When I found out I was pregnant, I found myself contemplating the perfect baby bag. I mean, why wouldn’t I? Everyone told me these 40 weeks would fly by, and they have been. I was looking at my baby tracker app and realized that Baby Girl Dusil will be here before we know it–just 2 months–and I don’t have a baby bag ready or my hospital bag packed (which is honestly an entirely different post, because packing these lists I’ve found seem excessive).

You’d think since I’m well-versed in handbags, I’d know exactly which route to take. But when it comes to being a mom and having a baby, let’s be honest: I have no clue. I can read all the books in the world and think that I know exactly how to get my baby sleep-trained, but whatever comes my way with this little one will mostly be out of my control, especially in the beginning. Am I crazy to think I could just carry a bag like a Louis Vuitton Neverfull or Goyard St. Louis Tote? I could be. Do I really need a true diaper bag that has little compartments for things like bottles? Maybe, I don’t know. How could I know? She’s my first baby, and people keep telling me I have no idea what I’m in for. That seems as true for my handbag needs as it is for anything about the experience.

So I’m turning to you, dear reader. After years of me advising you on what to buy, I need you to share with me your knowledge of baby bags. Obviously I want a bag that is easy to get in and out of, easy to throw over my shoulder and lightweight. I need a sturdy bag that can survive a little spit up, but I want a bag that is still fashionable.

What bag do you carry as your diaper/baby bag, and which way do you think I should lean?

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  • Sara

    So many options: LV Neverfull. Longchamp reversible Roseau. Liberty London tote. Longchamp Le Pliage.

    • That’s my problem – most diaper bags aren’t very cute, but the practicality may outweigh the style. I like hearing if people make a tote work for them with an organizer!

      • Lady Grinning Soul

        I had a Marc by Marc Jacobs diaper bag. Huge.
        Hardly ever used it. Only use it for airplane travels. Then it’s great.

  • cbl

    I used a LV Totally GM but they don’t make that size anymore. But in all honesty an actual diaper bag is probably the easiest. I have friends who love the Prada diaper bag. I think the way to go is to have a diaper bag plus a cute little crossbody bag so you can just shove the diaper bag under the stroller and not worry about your wallet being in there.

    • Yep, also looking at the Prada diaper bag – nylon is so easy to keep clean! And I’ll def carry a small crossbody for myself as well

      • Rocky

        Hi, I got the Louis Vuitton back pack for several rea sones.
        1) I could hang ir from the BugaBoo
        2) On flights it was so useful to have my hands free at the airport when I had to carry the babies
        3) The most resistable leather for spills and leaving on floors and sandpits in parks
        4) Daddy could carry it without feeling he was walking about with a flowery día pero bag!!
        Mom of three!

  • T Tara Bagnista

    I don’t have kids; however, I have observed mothers (and my sister when hers were little) as they maneuver their kids and stuff in airports, etc.. I would suggest a proper baby bag for various reasons (although they are not exactly attractive). First, you’ll be carrying bottles and snacks (either in the original packaging or tupperware). A bag with compartments would allow for easier access. I have both the Neverfull and St. Louis and often have a hard time finding what I need in the bowels of the bag.

    Second, they are designed for easy carrying (i.e., adjustable straps, etc.). In fact, I saw one skilled mother who was about six months pregnant and had a toddler in a stroller with a backpack version of a baby bag. Perhaps a Prada Vela backpack (shoulder bags can slip off easier–at least you won’t be doing the stroller/subway). I have the messenger bag and the compartments are great for separating things–my go-to travel bag.

    Third, although the Neverfull and St. Louis are water resistant on the outside, I don’t know the result if something spills inside. I assume you’ll be carrying a separate purse for your stuff.

    Whatever you pick, I’m sure you’ll look chic!

    • Thanks so much!! I am leaning toward a nylon bag now I think and Prada makes a great diaper bag. Just need to go check it out in store.

      I am going to be doing NYC at first! So def need to be aware of ease of use of the bag and stroller!

  • Christine

    I second the small crossbody idea. Maybe use your Gucci Soho as your main essential holder (phone, keys, wallet). After 4 kids, I found that in the beginning, something like the Petunia Picklebottom or the bigger diaper bags with little compartments are useful with newborns. Then having something like a backpack or a comfy crossbody like a Longchamp Le Pliage Crossbody when they are older and may not be restricted to their stroller all the time. And if you are going to use the stroller a ton, having multiple cup holders plus compartments near the handles are always awesome. Skiphop makes a nice bag that hangs down from the bar and makes things easy to grab…Thanks for giving us Purseblog!

    • I def ordered additional cup holders for the stroller – so necessary!!! Will look into Petunia Pickle Bottom as well!

      Of course, so happy to have a place to chat with you all about things we love!

  • mary

    tote with pockets outside is definitely my choice since it’s easier to get things in and out

  • FashionableLena

    I would go with a proper baby bag. Those tote bags are not geared for moms on the go. The have no organization, and the last thing that you want is to be digging in a black hole with a screaming baby. I’ve seen many women on YouTube that tried to use a Neverful and went right back to the baby bag.
    I tried the whole consolidating everything into one bag. Hated it. I wanted a separate bag for my things. I always felt like I was missing something that I needed for me.
    I never looked at a diaper bag as being fashionable. I needed it to function. With that being said, I used a Baby Bjorn Hard Shell diaper bag. My husband used a black diaper bag that we bought from Target for himself. I’ve heard good things about the Prada and Gucci diaper bags if you want something designer.

    • Ok awesome and yes that’s how I’m leaning now as well. I think I should stick to a true diaper bag and then can have a small bag for myself to use as well.

      Aside from organization, my worry is that a bag like the Neverfull or Goyard will slide off my shoulder and that will drive me nuts!!!!

      • Katie

        It sounds like you have decided to do two bags, but I will still throw in my 2 cents. In addition to all of the really good reasons above, you probably want two bags because you will end up needing to give this bag to someone else when they take care of your child, example church or gym nursery, nanny who takes baby to park, daycare, ect.

  • Ella

    As much as I can’t stand Michael Kors bags, his tote bags make great baby bags. I had a jet set(I think that was the line) tote that I used for a diaper bag and found it much easier to use than a traditional diaper bag(I never found that diaper bags had enough space and you had to cram everything in them so tightly it was a pain to get stuff in and out). The tote I had had two outside pockets that I used for bottles, and I just put everything I needed in baggies or pouches and then inside the tote. The lining never stained no matter what I spilled on the inside and the outside held up really well too.

    • I actually like his bags! I mean not all of them, but many of them are nice and I think he’s been doing a better job recently.

      I’ll check out his diaper bags, wasn’t thinking of MK at first, thank you!

  • I don’t have any children myself, but I have seen people using Tote Savy which is a diaper bag insert for regular bags. I’m not sure how they are vs a traditional diaper bag, but it seems they are the best of both worlds!

  • sev2108

    UGH. I know exactly what you are talking about. I hate all diaper bags – not only are they mostly ugly, but I hated all the pockets. I couldn’t ever remember what was in what pocket so I was always searching through each one looking for my key or wallet or pacifier. It sucked. After I got the hang of it, i ended up using a backpack for the necessities – Storq makes a good one, or the Honest Co or I just use my Everlane backpack. You will inevitably spill something in there – milk, a diaper, snacks and it would suck to get any of those all over the bottom of a Never Full or Goyard (unless you have a heavily used one..and then maybe why not use it?) Anyway, I ended up carrying the backpack with the diaper changer thing (Skip Hop is the best) and then a small cross body with the necessities later. Hands free is the best.

    This time around (I’m also due with another girl in Nov), I’m paring it down to just the necessities. Diaper changer, pacifier, some sort of scarf for breastfeeding. The things you need change, too. I often leave the backpack in the stroller or the car and just take my wallet.

    My best advice? Get a small wallet – something that fit into a jacket pocket and has a key ring. Maybe even one of those wallet/iphone things. The fewer things you have to remember to bring, the better.

    • Yay for November baby girls!!!!! Hope you’re feeling well!!!

      I like organization with a bag if I can remember where I put everything, but I feel like I’ll have so many random items and I’ll need to be able to get to them quickly! And I do want to be aware of the fact that the bag will def get dirty and carry dirty items or have spills, so I don’t want a bag that will be ruined by that.

      Appreciate the advice very much!!

  • K_Elizabeth

    I am having my first baby in November as well and I’m going with the Lesportsac Ryan baby bag- we’ll see how it goes!

  • Seriously?

    First world problems, lol.

    To even think about carrying goyard/lv as a “diaper” bag…i mean, does one really need brand name bags to the extent that even your baby bag has to be designer costing hundreds/thousands of dollars? just can’t understand…

    • Amanda

      Let’s be fair. This is a blog specifically about designer handbags, which are unnecessary luxury products endemic of the first world. Why would a baby bag be any different? It’s still a bag.

      Also most baby bags are unsightly. I do not envy your decision Megs. However, this Tumi seems to be a nice option!
      And this Tokidoki is kinda cute, though decidedly not dad-friendly.

      • We have Tumi luggage and really like it! I’ll check out the Tokidoki, I remember when they had a huge fan base!

    • Sparky

      Its all relative. What’s classified as “luxury” in one economy is not luxury in another. In MANY economies being able to eat three meals a day is the equivalent of Goyard vs LV. Should we be riddled with guilt every time we eat? No point in going down that path. The ability to afford designer bags doesn’t make one insensitive.

      • I don’t pretend that what we’re doing is curing cancer here, but this is an outlet for like-minded individuals who love bags! Just a fun space to get away to :)

    • Megs asked for general baby bag suggestions, and didn’t ask for designer-only options. Megs probably mentioned the Goyard St. Louis and the LV Neverfull because of their east-west tote style and would be recognizable immediately to her audience in terms of what style of bag she was considering. She probably owns one or both of them already, so her using them won’t cost her extra.

      Plus, as Amanda already said, this is a blog about luxury handbags and shoes, where bags under $1000 are considered in the “reasonable” range, so talking designer baby bags (which wasn’t specifically the point of the post anyway), should be fair game.

    • If this site were about how to save money and use coupon codes, I’d totally agree with you. But our site is on designer handbags, always has been.

      I’m not saying it’s a serious problem – I’m just looking for some help on picking a bag that I would like to carry!

  • Layla

    I was reading Purseblog and searching Fashionphile at the same time, and SPEAKING OF GOYARD BAGS:


    Megs is everywhere.

  • ms p

    Congrats!! I was just reading about how some gals are 10 years on tpf and now I read u are having a baby :) It’s nostalgic how we all have grown together for past 10 years :) My recommendation is Mz Wallace Kate or large Roxy

  • Yoshi1296

    I’m no mom (I’m a 19 year old guy actually haha!!) But my cousin and his wife just had a baby in June and they got a Gucci Diaper bag in the monogram. It is really nice, comes with a cute matching changing mat, and is super spacious. The bag is also a nice crossbody in a neutral color that Vlad can pull off as well in case you don’t feel like carrying the diaper bag one day. Totes like an LV Neverfull or Goyard St. Louis may look a little funny on Vlad.

    Heres the Gucci Diaper bag I was talking about:

  • Kim

    I was given a nice babybag, but returned it. Instead I ended up using my husband’s Jansport backpack. When I bought a baby carrier (Ergo), I bought the matching bag with it, but I’m not sure they still make the matching backpacks anymore.

    I echo others’ sentiment that you need to be ready to throw it in the wash, after milk spills, dirty/soiled clothes, etc. Which makes leather or treated canvas out and not a good option IMO. Even if you plan to carry a plastic bag to throw those dirty clothes in (definitely get a waterproof diaper wet bag for this reason), or a special spill proof thermos for milk, one day you’ll inevitably forget. Also you will need to change nappies and you will have to set the bag down on surfaces that are not clean, because the clean-er surfaces like diaper changing tables will be for the changing pad and baby.

    I could not stand baby bags for the prime reason that I would be holding a baby in one arm and then carrying a bag on another shoulder. It balanced the weight but it certainly didn’t make my job comfortable or easy. Carrying a backpack allowed me to carry baby with one hand and have the other hand free–very important!

    Finally my husband appreciated that the bag looked gender neutral so he could easily take the bag and baby everywhere too.

    • Backpack can make sense and I actually see it being referenced as a diaper bags on some sites. I’ll check out some backpack options!

  • gabriela

    get the goyard hardy its perfect as a big bag and diaper bag!! 100% recommended!
    since i like chanel more i will probably also get a chanel bag big bag but the goyard is better!!

    • Def checking out Goyard especially because I can customize it and that would be so special for me and baby!

  • Misscheng

    Marc Jacobs makes a highly functional and cute nylon diaper bag. I wore mine to death because I used to pack every possible thing I could need when I had my first kid. By the time the second kid rolled around though, I kept everything like extra clothes, snacks, toys, etc. in the car and just grabbed as needed to throw in the bottom of the stroller with my skip hop changing pad and a blanket so I could just carry regular purses again.

    • Gotta get a skip hop changing pad (many of you referenced it), and I got my friend a MJ diaper bag and she loved it!

      • Lissa

        Another vote for a MJ nylon diaper bag. They are light weight, have lots of pockets (which is so important) and hold a lot of stuff! Once the baby is older and you don’t need as much stuff, switch to a actual bag. I’m back to my designer bags, but now I also carry around extra toddler underwear and granola bars;-)

  • Sarah

    New mom here (as of 19.05) – I’ve been alternating between a theory tote and a hill & friends happy satchel. The satchel for short trip and everything in one bag and the theory for longer trips in which case I will also have a smaller cross body with wallet/phone etc

    • First off, congrats!!! How is motherhood treating you?!

      Glad to hear you can make it work with two bags like the above!

      • Sarah

        It’s exhausting but incredible! Only real issues I’ve had have been with breastfeeding (little man had a mild tongue tie that no one spotted and was on me for a good 18-20 hours a day for first month until he had the snip). I thought i was mentally prepared for how much life would change and it is all that and then some! One thing everyone kept telling me is to be kind to yourself which is really important. I kept thinking I had to do things a certain way and was very critical of myself which achieves nothing. I’ve since learnt to let it go and just go where day takes me (usually between the bedroom and the living room ?). Have no doubt you will make a fab mom. Until then enjoy these last few weeks and let everyone pamper you xxx

  • Amazona

    My recommendation is a Longchamp Le Pliage, either Neo or the regular in Medium size – why not get a custom piece made while you’re at it?! Inside, you might want a Samorga or Love Lolo felt organizer. Samorgas have 2 bottle holders and endless amounts of pockets and they also give structure. The bags themselves are easy to keep clean and always in style.

    Having said that, many of my friends have deployed their Neverfulls as diaper bags. If the open concept and the fact that you can’t hang the bag on your stroller – like you can do with a LP Neo, for example – don’t bother you, go for it. The only thing you need to add is an organizer or pouches; Ju-Ju-Be has some really nice ones. The last thing you want to be doing is rummaging through piles of random baby stuff when there’s an immediate, desperate need for wipes/paci/food/bottle/anything. You’ll save your own nerves and a lot of stress!

    • Amazona

      Oh and, of course, do look into Ju-Ju-Be baby bags as well! I have the Be Right Backpack in the Duchess polka dot print and I love it to bits. I have no kids of my own but the BRB has been a life saver when I’ve had my goddaughter with me – she’s 2,5 yrs old so in the age where she will suddenly take off running and her brain isn’t really following so a backpack is great because I have to bw on her tail. All the JJB bags have a shoulder strap (need to purchase separately for the backpack) and they can also be secured to the stroller using these little, handy adapters they sell. All the bags are teflon lined and machine washable and have soo many great features for organization. I use my BRB also for travel, shopping, sports etc etc.

      • Ok super helpful!!! The stroller I’m getting has a large basket underneath but I am sure at times I’ll want to put the bag on the stroller handles and want a bag that can sit on it ok. I’ll look into Ju Ju Be, I’ve never used an organizer but if the bag I use is very open, I will most certainly need to have an organizer.

        Appreciate all the advice!!

      • Amazona

        A good organizer is also easy to move into another bag, if you and Vlad want your own, separate diaper bags to carry. You’ll be done in 5 secs.
        For the easiest life, you will want to have your bag where it’s easy&fast to reach. The basket underneath the stroller is really handy for extra stuff like a food cooler, extra blanket, rain cover, umbrella, jacket, shopping etc, but for the essentials – easy access and good organization will save you from so many crisis. Sometimes, there’s only a few seconds between a happy baby (+paci/bottle/snack/toy) and a total hour long meltdown. Happened to me once with the goddaughter, when my handbag was in the basket (diaper bag was hung on the stroller handle) and The Important Toy was hiding somewhere in the depths of my tote that was squished in the basket…learned my lesson and after that, along came the backpack! :´D

  • Giselle

    If I have a girl next, I’m getting Storksak Bobby, stroller clips is the best thing. You might be able to make St.Louis or Neverfull work, if you put organizer inside.

    • Checking this bag out – looks super helpful and practical for baby!

  • Aurore de La Gorce

    As far as I’m concerned, I’ve found the perfect solution is two bags, one diaper bag for the baby and one for you. Don’t fall into the trap of having one big bag for the baby and you. It’s not good for your mental health and it is a true pain for your back. Post-partum depression is a real thing, and having a bag for two will enforce the feeling of losing your identity every young mom experiences once in a while.

    I think Le Pliage by Longchamp is a great bag for the baby. That’s my “diaper bag” since I hate proper diaper bags. My son even got two Pliages. It’s roomy, lightweight, and you can wash it in the washing machine.

    And for a young mom bag, I’ve got 3 favorite bags : the Lucrezia, the Kelly and the Charlie (by Lancel).

    I first got the Lucrezia when my son was very young, it’s an incredibly practical bag, but the lamb skin is a bit sensitive. However, it’s light-weight, and youthfull, and trendy, it makes you feel good.

    Then I got the Kelly, and of course it is a dream. I don’t think I need to say more, but as a young mom, I find the abiliy to carry it two ways is very nice. I especially like the fact your things stay well put together inside the bag, no matter what happens (and you’ll find a LOT happens with a toddler).

    I just got the Charlie, by Lancel, and I wish I had bought it just before the birth of my son. Honestly, this is such a great bag.
    Two main points : buffalo leather (nothing can harm it), and a large pocket on the back, large enough to fit your phone, your key and a dummy, for instance. It is lightweight, and you can carry it on the shoulder or by hand, or on the elbow. I love it, really.
    But only buy the medium size, the large is too large and the nano will be a nightmare with a kid.

    If I had to do it again, I would just buy a Pliage for the baby, and get the Charlie before all.
    I think it is the best choice if you want your bag to survive your kid absolutely unharmed (alas, even on my Kelly a scratch or two appeared).

    Yes, you really need a “diaper” bag for the kid, especially if you leave the house for the day. You have to pack the food, the diapers, an extra set of clothes, another extra set of clothes (well, for my son, I had to), water, dummies, some toys to keep the baby busy when you’re at the restaurant…

    I can’t wait to “meet” your little girl ! I’m so happy for you guys ! I’m truly, sincrely overhoyed. Take care !

    • Thank you for your super thoughtful and informational response!! Truly, major help!

      Ok so as I read more, I’m thinking I start with a proper baby/diaper bag and then carry a small bag for myself. I’ve wanted to add a pretty little pink bag to my collection and it’s the perfect time to tell Vlad I need a baby gift!!

      I can always move on to a more open tote later, but the beginning I probably really want to be able to have every baby item have a little home and carry a bag that is easy to clean up etc.

      I’m excited to meet her and share her with you all as well!!!!

  • CWest

    I think the choice of baby bag will depend on your lifestyle. I have two kids, the first was a baby when I was living in a suburb (i.e. in the car all the time), and the second in a city where I walk most places with a stroller. In a car, having an actual diaper bag is good, so you have everything in one place going from the house to the car and back. I agree with the other posters who have warned about finding things when you need them. Pockets are good. Also, don’t underestimate how many times wet or gross things will have to go into that bag. Nylon interiors are good. I was given a Kate Spade diaper bag before having my first, and it did the job admirably. With the stroller, I have found that multiple, smaller bags that fit in the bottom of the stroller to be best (whatever random pouches you have around, plus the Skip Hop Pronto diaper changing station). I personally do not like co-mingling the kids’ stuff and my stuff, so I’ve been happy with a small, cross-body bag, which gives me the greatest range of motion to pick up the little one, while holding the hand of the older one (the A.P.C. half-moon bag at the moment). I’ve seen quite a few moms with the Gucci Disco bag, which looks like a great choice too. An important thing to remember is that the baby stage goes by SO FAST. There is a very limited time when you will need bottles, binkies, extra clothes, etc.. So, buy a bag with the thought that you will only use it for about a year for each kid. I hope this helps.

    • I’m wondering if I should start off with a diaper bag for sure – and then move on to a tote and cross body for myself.

      I’m hoping to have more kids (just need to have this little one first and see how it goes!!), but I could reuse the diaper bag for the next ones too. Might make the most sense reading what all of you are saying!

  • Mai Lowe

    I got the goyard st louis GM, once my youngest was a little older (1.5yrs) and now it’s perfect to carry around two water bottles for them, plus still diapers and wipes and sunscreen, etc etc that you need. If you do get one, or any of the big totes, you MUST get yourself an organizer. it keeps your things in a way that you can actually FIND them and it also keeps things upright and in place so they don’t spill. So even if you have something dirty, you can put it into the nylon organizer instead of the bag itself, and while you can’t wash the bag, you can def wash the organizer. I also ALWAYS have plastic bags ready. Having a baby and going out successfully is largely dependent on the baby’s temperament and planning. I can’t help you on the first one, but the 2nd one – well, that organizer will help you a LOT.

    I personally feel that w just one, the goyard w the organizer will be amazing for you. But this is after being a mom of two already where I know I don’t need half the things I used to lug around with me :). Amazon has a ton of organizers by the way – that is where I got mine and I swear by them now. they are like $30 and will make such a priceless difference in your life.

    • I’ve never used a bag organizer, but if I end up picking a tote, I’d have to have an organizer or I’d be driven crazy. Does the tote hang on your shoulder comfortably or slide off? That is my only other major concern….

      • Mai Lowe

        Hi Megs! The bag fits on my shoulder very comfortably, and even with a carrier, which I used most of the time w the babies (I almost never used a stroller bc I found the carrier so much easier and they loved being close to me). I think I have narrow shoulders bc most bags don’t fit on my shoulder, but this one does no matter what. It’s also awesome bc it’s not a bag to feel precious about bc it’s so sturdy! So 1) if for some reason you do have a water spill, it’s OK, the fabric will dry. and 2) if there is anything spilling on the outside you can just wipe it down. I think the ONLY downside of this bag is that it doesn’t have a crossbody option, which could have been handy at times w my two v active boys ;). But I still run around the playground w them w the tote on my shoulder and its awesome!

  • JM

    You will want something light, and washable. I would take a look at the MZ Wallace line of bags – the Medium Metro Tote would be my choice. Great for organization, totally stylish and really light weight.

  • Kristen

    The long champ Le Pliage large hobo with side pockets is like the PERFECT diaper bag. It hangs over the stroller like a dream, is lightweight, washable and can carry thru into toddler/childhood for other things! its honestly perfect. I used that and then whatever bag i wanted for myself. usually a tote like a pliage or never full or LV totally. Hope this helps and congrats!!!!!

    • Side pockets would be so good! I’ll def add this to my list to look into!

  • hclubfan

    It’s been quite a while since I’ve had to juggle kids, strollers, etc, but I did gather some bag “intelligence” along the way! The posters who mentioned that you should carry a cross-body bag as your personal bag (separate from the diaper bag) are bang on. This is your chance to keep your personal items close at hand. I would recommend something like the Celine trio or the Hermes Evelyne on the higher end of the price scale, or perhaps something from Coach or Rebecca Minkoff on the more budget-friendly end of the spectrum.

    As for the diaper bag itself, I agree with many of the other posters who say it MUST have pockets, otherwise you’ll go nuts searching for wipes/bottles/soothers/hand sanitizer etc etc! And something that has a top that zips or snaps shut is a bonus too, as it will keep things from flying out. So for those reasons, the Goyard St. Louis or the LV Neverfull wouldn’t be good options.

    Happy shopping, and let us know what you pick!!

    • Ok super super helpful and appreciate all the advice!!

      I always wanted a pink Hermes bag…. soooooooooo I’ll tell Vlad haha!

      • Hclubfan

        Brilliant idea!! A pink Evelyne pm might just be the ticket!! So excited for you both!??

      • I’ll see what I can do ;)

  • Kia

    I’ve had 3 children so I’ve had my fair share of diaper bags. My black Rebecca Minkoff Knocked Up diaper bag is hands down my favorite! I absolutely love it! I get many complaints on it as well :)

    • Ah good to know! Do you have a nylon version? It is heavy?

      • Kialee89

        Yes, the nylon one. It’s slightly on the heavier side compared to others I’ve had, but once you fill it up, you cant really tell the difference. I highly recommend it. It’s super stylish!

  • Jennifer FP

    Such a personal decision! What worked for me: a plain ‘ole diaper bag that I organized using pouches. Consider which bag you would be comfortable with holding a poop stained outfit (happens :T) (in a ziplock or wet bag). Also consider a backpack. Shoulder bags and even cross bodies are hard when you’re trying not to drop your child. When I don’t want to carry a purse, I slip my phone and cards in a stylish little card carrier and drop it in the “mommy pocket.”

    As for you: cross body. You’ll need both hands. Period. End of story.

    • Good point – as much as I’d like to think baby won’t have a blowout, I know it’s going to happen!! Will def need to have ziplock bags with me at all times.

      I am def thinking cross body – which leads me to a messenger bag of some sort and makes me think I may just wind up with a diaper bag and then carry another small shoulder bag for my personal stuff.

  • Danica

    Hi Meg, you can certainly use an organizer to turn one of your totes into a diaper bag. However, I’ve found what works best for me is to find a cute diaper bag (I use this one: http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/skip-hop-duo-diaper-bag/3525061 and have gotten plenty of compliments on it) and then carry a crossbody bag for myself (my Trio has been SO functional). That way, I don’t have to go rooting through all of baby’s things to get to my wallet or phone, and I have a bag for baby that I’m not too concerned about getting dirty. Good luck!

    • That bag is really cute and you can’t beat the price!

      I am def going to do a diaper bag and a small bag for me. I have two Trios and love them, so I have options for small bags that will help.

      Thanks for the advice!

  • NEM

    Prada makes a great diaper bag, its worth every penny since it most likely will be the only bag you carry for a few years…:)

  • Gigi

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned the mz Wallace cross body bags. The Paige is super light weight and easy to clean nylon. It fits my mini wallet, phone, sunglasses (back pocket) and baby stuff (main pocket) + snack and drinks for the baby’s 2 older siblings (2 outer pockets).

  • Caileigh G

    I don’t see why you couldn’t use any tote bag you like if you’re prepared for it to potentially get messy. A diaper bag comes with a change pad but you can buy one separately. You might want to keep some kind of waterproof pouch for the enevitable poo covered onesie. I use disposable dog poo bags for messy things so I don’t have to worry about cleaning anything but they, of course, could leak. I don’t mind because I opted for a regular diaper bag. It’s very simple and solid black. For me, the only thing worse than carrying a diaper bad is carrying one that is trying too hard to be fashionable. If you want fashion I say do it properly and go for your tote of choice. I wanted a diaper bag my husband wouldn’t mind carrying. It seemed too complicated for us to use separate bags (either switching everything over or having double of everything, not to mention I didn’t think he would remember to restock his own bag). I breastfeed so I don’t have any use for bottle specific storage/pockets but you might want to consider how valuable you would find those of you might use bottles. I’m happy with my decision but I can totally see using a nice tote if I didn’t want to share and had room in my hand bag collection to let one get a little damaged.

  • tata

    with my first born I had a massive diaper bag with enough stuff to survive for 3days. But with my second one, i started using my goyard st. louis tote. I only had a handful of diapers, just a tiny thing of wipes, a bottle, hand sanitizer, swaddle blanket and one extra onesie. i now don’t believe in “diaper” bags…

  • laura

    I use my Neverfull MM, YSL shopping tote or my Tory Burch Block T tote but I recommend you use the tote you like the most and then add a ToteSavvy, they are hands down the best organizers. https://www.lifeinplaycompany.com/collections/all

    • Ginny Tannos

      This is basically exactly what I was about to post, except its a Kate Spade instead of Tory Burch, and add a Prada backpack to it… I use the insert to switch between the shoppers, and have been happy so far. When you decide you don’t need a diaper bag anymore, you still have a bevy of beautiful bags. I never cared for the super cartoony, or plastic looking diaper bags.

  • pixiegirlie

    While I don’t have any kids I fully agree about having two bags one for you and one for your baby stuff. Totes would probably be more of a PITA because they can very easily become bottomless pits, if you go that route you need a organizer for it. Another option to consider for the baby bag is a backpack. It will make it easy to carry your stuff around especially when you also are carrying the baby you won’t feel lopsided. Also you can put your most used items in the front pocket for easy access like wipes, changing pad, binkies ect. And you can find one with padded shoulders to make it extra comfy, fun patterns, and it will be durable and easy to clean.

  • Dee

    Trying to be prepared for any situation is great but you don’t have to carry a huge diaper bag around with you. Any durable tote or cross body would be great but honestly I never used the diaper bag I bought. I kept a bag in the car with a change of clothes, books, toys, soothers, wipes, diapers and snacks. You really only need a zip lock with a couple diapers and some wipes wth you in your bag. Your hands will be full carrying the baby or the car seat.

  • Paula

    Hi Megs! I didn’t post back then but congratulations on the baby girl! Being a mum myself for the first time 4 months ago, I went also through the diaper bag research phase, and I decided… to let my husband pick! I figured if he liked the bag he wouldn’t mind using it often and so is the case. We got the bugaboo diaper bag and we are quite happy about it. It’s not cute but practical and modern. As for myself, I got a super cute crossbody Furla Bag where I can wear all my essentials.
    We also got a little bugaboo organiser for the future when we will need less things and have used it a couple of times and I think it’s the best!
    Good luck and can’t wait to see what you finally pick up!

  • Faiza

    Whatever you choose to get make sure it has a baby bottle holders on both sides because milk WILL spill in the bag no matter how hard you try. I would go with one bag or cross body if you choose to have two because those car seats are really HEAVY even from your home to the car in your drive way.
    Btw i have a son who is 4 now :) congratulations and good luck with everything. i read your story…it was very emotional for me because it is my reality right now, what you had to through.

  • Violet

    Hi Meg’s! I’m a super designer bag fanatic (like most of us are, over here). When I got pregnant, I scoured every place and never found a diaper bag I liked. I kept telling myself, “I’ll find one soon” and guess what.. I never did. My baby came and the hospital bag I packed was my giant neon pink neoprene Louis Vuitton tote (my usual beach bag). My husband almost didn’t want to leave the house carrying it! When we got home, I was preoccupied with the baby that we barely went out. When we did, I used my regular bags (whatever I normally would use when sans baby) and I put all the baby’s stuff inside whatever fit. Some days, an LV neverful; some days a Prada backpack. None really worked but I was too busy minding the baby to notice. Eventually someone gifted us a small pottery barn backpack (embroidered with the baby’s name) and we ended up using that for a while (it was meant to be a toddler backpack).

    My bottom line is, don’t stress about it. You can use ANY bag really. I never had worries with ruined bags or milk mess or whatever. I was truly so preoccupied with the baby to care. And now that she’s 6; I don’t have a diaper bag that’s rotting in the closet.

    If you want a push present.. Don’t ask for a diaper bag! Ask for a Tiffany occasion ring (you can stack for the next baby) or something like that.

    Enjoy the process. The whole baby experience flies so fast. Wishing you love!

  • T

    First let me say congratulations to you on your little one! What an exciting time! I spent a lot of time contemplating baby bags as I prepared for my little one’s arrival (Last December). I settled on a Kate Spade baby bag before he arrived, and then my husband gave me a LV Neverfull GM as a push gift. Early on, I used the KS bag exclusively and just threw my essentials in a side pocket. As time went by, I started using the LV more and throwing some of the baby’s essentials (diaper changing kit, burb cloth, bottle) inside. It really depends on the day and what I’m doing as to which bag I use. Bottom line- don’t stress over it. Get a baby bag you love, but also know that you can use other bags depending on your circumstance and mood. I hope this helps, and congratulations again!

  • Marie

    Hi Megs, I have 2 little ones and hands down the Le Pliage is the best! Light, worry free, washable, cute…you can’t go wrong. I am a germaphobe and between all the dirty clothes, spilt food and diaper stuff, I would be upset if I used a designer bag. I always use 2 bags, one for baby and one for me, so that way your handbag stays pristine and the baby bag can get used and abused (as it will).

  • milo drinker

    Hallo Megs, congrats once again and I’m a new Mom too – I go with the two bags rule too, one for mama and one for baby.

    I would highly recommend the Jujube bags as well. Though they are diaper bags, they are well made, well designed and great looking too! I didn’t believe in ‘diaper bags’ prior to giving birth too but trust me, the insulated pockets and the extra organisation from diaper bags saves you a ton of hassle!

  • Jamie

    This was a bit of a conundrum the moment i found out that i was pregnant. as a huge bag lover, i didn’t want to sacrifice not using my bags when we’re out and about and at the same time, none of my purses would accommodate the baby stuff. Plus, I’m one who really takes good care of my purses and i just couldn’t imagine putting bottles and stuff in any of them. Didn’t help that i couldn’t find the perfect diaper bag for me either. My biggest requirement were, one, i want to be able to carry my own purse, two, the hubby has to carry diaper bag too and no way will the hubs carry a ‘girly’ tote or a messenger bag and three, it has to have a lot of room and i’m talking a loooot of room because we we’re having twins. A backpack fit all the requirements, but it has to pass my our style and taste preference as well. We ended up settling with the Honest diaper backpack in black. its chic/urban enough for either the hubs and me to carry, priced just right and most of all, has enough room to carry ALL the baby stuff and i still get to carry my own purse.

  • Suzanne R Brown

    My daughter found that a Vera Bradley bag was perfect as both a diaper bag and her own handbag. She quickly discovered that getting a baby, the stroller and TWO bags out of the car was a nuisance – too many things to keep track of. One bag for all when baby is with you! Diaper bags get nasty inside – a leaking bottle, ointment, Gold Fish and other snacks – it simply must be washable. Vera Bradley didn’t make diaper bags when her boys were born – she just bought a shoulder bag – zipper on top and compartments inside. I still think they are the best – they look like a handbag but are practical.

    All this “losing your identity” stuff is just nonsense. When the baby is with you, it’s time to be practical. One can keep up ones style when the baby is home with a sitter and Mum is having an adult outing. A new mother also soon learns to NEVER wear a top that is not washable – you WILL be spit up or drooled on! My daughter’s silk blouses and cashmere sweaters and Hermes scarves were saved for adult outings. If the baby spits on your shoulder, you need to be able to go into a restroom and get a wet towel and clean it off without harming the garment.

    If ones complete identity is wrapped up in what one is wearing, then one has far bigger problems. You’re still you, but there is now a baby as well and babies are messy, smelly little creatures except for about 5 minutes after a bath. Washable is now your mantra! No one at the grocery store cares what you’re wearing anyway, and with a cute baby in the grocery basket with you, that baby is the one getting the admiring glances.

  • Vanessa Kim

    I am carrying this by Gucci. As my son is only 3 weeks old and this is my first kid, I cannot really answer if you need all the pockets. It is similar to the monogram bag, just painted with cute clouds. https://media.gucci.com/style/DarkGray_South_0_160_316x316/1453932004/211131_KXF3N_8898_001_072_0000_Light-GG-lightning-diaper-bag.jpg

  • Lorchik

    Hi Meg! I have 3 boys 18,11&9 and never had a diaper bag. I was using small Harrods green poly lunch tote for diapers &wipes plus small tub of cream. Made me happy every time I was out – small reminder of my trip to London (I live in North America). Didn’t take to much space in a stroller, my husband could carry it if needed. Happy search for your own bag!!!

  • Liz

    Before I was even pregnant, I had a tendency to change bags almost every week, depending on my mood. I had bought the Prada Vela Baby Bag for my pending motherhood, but returned it when I thought about carrying the same bag every day. My advice to you….buy a diaper bag conversion kit so that it provides you with all the necessary “compartments” that you can transfer from one bag to another! There are many kinds, but just buy one that includes a changing pad and an insulated bag for milk. My girl is 10 weeks old now and we’ve been carrying the large Longchamp Le Pliage this week. I was able to transfer it seamlessly from a Hermes Etriviere shopping tote that I had been carrying the weeks prior :) Now that she is starting to spit up and make bigger messes, I am preferring the Longchamp over the more expensive totes due to the ease of cleaning. Congratulations on your upcoming motherhood!

  • LAXBaglover

    I became a mom 6 months ago and am a bag lover, too. Before baby, my main every day bag was a Goyard PM and I used an LV wallet. I would sometimes switch out to a Louis Speedy, Prada nylon top handle or a Gucci tote. For evenings, it’s a YSL clutch, Comme des Garcons pouch, Chanel WoC or Hampton bag or even a very small Ferragamo or Fendi. When I needed more bag space for a longer trip or a work trip, I used a Lonchamp Le Pliage that had a zipper around the middle to use as an extender to make it bigger. Since becoming a mom, I use my Marc by March Jacobs diaper bag as kind of a work bag too because I use it to carry my breast pump during the day. For a wallet, I use an older black Chanel WoC. This combo works for me bc both can be cross body and clean off easily, though the Chanel is getting a bit of a beating. If I’m wearing the baby, I’m just careful that neither strap is going across his neck. It’s great to be handsfree, especially for the airport. I don’t love the changing pad that came with the Marc bag, so may buy one from Skip-hop. My husband uses a Patagonia backbpack and bought a Skip-hop caddy insert that has a changing table and compartments connected to it for diapers, wipes, sanitzier, etc. And yes, extra plastic bags are a must for soiled outfits or diapers (when you’re at someone’s home and want to be considerate about disposal).

    To be honest, I really miss my old bags but they don’t feel very practical right now for my day to day. Maybe when I stop pumping I’ll go back to my Goyard. Once in a while if the hubs and I step out, I go back to an evening bag.

  • Marie

    I use the lv neverfull … No I don’t need compartments :) I have three kids and the bag’s still intact:)

  • Imgoingbroke

    Hi Megs, I carry a Louis Vuitton men’s Christopher backpack for my last child who is now 1 yr. Previously I carried Marc Jacobs large totes as baby bags but they started getting really heavy with all the crap you put in them. I wish I had used a backpack for my first two babies. I love my LV Christopher backpack and it’s large enough for all my baby diapers, change of clothes and my stuff too. The two deep side pockets are absolutely perfect for bottles. Backpack is the way to go, in my experience. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/45df0680c04612bdf1b656a13c68c00ab0f2ec086f49783334d8de02e92ec866.jpg

  • Danna N

    Absolutely agree with aurore! Le pillage! I have mine as a short handle medium. It is perfect to hook onto the stroller and super lightweight. As a mom of a 3 year old and an infant, I realized I needed a mom bag for myself that holds essentials but only big enough to have the random milk bottle if needed. After tons of research I just bought the mabillion bag X body from lv. Super lightweight, and lv canvas so can completely beat it up. The sales assistant added an lv tassel and that just made all the difference taking it from kind of a boring bag to something totally hip.

    Everyone and their mum has a never full. And it’s a bit much I think to carry dirty nappies in a Goyard. Longchamps is reasonably priced and u can switch out the color every season which will help pick up your spirits!

  • Denise

    Probably impractical, but I have always been attracted to men’s luggage pieces because they are so spacious.
    Love the black LV bags that look more like duffle bags because tall totes are difficult to find what is at the bottom. Also, like the basic men’s Prada nylon duffle. I’d use an organizer and chaanging pad, of course. And, the best plastic bags are the gigantic zip bags by Hefty. Congratulations to you! I’m still waiting to be a grandmother….

  • Tiffany

    Hi Megs,
    I highly recommend the Le Sportsac Ryan diaper bag. For what it’s worth, the first few months I found it difficult to juggle the car seat, a diaper bag, and a crossbody purse – so my go to was to attach my keys to a Coach wristlet and put my essential cards and money in there. It wasn’t my most glamorous look but it was an efficient set-up. The Ryan is lightweight, well-made, with lots of inside out and outside pockets. I went with a black one with black stitching (mainly to appease the hubby) but I’m kinda digging the “Animal Camo” one here:

    If I wanted to carry less and look chic, I carried a black saffiano open tote (the “Marilyn” by Danier, a Canadian brand). Great for crossbody, shoulder or hand carry – but terrible if I wanted to put more than a few diapers and snacks, because it poofed out (without a zip-top).

    I’m just weaning my 10 month old so getting to wear “non-nursing-friendly” clothes again – and just doing an overnight trip to a girlfriend’s…with my Birkin no less! I consider bags to be a huge part of my identity, but think that at the end of the day we’re so sleep-deprived that we just need to do what is easiest.

    You guys will be fantastic parents!

    Much love,

    • Michelle

      I second the Le Sportsac…one thing I don’t see mentioned here is that you’ll want to hang your diaper bag from your stroller handle with stroller hooks (it was too much hassle to bend down and wrangle my bag in and out of the stroller basket every time I needed something), and anything super heavy may tip the stroller backwards when you lift the baby out. I bought the Danzo Retro diaper bag because I thought it was cute and it had lots of clear pockets, along with velcro labels (it was also something my husband didn’t mind carrying), and I loved the quality and functionality, but it was on the heavier side and a couple of times I had to keep my stroller from tipping over with my body while I held my baby in my arms. This was with our heavier jogging stroller, too; and we’ve since switched to a smaller, lighter 13lb stroller now that our daughter is older and don’t need to be schlepping as much stuff (if you’re like me, you’ll be fanatically researching strollers as well, and looking for something that’s lightweight and easy to lift in and out of the trunk of your car).

      Now that my daughter is 3.5 yrs old, I just throw some wipes, water, and snacks into whatever tote I have around and carry a crossbody purse for my personal belongings (recently either LV pochette metis or Longchamp crossbody for maximum sticky fingerprint wipeability), but if I had to do it over again, I’d definitely get a plain black Le Sportsac–organized, durable, smushable (for when you want to cram it in the stroller basket along with your shopping and other things) and lightweight.

      Congrats and good luck!

  • pao12345

    Hi! Been reading through this thread. Am pregnant too and looking for a diaper bag. Thinking of one that’s either cross body or back pack. Also wan’t one that my husband won’t mind carrying.

    What’s your opinion on getting an lv keepall 50 with shoulder strap as a diaper bag? or a bosphore or christopher pm backpack?

    or should I stick to my Neverfull or Longchamp Pliage?

    • The Keepall is probably going to be really heavy. That’s one of the reasons I’m leaning toward nylon and an easy crossbody strap, so it doesn’t start to weight me down.

      Congrats! When are you do!?

      • pao12345

        am due January. Congratulations and good luck to us both!

  • SydneyEastCoast

    How exciting! I tried everything and to be honest, it is a bit of trial and error which is fun.

    A bag for you and one for the baby is the best in my experience. I used my Gucci Soho and Celine Trio as cross body bags are so easy when you have a baby.

    I tried my LV Neverfull for the baby and this was too big and unstructured. I was lucky to breastfeed so didn’t have to carry bottles, formula, milk, dummies etc. There is so much to carry so a big baby bag with lots of clothes, wraps, creams, nappies etc was my norm for the first three months.

    In the end I found the Ida Ising bags which are based on a mat for the baby with pockets. It is cool and most of all practical and so much better than a big baby bag. I wish I found this earlier! I got so many comments about this bag and my husband/Mum/Mother in Law loved it too. This with a cross body bag was my go to and I just swapped my own bags depending on the situation. I could still carry Chanel, Balenciaga etc so I still felt like myself as well as do the best for my baby.

    Keep it simple and if you are lucky enough to breastfeed, it makes life easier.

  • Mari

    Hi Megs,

    Congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy! I appreciate this post so much having 2 kids of my own, one just 11 mos now. I can’t wait to see what other readers are recommending too because I’m always on the lookout for new bags!

    This last year, I’ve really relied on a proper diaper bag, a Jujube BFF to be exact. It was the right size for me, I could wear it crossbody, has great organization, has feet to stand, and can be thrown in the wash! And, when you’re as hard on the bag as I’ve been, Jujube has great customer service. They sent me replacement zipper pulls and connectors with no problems whatsoever.

    Now, I know that really good and practical diaper bags are not typically the chicest looking, no matter who makes them. So, with my first child, I tried to avoid getting one at all. Even now, when I go somewhere nicer, I’ll stuff baby’s stuff and my stuff into a nicer bag. But here’s the thing, when it comes down to what to wear on a daily, I just can’t bring myself to use a really nice bag as a diaper bag anymore. I think of this common scenario: I’m out with baby, baby has a big poo, I’m trying to change her on a shared change table in a public washroom…. one hand on baby, other hand grabbing wipes/diaper/Vaseline/ etc, baby is clean, your hands are not, change mat is not. My Goyard St Louis holds everything, but flops when I put it down and lacks organization. A Celine trapeze or old LV griet mirage stands wonderfully, but the thought of putting them down on a counter, possibly a wet one, and then picking them up with soiled hands-or leaving them while I wash up, makes me cringe! So does the thought of putting my change mat inside my bag, along with clean stuff like a breastfeeding cover or clothes. I need one of those change mat envelopes! None of these bags can be thrown in the wash and imagine the smells on the leather!

    Anyway, my life is pretty busy, so in the end, what suits me is a practical diaper bag for everyday, sometimes with a nice crossbody for phone, keys, cards etc. A Fendi BTW works well. But, when I add the baby (19 lbs) in car seat (10 more lbs), one diaper bag worn crossbody is easier for me. In the end, you’ll find whatever suits your lifestyle or occasion best. Good luck finding your bag/bags. Excited to see what you pick and recommend. I’m still looking!

    • Ah thank you!! I think I am now leaning towards a true diaper bag and will take into consideration the material, because I want to be able to wipe up spills of all kinda very easily.

      Looks like a lot of us are in the same boat trying to find the right diaper bag and not lose out on style!

      • Mari

        So true!!! And, that balance between style and practicality applies to so many things when there’s a baby in the picture… Anyway, I don’t typically post things, so I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to you, Vlad, and the PB team for this blog. I always look forward to your fantastic posts and photos. All the best and Blessings to you, Vlad, and Baby Girl Dusil.

  • Maryam

    I have two sons and I’m only 26. So having a diaper bag that is stylish and practical is what I wanted. For my second son, I bought the Gucci Diaper bag in black and I love it. It fits a lot of things inside it for day outing and as they grow older you will need less stuff to put in the diaper bag. Also, its easy to clean.
    Anyway, one thing I did regret that with my first son I bought a diaper bag that don’t have a zipper which was impractical to me.
    Totes bag with organizers can be nice but when they are over 18-24 months. I used my hermes once as a diaper bag for a one hour flight with my son, just because my husband wasn’t with me and I didn’t want to carry loads of bags and keep an eye on my him :)…

    • I wanted to look at the Gucci diaper bag too – is it heavy? To me it looks a bit heavy, but I could be totally wrong!

      I think for my first baby I am going to start with a diaper bag and then move to a tote as she’s older and I’m able to do that a bit easier once I find my bearings!

  • Kate

    I find myself carrying smaller bags these days because I can put my “overflow” into my diaper bag. I can carry my Chloe Mini Drew, for example, and still use my long wallet, which I just store in the diaper bag along with my cosmetics pouch. I dreaded carting around a diaper bag before I had my little nugget, but now I love that it allows me to carry cute small and mini bags I would never have carried in the past (lol). I very seldom carry a real diaper bag. There are a lot of great removeable inserts with all the pockets and the changing pad that you can move from one bag to the next, so there’s no need to go without all those things. I most often use my Neverfull. When I can get away with a narrower diaper bag, I’ll use my Goyard Marquises, which I’ve had for an eternity and has held up well. I find the St. Louis too shapeless to use as a diaper bag. It sags too much, even with a sturdy, structured nylon diaper bag insert. In any case, I love the idea of adapting a regular tote to use as a diaper bag. I say go for it.

  • Lady Grinning Soul

    The Goyard St. Louis.
    I will never ever forget when I truly felt like I needed it.
    I went to London with my baby daughter and had to walk around with a bag for me and one for her.
    It was not practical at all.
    I saw a mama at the airport with her son, and she had a Neverfull. She put it on the floor, right beside me, and it was so organized!!!!
    She had everything sorted out in pouches, makeup bags, you know?
    I got the St. Louis right after that and it has been my best friend, being that I have two daughters now.
    It has room for everything, it’s super light, and so so practical.
    Now that my girls are a bit older (4 and 2), I use it a little less, especially during Winter.
    Then I go for my Stella McCartney Fallabella. Super roomy. I know you are not a fan, but you get the gist :)

    The St Louis, though… The perfect bag for new moms.
    I organize everything inside like that mom I saw at the airport. I have a Givenchy pouch, a soft Bambi one. I put diapers in there.
    Another one I have I use for dummies and baby wipes. Then my wallet, my makeup bag… It’s perfect. I can find anything in a second!

  • treblemaker

    I researched a ton on diaper bags too. I didn’t really want a diaper bag that looked like a handbag because well, I’m a bit of a handbag snob, and I wanted to wear one of my own handbags as a bag. I ended up with a Jujube BFF which I (my daughter?) outgrew, and I got the bigger Jujube BRB so I could carry some toys and books to occupy her attention when we are out at, say, a restaurant. Both are backpacks, although the BFF also has a shoulder strap option. It was very convenient to have a backpack because when I did need to carry it (vs. usually putting it in the stroller under-compartment; yay for the big Uppababy Vista basket), I was hands free to be able to hold the baby, and not struggling with a heavy bag falling off my shoulder. I really love Jujube for all the fun patterns, collaborations with Hello Kitty and Tokidokki, although they have many sophisticated (read: less loud) patterns as well. I of course got the Tokidokki/Hello Kitty ones ha, and I like to think that maybe she will use it as a backpack when she goes to Kindergarten! Also they are washable!! I’ve luckily never spilled milk or bodily fluids all over it, but it’s something I regularly put on the floor, and dirty clothes/diapers into (leave a roll of Munckin Arm and Hammer diaper bags in your bag). I use all the bottle holders that the BFF and BRB had (water for drinking, milk, water for mixing formula; I supplemented). I also had a Tommy Tippee travel warmer (essentially a hot water thermos with a cover) for warming up breast milk, and didn’t really want a hot water container to be rolling around loosely in a tote. There are so many compartments, including a mesh zipped section for extra clothes (you will need them!). Everything had a place, and I knew where everything was vs. having to pack into a new bag every time I left the house, and struggling to find things. Of course, it is a very personal decision. Good luck, and let us know what you decide!


    Hi meg!so one year later I can tell you what I came across…I originally used my Goyard bag and ordered on etsy an organizer and put it inside. My husband would yell that he wasn’t going to be carrying every thing so I shouldn’t have 2 bags. So I used this idea for 2 months and it was a pain in the a**. Living in Miami everything got wet whenever it rained and everything was always coming out. November comes around and I get a call from my contact at nordstrom, the gucci diaper bag was 50 percent off…so of course I buy it lol. They are diaper bags for a reason, the inside is all lined so when you didn’t put the cap on those snacks or that bottle correctly you don’t have to worry about it leaking through and destroying your purse (this has happened mutiple times, and my gucci bag still looks new), it also comes with convenient pockets ( these are so imprtant, you don’t want to be rummaging for bum cream in the middle of a change) and finally it came with a great padded diaper mat. 1 year later even my husband doesn’t mind carrying it, great shoulder strap, lots of pockets, easy to clean inside, zipper top, and a changing mat. Again living in Miami, I carry plenty of wipes, bogie wipes for runny noses, Aquaphore, diapers, change of clothes for him and top for you, Aden and anais swaddle and of course toys. As they get older add snack and supply cups. Good luck!!

  • Vicky

    I use a normal diaper bag with WOC. If I just drop by a grocery store on the way, it’s WOC on me. And when we go to the park, it’s the WOC thrown into that diaper bag for us.

    Get the diaper bag that’s light and can be cleaned easily. You may have to tote it around. A tote would be nice. Roo Tote has a good one. I ended up using something from a local store as my favorite diaper bag though. Don’t go for a huge bag coz it’ll get in a way when you carry a baby. Don’t get open tote coz you never know it may trip over. Get something easy to clean so you can watch off all the grimy thing out later if you have to open it with dirty hands.

  • Madeleine Chaisson Mercado

    I love this, slides into your current bags and you can change it up.


  • Ashley Q

    I’m a big fan of my Henri Bendel West 57th baby bag. It’s a combination of nylon and saffiano leather, so it’s very durable. It has lots of elastic pockets and a snap in changing pad. Also it’s not exorbitantly priced, so I won’t cry if if find crumbs or milk stains inside. It doesn’t scream baby, so it’s quite functional as a business tote once the baby is grown.

  • Tatiana

    I use the Goyard St Louis GM. I have smaller waterproof bags inside to keep everything organized and it works amazingly well. I have 2 under 2 and I get to carry stuff for both of them.

  • Christine

    I used LV Palermo GM as baby bag for all three of my boys and Chanel WoC for my own stuff.
    And I use it as a carry-on since they grew and no longer require a baby bag. Good luck!

  • Carina Eberle

    I used a baby backpack for the first 2 years and now I carry a LV Never Full Damier Azur and a LV Damier Azur backpack, depending on how many things I need to carry or where we are going. If you are going to the park a backpack is much easier to handle.
    For the first two years I carried the baby backpack and a smaller bag such a Proenza Schouler PS1 or a Chloe Marcie for my stuff.
    Good luck!
    PS: my husband has his own “tactical” diaper bag and he’s so proud of it lol

  • Paige

    I have a neverfull and love it! I got the GM and used this: Comicfs Baby Diaper Bag Insert Organizer (Dimensions: 12 X 6.4 X 8 Inch, Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FBPFEN2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_Icf8xb6BH74F6 to keep all of baby’s necessities! You don’t have to sacrifice fashion and you can use it for everyday or travel once baby is a little but older!

    The goyard would also work as well as the Givenchy Antigona tote.

  • Kimberly

    I used LV totally GM, Keepall 45, never full GM

  • abeshamom

    I used an LV Montigruel GM. I know it’s retired now (I don’t have babies anymore…sniff sniff). I still think it’s the “perfect” baby bag. Fits everything, comfortable on the shoulder, hands free, and it ZIPS. I could never have done an opened top like a Neverfull because I had 2 who loved throwing stuff once they became toddlers.

  • Noelle

    My dd is two and a half now and I have been carrying a neverfull (and a le pliage by longchamp when going on trips/ overseas because of having a zipper with the bag) as her baby bag since the first day she was born and having a Chanel woc as my wallet plus putting my phone in it. My opinion is u just need 2 separate bags, one for baby stuff and one for your personal stuff.

  • Tuftufwang

    Longchamp classic tote with long handles and zip. Inexpensive, durable and lightweight. You don’t need a diaper bag. I got a Gucci diaper bag and it was weighing me down. Now I’m using my longchamp as a gym bag because my son is done with diapers! I’m

  • Samantha

    I was so against diaper bags! I used a Chanel WOC and my Goyard St Louis for my first child. He’s now almost 2.5 and I’m newly pregnant again. I just bought the Marc Jacobs Eliza Diaper bag. I found that the Goyard would get heavy and carrying it on one shoulder and carrying my son was just too much. So, I’m excited to have a Crossbody w a really sturdy strap!! :)

  • Shar

    My son was born the first week of October (2016) and my sister in law bought me a baby bag from Babies r Us with all the inside and outside pockets. Its pleather and has cheap sateen lining and was still over $150. I was enchanted. I used that thing for the first month still using it. So far, hate it! I’m so glad one of the zippers just broke (just 1 month old). It has a long removable strap and was unwieldy. I almost hit the baby a few times when I was trying to figure out his car seat and how to empty my hands and not drop him etc. I am sure that would NEVER happen with a tote. The only good thing about it is that it attaches to the stroller. I have a stroller caddy now so I don’t need the bag to attach anymore.

    Before the baby came, my bag was filled with different little bags, containers and wallets. I liked this because it made it easy to swap out my handbags. After a month with baby, I think that idea will work with baby bags. I am going to get a bunch of Le Sport Sac (cute for baby) and different color Prada
    cosmetic bags (for me!), an insulated bottle holder (le sport sac), a Skip Hop Pronto changing
    pad that holds the wipes and diapers, snack bags (whole foods has zip loc alternatives) and some wet/dry poopy clothes and diapers (I have
    already been somewhere that I had to carry out my dirty diaper).

    I now use my old Longchamps Le Pliages for normal every day until maybe Christmas or Thanksgiving. Those can be hosed down if need be (I have
    already had to hose it down). If I can make it with out spilling everywhere inside the bag, I’m graduating to my Ferragamo tote and buying a nice Gucci and/or Goyard tote in 2017. Hopefully soon my suede Jackie will be back in the rotation. I recieve a for a canvas Petunia Pickle Bottom Downtown as a baby gift (still in mail) and, if its good quality I will probably keep it. Its just a tote with a few extra pockets but I don’t have a canvas tote. And I love baby stuff.

    BTW for Vlad there is the awesome Timbuk 2 Stork Messenger Baby Bag. He can customize the exterior and be old school SF which I love. The black one from 2014 is on sale right now – if you can find it.

    Also, I’m keeping an LL Bean Canvas tote (zip top) in the car with emergency supplies.