Prada Fairy Bag

prada fairies bag
Prada Fairies Bag

In Milan in September, the Prada runway show was a buzz with Miuccia filling the runway with silk-printed tunics, cropped flared trousers, and nymph and fairy prints. The backdrop looked as if it was from a girls imagination of doodles and drawings while daydreaming. Miuccia’s focus was “about trying to find a new creativity.” The fairy print is the iconic print for the Spring season and is seen on their handbags, clothing, and even their shoe boxes. The handbag that has our forum buzzing is the Prada Fairy Bag. The Prada Fairies Bag is available in two sizes and is said to be a limited edition. How limited is yet to be known, but Prada is staying that the boutiques will receive a limited number of the bags and pre-orders are not an option. The smaller version retails for $2290 and the larger for $2490. Call your local Prada boutique to inquire and be put on the wait list.

After showing you two horrible prints/patterns on handbags for Spring, I am ending your week with an absolutely stunning piece. This Prada Bag is majestic and enchanting. The deerskin leather is said to have a slight sparkle to it. This bag is absolutely gorgeous, just takes my breath away!

prada fairy bag1
Prada Fairy Bag: $2290

prada fairy bag2
Prada Fairy Bag: $2490

prada fairies bags
Prada Fairies Bags

prada fairy runway
Prada Spring 2008 Runway– Fairy Collection


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  1. Chi town Chanel Avatar
    Chi town Chanel

    OK, (no stone throwing please), this bag looks like the five year old who lives upstairs from me would love it. Maybe I should get on the list and get her one? I appreciate a good Ren Fair as much as anyone, but I would not “invest” in this “limited edition” piece with faries on it. Personally, I think that Prada has been missing the mark stylistically for a while now and this is no improvement.

    1. Kelly Avatar
    2. Jane Doe Avatar
      Jane Doe

      *throws stones at*
      Just kidding. Well, sort of.

  2. patois Avatar

    Glad they are not canvas like those weird JC bags! I kind of like them, but I would like to see in person. Have to stop into Prada to check them out.

  3. Michelle Avatar

    Cute. Yeah, I like that they’re leather. But nevertheless, too expensive/trendy…

    1. Christine Avatar

      No kidding! They are really cute but way too expensive. I agree!

  4. janis Avatar

    God, do something about those models if you want to sell bags to real women…they look like they are dead!

  5. Glamazon Avatar

    I love those bags! I loved that whole collection. The fairies are gorgeous. It’s such a fantasy, fairy-tale look, I would love to own one of those bags. I’m tired of boring bags. These have imagination.

  6. Tink Avatar

    I actually really like them! Very unique, when everything has seemed same, same, same to me.

  7. jap4life Avatar

    I love these bags. I think they are unique and gorgeous.

  8. hoganfe handbags Avatar
    hoganfe handbags

    Yuck – more power to them if they can get $2400 for one ❗

  9. chloehandbags Avatar

    I adore these Fairy bags – my favourite is the, more colourful, long strapped shoulderbag version (not shown here). 🙂

  10. jnh14 Avatar

    There is no way I would pay that kind of money for this bag…one of my 3rd graders could have done it! I think some of these luxury brand handbags are getting uglier and uglier, while their prices continue to rise. Do we appear that gullible? 🙄

    1. chloehandbags Avatar

      Are you sure? If so, you must have some exceptionally talented children in your class! 🙂

      Or is it that you believe the subject matter is more suited to 3rd graders?

      ITA that the prices are getting more and more ridiculous, often (although, certainly not in this case, IMO) for uglier bags, though. 🙁

  11. mette Avatar

    You ca read my comment on The Bagsnob blog where this same bag is collecting comments.

    1. betsy Avatar

      I was just in prada and put my name on the waiting list for the wallet. The entire collection has a waiting list. I must say that I am the generic prada shoe buyer and don’t but into the trends, but this pattern is pretty cool. I like things that are unique and this fits the bill. Granted, I would not buy the bag (for $$ reasons and it’s a little flashy), but the wallet is a perfect complement. I am really excited for it. It really is quite lovely in person.

      1. Kim Avatar

        I don’t live near a Prada store but love the fairy bag.. could you tell me if the background color is white or biege… I’m thinking about calling to order one. Thanks!

  12. Caitlin Avatar

    You know what these remind me of?

    Anyone read Shopaholic and Sister by Sophie Kinsella? In the book, the It Bag was the Angel bag.

    1. becks Avatar

      OMG! That’s so true! Wow, I suddenly have the need to reread the book now, haha.

  13. eleanor Avatar

    i love the big one!

  14. becks Avatar

    I really like this bag. It’s very cute and unique, and the artwork is just beautiful. Though, for that’d price, I’d rather get a classic Chanel. Sigh, it’s too bad we’re likely to see many fakes of these designs.

  15. hns4ever Avatar

    No…not really a fan of these bags. Maybe I lack imagination…. 🙄

  16. gratytude Avatar

    I really like these. It’s time to do something a little bit out of the box. Really, how many plain leather bags can all share the same space in the stores? And, with this world being in the shape that it is, it’s really nice to look at things that evoke more of a personal response…all for happiness.

  17. SKelly Avatar

    Ok, MAYBE it’s just me…let me know what you think.

    On the smaller purse with the two figures, look at the one on the left. Is something intimate going on? I mean, doesn’t that look like she’s hugging a being to her torso and its weird hand is around her hips and there are two more fingers emerging from her upper back? The fairy’s right knee is in the creature’s neck/shoulder area.

    My husband looked at it and totally agreed!

    THAT said, not really a fan. I am now wondering if some designer at Prada said “hey, let’s see if anyone catches THIS”!

    1. Roxana Avatar

      You’re right! It looks like she is hugging a bigger man (his head in her lap and his hand on her bottom and legs…)
      I think this bag is a breath of fresh air though… 😉

    2. amanda Avatar

      I totally see that now!
      …Ew. I liked that bag a lot before you pointed that out too 😆

      It kinda reminds me of how the Disney animators slipped in things inappropriate for little kids in scenes in the Lion King and Little Mermaid.

    3. subliminal Avatar

      Thats the first thing I noticed about this bag… maybe I’ve got a dirty mid or something but I wouldn’t want a purse with a small girl blatantly getting oral from a much larger man right smack on the front.

    4. Avenge Avatar

      The artist is James Jean, the painter/illustrator for some Vertigo titles like Fables. I think he’s currently one of the best artist around.

      And I like the creepy twists he have here. Let’s see someone meddle with a sharpie and draw this.

      1. maryannn Avatar

        I have the bag, It is very cool, follow the bag from front to back and it tells some type of tell. The leather is of great quality, soft and I get stopped every time I carry it.I almost don’t want to carry it. But its Prada how could you not carry it ???? Great Investment!

  18. Roxana Avatar

    Just WOWWWW! I am in love with this bag. What a unique piece!

  19. Daisy Avatar

    Gorgeous bag, but I have a feeling the novelty will wear off and it will look dated very quickly. The shape of it is simple, timeless and practical though. Does anyone know if they do the same (shaped) bags but in a plain solid colour?

  20. Rahsan Avatar

    Probably, the designer fashion houses are more and more targetting a younger clientele each and every day. Teen-age girls with money will definitely drop the 2400 dollars for these bags.

  21. ms.diamond Avatar

    thats a really cute bag but have the models ever heard of mcdonalds god there so skinny

  22. AEILoveU Avatar

    I love love love this line!
    It may seem really flighty and faddy – but do you think that maybe they’re marketing to teenagers and early 20s?
    I think it’s beautiful and perfect for the spring and summer. Yes, it’s unbelievably expensive, but I think it’s cute. Besides, don’t you pay $300+ for a wallet that’s ‘cute’?

  23. Sarah Avatar

    I think they are beautiful, however i think at 36 nearly 37 i would be too old for one.

    1. chloehandbags Avatar

      Of course you wouldn’t! 😯

      You’re still young! 😉

      Even if you weren’t, why on earth would one have to be super-young, or even young, to carry an illustrated bag? ❓

      I think accessories are the perfect way to introduce some fun into one’s look, whatever one’s age. 🙂

  24. meowgal Avatar

    I love it. I wish I could afford it.

    do they have smaller less expensive accessories?

  25. LoveforCocoChanel Avatar

    I actually like this bag but I found the price to be out of control. Why on earn would I pay a price tag like that when I can get a classic flap Chanel bag. I wouldn’t mind paying $1200 bucks but $2400 is just ridiculious!

  26. LoveforCocoChanel Avatar


    Why on earth would I pay a price for a Prada bag like that when I can get a chanel flap purse classic. Although I do like that bag.

  27. Gina Avatar

    Well I love it .. and i want it

  28. sarah Avatar

    I know James Jean designed wallpaper for Prada; this does look like one of his illustrations…
    I hope that it is, and that he gets credit for it. I’ve been a fan of his for a while.

    1. LuLu Avatar

      This bag is one of James Jean’s designs, I found this out when I was readin In Style magazine!
      And of course he is getting credit for it……….its such a beautiful work of art collabarated to make an even more gorgeus bag!!
      I just wish it was cheaper though!!
      I cant live without it so I guess I’ll just have to let the fairies run away with my purse for this wonderful prada Fairy Bag!

  29. MissLoveChanel Avatar

    I absolutely LOVE this bag; and I generally don’t even like Prada at all. I find this bag to be very fun and playful. I think the graphics are well-rendered and even the undercurrent of sexual inuendo has a certain “bad girl” charm. All that being said, I will NOT buy this bag. The price is outrageous. I would purchase this bag today at $1,400 or less-but $2,400? Not a chance! As usual, Prada has grossly over-priced their wares. For that money I would buy a Chanel.

  30. Sarah Avatar

    😥 These purses are absoutly beautiful, the only original and creative purse I’ve seen. I don’t own one name brand purse and this one is the purse I’ve ever just die for. But sadly I don’t think I’ve ever owned 2,000 dollars at once before…my dream purse will never be. Being an artist myself the style of the fantasy work is so unique without being too “cutesy” fairy images, making it a fantasy for adults.

    1. LuLu Avatar

      Hey Sarah!
      I know I’m in love with them too but find I cant afford it! But check out Ebay……….they have authentic ones and tey are really cheap!! They vary in price but dont go overboard!!
      Its worth a look………honestly!! 😛 😆

  31. naynay Avatar

    Undercurrent? I think it’s pretty straightforward. 😯 I’m with SKelly – the one fairy is definitely wrapped around a face. My eyes almost bulged out as soon as I looked at it! LOL All this fashion coverage about how sweet it looks, etc, and I’m thinking “doesn’t anybody else SEE this?!?!?!” 🙄

  32. Claudia Avatar

    I love this Fairy line! beautiful, whimsical, one-of-a-kind, and yes, charmingly naughty! 😀 And I totally wanted Becky’s Holy Grail angel bag in the book “Shopaholic and Sister”, – seems like its come to life! LOVES

  33. oxymephorous Avatar

    you know what? i’m going to hit up the thrift store later to find a swank vintage white leather bag, and then i’m taking a sharpie to it. ta-dah!

  34. CHiFash38 Avatar

    😳 lol i love the design on the smaller bag lol
    and its so original these are the bags i love…some spunk some originality not just a plain one color bag that is like $2000. i agree its expensive but i wud so love this to hang on my arm. i continuously love the style and creativity ppl put into their work and i have to say the bags are unique and very trendy…as for the dresses im not too keen but thats probably cuz i havent established my inner runway fashion self lol …i usually wont spend much money on stuff especially a bag nonetheless but this is totally genius and i wud get it in a instant too bad the waiting list will most likely make me wait a long long long time lol.

  35. Cathy Avatar

    I was lucky enough to snag one of these bags last month at the Prada store in SoHo. For some reason, they had one in stock – but only one. So I grabbed it. While I definitely had sweaty palms when I signed the receipt, it’s been so worth it. This is a work of art that I hang from a hook on the wall to display when I’m not carrying it (although I’ve been carrying it constantly). I believe this is an iconic piece that will be a collectible. I plan to pass it down to my niece someday.

  36. iHave3birkins=] Avatar

    its not too expensive.
    hun its a work of art!
    2300 is not expensive for
    a deerskin bag with artwork on it!!
    and can people stop complaining about the colours running?
    god my pink chanel caviar bag got wet and the colour ran.
    so its not just prada. they are beautiful bags.
    and dont worry i dont have stones hehe =]

  37. Brooke Avatar

    omg i love these bags!! :mrgreen:

  38. Kelly Avatar

    I found one kick off store, 100% same as and it sell only $259 ,

  39. Kelly Avatar

    I found one kick off store, 100% same as and it sell only $259 ,, I like to buy one, how do you think??

  40. Kelly Avatar

    I found one kick off store, it selling $259 on eLuxuryGood , can anyone check for me? I like to buy one

  41. Tre Avatar

    Sorry but the ones on eLuxuryGood are fake! The real ones come with a pink leather interior.. not cloth!

  42. misty Avatar

    All I can say is I absolutely love it….I have never liked Prada & never in a million years did I ever think of spending that kind of money on a bag,however If I could get my hands on this bag….It would be mine:)
    p.s. I’m 30 is that too old for the sexual images & artsy design;)

  43. Sireene42019 Avatar

    I love this bag but don’t want to pay the outrageous price , I saw a site that says they have a slightly used one for like 250, what do you girls think. 🙂

  44. Kacie Avatar

    This bag is a beautiful piece of art. I just received mine today, and it is even more gorgous in person. It is definitely a masterpiece that has the United States going INSANE over trying to purchase one. The waiting list is HUGE!!!! If you love fairies and art, this is the bag for you!!! 😀

  45. Ashleyhk Avatar

    Just got mine 😛 When you see the bag in person, it’s even more striking. The way they used different colors and strokes is so beautiful…like water painting. The leather is a bit crinkled which adds to the charm of this bag. I actually didn’t realize the fairy on the back is huggin a man…don’t agree it’s creepy, it’s romantic. I got the larger one since it showed the faries more clearly :mrgreen: , but am kind of regretting maybe should have gone for smaller (yes, they had both when I was at the shop!) I was told this bag is so delicate. It can never touch water….that’s the part I didn’t like. Why didn’t they coat it better so that won’t happen? Anyhoo, in love….

  46. diamondprincess Avatar

    i just purchased my fourth item from this website and it has leather interior in the fairy prada bag, check it out

    1. Carrie Avatar

      Hi how long did the bag take to come and do you think it’s a trustworthy website?

    2. ronnie Avatar

      hi which bags do you have? are they good quality, have any of them broke on you? i would really appreciate your response.

  47. trina Avatar

    it’s a nice bag, but i don’t think i would carry it more than a couple of times, the artsy graphic would age in days. Check out the nice eco-friendly daily funtote bag selected by Cosmo last month:

  48. pradalover Avatar

    Most of the people in the world buy a purse,not because its cute but because they can say this cost 3,000 dollars or show it off. I however am not one of those people and adore this purse!
    : )

  49. purpleeyes Avatar

    I love this bag so much!!!

  50. JuicyLucy Avatar

    I was recently on the Prada website ( buying myself the gorgeus Fairy handbag (after loads of saving and my birthday money!!)
    When I was loggng on to buy it..I wasnt really expecting to be able to buy it as everyone has been sayin there is a Waiting list, but I was surprised that i was able to purchase it and got it within 6 working days!!
    So what was the whole thing about the waiting list?
    Is it just simply differant because I bought it online and there is no waiting list?
    If anyone has the answer to this, please give me the benefit of knowing!

  51. qatar Avatar

    TOOOOOOOOOOO expensive 🙁

    1. Lexi Avatar

      of course it’s expensive darling… It’s PRADA!

  52. bst Avatar

    I think these would be great for my daughter and her friends in high school but as canvas tote bags. How long before Target comes out with something like that???

  53. D Avatar

    Obviously some of you can not appreciate beautiful art when you see it.

    I love the art on this PRADA, I got this for my birthday and it is so beautiful I can’t stop staring at. Apparently people really love this because you can not find it in the US, and if you can find it your on a waitlist. My Husband had to have a friend in UK buy it and send it.

    I love it an recommend it to anyone who is thinking about it.

  54. Ikaros Avatar

    Girls I need your help!
    I finally managed to come with a perfect list of EXCUSES to get this bag. (new job + birthday + I gotta be nice to myself) Yet this bag is GONE from the stores so I need to get from other sources (say online). I really appreciate if someone can answer my questions (sigh…. I got all frustrated).
    1) I’ve been seeing a few colors, white, off-white (pale beige), pink, green & grey. Did Prada really make it in that many colors?
    2) Other than the 2 shapes/sizes shown with the models, I saw tote bags too. Actually, I saw 3 diferent tote-bag styles! 1 with magnet closure, 1 with zipper closure, and 1 come with a shoulder strap. Does Prada have it in that many shapes & sizes?

    1. regine Avatar

      Hi, please be very carefully as there a many copies (good once) on the market. Don’t forget, Prada Leather look Bags are made from real leather, otherwise don’t buy.
      Warm regards, Donna

    2. Maria Avatar

      i saw it on i don’t think it’s original though, it was only 250!

  55. Joanne Avatar

    I just got this bag and I LOVE IT!! It is really different from my other Prada bags. The leather is so soft. I know it is expensive, but you only live once!! I also love my black Chanel bag, but this one is so darling for summer.

  56. shirley Avatar

    I know this blog is 8 months old but i bought the small fairy purse and only used it once for a few hours. Basically, it’s in MINT condition. The leather is really soft and because the main color is white, i was afraid to get it dirty therefore didn’t use it again.

    1. regine Avatar

      hi, you better use it now as Prada quality guarantie is for 2 years only. I do ohave 2 Prada Bags and both I stored in dustbags for years. Now I found out that the white leather has discoloured. I called the Australia Gold Coast store and was adviced that this might be normal.
      Enjoy as long as you can.
      Warm regards, Regine

  57. marie Avatar

    you can also check out amazon for the purse. its only $280!

  58. Lien Avatar

    Kevin, contact me, also interested. Love the bag.

  59. lala Avatar

    je deteste!
    im sure many women just love the bag simply because its a “limited edition”.

  60. Jodi Avatar

    I actually have one of the larger bags pictured, and it’s absolutely stunning. I get comments on it wherever I go. It’s stylish enough and has the right colour scheme to stay in with the changing fashion trends for a while yet. Plus it makes any outfit look fab, even my gym gear…totally woth the money!

  61. Shawn Avatar

    OH my lands ladies. I have this bag and i am far from being a teenager. I love it and I get so many compliments on it.

  62. Shoegirl11 Avatar

    I’m definitely more than a little behind the trends this time…. I have no idea how I missed these (they’re so unbelievable!) I have to find one!! (Shirley, were you looking to sell yours?)

  63. Kayla Avatar

    i just recieved my Fairy Prada and i LOVE it, im a really big fan of any Fairy art work and when i heard of this bag i had to have one, and yes it is a collecters item to me and i only carry it on special occations, its also a good convo piece, the art work on it is tattooed into the leather to it is ment to be cared for and to use a gental leather cleaner on it, but either way im in love with it, and it goes great with my fairy art collection……

  64. naboonies Avatar

    Hi guys! I took your pics for a relevant information in my entry . Can you believe it a high street store at my place just did a knockoff of this Fairy Bag! Such an abomination!

  65. freak8121 Avatar

    the image of the man in here chest area is a satyr they are from greek mythology companions of pan,s they roamed the woods looking for sex and to capture wood nymphs wioch is what the two creartures on the back are they reprasent eternal youth and beauty and it is said anyone who posses one shal have it,s powers for them self thanks ..;p

  66. Jennifer Avatar

    I have one, – pink leather interior (I think they all do)
    and yes James Jean does get full credit…and Eluxery is full of fakes…and I do NOT like mine (it was a gift) bought at 57th street in NY. If anyone interested let me know.
    No 1/2 way reasonable offer refused LOL

    BTW there is one for 3000.00 on ebay – right now…

    1. Kim Avatar

      can you send me a pic of your purse, how much are you asking for it?

    2. Erissa Avatar

      Does anyone have an authentic prada fairy bag that they want to sell? I want one!!!

  67. nizohni Avatar

    jnh14, you must have some exceptional artists in your 3rd grade class then! Yes, the bags are ridiculously overpriced and I am NOT a fan of prada, but I think they look very good.

  68. don ed hardy Avatar
    don ed hardy

    Love this, great blog, thanks.

  69. Mark Gil Anthony Plaza Avatar
    Mark Gil Anthony Plaza

    For the elites, bags are like their lives but for practicalitly, we don’t need these kinds of stuffs because we are in the state of poverty but they are really nice.

  70. Pilar Avatar

    I couldn’t give less of a damn about the oral sex thing going on in the front, that’s just life, and you’re bound to seeing/giving/getting oral sometime.

    I WANT ONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (bag, that is, not oral. rofl.)

  71. sam Avatar

    looking to buy an authentic faory bag – if anyone is intertested in selling please let me know. thanks

  72. Tish Waldson-Villa Avatar
    Tish Waldson-Villa

    I just recieved my Prada Fairy Prada and i LOVE it, is so nice………… Im a really big fan of any Fairy art work and when i heard of this bag i had to have one…My boyfriend brought mines at and the quality was just what I was looking for.. Right on, glad he got it on sale.

  73. teehee Avatar

    I love the shoes

  74. Caity,Sascha,Ava Avatar

    I love the detail in the fairy bag, I also love the outfit! The bag really stands out! I would love to buy this bag. I also want to be a fashion designer when I am older like Ava and maybe do a collection with Prada. 🙂 XXX

    The models are very organised and love the bag and outfit.

    I personally adore these items, I want to be a Fashion Designer when I am older and I would love to do something like this in my collection so my advice is that you shoud keep going and enjoy! Cheers. 🙂

  75. Caity,Sascha,Ava Avatar

    Ava: I think this would make alot of money and I would buy it girlfriend.

    Caitlin: I love this outfit! It is very amazing!

    Sascha: Perfect, love it and Adore it

  76. Kentea Avatar

    I have me one and I totally LOVE it. My boyfriend brought it for me!!!

  77. Annalisa Comito Avatar
    Annalisa Comito

    Whilst overseas last year I purchased a Prada Wallet at
    their Space Outlet in Florence. The
    wallet I purchased was Article No. 1M0506, Material VIT.DAINO 1 and the colour was Mimosa.

    I started to use the wallet three months ago and during the normal course of usage the
    wallet soiled so I cleaned it with a damp cloth with water, the colour
    transferred to the cloth.

    I contacted Prada in Melbourne and Sydney and they advised
    that the wallet was dyed naturally and this happens and that when I purchased
    the wallet I should have been advised and I should have been provided with a
    booklet. I advised them that I was not
    told that this might happen nor was I provided with a booklet.

    The Prada Representative
    said that I need to look after my wallet, I told them that I only use it
    as a wallet and it remains in my bag.
    She then told me that I should clean my wallet with a dry cloth, I
    explained that if I tried to clean it with a dried cloth it would not get the
    grim off.

    The Prada Representative contacted the technician in Italy
    who confirm that the wallet was dyed naturally and could not help any further.

    I requested a refund of my money or a replacement wallet,
    none has been forthcoming. I also asked
    them to put something in writing to me and they have refused.

    The wallet retails in their Australian store for


  78. Lula Avatar

    A pretty smart marketing. Announce that the bag will be limited, make everyone put in the wait list and voila – lots of idiots will run like hell to buy a thing they don’t need. This is how fashion industry works – to fool idiots and with that make them buy a not needed stuff.