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  • Chloe

    Wow that has got to be THE UGLIEST Prada bag line I have seen so far. They look like bogus knock-off Chanel reissue bags.

  • Aly

    Ugly & Uglier! ICK!

  • kindled

    they should be sold with an alternative leather strap.

  • suparnashah

    a turn lock? wow. looks like lanvin.

  • Tiffany

    Unfortunately I think they missed the mark on these ones…these are neither practical nor pretty…*two thumbs down* :(

  • Ruby

    Yikes! I can’t imagine a chain strap in our northern climate. I love a lot of Prada bags, but no.

  • Anjum Hameed


  • abbi

    I agree looks like Lanvin and Chanel locks…however im reserving judgement because this shape i feel has potential

  • alice

    What happened to the famous Prada bag, a model of style? What are these ugly bags? Oh my God…

  • Sam

    I think these are awesome – whats with the hate?

    • Sam

      Why is everyone assuming that anything with a turn lock and a chain strap is a reissue? I don’t think these bags are even remotely similar.

  • lulu

    Ugly…nuf said.

  • TheBagFag

    Prada, true to form fuses her aesthetic of ugly-chic with the wandering so over the fashion landscape. Sadly, these lack the sense of “Prada-ness” that we have come to love and revere.

    It is a “no, thanks” for me. Gucci all the way -especially with their fringe bag, and my still-favourite bamboo tote.

    Sorry, Miuccia: not stoked over these new releases.

  • Emmy

    Awful !

  • Will

    I would definitely into these bags because they’re my type, very edgy.

  • Sharon

    The part where the chain is attached to the bag is dragged in all different places. Nay nay nay. Fail.

  • MelinSf

    Love, Love, Love! If the chains are long enough for cross-body then I’m buying one of these bags. Finally something different and edgy from Prada.