The information on the Prada Fairy Bags having ink bleeding problems is still trickling in. I want to share more information that I know so everyone can make their own judgment on the bag.

– First and foremost, I do not own the Prada Fairy Bag. I was on the wait list, but after hearing about the ink bleeding problem from a friend whose Prada SA alertered her about this, I am deciding against the bag.

– There is still conflicting news of some stores and sale associates being made aware of this problem and others having no idea.

– There have been stories of the next batch of these bags having a stronger clear coat put on last which will make the bag less supple but less likely to bleed. This is not confirmed.

– The bag is still highly sought after and still has a long wait list.

– Many stores are telling their buyers that this bag is a work of art and needs to be handled carefully.

I know nothing for a fact, this is all just information passed on to me. Everyone needs to make their own judgment when making any purchase. Personally, I still love this bag, but for the price and the possibility of it being unwearable, I’d rather buy something else. If you have any additional information or personal stories about this bag, please feel free to share it with us!

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