In my heart of hearts, I know that literally any type of bag can be executed well. Despite my own personal tastes and biases, there is a “best” version of everything, and more often than not, that version is objectively quite attractive and will look great when styled appropriately. Before today, I might have told you that the exception to those rules was belt bags, but now that I’ve seen the Rachel Zoe Belt Bag and B-Low The Belt Tassel Belt Bag, I’m feeling more open-minded. Are you?

Fanny packs, as they’re more commonly (and derisively) known in the US, are one of the last great handbag taboos. Despite the fact that Carrie Bradshaw once famously made a Gucci belt bag look great in an episode of Sex and the City, they’re a look that the overwhelming majority of women just won’t try. As temperatures rise, though, outdoor activities (and the general feeling of being burdened by one’s handbag) become more common, and the idea of a chic belt bag that’s not too bulky or obvious starts to sound more attractive. If you’re going to wear a maxi dress or tunic that requires a belt anyway, why not kill two birds with one stone?

The best way to go with bags like this is to keep everything very boho – loose, flowing, maybe with a little bit of print. If you decide to strap one of these bags on with a pair of skinny jeans and a tank top, it simply won’t work. There’s a reason, after all, that Queen of Luxe Boho Rachel Zoe has included a belt bag in her eponymous line. Check out the reasonably priced belt options below, and then let us know – would you ever wear one?

B-Low The Belt Tassel Belt Bag
$248 via ShopBop

B-Low The Belt Tassel Belt Bag

Rachel Zoe Belt Bag
$248 via ShopBop

Rachel Zoe Belt Bag

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  • I have no idea how would I style these. Absolutely no idea. So no, I’m definitely not ready.

  • FashionableLena

    Wasn’t good in the ’80s & ’90s, and it’s still not good. I don’t want anything that adds bulk to my frame-designer or not.

  • Joshua

    How original Rachel Zoe, how original…

  • Whitney

    Love it. Would totally rock it!

  • Miss Elizabyth

    The idea is good – I hate holding onto a purse and a drink in a club. But ugh. Maybe with the right outfit? It might work with a BDSM outfit in the right kind of club!!

  • Elyse

    So cute. I’m a big fan of belt bags. Another company that makes really cute ones is Hipsters for Sisters.

  • thescm

    Probably wouldn’t wear a hip pack. Last time I had one was when I was eight at Disneyland. I’d rather have a mini crossbody or pockets if I wanted to travel light.