchy, and (now) Mulberry.

  • dela

    The two bags that that look like cousins (in the best possible sense) to me are Fendi Peekaboo and Phillip Lim Ryder. Both bags have a wonderful slouch mixed with structured elements. Ryder (when unzipped) is the only bag that comes close to achieving Fendi’s peekaboo effect, but it still retains the Phillip Lim DNA.

    • dela

      However, it doesn’t mean that Phillip Lim actually looked to Fendi Peekaboo for inspiration.

  • Natasha

    I honestly don’t mind. I own a few of these iconic bags and does it bother me when I see a girl carrying a MK Selma that was inspired by my Celine luggage tote? Does it diminish the enjoyment of my bag? Nope, nope, nope. Tbh it makes me happy. Not everyone can afford paying the ridiculous prices premier designers ask for nowadays. So that’s where contemporary brands come in. It lets everyone from different economic backgrounds have a slice of the style du jour.

    • Caty

      I love the Celine luggage tote, and I agree that the MK Selma copied the style but to me they are just different enough. The Celine seems a little more edgy while the MK is a little more simple. So at least he didn’t flat out copy this one :/

      • liv

        But alas, he has. Exhibit A, the Michael Kors Colette:

      • Mel

        He really doesn’t have any boundaries does he? KNOW WHEN TO STOP. YOU’RE NOT ORIGINAL ANYMORE.

      • Caty

        I stand corrected . How ridiculous. :/

      • joele keilso

        Don’t forget Rebecca Minkoff also had a similar looking Celine luggage tote, too. Here is her MAB Tote with gussets:

      • joele keilso

        Don’t forget Rebecca Minkoff also had a similar looking Celine luggage. Here is her MAB Tote with gusset:

    • joele keilso

      Don’t forget Rebecca Minkoff also had a similar looking Celine luggage. Here is her MAB Tote with gussets:

    • Rachelle Kebaili

      I agree! Some people can’t even afford MK or Rebecca Minkoff either or even Betsey Johnson for that matter BUT I fn LOVE Betsey Johnson bags and don’t care what price they are! They’re just cute as hell! I own bags that were $3000 and bags that were $80. As long as I think they’re cute, I think that’s all that matters! ?

  • FashionableLena

    This whole topic is always very interesting to me for the the point that no one is doing any original designs. I just bought a vintage Coach bucket bag because I prefer the design elements and the fact that it has a real drawstring as opposed a tie. I have no interest in minimal bags such as these.
    Like all of the other previous posters have mentioned, designers are just copying each other from premium luxury brands to third tier design houses. None of these arguments have deterred me from purchasing Michael Kors or any other designer that so-called “copy” other designers. I could care less about what someone thinks about me not buying the “real” thing.

    • misskris03

      I just bought a vintage coach bucket with the drawstring as well. Great bag. Also, I agree, it’s surprising to me how worked up people get over “inspired” bags. No, Michael Kors is no longer producing original bags. But he is producing things that a lot of women seem to enjoy, judging by his sales. I don’t understand the hostility.

      • Stephanie

        The hostility is due to the website we’re on. It’s purseblog — where rich spoiled women whine out loud because regular women purchasing similar looking bags to them are the biggest problem in their lives.

  • Casey

    I think Michael Michael Kors, as a brand, has copied every bag that could possibly be copied. This particular bag though, in my opinion, looks more like The Row’s backpack, because of the hardware. However, since it’s a bucket bag, there’s not much you can do to make it original. We could even say the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag looks like the Louis Vuitton Noe. At the end of the day, everything looks like something else.

    • Yep, that’s what I say when I talk about it with others – there are few bags that I can think of that are truly original in their concept

  • Melody

    Those of us that can’t get our paws on a mansur gavriel…the mk is a nice alternative for similar style but then again, its no mansur gavriel. At the end of the day, any bag snob would know that carrying a mk is as original as carrying an iphone

  • Joana Richard

    Actually the Mansur Gavriel Its equal to the first Louis Vuitton Noe, In that time the bag didnt call noe, but this happend every time!

    MK Its a little bit annoying, everytime a bag show up It equal to other brand, specially Louis Vuitton…

    But Its more unexpensive :)

    • Yes, you’re totally right – the Noe was the most iconic and first bucket bag most people know. Not many people seem to carry that now and the Mansur bag really sparked the trend again, but they did not invent the style of the bag per say

      • kaly

        Not exactly in the same price range, but the first “bucket bag” I had was a Dooney & Burke back in the early eighties!! (Wow, that made me feel old…lol!!)

  • lavinia

    when the “boston bag” by celine came out it was the first bag having those wings a new idea! finally! (not easy to reach) and I was totally shocked when I saw every single designer (even Prada) copying it.But at the end of the day I say maybe the customer is looking for that particular model and then they all follow that direction…I would buy only the original one but we have to consider every “class” out there not everyone can pay for a Celine one but everyone want to be fashionable. :)

  • Amanda

    The line becomes blurred when you consider that a lot of brands use each other and past trends as inspiration. You don’t just see this with handbags- it’s everywhere. Boot cut jeans are just beginning to become trendy again in North America, yet you don’t always see people, for lack of a better word, harping on the fact that fashion houses and brands are all creating denim with a boot cut. I guess my point is that everyone has to pull inspiration from somewhere, and seeing a crafted style pop up in a few lines is to be expected. The designers do have a job to do, you can’t fault them for looking for styles that will sell.
    Thanks for your clarification on “knock-offs” vs. copy-cat however- not enough people truly understand what a knock off is, and a lot of people fall behind the cheaper is better standard that our continent is cultivating. It’s distressing to hear friends say that they’d happily purchase a knock off because “really, they are all crafted in a sweatshop anyways…” . This is not always the case, and even brands that are produced overseas often have a higher basic cost and employees that are supported with better pay than a knock off will ever have. I know that affordability is a factor, and can understand that the desire to own sometimes overshadows these arguments, but, knock offs are not the way for me.

  • Andromeda

    I think what michael kors does has nothing to do with creativity of a designer, they just know how to kind of copy a unique design from other brands and sell it at a lower price… They just want to make the money and that’s what I don’t appreciate at all. If you want to attract the lower price point market then be creative! What’s the point of carrying a bag that looks like neverfull but it’s not neverfull cause I couldn’t afford that one?


    MK needs to be stopped! Its insane the way he skirts around the design laws copying everything from the Chloe to the LV damier pattern. SMH

  • lucy

    I think Michael Kors gets a harsh reputation. Yes, his bags are inspired by many premier designer bags, but so are a lot of other designers. I for one don’t buy premier designer because I don’t feel comfortable with the price tags that come along with them but I still like real leather and luxury goods. I would never purchase a birkin (I can’t afford it and even if I could I wouldn’t) but I love the MK Hamilton. It doesn’t make it a knock off because it has the same shape and a lock on it.

  • Rebecca Minkoff, Tory Burch, Clare Vivier all do it as well.

  • Jamaholic

    In this specific case, I actually like the MK version better (although I am not a fan of MK’s other designs as they seem to be very unoriginal.

  • Chelsea Girl

    I enjoyed this article especially since Michael Kors blatant copying of other designers bags have become so shameless. I know MK is in the market of making money, since the company has become one of the most profitable fashion companies today. It would be great if there was a way designers can licence key features of their designs so that People like MK will have no excuse but to pay up and stop stealing/ripping off designs from his colleagues . Plus It would only be fair – If it works for the music industry surely it should work for fashion

  • giu

    I really don’t see what’s wrong with designer inspired bags, anyone that knows (or even that doesn’t! ) will know the difference between a MK and a premium designer bag. At least its not under the pretence that the bag is indeed a real Celine, Chanel, LV, Hermes etc when it has infact been purchased off a stall on the street or in a ‘back street’ boutique in Dubai.That stuff is vile and highly irritating not to mention that it ultimately feeds organised crime. I own several iconic bags(chanel , lv, prada) but also a few Mk and Tory burchs firstly because I may not always want to be walking about with a bag that is worth $$$$ and secondly I much prefer to buy a bag which is of decent quality (i have had a saffiano mk tote for years) looks good (even if the design was borrowed) but that doesn’t necessarily need to have a hig end designer logo on it to make me want to buy it.

  • Erin

    Both bags above look to be inspired by the Gucci bucket bag I purchased around 1989.

  • Alex

    I study in Law, and what Michael Kors does it legal, but totally disgusting. They copy the design of a bag of a greater status (like LV’s Neverfull), but they never do it perfectly to avoid being sued by luxury brands (no, MK is not one of them). They’ll do it slightly smaller or bigger, change the style of the main zipper, put a different hardware, etc. In regard of the Law, the fact that a bag is a clearly and obviously seriously inspired by another is not illegal, and MK is fully aware of that. I am sure that when they design new products, they are surrounded by lawyers who tell MK which line not to cross and which element of another brand’s product they can copy without being official knock-offs. I know it’s stupid, but to be recognize as fakes, MK bags have to be exacts replicas (same length, color, leather look, hardware style, everything almost), which MK bags are not. If you want my honest opinion, MK is for people who badly want high end designers stuff but can’t afford it. My mom always said:”If you dont have the money, you cant have it”. Same with MK: If you can’t afford a LV bag, dont act like you can afford it; we all know you cant…

  • Tk bag

    Michael Kors is the biggest copycat out there !! All his stuff is ‘inspired’ by other high end designers. It’s so blatant !

  • adguru

    EVERYTHING Michael Kors does is lifted from someone else. He’s not a “designer”, which connotes creativity; he is a businessman who manufactures clothing and accessories. Big difference!

  • Jennyfir

    The word I would use for Michael Kors is derivative. Knock-off is really the wrong word as Amanda said. A knock-off is when the bag in question claims to be the designer (i.e. a fake Louis Vuitton which attempts to copy the LV monogram and other elements). I don’t have a problem with the similarity of the above bucket bags. I never thought the Mansur Gavriel was very original either.

  • Sly

    I had to say something because I saw all this Kors shaming, and it got to me, Michael Kors is one of my favorite designers, so I may be a bit biased when it comes to him. Anyway I’m a little angry, because when I read some of the comments on here, it seems they are saying eww, someone is carrying a bag that looks similar to my Celine Luggage tote and only paid a fraction of the price! Now I may be wrong, but the vibe I am getting is ladies who can not afford a $2000+ handbag should not be able to get the “look” for a fraction of the price. To me that is wrong, any woman should be able to carry a handbag and be so proud of it whether it cost $2000 or $200. If someone who sees that gusset tote and loves the look, but can’t afford it, why isn’t she allowed to seek it out from those “Contemporary Desiners” e.g. MICHAEL Michael Kors, Tory Burch, etc? Let’s be real, yo have some major shapes for a handbag – Tote, Boston bag, bowling, hobo, bucket, satchel, etc. You are bound to find some that look alike, but with certain differences that distinguish them, to me this is fine. Unlike Rebecca Minkoff who copies some other bags exactly, that I find wrong. Now does Michael Kors have a bag or two that is a copy, yes: The Jet Set Tote. but this is in his contemporary line. If you look at his High Fashion line, there isn’t a bag on there that I would say that looks exactly like any other designer. So I have no problem with it, because I understand there isn’t much you can do. These are object’s made for our enjoyment, and for use (And yes to show off). Some of you need to chill a bit. And ENJOY what you have, you wouldn’t have purchased it if you were so worried that there’s another bag out there that looks “similar”.

    • Kourtney

      Although, I agree that most MK bags are greatly”inspired” by luxury designer handbag styles. Everyone should have the opprotunity to sport the latest handbag “trend” no matter what their financial status is. BTW I like the MK bucket bag best!

  • Honey Dewykins

    I don’t really mind if a designer use an iconic bag as inspirations and add their own touch to it … innovation is good when it is better … but when they go overboard it’s sickening … look at what MbyMK did with the Balenciaga motocycle bag .. they even copied the giant studs at the corner of the bag … and the worst is it looks uglier than the original design …

    Personally I think it look more like a low quality Balenciaga knock-off/ fake bag instead of an inspired bag from MK.

  • Kelli Tinker

    I dont expect or respect other high end designers to incorporate an Original Design from another designer into their line but have seen many copy an original idea and add it in their designs. I disrespect a Designer that would do that regardless of who the designe. I try and purchase a fresh original concept from the original designer that launched it. Marc Jacobs, LV & others have all copied the Chanel Flap w/Chain but the only one I wil ever want to own is a Chanel as it was the original conception.

  • busterholl


    $90 bucks….This should scare someone.

  • Katia

    In this particular case, apart from the color, we can’t forget this is a bucket bag, they have been around for ages and having a momentum now, so every major bag brand had/has some. I think the Michael Kors’ is a bit more polished, but to say it’s a blatant copy is a bit too much in my opinion…

  • Guest

    While on the subject.. Can we please talk about how Steve Madden made a bag that is almost the exact copy of Stella McCartney’s Falabella!? Literally the only difference I could find is that Stella McCartney’s is all chain and the Steve Madden one has a leather wrap at the top.. I know I know, Steve Madden is known for his shoes BUT STILL.


    • joele keilso

      Steve Madden is just another Michael Kors – he copies everyone, including Rebecca Minkoff, who by the way, is another copycat designer.

  • Mel

    While on the subject.. Can we please talk about how Steve Madden made a bag that is almost the exact copy of Stella McCartney’s Falabella!? Literally the only difference I could find is that Stella McCartney’s is all chain and the Steve Madden one has a leather wrap at the top.. I know I know, Steve Madden is known for his shoes BUT STILL.

  • Bipasha

    MK gets “inspired” a lot! But that is why he’s doing well. He gives the average girl champagne looks at coca cola prices. Others do it too, but he does it best.

  • Charlotte

    My opinion on this issue oscillates back and forth between thinking it’s unfair to the original designer and fair to the less wealthy consumer who wants to achieve part of a particular “look.” I can’t see myself ever having enough money to buy a $5000 Chanel bag, and I’m enraged at the constant price increases there — and everywhere else. So part of me sees a great “knockoff” and thinks, “huh…good for that (company).” They’re making the style accessible to the masses…and those who own the real deal shouldn’t be annoyed, because they should be happy with the fact that they know THEIR bags are the authentic originals. That said, copying IS unfair and becomes upsetting to me when I know that the knockoffs (or whatever you want to call them) are being produced under ridiculously unfair conditions for under minimum wages in other countries.

  • So, I have coveted the Hermes Evelyn forever and was given one bought in Paris about 30 years ago. That said, I really want a different color but don’t want to lay down the $$ for it. What do you think about RM’s Feed Bag? I can get the color I want for a pittance, BUT……yes, wondering how it will be received. Honestly, I would never carry an LV or Gucci with all the logos…find it tacky. However did inherit the LV KeepAll and a Portfolio that once fixed would be great for a small computer when traveling. Not a chance in the world that even if I could afford it would I buy a bag that cost what some people make in a year! That’s not status, it’s materialism at it’s worst. All jmo.