Coach Dog Carrier

I am a dog lover, a big dog lover (literally). I am not sure why, but small dogs are not for me. It could be because I am 5’10 or the fact that I do not want to step on my animal. Either way, dog carriers would never fit a dog that I will own. A dog carrier that screams ‘look at me, look at me’ is even less my style. The Coach Dog Carrier is no doubt made with designer love but is over-logofied. The side mesh window with buckle closure is exactly where I would hide if I were being carried in this contraption.
The signature jacquard fabric with metallic leather trim will take away from your pup in my opinion. Measurements are 17 (L) x 12 (H) x 9 1/4 (W). Buy it via Coach for $398.

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  • Odie

    I love all things COACH. And even more than that I Love dogs, all dogs big or small. Although I will, like you said, never own a small dog for fear of trampling it. I kind of wish I did have a small dog though just so I could get the Coach carrier. The only flaw I see in it is the metallic leather. Metallic leather is hideous on anything. It just is. It looks cheap and void of style. It’s a scary reminder of the bad parts of the 70’s.

    • Christie

      Again I love everything about Coach. The metallic colors on the dog carrier has to go. I again have always had Rotts so could not fit in the bags but this mothers day I got a Yorkie I went to Coach & they quit making the dog carriers. I wish that they would still make the carriers so I could finally have one but a day too late> Little dogs the move fast & out of the way do not step on my puppy & again I am use to being with Rotts who are always in the way

  • bekah

    i too love all things coach… and i love all types of dogs… i dont think it really has to be a small small dog.. you could carry a puppy in it.. and i dont think much.. not even this beautiful carrier could take away the cutiness of a pup…

  • Briana -12

    I love coach, but this dog carrier is like its screaming to look at me look at me i have a coach dog holder and it looks like you are trying to brag about having coach.

  • Briana

    I love coach, but this dog carrier is like its screaming to look at me look at me i have a coach dog holder and it looks like you are trying to brag about having coach.

  • Jo

    first off i have a small dog and you never have to worry about stepping on them. dogs are inteligent creatures and they know how to stay out from under your feet. Second, if you have a cute dog no carrier can take away from that. That is like saying if you wear nice clothes you wont look as good. And if you are going to say that you like all things coach but this carrier screams for attention then i dont really thing that you really love all things coach because the majority of coach handbags and other accessories have signature print.. and alot of it also has metalic leather… so basically you are contridicting youself. I liek the style of this carrier and i would definitally put my dog in it but that has nothing to do with wanting people to see that i have coach. i think that it is a pretty design and i hate when people try to say that someone wants attention because they have a flashy style. If you are going to look at things from that point of view then you probably dont want to wear any designer bag that has signature print on it because people just might think that you want everybody to look at you.

    • Jaye

      I agree!

      • Alexis

        I absolutely agree with that 100% no doubt about it!!!

  • marge

    I love coach…not becuase many of the bags have the logo, but becuase I love the sytle. The same way some people prefer a Nissan over a Ford. i love the quality and look of the bags. I purchased this bag for my dog becuase I love the look and even though its a nice bag, it no way takes away from my dog being cute…she’s the cutest :)
    You prefer one thing…I prefer coach.

  • Melissa

    Some of you people are ridiculous. First off, I have a Coach bag with the metallic leather, it actually almost looks like a smaller version of this bag and I have strangers coming up to me ALL THE TIME to tell me how beautiful it is. Second, I bought this dog carrier and it’s not because I’m trying to brag or get attention. It’s a gorgeous bag and has plenty of room for my chihuahua. I wont buy anything but Coach. The quality is unbelievable and they have the best styles. Plus, my dog looks GREAT in it!! So for those of you who have negative comments, stick to your boring bags and leave true Coach lovers alone.

    • floella

      you go girl and awwww love chiuaua’s hehe love flo x.x.x.x.xx.

    • BRITT

      oh ya right on same with me girl !!!!! wooo hooooo everyone else are total bitches !!!!!!!

  • missy

    I love the coach carrier and just ordered one. I was not thrilled about the metallic, but actuall this is reasonable priced-for coach-since other things of this size cost way more. Also, because it’s coach I know it won’t fall apart. (You really do get what you pay for..)

  • Ryan

    ok well because a lot of you complained, it seems that coach has decided to discontinue it or something. If that is true, i am extremely upset. I love this carrier just like i love everything coach and would totally buy this for my little dog if they still had it. $400 retail is such a reasonable price compared to other designers. Also, it would be nice to see this same style coach pet carrier in other colors too to suit everyone’s style. If that happens….”wrap it up baby!”

    • Raquel

      (FOR RYAN)

      Actually…they have discontinued it for the season. In August, they’ll be coming out with a new style. My friend called me and told me about it being in the special order catalog in our local store. Since I’m going to New York this weekend, I called their store and asked if they had it in store and they said it’s been removed from availability because they will be coming out with a style in August.

      I want this bag for my little girl, Matisse (two-year old Toy Chihuahua).

      Hou-TX Writer, Raquel

  • I agree with megs, it does scream “Look at me”. And I also love big dogs myself.
    Great review

  • Linda

    This carrier is beautiful. I agree with all the coach lovers. The quality of these bags are guaranteed. I love all dogs, big or small. I have coach collars for both an have never had to have them replaced. I love this carrier and if they make it in more colors/styles I will be sure to buy it!

  • Tasha

    Does anyone know the size qualifications by your dogs weight. I have a chihuahua but shes a bigger one….shes about 8 pounds. Any one know details?

  • Nikki

    Does any one know where I can find one? Or does anyone have one that their puppy or dog has grown out of?



  • sara

    I love this dog carrier! i Have a toy yorkie poo and it doesn’t take any of the cuteness away. my dog loves to ride around in it. of course i still walk her 2 times a day. the metalic leather is very nice with the color of a yorkie poo or chihuahua.

  • Stacie

    I have 2 of these bags (not on purpose, long story). I do like this bag, but it was a lot bigger than I thought, I wanted something more like a purse. It’s a beautiful bag & will be perfect for travel, but not to carry around on a regular basis. I just use my Coach tote purses (much smaller than this bag) so that my pup can run errands with me. I do leave this bag out on the floor in the livingroom filled with toys, she loves the bag, she jumps in and out of it, and likes to peak through its window.

  • Andrea

    I love it and I want it. If anyone has it and is willing to sell it please email me!

  • ver interested, just wondering if it airplain appoved. if so that would be great.

    thank you, my e-mail is-

  • Well I agree with all the geniune Coach Lovers. I too own this pet carrier for my Yorkie, and she is as adorable in it as she is out of it. It is very naive to think that a dead piece of leather will actually take away from a live animal, that is just ridiculous. I love the bag and so does my dog. It carries up to an 11 pound pet and it is airline approved. And for those who fear small dogs I suppose you dont want to have babies either…I mean you just might trample them….you know being their so small and all.

  • kayla

    hello Stacie,
    are you selling one of your coach dog carrier ?? if you do how much are you selling it for. thanks for your time and consideration.



    • staci

      I will buy an authentic coach dog carrier if you have one available. Please email w/ pictures, colors you have, price, etc. Thank you so much. I am very serious too :*)

    • melissa

      im lookin for a doq coach bag :wink:

    • crystal

      what colors do you have i’m very interesed in buying one.

    • trish

      would love to buy a bag, how much?

    • Hannah

      OMG im looking all over the place for the right dog carrier i would love to see your dog carrier. e-mail me a pic please
      xoxoxoxox :cool: :grin:

  • Marla

    Hi Kerrie! If you still have a coach carrier you want to sell, I’m VERY interested. I’ve been looking all over (even Ebay) for one of these. I’m nervous about Ebay though because most of the time they say they’re authentic but in most cases usually aren’t. Hope to hear from you. Thanks a lot!! :)

  • Marla

    Duh, I forgot to leave you my email address. :oops: It’s Thanks again!

  • nikki

    Looking for to purchase a coach dog tote if anyone still has one for sale. Please email me. Thanks,


  • nikki

    Looking for to purchase a coach dog tote if anyone still has one for sale. Please email me. Thanks,

  • TaNiKa187

    I love this Coach dog bag. The Metallic detailing is beautiful. I am going 2 Coach and buy one for my precious poodel Daisey. She loves her Louis Vuitton christmas and gonna love her Coach for her birthday. She is such a spoiled brat!

  • Lisa Cliver I have this very bag for sale Brand New!

    • trish

      any chance its still available? Trish

  • karla

    this fucking bags are really nice but they are really fucking expensive! :evil:

    • Hannah

      YA I NO IT SUCKS !!!!

  • Lori

    If anyone has this bag and they want to sell it, I am looking to purchase one. Let me know…

  • Angela

    I am going to be purchasing a teacup yorkie and this is the perfect bag for him. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what colors they come in. There are a few on ebay but you never know. If anyone has one they would like to sell please email me

  • johanna

    Hi I almost got riped off by a scammer that was trying to sell me a bag.I dont want to take any chances.Since I cant afford a new one id rather get a used one than buy a fake.No offence to those who buy fakes.The quality is just not the same.If anyone is selling on please email

  • Morgan

    Does anyone know what color the inside of the bag is?

    • Janette Janero

      I have seen the inside in hot pink and also with the signiture c’s.

      • Jenn

        the hot pink lining is authentic.
        the signature is fake!! any bag with signature inside AND out is NOT authentic!

  • may

    i’m in asia, can anybody direct me where i can get this?

  • vanessa Torstensson

    I so love the bag and need one for my new puppy.
    anyone know where i can get one?

  • Anita

    Someone is selling one on tampa craigslist:

    But, I don’t know if it is real or not, so be sure to ask “Coachy” questions.

    Good luck finding the bag of your dreams!!!!

    I have a Coach outlet near me :razz:

  • Janette

    I am selling one on e-bay for $134.40. Look up Item number: 330189245376 if you are interested!

  • DogBedsandmore

    There are numerous types of dog carriers to choose from. But, as per my knowledge, I think most of them are fake. As of now, I am not planning to buy anymore carriers but I would convey this message or information to those who are in need of this. :lol:

  • Lisa T

    Why the negative reviews?? It’s a nice and practical dog carrier people. It’s not like dog carriers are new. If you don’t like to carry your dog then great but it doesn’t mean other people shouldn’t. If you don’t like the price tag there are plenty cheaper ones but some people just happen to have spare money or willing to spend more for coach or hell even louis vuitton or gucci dog carriers. What part of this bag screams look at me? I don’t get it. Most coach bags are like this and most other brands have logos all over their bags. It’s just a Coach, you don’t have to even notice it if you don’t want to.

  • Natalie

    So I am super interested in this bag! i cannot find it anywhere! i woul be willing to buy a used one. Help!

  • Lynda

    Doesn’t anyone else simply notice how badly the above is written? I had to read it twice because I was so confused by what how negative it was — are they trying to SELL this bag with a review like this? “The Coach Dog Carrier is no doubt made with designer love but is over-logofied. The side mesh window with buckle closure is exactly where I would hide if I were being carried in this contraption.” Huh? Just weird.

  • Myllo

    does anyone know where i can buy this?

  • stacy

    Does anyone know where I can get one of these bags!!!

    • Ashley

      I have a similar bag its still coach