Jessica Simpson Prada Napa Gauffre Frame Bag

For the past few years, Prada has not designed any bags that I really fell for. The Robot Tricks were fun, but the price tags that came with those key fobs made me laugh (while also not shelling out the money). The Fall Prada bags are overly hot and most everyone wants to get their hands on one. Jessica Simpson may be letting herself go (creepy makeup, weird made-up relationships, etc) but she still carries killer handbags. One of my favorite bags from the Prada line right now is the Prada Napa Gauffre Frame Bag which pairs pleated leather with a frame closure to make this runway bag hot. Check out more Prada bags via your local Prada boutique, or Saks 5th Ave.

On a side note, were you all aware that Jessica and Pappa Joe are creating a restaurant chain similar to Hooters, called Daisy Dukes. The word is the waitresses will dress similar to how Jess dressed when she played in the Dukes of Hazzard movie. Pappa Joe likes this idea.

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