I’m underwhelmed, and I hate being underwhelmed. I’m not a huge fan of Prada‘s Fall 2009 offerings, and I’m even less of a fan of Prada Spring 2010. So much so that it kind of makes my head hurt.

Memo to the fashion industry: no one wants clear vinyl bags. No one. You guys tried this crap a few seasons ago and thought it would be cute, and they all ended up on the sale rack at the end of the season, and they didn’t even move particularly quickly once discounted. A clear, architectural hard plastic clutch meant to hold three things for a night out, a la Fendi‘s Spring 2010 presentation? That’s clear done well.

But a vinyl gray-tinted clear satchel meant to hold the dreck of everyday life, like tampons and your ATM receipts? No thanks. Do not want. Ever. But that, with some jewels stuck to the top and a canvas tote or two thrown in for good measure, is basically what we got. Since Prada does such a big bag collection for every season, this is probably only the tip of the iceberg and several other non-runway mini lines will eventually surface, but if this is any indication of what’s to come, I’ll take a pass.

Prada Spring 2010  Prada Spring 2010  Prada Spring 2010  Prada Spring 2010  Prada Spring 2010  Prada Spring 2010  Prada Spring 2010  Prada Spring 2010  Prada Spring 2010

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  • Michael St. James

    yikes…these bags are really fugly…maybe prada should just throw in the towel?!?

  • Kelly

    ugh! Do the ppl at Prada really think people would want to pay money for white patent leather bags that looks like it’s been rubbed with motor grease? I think the grease fumes has gotten to their heads…

  • Adam

    The people in the market for clear bags would be those that work at a department store or those who would use them for groceries i assume; but given the price range of these. I do not know what will happen to them. They have that makeup counter fragrance gift with purchase feel. the only clear tote i thought of getting was by D&B but i did not even pick that up. so.

  • Lilian

    I used to be a fan of Prada many years ago, and now I can’t even remember when was the last time I looked at them.

  • Handbag Lover

    YAWN! Prada, please do better, gosh these are horrible. The only people that i know that want clear bags are school children.

  • otter

    Oh no. Not the clear plastic handbag trend again!!! We need to put 1998 and the Spice Girls behind us. FAIL.

  • 19yearslater

    I had that in middle school, only with hot pink handles. I thought it was awesome at the time and it cost me ten dollars from Wal*Mart. Now, and from Prada- no way.

  • Alyssa

    Clear/vinyl totes are not to be worn as handbags. I have a clear D&B lunch tote, but I don’t care if people see what I’m having for lunch. But I don’t want people to see what’s in my purse.

  • MizzJ

    Ugh if I want a clear plastic bag, I’ll just go to the dollar store thanks.

  • chirpy_gal

    Better styles than before…. nice bags :)

  • fwy

    These big brands are really taking their consumers for granted. If these are the kind of bags Prada is churning out, I rather go for brands like Cole Haan or Bruno Magli. At least for the price I’m paying, I don’t feel cheated or something.

  • Paulina

    The silver bag doesn’t look THAT bad.

  • hect

    have to agree get over the transparent everything its cheap taky and does not reflect any class at all they think that because its prada they have the right to do this get to work the rest of us are and we do it to afford nice elegant and functional things from good quality brands id rather have a simple canvas bookstore bag than this insult of a bag its an insult to their own intelligence when they try to pull off something like this

    (ps do pardon my spelling)

  • Merve

    yikes, talk about running out of a prada shop screaming!

  • dierregi

    The problem with Prada is that each season they make too many bags. It is impossible to keep up the quality, considering the quantity. It is a shame they cannot focus on what they are good at, like their classic models, which are actually quite nice and well made. The vinyl bags look cheap (even if I am sure they come with a huge price tag) and totally unpractical. Even the leather ones are not that special….

  • Pandor@

    not.paying.more.than.$10. for.freakin.plastic! >:(

  • Eva

    You can put your tampons in a Chanel pouch and then throw it inside the Prada clear bag to show off~

    • Pandor@

      LOLz %)

    • If I was going to do that, I’d just BUY a Chanel bag that didn’t require me to have a bunch of fancy crap to put inside it, because no one can see in.

  • Lianne

    The only real market that I can think of for transparent bags are teenagers who go to security paranoid school that don’t allow regular purses in the door. And they can’t afford Prada.

  • jahpson

    the designers at Prada have been really lazy over the past couple of years

  • longchamp

    wow, we gals in the prada forum loved her fall collection

  • ceci

    First of all, I like Prada & her classic yet simple designs, but I only own 1 Prada bag. Second, I have no problem with the PVC tote at all – even though I would prefer leather handbags more.

    Actually, I have a PVC bag myself for over 1.5 year already. I LOVE carrying my Chanel Naked flap a lot more than what I thought initially. I can decorate my flap with different colors/patterns of scarves/fabric so to match my outfits or mood. There are 100+ ways to change the look of my Chanel Naked flap but still keeping the classic Chanel flap style. (My thread at the Chanel sub-forum can prove that). I love carrying it during the rainy days like we are having now. Thus if one can be more creative & dress up the naked handbag, you can simply DIY & make it as a special art work! =)

  • The Girl in Grey

    Oh my god….

  • Annie

    that is not. good. plastic is getting expensive girls.

  • ioanna

    what are you talking about?was Alber Elbaz last year better for Lanvin or Karl Laggerfeld for Channel?I think it s really time to carry just essentials girls.And that would be a fashionable designer bag.!!!!

  • chrissie

    sorry Prada just have to agree. Clear plastic for a designer handbag no no no please get your style sence back! Leather please, Prada nylon yes, but any type of plastic yuk!!!!!!!

  • Lori Mason

    I bought a leather Prada purse in Rome at a Prada store… but I swear it can’t possibly be real. It is the biggest piece of **** I ever owned. If you like to constantly torch your handle to hide the nylon strings (my husband tells me that they have to line the leather… is he serious?) and then every once in a while get poked by some hard plastic thing that comes out of the rolled edge, than Prada is for you. They can keep their leather, plastic, and nylon. NOT worth the money.

  • anon

    1999 trendy clear backpacks re-lived *yawn*

  • whynot

    First reaction was OMG. Then, when I was looking at the Prada Small Vela Cosmetic Case – the li’l pink thing – I thought, there might be a few girls out there who’ll want to take advantage of the clear plastic and SHOW OFF what’s inside, like the Vela cosmetic case… Certainly widens the possibilities for co-ordinating, too.

  • Mags

    Of course, one can easily get past the flagrant display of tampons and ATM receipts by using a purse organizer like Purseket. Get a few different patterns and then the tacky plastic sak becomes a personalized statement.

  • Tiff

    how much it cost???
    I wanna know

  • Bebe’s bag

    I like some of the bags and decided I’ll be getting the Prada Plex and Mistolino satchel.
    very cute!!

  • dohamallrat

    May i know the Price forthe See-though bag………?

  • Adrienne zedella

    interesting! fb

  • Adrienne Zedella

    i do like this (fb)

  • hakan

    I think a little bit empty model.but a very nice model.I think I was unstable :)

  • I Tso

    Where can I purchase any of these PRADA bags???? I want one, not sure which one.

  • Roxy ng

    Not that bad. Those see through bags were soldout even before their end season markdown. I bought 4 version of those with plexi crystals and received many compliments. They were Wow bags.. Lovethem