In a fashion landscape so varied and eccentric that the simultaneous embrace of leopard, lace, military-chic and minimalism doesn’t seem all that far-fetched or contradictory in the least, sometimes we forget the charms of a simple, good thing. You know who doesn’t forget that kind of stuff? Miuccia Prada. The Prada Saffiano Lux Tote is exactly the kind of bag I want to turn to when I’m feeling trend-weary.

This design isn’t new, and we’ve probably covered various iterations of this bag in the past. The more I see it, though, the more I think it deserves mentioning. The straight lines and clean edges are basically perfect in their simplicity, and the stiff, tough saffiano leather will hold its shape for years to come. For me, this tote is perhaps the perfect price-effective alternative to a Birkin, particularly if the buckles and flaps of the Hermes classic prove to be a little much for your usual style. I’ll take one of these in every color, and I bet I’d never get sick of carrying them. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $1550.

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  • keeper

    And the price is good too!

  • couturecoco
  • EvaKnox

    It`s divine on black. I`d wear it on strong blue also

  • mandy

    I have been lusting after this bag for months. As Amanda wrote, it’s perfect in its simplicity. Sometimes you just need an elegant tote without a lot of hardware or embellishments, and I really don’t care for flap bags, so an open tote suits me. I think I might have to spring for this one…

  • Musette


  • Stacy

    Love It! I purchased a red Ferragamo tote a few months back that has this same basic and simple design and it’s fabulous to carry. I haven’t felt the need or desire to change bags yet. I LOVE IT! It is my go to bag, and I do have a lot of clothes that go with the red perfectly.

    Now though, I think I do want this Prada…hello, Santa…

  • JenG

    Wow, love it!

  • Jen

    It’s amazing how useful and oft-used these kinds of open-top, structured totes can be. However, for that style and shape tote, I like the Chanel cerf tote the best – it’s got the front and back pockets and removable shoulder strap. Plus, it’s, well, Chanel.

  • Vitta

    Classic! Best choice if you can’t afford an Hermes Birkin.

  • Julie

    I have a purple Prada Saffiano Lux wallet – it is my favourite of all time. Always get compliments for it and it still looks brand new. I knock it around and don’t take care of it at all but it’s divine. Can’t bring myself to contemplate another wallet. This bag would be fantastic in Saffiano – really great leather!

  • Kellyx

    I seen the ostrich skin version somewhere ..really to die for!!!

  • Ginger

    This bag is absolutely fabulous in orange. Took a phone pic of it months ago and look at it everytime I consider buying a lesser bag ;)

  • Ella

    I have this bag in grey and LOVE it. It’s roomy, elegant, and looks great with everything! It’s a definite must for every woman wanting the looks of a Birkin but not wanting to pay the price. I honestly like this bag better.

  • MizzJ

    So true Amanda! This bag is like a refreshing glass of lemonade in summer. Sometimes I just want a bag that I’ll literally always wear and won’t have to think twice if it goes with my outfit. Try doing that with a leopard print thing sprouting a fox tail.

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  • Karin bag4bag

    It is comfortable. It is familiar in color and shape. It is actually a pretty reasonable price. It is the sort of bag that supports you on a bad day at work. Pick up your Prada Saffiano Lux tote, walk out the door and go home !

  • Irra

    My husband gave me this bag(in grey) for my birthday last month. I love it. Its a must have bag for everyone.

  • Lilac

    Love prada leather. You don’t have to baby your purse because the leather quality they use is sturdy and luxurious at the same time.

  • Mochababe73

    I love this bag. Unfortunately for me, I would need a tote that I could throw on my shoulder. The Peonia color is speaking to me so I could ignore that aspect of it.
    I completely agree that sometimes you want to carry a simple bag without all of the bells and whistles.

  • BooIn

    I saw a girl went on shopping carrying these bag, the handles were wrap with some kinda Hermes twillies, good God, the bag were great! Had a sudden love struck upon Prada Saffiano Lux Tote! I hope someday I own one too.

    These is what I called classic and effortless handbag. So chic!

  • BooIn

    I saw a girl went on shopping carrying these bag, the handles were wrap with some kinda Hermes twillies, good God, the bag were great! Had a sudden love struck upon Prada Saffiano Lux Tote! I hope someday I own one too.

    These is what I called classic and effortless handbag. So chic!

  • edoardo

    I don’t like the bags that are so classic, like this one. But I believe that the reson is that I’m so young (16)…so I prefer this model in red, the red-saffiano leather of prada is unique (io belong the iPhone case of this color and it’s gorgeus9. Btw it’s a wonderful model!

    • Stylista

      Funny you say that! Because I am not far from your age, yet I find this bag perfect in every way! I love classic beauty, and this bag is the epitome of classic! I’d snatch it up anytime.

  • Jenny

    I have been considering a Chanel cerf tote for months now. Maybe this should be a contender as well. Anyone out there familiar with both bags?

  • Graciella


  • bbeeccaa

    I immediately fell in love with this bag the moment I laid eyes on’s so simple, classic, and chic. And in black, Prada saffiano leather? Even better.

  • Debbie

    Seems a little too basic. Prefer the Proenza Schouler. More practical. blogspot. ;)

  • Stephanie

    I do love it as a classic bag, but i have a saffiano wallet and I find that my problem with it is that is kinda scratches easily, and when it scratches, you can SEE the scratch. It’s not very forgiving, unfortunately :(

  • Hoyachica

    Completely concur! This bag is beautiful!!!!

  • green97

    Love the bag, and love the colors they have on NM online, too – hard to choose between the dark pink and the red!

    One q though, what’s that slit on the left there? NM’s zoom wasn’t much help either…

  • ChanelAngel

    This bag does not do it for me. It’s not much character and is much too dull to be serious.

  • ali74

    I treated myself to this bag in brown for my birthday in July and I’ve never looked back – the best bag I’ve bought. I use it every for work and it is packed and it still looks brand new.

  • Kat

    This is lovely but still a little too “mature” for me. And I definitely prefer the Saffiano Lux Top Handle to this. And the cornflower blue is a gorgeous color. A nice, bright, crayon-blue. The red is nice too, subtle yet still bright.

  • Columbina

    I’ve had this bag in black for just under a year now, and it is really the best default work bag. However, one very sad fact about the bag is that the saffiano leather does stretch after (over?)use and you start to see lumps and bumps in it, esp when you have your day items in it. The base stays in tact, fortunately, and the handles are fine, but the actual sides of the bag start to go a bit soft (i.e. the way a YSL Muse starts to soften with use over time and doesn’t stand up so straight after a while). But otherwise, a great alternative to the Birkin…

  • Maggie

    I love it!! Very chic! (ipad)

  • Lola

    I’ve always wished that the Prada logo were a little different. I feel like the triangle adds a sort of character to the back and takes away from the total neutrality of having a big plain black bag (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Love simple back bags like this one. Just love them! (ipad)

  • delaney

    love this bag, in pretty much every color it comes in. prefer the one with the zip top though–so much more practical.

  • cl

    i like it, but it’s definitely not a new idea OR thought (ipad)

  • CHRI

    too many of these around in my opinion (ipad)

  • nini

    classic! (ipad)

  • Bettye

    The bag is just plain to me. I can buy a leather tote that looks the same for a lot less. (ipad)

  • Ellen

    Beautiful. Classic. Elegant. (ipad)


    gotta love Prada (ipad)


    another classic black bag (ipad)

  • Tiffany

    Very classy (ipad)

  • Alicia

    Prada meets Hermes (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    nice! i like this.
    i have been hunting for a black tote for sometime now.. and liking this a lot!
    but unfortunately, i have to agree with mochababe that for a tote, wish it would have a slight bigger handle drop so i can shoulder-carry it.. (ipad)

  • Jen

    Too simple. (ipad)

  • Julia

    love. looks luxurious yet isn’t ridiculously $$$ (ipad)

  • Candace

    I like the double-zip iteration of this – without that hardware, the tote is a bit boring for my tastes. (ipad)

  • eva marie

    I saw this design, in both black, & tan-colored. the tan-colored one , was just so lovely. :)

  • helen

    This goes with everything! (ipad)

  • Charmosa

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Would love it in red. (ipad)

  • swati

    i get that they were going for the ‘classic’ feel but i think rather than timeless its more of dull …. something i would get bored of really fast (ipad)

  • Anna

    My mum has this bag but in the Orange (similar to Hermes’s Orange). It is to die for!! There were only 3 orange ones that were put out that morning and they sold out before 12pm.

  • Yen

    I just bought this bag in red and I absolutely love it.

  • Prima

    I bought this bag two weeks ago and It goes with everything, definitely a must have bag!

  • Val

    Don’t ve it yet but i can die for it

  • Lettisia

    I just bought mine several weeks ago and loving it!

  • misha

    love this bag. i’m thinking of getting it.

  • Lauren

    Bought mine in red less than a month ago and I’ve already noticed cracks where the stitches are at the corners. Does anyone here have similar problem?

    • snowy25

      Where about did you buy the bag from? May I ask? Was it purchase from a Prada store?

    • snowy25

      Where about did you buy the bag from? May I ask? Was it purchase from a Prada store?

  • wendy chiong

    i bougth the prada saffiano luxo code bn1786 colo nero,its been 6month i notice the zipper got tarnish or fading,can i go to prada store to have repair or it is really tarnish the prada zipper?pls reply azap thank you!

    • snowy25

      yes, I think you should be able to ….

    • Juliazng

      babe, what was the respond from prada abt the tranished zip? how you solve it ? can the zip be restored ?

  • Marguerite Duvic

    I also love this bag. I bought one last summer in a brick color and just bought one in teal that is fab! Only one downside. Very little support on the bottom and it loses shape if you schlep lots of things like I do.

  • Maxie

    Reading this thread has sealed my decision, thanks ladies! My sis in-law has this bag in a cognac color, I always admired it but never truly fell in love….8 months later, can’t stop thinking of it! I believe it’s a classic, it’ll be a beautiful addition to my collection. Since Saks has a few colors available, it’ll be hard to chose the color but I’m leaning towards red?!

  • nbajwa

    just got mine from NM last call,florida….wanted the one with top zip but settled for one without them because there was a HUGE price difference ! but its a great classic bag that will never go out of style .. just understated elegance


  • A Ihsan

    Does anyone happen to know if the classic colours (black, nude, for instance), ever go in sale?

    Thank you very much in advance!