I have often talked about my rather extensive collection of bags, which comes with the territory of what I do for a living (let me be honest, I also really just love bags). I have a lot of bags, and there are probably 10 that get the most use in my collection each year. Some of my bags I adore and refuse to part with, but they are outdated or over-saturated, so I don’t grab for them or include them in my rotation. Truth be told, I’d be wise to sell more of those bags and then buy a better cornerstone piece, but alas, I am a bag hoarder of sorts. Each of my bags holds a special memory for me in this bag-filled life of mine, so I find parting with them to be hard.

So while in theory, I don’t need a new bag, I find myself wanting one for fall, and I have a few options that I have my eyes on. I have a gift card to Luisaviaroma that I plan to spend on a new bag for the year, and I decided I need your help! Luisaviaroma is one of my favorite sites and stores, and Vlad and I have been lucky enough to attend events put on by the brand in Italy a handful of times. In fact, Luisaviaroma goes hand-in-hand with some of my favorite memories in my life! It doesn’t hurt that they have an amazing selection of bags, and that is where I found these 5 bags that I am trying to decide between.

I need your help to decide on my new bag, so cast your vote! I will be sure to let you know which bag I decide on and share a review with you once I get it.

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I’m a big Bottega Veneta fan and my Mini Jodie is my constant companion lately. As much as I feel like I should get a new bag, I also feel like why not just get another bag I absolutely love in a really stunning hue? And this blue one has my heart too. BV really knows how to nail rich colors.

Kaitlin actually talked me into considering this Saint Laurent bag. It has that simplistic 90s vibe with a no-fuss attitude. I was on the fence but decided to include it.

Saint Laurent Le 5 A 7
via Luisaviaroma

I have reviewed my Loewe Puzzle Bag and while I find some issues with the functionality, it’s a shape and design that I adore. This smaller size in a green colorway seems perfect for fall, and I keep coming back to it.

Loewe Mini Puzzle Bag
via Luisaviaroma

I have gone back and forth on the Balenciaga Hourglass bag, sometimes liking it and other days deciding to pass on it. But I saw this Soft version and decided it was a contender. I like the lines and curves and think I could wind up using this bag a lot.

Like I said, I’m a major BV fan, have been for a long time, and I think this is the bag I am leaning toward. I am back and forth between two green hues of this bag (this one is called Raintree, and this one is Pistachio). I feel like this bag would get a lot of use and quickly become a go-to for me.

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