Prada Trembled Blossoms Bag

Prada has been making a comeback for the spring and summer season. After the stunner that now carries a long wait list, the Prada Fairy Bag, Prada is trying to make it big with their multicolor vibrant bags. The Prada Trembled Blossoms Bag are an integral part of the campaign and are also creating quite the buzz. Coming in a variety of color options, such as fuschia-violet, turquoise-violet, and yellow-black, Prada is expecting to hit big again with this line of handbags. If you were one of the very lucky few, you would have been invited to Prada’s ‘SoHo Epicenter’ store in New York to watch the ‘Prada Trembled Blossoms video‘ put together by artist James Luna and based on James Jean’s Nouveau-esque wallpaper seen in the ad campaign. The short film is whimsical and enthralling, capturing the viewer from the first second to watch the transition of a cyber-woman’s journey through a magical Prada filled forest. At the end, she meets Pan who shows her how a tropical fish can transform into the stunning Prada Trembled Blossoms Bag. The bag is currently available at Saks and you will snap back to reality when you see the price tag. $1,675 through Saks.

The higher definition version can be found at

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  • ModernGear TV

    That ad photo makes me tremble – beautiful. Oh, to be so chic.

  • Deanna Belli

    Looking to buy a colorful bag, but for me, this is not it.

  • AJC

    Fun little video and fun little bag – I’ve been eyeing it for a while

  • Abi

    It is sooo ethereal.. and unique. Fits the theme.

  • LoveforCocoChanel

    I like this bag but a hit too small. Although I remember looking at the spring ’08 prada ads and Sasha ( the model) was holding a bag like this but bigger.

  • Kaytey

    The video reminds me of Pan’s Labyrinth somewhat. Don’t usually do Prada, but I like this one. Maybe when it goes on sale. :/

  • Bag-JJ

    PRADA is on fire!!! Anyway, this season might be too fashiony for some people.

  • Tracy Couture

    I like the video better than the bag! :evil: :neutral: :smile:

  • Cindy Luxor

    That Prada Purse sure is fierce. Purple is one of my favorite colors right now. The leather looks beautiful as well. I am going to look for bags on I usually have good luck finding designer bags on that site. Ever tried it before?

  • Sandra

    Simply fabulous!

  • bvbirdygirl

    It is soooo beautiful!!!!
    I almost died when i saw it in vogue! But then I looked at the outrageous price and decided to forget I ever saw it.

  • kimalee

    Um…that video totally freaked me out!!! :shock: :twisted:

  • Miss Spring St

    I love the combination of colors.

  • BalenciagaLove

    Cute bag! Quite a different video than I thought it would be. Also reminded me of Pan’s Labyrinth. I think I like the regular ad campaign pics than this. The nymph/cyber creature looked a little too weird for me.

  • me mee

    it’s cute but too small for that price

  • Tim

    is it SIMS???

  • cynthia cho

    The first time I laid my eyes on this bag I fell head over heals purple was in but LV had so many different purples but none of them felt “right” I saw this prada one and it was right! This one is a little small but there is a clutch version that TO DIE FOR and it fits most daily items (make up, phone, wallet). :mrgreen: And there is a big everyday version that’s amazing!!!! Must have! if you are purple person like me!

  • Berta

    I love this bag…I bought it 5 days ago!!!it’s wonderful

  • Lex

    Nice bag.. but where i can buy it?

  • Discount Shopping

    It all comes down to common sense really

  • Best Discount Ugg Boots

    Solid info, Will definitely come back soon.

  • Winer8882010