Birkins, Kellys, and even MORE Birkins!

Our Favorite Style Stars Take to the Streets of NYC With Enviable Carries

Get ready to feel like a grimy sewer person!

This week, we found some restocked bags we weren’t expecting to see in September sale sections

42 million people face hunger in the United States every day, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

Outside the shows, celebrities brought their A+ bag game

The brand celebrated its 25th anniversary with a little bit of nostalgia

This season, Coach fuses its Americana look with a decidedly New York flare

Also, Givenchy bags from yesteryear continue to pop up on famous arms

If this were a game, she’d definitely be a winner

Get ready for lots of metallic silver, patent leather and embellishments

Follow me and my bag on day 6 of NYFW