Real Housewives of Orange County got a little too raw for reality TV last night, didn’t it? And not in a Tamra-and-Eddie-in-the-bathtub way, which would have almost been preferable, but in a Vicki-and-Donn-are-real-people-and-we-all-kinda-forgot way. I found the episode mostly quite difficult to watch because I’d rather forget that these people are doing things on the show that impact their real lives, but I guess it’s good to get that reminder every now and then.

But the episode wasn’t all Donn and Vicki. Some of it was Alexis Couture, and I’m sure that Alexis is still in a snit over the fact that her ugly suburban hooker dresses were overshadowed by someone’s real life. Them’s the breaks, babe. Oh, and some people went to Vegas, but that didn’t seem to have anything to do with the rest of the episode.

We started with Vicki and Donn bickering with each other about laundry and the kids and the cleanliness of the house, which was as awkward and unpleasant as it has been for the entire season. I’m just fine with broadcasting the details of someone’s plastic surgery or drunken debauchery or even house foreclosure all over the TV for the schadenfreude of others, but something about the Vicki and Donn situation just makes me uncomfortable on a very basic level. In much the same way that watching Kim be called an alcoholic and have a meltdown in the back of a limo made me uncomfortable on the season finale of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills; scenes were Vicki and Donn bicker and seethe without making eye contact make me feel like an intruder, but more on that later.

For now, things then switched over to Gretchen and Slade, who had arrived back in Southern California from their trip to Texas and nothing had changed. Slade was still broke and Gretchen was still making fun of him for being imaginarily fat and undecided about whether or not she wants to pop out a couple of kids with him. So far, two scenes, no progress. I’d say that the more things change, the more they stay the same, but…nothing’s changed.

Quickly thereafter it was time to visit Pegatha, who was trying to plan out her weekend color schemes for a Vegas trip for her husband’s birthday. Tamra and Eddie were going to be joining them in Vegas as well, in addition to another couple that we don’t care about, but Alexis and Jim were not coming. Which was fine, because can you even imagine how much of a buzzkill Earth Jesus would be in Vegas? Not to mention Alexis running around, picking up after him like the man-toddler he is? Or, god forbid, Earth Jesus at a nightclub? With a few drinks in him? That’s nightmare fuel for real. Don’t think about it too hard, I’m not paying your therapist bills.

And then, POOF, we were in Vegas at the same type of nouveau-rich restaurant/bar/lounge that these people always go to. Do the vodka cocktails and salads with Balsamic taste better when they’re served on a surf board? No? That’s what I thought. They didn’t really even eat or drink, though, they just sat around and pontificated about how sad and annoying it is when “people” (Earth Jesus and his dim-bulb bride) try to keep up with the Joneses. What, does Micah think he is the Joneses? With his used Bentley and fugly Gucci monogram blazer with matching second-tier blinged-out watch? He thinks he’s the leader of the pack here? What pack does he lead, the pack of annoying guys at bars who are pounding vodka Red Bulls and wearing Ed Hardy t-shirts? Can you tell I’m not a huge fan of vodka?

We then teleported back to Orange County to revisit Gretchen and Slade, who were still pretending that Slade had work contracts and income and, I don’t know, a job. He doesn’t, don’t let him fool you with the “Oh, my contracts are ending, whatever shall I do?” line. You’ll keep doing what you’ve been doing, Slade: Mooching off of whatever Housewife will wave her crotch at you. Meanwhile, Gretchen was still explaining away his child support issues by claiming that he had a change in income, but apparently it had occurred to no one that child support can be adjusted if you lose your job and go to court to prove it. They had a Serious Child Support Conversation and Slade sounded like he didn’t ever intend to pay his debt to his baby mama and Gretchen cried and wondered if sometimes love isn’t enough. I can tell you that it’s definitely not enough once the courts get involved; you can’t pay child support in rainbows and fluffer-nutter sandwiches.

Next up was Alexis, who sat down with a party planner to get the ball rolling on a fabulous French-themed party for the private debut of her dress line, except she didn’t want any French food at the shindig. She doesn’t understand French things or French words and especially not French foods, because we all know how nasty brioche and crepes and béchamel sauces are. I mean, who would eat that stuff? What kind of philistine do we think Alexis is? Oh, and especially not foie gras. We all remember what happened when someone suggested she try that stuff last year. Alexis is far too delicate for such things. Let’s just have some grilled chicken and lettuce on a croissant instead, ok?

At a restaurant meeting that was sad in a far different way, Tamra and Vicki got together to take tequila shots and talk divorce. I’m not entirely inclined to make snarky jokes about a situation that is so obviously real in a way that we’re not so much accustomed to from “reality” TV, but I will say this: Vicki talked over and over about waiting for god to do something to her relationship, but then she talked about staying at the office late so that she wouldn’t have to interact with Donn at night. If you’re looking to save your relationship, that’s perhaps not the course of action that I’d recommend. Of course, that’s easy for me to say from my perch in the peanut gallery.

But Tamra and Vicki, being veteran Housewives and apparently somewhat used to bearing their souls for public consumption, didn’t just stop there. Tamra asked if Vicki and Donn were sexually involved any longer, and Vicki said that they hadn’t been in two years. It would seem that the vow renewal that we saw last season would fall within that time frame, which just goes to show you that things like that don’t save a marriage. Particularly not if done on reality television. But I feel like I’m slipping into snark here, which I don’t want to do about this particular scene. It’s easy to forget that some of what goes on in a reality TV show actually is reality, in the traditional (and sometimes heartbreaking) sense of the word.

In further sadness of yet another variety, we finally saw Alexis Couture in all of its…err…glory. I’m sorry, glory doesn’t seem to tell the whole story there. In all of it’s…flammable glory! Yes, I think that paints the picture nicely. The dresses were short, synthetic horror shows with names like “Sex and the City” and “Simply Fabulous,” which tells you a great deal about Alexis’ level of sophistication (or complete lack thereof), just in case the jury was still out for you. And then, just when I thought the worst was over, a model trotted out a bikini named “Barely There,” which had what can only be accurately described as a crotch necklace. I’m not sure where in the Bible it instructs us to adorn our genitals with spandex and jewels, but maybe Alexis can show me some time. I mean the Bible verse, not her vagina jewels.

And for a few minutes, everything went just fine, or at least as fine as it coule have gone. All of our Housewives were nervously pushing the sanitized, inoffensive, easy-to-pronounce quasi-French food around their plates and the models were all upright and moving and that was basically the best that anyone could hope for. Earth Jesus even stayed out of view of the cameras for most of the event, making it extra tolerable for those who have already built up a mighty tolerance for this particular sort of Housewives bullshit. And if I have anything, it’s a tolerance.

But suddenly, during the show, Tamra got a text that Vicki was in the hospital and Gretchen…got mad at Vicki? I’m not great fan of Vicki’s, naturally, but it’s not like she was sitting at home going, “I’ll show that bitch Alexis, I’ll start bleeding out of my butt and need surgery right in the middle of her cheap polyester fashion show! All of those croissants with go to waste! It’ll be awesome!” We all know that the only person in the Real Housewives universe who’s self-involved enough to Munchausen herself in the name of attention is Danielle Staub, and she’s not even a cast member anymore.

That didn’t stop Gretchen from throwing a fit about Vicki’s incredibly rude medical emergency or the fact that Tamra was upset about it, though. And maybe Tamra should have left immediately when she found out what was going on, but she seemed genuinely concerned and going to the hospital to bother the nurses wouldn’t have solved anything that I can think of. It would have merely given Alexis and Gretchen a chance to grouse about the distraction behind her back instead of to her face, and this way, we got to see the entire selfish panorama without interruption.

And it was spectacular. Not a note of concern crossed Gretchen’s makeup-shellacked face. Other than concern for Alexis and her interrupted party, of course. I’m not sure when it was established that Gretchen has beef with Vicki, although from the filming patterns that I’ve seen emerge over the season, it seems like no one can tolerate to interact with Gretchen except Alexis. Gretchen generally only films with her or Slade, and with all the effort that goes in to getting all of the ladies together, that’s a pattern that probably tells a pretty significant story. In all likelihood, Gretchen is as intolerable in real life as she is on the show. For some reason, that strikes me as a little bit comforting.

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  • Amy

    Vicki hoping that God would save her marriage reminds me of the joke(?) about the guy praying to win the lottery but it never happens and eventually god answers with something like “you gotta buy a ticket”. Also, wasn’t the vow renewal a surprise to Donn? But Vicki commented last night that she had hoped it would be a new beginning for their marriage. That’s all fine & great but maybe some pre-renewal couple counseling would’ve helped them arrive at that decision & commitment together. I’m no relationship expert but it’s as if Vicki hasn’t yet grown out of her magical happily ever after fantasy. Even the best marriages/relationships need work but the only thing she can work on is insurance. With that said, I feel sorry for Vicki. Various comments she’s made over the years tell me she would happily be a SAHM w/a wealthy husband but that’s simply not the hand she was dealt.

    As for Gretchen? I have no words except that she is an awful person. I don’t care if you dislike a person but obviously Vicki was quite I’ll and we all know V has no problem bowing out of afternoon HW events for work. There’s no need to fake an illness.

    • Amy

      *I’ll = ill. Stupid autocorrect.

    • You know, I actually wrote out the lottery thing last night and then thought maybe I was being too hard on her. But I totally agree. If you believe in prayer, you at least have to meet those prayers halfway, right? She just kept saying that she was waiting for relationship to change…that doesn’t make any sense. Change only happens if you make it happen.

      • adrienne z

        I think Vicki can afford to have some Conch flown in…. just sayin’

    • adrienne z

      I thought it strange that Vicki had to text a pic of her hospital bracelet – it’s as though she knew that her story would be disbelieved.
      And what kind of immediate surgery did she have? It was just intimated that she was going right into surgery, but that was the end of that. If she did get rushed into surgery, wouldn’t Tamra have gotten up and left immediately to go to the hospital to wait for her to come out and get the FULL scoop from Brianna and the assistant?

  • Blaine

    Chef: We can ‘ave fois gras –
    Alexis: Ugh. I mean, I know it’s like a delicatessen and everything, but…

    lmao – I had to rewind that one a few times just because it’s a monday.

  • shallowgal

    lol… yes! a “delicatessen” … that was hilarious.

    As for Vicki and Donn, I guess you can only stomp on a guy for so long until he breaks.

    Gretchen did have a point @ the luncheon… take your texting outside, or better yet … go immediately to the hospital if you’re so concerned for your friend. Don’t sit there insisting that everybody acknowledge how upset you are.

    “Don’t think about it too hard, I’m not paying your therapist bills.” ~ this made me giggle, Amanda. well done!

    • Blaine

      Speaking of France, they have a saying there that is both scary and brilliant: In every couple, there is one who kisses, and one who gives the cheek.

      Don’s been the cheek-kisser for so long, that’s been obvious. And yes, it’s really uncomfortable to watch the marriage dissolve, no matter what you think of the people.

  • SuzieQ

    Amanda, today’s recap sounded a little bitter. I know you write a lot of recaps, but it seems like you’re not doing as a fan this time around. Hope the next recap reminds us that you write them because you’re a fan. Lots of slack goes to you for keeping up with the housewives, just hoping you bounce back.

    • I didn’t like last night’s episode at all. On of my least favorites ever.

      I’m not willing to make fun of Vicki & Donn’s situation or Vicki going to the hospital, and that took up at least half of the show, which necessitated a more serious tone for much of the post. Which is part of why I disliked the episode so much – I knew while I was watching it that recapping it wasn’t going to be any fun.

      As far as being a fan goes, though, I’m not all the time, and I imagine that most of you guys aren’t either. Watching anything as much as I watch Real Housewives wears on you after a while. I’m actually enjoying all of the series I recap at the moment, though, and I’m excited to see what happens in Morocco with RHNY and where the RHNJ season will go. The first episode of this season of RHNJ was one of my favorite episodes ever. Last night’s show was just not what I wanted. Someone cue the Rolling Stones…

      • Kjon

        I happen to enjoy your slight cynicism as of late and I think most readers understand why you wouldn’t want to make light of Vicki’s situation this week.

      • kate w.

        I thought you did a good job recapping the parts that shouldn’t be made light of in a serious matter, but making fun of what was really funny (in a sad way)…the fact that Gretchen actually thought that Vicki was somehow faking her medical condition. I’m not a huge Vicki fan but I wanted to slap Gretchen. It’s not like she went into the hospital for a cold…I don’t think anyone would choose bleeding out of her behind as the excuse of choice, not to mention the fact that doctors don’t perform surgery on someone unless they’re pretty sure that something’s wrong.

      • Ellz

        Amanda I commend you for being able to recap all of these shows and not be MORE cynical. I think it also shows a lot of compassion and class to not specualte too much on Donn and Vicki.

        I am still a Housewives lover, but have to admit that OC and even NY aren’t any fun anymore. It’s clear that everyone is playing to the camera, especially Sonja. I used to lover her, but now I can’t tell if these are her true colors or is this all for the show. I hope it’s just for the show.

        I don’t watch OC or NY anymore unless I happen to catch them on a boring TV day. My love for NJ has been restoreed now that all of the fake Danielle crap is gone.

    • c.c.

      You have got to be kidding me. Did you watch that dreary depressing episode?

      What does being a fan mean exactly? Not snarky but curious. I watch and read the recaps and watch Andy sometimes. Does that make me a fan just because I watch? I can’t stand most of the women and wouldn’t spend time with them if you paid me.. Does that make me a fan or anti-fan?

      I would think that a fan girl would breathlessly await the next episode so they could ooh and aah over how fabulous everyone looked and laugh about what a fun time they’re all having. I don’t get that from Amanda. Probably the only people that do that are the participants of the show and people with about 3 brain cells.

      I take that back. I was like that when RHWNY started. Not a lot of drama and they were fun just like the first 1/2 of RHWBH was sort of fun.

      I don’t know if it’s Andy, Bravo, the housewives or their grifter husbands interested in amping up the drama but it sucks.
      They aren’t real people anymore. They’re shills that peddle products so their grifter husbands can stay home and they can all pretend their fabulous as they tweet, blog and collect fans to sell crap to.

      I think anyone would be hard pressed to write a positive recap. Even their own blogs are uninteresting and depressing. Lets be honest, Amanda doesn’t have a lot of material to work with.

      • c.c.

        I can’t edit so I can’t fix my spelling and grammer errors. Pretend my post was all spruced up and makes sense.

    • NCGal

      Oh for Gawd’s sake…really?

  • SuzieQ

    I’m waiting for some funny responses to Alexis Couture, girls! I mean, when Tamra’s jaw dropped at the shortness of those dresses. That’s short. My favorite was the gown for walking in the park. Her bikini was missing nipple clamps! Those dresses were nasty. That was the best she could do? She could’ve just made a simple black beach cover up, or a white sun dress.

    • Blaine

      Actually couldn’t wait to weigh in with funny responses to Alexis Couture. Had my Synonym Finder all ready – but your last post criticizing Amanda kind of took the air out of my literary Post-E-Vac. Sigh.

    • Kjon

      I want to make fun of Alexis Couture but it’s hard to when I think of the designer/seamstress who busts her a$$ doing pretty much all the work. It’s apparent she does ALL the work, with Alexis (and her scissors) coming in to basically defile it. I’m not even sure why Alexis isn’t concerned with hiding the fact that she merely consults and is not a designer.
      Sorry to have to backtrack, but at the photo shoot when Earth Jesus the Savior came in the assert his presence and Alexis was literally bending over to placate him, the designer looked so sad. I feel bad for her. I don’t think she liked her dresses undergoing a thorough “sluttification”. I mean, when the dress is already up to your crotch do you have to bend over, too? Sheesh!
      That being said, I’m not a fan of the line at all. I’m not even sure if I would like any dresses done by just the designer sans Alexis.
      Alexis is so completely lacking in self-awareness – that makes for the worst types of people in my opinion so pointing out how hypocritical the whole scheme is would undoubtably yield nothing.
      *Unfortunately* she’ll have to take that up with God.

  • JenG

    Amanda, I can tell you there is no where in the bible that tells anyone to adorn their genitals with spandex and jewels. LOL!

  • Monica

    I was just wondering if you know what was actually wrong with Vicki…can’t find anything on the internet….

  • mochababe73

    I’ll try to be brief.
    1. I felt sorry for Vickie until she said that she stayed late at the office so she wouldn’t have to see Donn. A marriage requires that each partner give 100% to the relationship. Vickie didn’t do that. Eventually, her husband stopped as well. I have been married for almost 15 years, and I can say that my husband and I actually take the time out to have a date night and NOT talk about the kids and work.
    2. Am I in the only one that saw the evil look on Gretchen’s face. As far as I’m concerned, she deserves Slade. I’m over her thinking that everyone is out to get her. Vicki had a legitimate health issue.
    3. Tamra should have excused herself. She didn’t have to leave, but she shouldn’t have disrupted the party. The difference between what she did and Alexis did is that Alexis didn’t come back to the party until she had gotten herself together.
    4. Peggy and her husband are the epitome of keeping up with the Joneses. And, if they are the Joneses, I’ll just continue to keep my champagne tastes and beer budget.
    5. I don’t think that Alexis had an issue with Vickie being in the hospital, but I did see how Gretchen tried to manipulate her. As far as the dresses go, I actually liked the maxi dress and the maxi dress that she wore in the first episode. The other ones were pretty bad.
    I can’t wait until next week to see the Jeana vs. Tamra Smackdown.

  • Ashley

    “We all know that the only person in the Real Housewives universe who’s self-involved enough to Munchausen herself in the name of attention is Danielle Staub”

    One of the truest statements ever said.

  • Lorie

    It is very uncomfortable and sad to watch Donn and Vicki fall apart. Reminds me that these aren’t characters. They’re real people. And as someone once said – there are two sides to every story and the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

    Gretchen is vile. She deserves Slade. Vicki doesn’t need to fake an illness to get out of going to that fashion show. She would just say that she wasn’t going. Period. And the more Gretchen back pedaled on WWHL, the more vile she looked.

    Alexis’ dress line is fugly. I can’t see anyone actually wearing any ofit – cooter jewels or not.

  • Nancy from SB

    Although I too was surprised by her remarks regarding Vicki, On WWHL, Gretchen did make some good points: If you are so concerned with your friend in the hospital, excuse yourself and leave! It did seem like Tamara wanted to stay and get camera time. With only 15 people attending the fashion show, someone sitting there texting and exclaiming out loud (over photos of an IV, for gods sake!) is rude and attention getting. She has a good point, too, that ihow sick could Vicki be if she is texting and emailing photos? Would you do that if you were in the emergency room?
    Gretchen also said Tamara went to the bar with a friend and drank after the fashion show, and did not rush to the hospital. Gretchen claimed that SHE did go…. (odd behavior)

    She also said Vicki had had this bleeding situation 2 months prior, yet did not seek medical attention. I see what she so clumsily was trying to point out, why did Vicki pick this exact moment? Everyone knows,(read in Phaedra voice) if you’s bleedin’ down there – get thee to a doctor, STAT!!
    As a cancer survivor, I also thought Gretchens’ experience with her finance’s lingering death from cancer probably had some bearing on her remarks. As awful as anal bleeding might be, death from cancer is worse, and she did experience that. She said on WWHL that none of the housewives ever came to visit Jeff when he was dying in the hospital. Believe me, that sticks with you – those who shun you when you have cancer, relatives who never manage to send you a get well card through a year of treatment. I am certainly not excusing her odd/rude remarks at the fashion show, just trying to shed some insight, instead of being a hater. We are complicated beings.

    • Lorie

      Sorry, I don’t agree. It’s just rude to question whether or not someone else is sick enough to go to the ER. Gretchen doesn’t know how Vicki was feeling at that moment. Only that person knows how they are feeling. Vicki may have had the problem for two months prior, but maybe on that day it got worse? Or maybe something happened to make it worse? No one knows but Vicki herself. I’m not a hater. I just thought Gretchen’s comments were rude when she doesn’t know how Vicki was feeling.

      And yes, I agree about Tamara. She should have taken her texts out of the room instead of making a scene.

      • kate w.

        I agree with Lorie..also, she GOT ADMITTED to the hospital and went into SURGERY. That alone should prove whatever she had was legitimate. As for having had some sort of problem like this before…like Lorie said, sometimes you have a small problem and don’t think that much of it, then later on it recurs in a way which is much more serious, and then you realize that something might be very wrong. I mean..come on. It’s pretty much the baseline for normal social behavior not to make fun of someone who might be sick, even if you think they might be faking it.

  • mirna

    I dont like how they’re making Don out to be the bad guy. What about all the crap that Vicki has done to him? She was so concerned about her job that she threw her family(especially her man) to the side until it was too late! Of course there’s no connection…you’re never around! These women are just all really dumb. Alexis and her dresses are a joke…Move over Cavalli…lmao! Umm I dont think so!

  • suz

    First of all….that God-awful day-glo yellow negligee Gretchen wore on WWHL made Alexis Couture look classy……OK….not really…but at least equally as tacky and tasteless. I love the concept of those clothes being mistaken for couture….just like ham and cheese croissants being mistaken for fine French food. That said, I had a feeling while watching WWHL Gretchen might be savier and/or smarter than I’ve been giving her credit for. Of course, she’s still not very likeable….and then there’s Slade…..shutter. I also seem to be finding Tamara relentlessly angry and spiteful.

    Amanda, I thought your recap struck a perfect tone for this show. The episode was mostly sad and pathetic…..not lots of outrageous drama to make fun of. (except of course, the collection). Your sense of appropriateness was commendable. Thanks for keeping at this nonsense. I have NJ running in the back ground as I write this……sounds like it’ll be a lot more fun.

  • mirna

    Oh yeah isn’t Peggys house in foreclosure? What are her and her annoying husband talking about? They need a reality check…literally!

  • Kate M

    Great job with the recap, Amanda! I feel like you really managed to strike a good balance recapping a difficult episode.

    Alexis’ dress line – yikes!

  • mkat

    I have to say I agree w/ shallowgal and mirna on the Vicki – Donn thing. From day one we’ve watched her be rude and dismissive towards him. (Remember the nasty remark at the horse races?)

    Over and over, if Vicki isn’t telling Donn what to do, when to do it and how to do it, then she’s giving him the back of her head while we see her exasperated sigh and “jeez, you’re an idiot” eye roll.

    Like Donn — if the rumors are true — I’d be upping my alcohol intake if that’s what I had to put up with!

    • adrienne z

      I felt so bad when Donn showed up at Vicki’s office with a smile on his face and she treated him like the hired help. I think Donn is hilarious and he’s probably given up completely on a wife that doesn’t appreciate him as a human being.

  • Matthew

    I can’t understand why you saw this as worse than last week’s RHNJ episode. That disgusted me. This was just a little sad.

  • P

    i love reading your comments Amanda! You are always on point on pretty much everything.

    I disliked Gretchen before and now I detest her. I’m starting to think Slade is too good a catch for her.

  • bisbee

    Amanda – I thought you did a stellar job, as always. The Vicki and Donn situation is sad and uncomfortable to watch – no matter who was at fault, and obviously both were, most likely mostly Vicki – it’s still feels oddly Peeping Tom-like.

    I had to congratulate you on another fantastic description – “man-toddler” – that is priceless!

    Alexis Couture looks like it would fit nicely into a Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog…names and all!

    And finally…I can’t express enough my disgust at Gretchen’s reaction to Vicki’s illness – and I also don’t think Tamara’s behavior was all that terrible. Come on – this wasn’t the Royal Wedding – it was a second rate fashion show at a restaurant in a strip mall! IIRC, Tamara did go into a side room for a while. Gretchen had such an ugly look on her face – she is despicable.

  • c.c.

    I’d love to know Slade’s real name. You know that’s not the name he was born with. Unless he was named after her favorite soap opera character while she was pregnant, she doesn’t look like the type of woman that’d name her kid Slade.

  • Alena

    I have to agree with Nancy from SB. I am not a fan of Gretchen’s, but she did have a point at the “fashion show”. In fact, Tamra’s concern about Vicki looked kinda a little phony to me – too much attention grabbing exclamations and texting and picture sharing.

    Alexis’ line is as far from fashion as it could be, let alone the “couture” which (BTW, Alexis!!!) means “high fashion”. That type of dresses you can easily find in any of those little shops in the mall where everything is made of polyester and plastic. Has anyone calculated how many times she said that she has an excellent taste? :) Who was she trying to convince?

    Donn and Vicky. I am not dancing on the bones and ashes of their marriage, but if she wants a hug so desperately at the end of the day, has she herself ever made an effort to give a hug to Donn? It’s hard to hug someone who’s never home, never smiles to her husband and avoids the eye contact as much as Vicky.

  • Pam

    Did anyone notice the phallus shaped necklace Gretchen was wearing during the commentary? Her insinuation that Vicki was faking rectal bleeding was a bit harsh. They don’t just whisk someone into surgery for sh–ts and giggles.

    • c.c.

      I know! If you were going to make up an illness to derail a fashion show I think you could come up with something a little better than rectal bleeding. Where did that come from? Did something happen between Gretchen and Vicki that I missed?

      • Kjon

        This is probably too late but Gretchen and Vicki have issues dealing with Slade because Vicki hates him and the fact that Vicki “works” (and tends to bring both those topics up quite a lot). I’m sure also there were some other snide remarks from both sides over the past few seasons. I don’t think Vicki was very friendly when Gretchen was the new girl. Vicki tends to rip on all the girls’ business ventures and their husbands.