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  • kindled

    Ooooh that gray and blue one…

    • I KNOW, me too!!!!

      • I’m also in love with it!

      • klynneann

        I wish it was the other way around, with the blue outside and green inside!

  • Tristan

    That Green and Blue stole my heart omg

  • ElainePG

    Oh, that pink and turquoise combo… yum! I would LOVE it in the smaller size. But does it come with a shoulder strap, or just the handles?

    • Jessica

      It comes with a shoulder strap optionin both sizes

  • Candy

    Black with pink…so pretty and feminine!

  • Cem

    The colours are gorgeous, now if they could work on the quality of the bags…that would be greatttttttt.

  • Stefanie

    OMG I loose the Granito and Acquamarina combination!!!

    • Stefanie


  • Mya Wilkes

    Nothing in this world can EVER make me buy saffiano leather again! The colours are very yummy though.

    • Aurore DLG

      I feel the same.

    • Why? What happned?

      • Mya Wilkes

        Nothing “quality” wise as such – maybe because I didn’t carry mine that much. I just never felt it was luxurious looking when I carried it, it certainly didn’t feel luxurious to touch. Save for the Prada logo, it could almost pass as cheap. I recently consigned mine and wouldn’t buy saffiano again.

      • A little too Michael Kors leather? Haha I get what you mean!

    • Vbogaert

      I don’t mind it. My fendi 2jours bag is Saffiano and regular leather, and I get lots of compliments on it. Though Fendi has more luxurious styling than prada-IMHO. I also love that I don’t have to worry about babying it. To me Saffiano is more about being “business” vs “style”, practical vs fashion. But I think with a quality designer, it definitely comes across as luxury.

      • raymundrockette

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      • margaret_davis3
  • TexasST

    Love, love, love the colors!!!

  • Sparkletastic

    The grey and teal is TDF! I love Prada’s colors!

    Just wish they would innovate a bit more.

  • StevenMPagan

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  • Jamie Lee Lindsay

    I hate how much I love the Granito and Acquamarina because I can’t stand saffiano leather. So cheapy and Michael Korsy. Yuck :(

  • Vicky

    I like how the bag got matched with the outfits and I do like the combo color on those bags, but the design of the bag is just not for me.