Customization is a huge accessories trend no matter when it happens. An ever-increasing number of brands offer hot stamping or monogramming to help customers feel like they’re purchasing something special, and shoppers can add anything from furry monster charms to after-market pavé diamond-encrusted hardware to their bags once they’ve swiped their credit cards. A couple of famous moms have gone even further, though, by letting their precious kiddos have at their bags with some finger paints.

The Kardashians are a lot of things, and among them, they are arguably the greatest trend turning-points of our time. Their endorsement of a look or style can make it ubiquitous among populations that had previously all but ignored it (or even disdained it), much to the consternation of those whose looks are being appropriated. As far as I can tell, though, Kim Kardashian was the first celebrity to give a kid-embellished bag a try, and she did it at the behest of husband Kanye West, who gave her an Hermès Herbag painted by baby North in 2014.


As is often the case when a Kardashian does anything, a lot of people were critical of the choice to let a child paint something so expensive. The results were adorable, though, and surely far more meaningful than the gift of yet another Hermès bag would have been on its own. Plus, it’s her (and Kanye’s) money, and I was raised not to count what others do and don’t spend.

The Herbag Incident of 2014 came to mind this week when I spotted some paparazzi pictures of Saved by the Bell and Showgirls (two pieces of pop culture very near and dear to my heart) star Elizabeth Berkley carrying a Mansur Gavriel Lady Bag embellished with what appeared to be blue and white finger paint. After a little digging on her Instagram, my suspicions were confirmed: the bag was a Mother’s Day gift personalized by her daughter Sky.

I don’t have kids and am not an especially kid-prone person to begin with, but I can’t help but think it’s an adorable mini-trend. So many people who have the resources to buy designer bags can buy several of them, and having one with an extra-personal touch like this turns it from an average consumer product owned by lots of people to a special thing that can be kept as a childhood memento forever.

Have you ever let one of your kids personalize your bags? Would you? Let us know in the comments. If you (like me) think the Lady Bag makes a particularly nice canvas for paint, pick one of your own up via Barneys for $895.

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  • kemilia

    I don’t have children, and if I did, the answer would be nope.

  • Cbl

    I totally love my kids but hell to the no.

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    She can customize my old jean skirt and I’ll even wear it, but no way on the bags.

    • Kate

      That’s a good idea!

    • ElainePG

      Super-cute idea! You should do it… you’d start a trend!

  • Jacquie S

    I would, depending on the bag.

  • Mary Smith

    No. That’s tacky. Children can customize their own things.

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  • DayDreamer

    No, no, no, no, no. No. Children’s artwork should stay on paper, and posted on the fridge. Not on luxury bags, shoes, clothes or wedding gowns.

  • Rama

    I don’t care how sentimental the reasons are, the outcome is just ugly, so no.

  • C

    My income would have to quintuple for me to be comfortable letting my future kids customize bags that cost several hundred (or thousand) dollars. But I think this mini trend is very sweet! It’s a nice reminder that while expensive things are nice and shiny and gorgeous, they can’t bring nearly as much meaning and joy to our lives as our loved ones can. Things are just things, but the people we love are irreplaceable.

    • seres

      Beautifully balanced perspective,.

  • Kate

    I love my little nugget to pieces, but the answer is no. Nope, non, nein. No way. I can’t pretend everything my kid does is adorable. When the time comes, I’ll gladly display his fingerpainted masterpieces on my refrigerator door.

  • sev2108

    WHaaattt? Hell no. I mean I guess if I had too many (gifted) beautiful purses and I wanted to appear on a gossip site (assuming someone photographed me and scrutinized my bags), I would maybe do it, so someone would talk about me. But in my world? Absolutely not. My nugget gets no where near my leather bags. (And who lets their kid play with non-washable paints anyway?)

  • Bir

    i like it !!!! especially on the Herbag that is basically canvas !!!!!!!!! and to wear what would otherwise end up on the fridge or framed yes !!!!

  • Dell Q

    I would let my daughter customize a mansur gavriel bag because of the price point and the flat surface. Givenchy, LV, Chanel, Prada – no way.

    • Irene

      Wow, so you consider a 900.00 beautiful handbag to be as disposable as a piece of sketch paper?

  • FashionableLena

    NEVER. Not while I’m living. Not even when I’m dead.
    I have a lot my of kids’ artwork and pottery displayed around the house. I’ve even seen parents frame their child’s artwork and hang it prominently. On my expensive handbags?! Absolutely not. This may sound harsh but…no. I’ll just have to appear like a mean mom.

  • laura

    NO WAY. As much as I love my daughter, she won’t paint my bags. She can play with them, but that’s it.

  • JHH

    When my daughter was four, she “personalized” the strap of a LV bag. She was bored. I was on the phone and not paying attention and the rest is now family lore and funny 14 years later. It was not funny at the time. No way would I do this deliberately to any bag that I bought.

  • Anna Dinh Nguyen

    if my kid was picasso maybe,i would rather use bag stickers

  • SeeJay

    Maybe on a Coach, Michael Kors or a bag I was going to give away anyway….

  • Sparky

    NO. Its stupid.

    Besides, how do you know Kim had her child paint the bag? Because her publicist said so? Maybe a designer did it. Most importantly, who cares? SO tired of celebs.

  • shopper

    I honestly am not a kid person, and border on the line of can’t stand them, but when you have hundreds of millions of dollars (kim,kanye) the cost is not a big deal, and it is kind of heartfelt/sentimental. With that kind of income I probably would let my spawn do that, I think it is kind of fun, and I honestly like the look of it on kids bag, but then again I would have to have her money to do something like this lol

  • Sparkletastic

    No. This isn’t cute. It’s more of the ridiculous trend of letting children run things and not teaching them boundaries. SMH. And they wonder why they end up with mini Lindsey Lohans later. ????

  • girlscoutnocookie

    Mom jeans and baby food covered everything are fashion sacrifices enough, yes?

    • girlscoutnocookie

      PS. Toddler art only looks good when the rest of your outfit is immaculate. So aside from some serious GxG’s to buy an Hermes or whatever designer bag, you need a wardrobe consultant and an in-house dry cleaner to make the look work.

  • Tang

    I will not allow my child to “customize” my bag. I think it may lead to a child to be conceited and complacent with an inflated sense of self-importance and self-entitlement (eg my mummy lets me draw on her expensive bags and she thinks the drawings are beautiful and she says I am so creative and such a unique person yadda yadda yadda). I think both bags look awful after the “customization”. I feel very very very sad for Hermes and MG. The bags have been vandalized. From where I come from, vandalisation carries very heavy penalties!

  • Tinsley Proust

    In the eternal words of Meghan Trainor:

  • Sara

    No because I’m neither mentally ill nor a billionaire lol

  • June

    Agree with the others…plenty of other things my child could personalize as a keepsake memento, like a mug or picture frame…

  • Yazi

    You’re kidding right? Aside from the artistic side, this trend is for people who can afford to have their bags ruined by paint.

  • I would totally let my child do this to one of my bags under $1000. I take my bag everywhere with me, so it would be nice to have that memory with me all the time. I can definitely do a darker paint one on a camel bag and use it as my work bag.

    When I started collecting bags I was very protective of them because they cost a lot but as I started to buy more, I realized that the bags are for me, and not me for the bags. I loosened up a bit and started to enjoy them more. Every so often I loan a bag out to my mum for a few months and when I get it back, I don’t worry about the scratches and dings, it makes the bag even more special to me.

    Now I just have to have the child first!

  • Smithy

    Let’s indulge our kids a little more???? Unless it’s a paper bag, to give a kid license to decorate a leather handbag is pure insanity and overindulgent.

  • Vicky

    I’m not into carry bags with paint splatter. And as a mom, that’s not a good way to teach discipline. I’ll pass.

  • Aurore de La Gorce

    I don’t think I would, although my son has not tried it yet. He has customized curtains, ancient, precious furnitures, luckily with washable paint, and this was… Special. Of course beauty is subjective, but hey, they’re toddlers ! They do not even have every concept an adult has in mind, yet.
    I think it is important to put borders to the kids’ universe. But I guess if you hand the bag to the kid, it’s okay.

  • Passerine

    To a Longhchamp Pliage or similar bag, sure. I’d probably then use it as a beach bag. Anything leather or above the $150 price point, no way, no how.

  • Finem Lauda

    Yes, because I’m not so stuck up my own ass that if I had the money to invest on a bag to LET my kid customize, hell yeah I would. The stuffiness of these comments, I feel like I’m in a bottle of talcum powder.

  • Amazona

    I might let my goddaughter go crazy on a canvas tote and fabric colors, but no way is she ever going to get her hands on a leather bag of mine when finger paint is present! Unless I win the lottery. Then it won’t matter if she decorates a dozen Mansur Gavriels…actually, that’s one of the few things that would make MG even remotely interesting.

  • Corey

    Maybe. (Which, in mom speak usually means ‘no’).

  • Corey

    Maybe. (Which, in mom speak usually means ‘no’).

  • I think it depends on the price of the bag and how creative is my child (if I have one). If its like a longchamp LP or ZARA bags I won’t be hindrance to my child’s crative passion. I myself love doing DIY like what I did to my longchamp LP.

  • msmayuri

    – PurseBlog Asks: Would You Let Your Child “Customize” One of Your … though, by letting their precious kiddos have at their bags with some

  • Catherine Urbanski

    Look. I loved being a SAHM. And I loved the time with my kids who are now grown. However, there are boundaries. I would have never allowed any of my children to embellish a purse. Nor would I allow them to paint on the walls of my home. That is what paper and crayons, and pastels and paint are for.
    I DID have my Kooba Sloane bag embellished on a flight overseas by a child. The young girl sitting next to me threw up all over my bag. Luckily, I had it cleaned but that was the first and very last time.

  • coco-nut

    Absolutely! Personalizing one’s Birkin is very….Jane Birkin. We shouldn’t treat things as so precious – they are merely *things*. I ended up putting a bumper sticker on my favorite Birkin, and believe me, when I set my bag down, people read its message, and it’s ended up being a real conversation starter.

  • Jennifer

    I don’t even like children touching my bags… let alone painting on them. I’d have a coronary for sure…

  • kaly

    Ummmm, NO! It seems ridiculous to me. And how do you differentiate a nylon Longchamp from a lambskin Chanel to a 4 year old?? Why would it be okay to fingerpaint, or put stickers on, Mommy’s bag? Let the kids decorate their backpacks if you must, but I say stick with construction paper!!

  • Sara Morgan

    Absolutely NO! NOT! Just another excuse for parents not to teach their children about boundaries! These are the same parents who let their children run wild in coffee shops or stores or the beach and ruin everyone else’s enjoyments. There are paint sets and boards with colours and proper substrates. No painting or drawing on handbags or walls or pianos! Discipline helps children grow up responsible for their actions and keeps the rest of the world sane!

  • Rashida

    I like this

  • cat

    It feels like over privileged showing off. Would be better to have a picture they create framed and donate the value of the bag to a charity of their choice.

  • crista

    Never. What a waste of money.

  • Imgoingbroke

    Is still really a “thing”???

  • Aileen Diaz

    Never. I Love my kids but i have rules at home. They are not aloud to play with paint around with out supervision and never near my bags or furniture.

  • elizahill

    When I think of a customizing a purse such as an Hermes Herbag, this more appropriate option comes to mind:

    • girlscoutnocookie

      Who’s she? And is that her face on the bag???

      • elizahill

        She’s the artist who customizes the bags. The bag belongs to a client, so perhaps it’s a family member or the owner’s portrait? Not sure.

      • girlscoutnocookie

        Ah I see, thanks!

  • Scottsdale Kim

    Remember when Lady Gaga carried a Birkin where someone wrote in Chinese all over it? Does it make a difference if an adult alters their bag? Kardashian also carried a Birkin that was painted over by an artist.

    When I see something like that I take it as a desperate cry for attention.

    • girlscoutnocookie

      Isn’t Kim K’s career all about crying for attention? (In Lady Gaga’s case, I give her a thumb’s up because part of her creation myth was that she was a posh Upper East Sider who went to the dark side i.e. downtown, so she was rebelling against the usual trappings of polite moneyed society.)

  • Dwightinha

    Plain ridiculous!

  • MLH Design Co

    Possibly, it would depend on how good an artist my kid was…lol

  • It’s cool, children’s have a own taste they choose their things