Prada Tessuto Oro Chain Bag

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! The weather here was delightful and hopefully this week stays just as beautiful. As spring rears her beautiful head around the corner, spring and summer bags are trying to make their way into our arms. Some I am drooling over and some I am laughing at. Take the Prada Tessuto Oro Chain Bag for example. Here you will see a small bag that has an overly long strap to wear this tiny thing across your body and a stencil cut logo plate that is downright tawdry. If you are about 2 feet tall, wearing such a small bag (5″H X 7″L) across your body may look good, but those of us upwards of 2 feet will look silly in this bag. Take me for example, 5’10 sporting a tiny bag that is a fugly and overly tacky logo plate. This is the kind of fug bag that you use to draw attention to yourself, bad attention. If you are desperate, try it in either white, black, or orange (Halloween color theme?) through Saks for $395.

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  • name

    you keep talking about yourself being 5’10. that’s great, i’ve always wanted to be tall myself…but you can’t use your height in order to bash a bag. the bag may not be right for you but i think the design and the colors it is offered in is creative. white and black to keep it simple and orange to make it fresh. this reminds me of the chanel mini circle bag with the white enamel. i like the chanel bag much better but this prada one isn’t too bad. with a sleek outfit, such as a cute minidress–nice hair and confidence–paired with this bag…one would look like a knockout! :)

  • Jordi

    If not for the logo, these would actually be half-cute coin purses.

  • Naggy

    I do not see the point in the design. (ipad)