Ladies and gents, by the time you read this, I’ll be up in the air somewhere over the East Coast, headed to New York City with two suitcases that weigh as much as I do. (Combined, not individually. Let’s be real here.) And because I’m a procrastinator of massive proportions and spent most of yesterday evening frantically stuffing random articles of clothing into black Samsonite, we’re going to do things a little differently this week.

Last night’s episode wasn’t even particularly interesting and I spent most of it silently praying that someone would get flung off of the mechanical bull in particularly spectacular fashion, but since that didn’t happen, I’ve chosen a few topic of conversations that we can discuss. Or if there’s something else that’s on your mind about the show, we can talk about that as well. Let’s get things started…

Alexis totally blew up all of her friends’ spots last night. She drunkenly claimed that eight out of her ten girlfriends were cheating on their spouses, and as was pointed out afterward on Watch What Happens Live, that means that all of her girlfriends now have to nervously try and convince their husbands that they’re one of the two who isn’t. Not to mention that Alexis has lots of thoughts about gay marriage even though she thought Jesus would be ok with her getting divorced and then marrying a vapid, slobbering man-child for his fake fortune.

I hate Jeana Keough. I used to like her. I used to even feel sorry for her, because her husband seemed like such a giant piece of crap. But last night, when she was sitting there telling us all that we should look the other way when a man throws things at his wife’s head, any residual soft spot I might have had for her vanished. Rarely have I heard such a bass-ackwards series of thoughts come out of the mouth of a Real Housewife, and that’s saying something. Just because she has a low enough opinion of herself to stay with an abusive man for decades doesn’t mean she can bully women who are trying to do something about their own situations.

Vicki’s isn’t the only marriage in trouble. Alexis’ admission that she is in recovery from an eating disorder was perhaps not a shocker for anyone who’s familiar with massive insecurity and how it manifests itself, but the enthusiasm with which she talked about being on a trip without her husband and having girl time might have been. Just a few episodes ago, this woman had a meltdown at a dinner party because her husband wasn’t there, and now, she’s feeling all giddy about it. She seems like a person who knows she’s about to go through a breakup: Devastated one minute, hopeful the next.

I kinda sorta like Eddie. I know that not everyone agrees with me and that we can only tell so much from what we see on this show, but Eddie genuinely seems like a quasi-decent human being. Or maybe he’s just basking in the reflected glow of the rest of the cast’s collective awfulness, I’m not sure. Either way, I bet he’s a nice guy.

Does anyone know if Fernanda is a legit Housewife or not? Serious question, I have no idea.

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  • S

    I don’t like Eddie. Anyone who would date Tamra, has something wrong with them. He sat at that dinner table a few episodes ago and grinned while Tamra and Vicki were being ridiculous. I can be a little mean at times, but I am so glad I don’t have a husband that sits there and is amused by it. You need someone to tell you when you’re being catty and ridiculous and I don’t think Eddie is going to do it. He seems insecure enough to tell Tamra that there is nothing wrong with her and that all her rage is justified.
    Also the business that Eddie apparently “owns” is his father’s law office. Eddie is not a lawyer either. I don’t know think that qualifies as such a great success – if I only had a dad whose office I could run. Even better if I didn’t need a law degree.
    But yes, I always thought Jeana was a little off. I’m not sure why she thinks its okay to butt in another couple’s messy divorce. But Tamra is my least favorite housewife, so I didn’t care as much as I normally would. Something about Tamra’s on and off crying in the course of her conversation with Jeana made me think she was playing up the victim role, which she oddly accuses everyone else of doing.
    After watching Tamra relish in everyone’s misery I just don’t have much sympathy for her. But as much as I dislike Vicki, I feel for her and that preview of her crying about her divorce was incredibly sad.

    • Kjon

      If I was one of these ladies on a show, I’d be pissed if my boyfriend told me to tone it down – especially on camera. Tamra is clearly a bit of a villainess but Eddie’s not there to regulate, you know?

      • S

        He doesn’t have to publicly “scold her.” Maybe be a gentleman and not be amused so much by the cattiness. And we never see him say anything to Tamra about her constant negativity- but it could be because her badmouthing is usually during solo interviews or with Vicki. Even Mauricio from BH seemed annoyed by Kyle’s drama at one point. I think there is a way to be supportive without grinning every time your girl makes a catty remark. Unless you’re attracted to that sort of thing…

      • Kjon

        Haha maybe he does find her cattiness to be an aphrodisiac! :-P
        Maybe they try to keep their “TV” selfs from their real life relationship. That’s probably smart because I think Tamra needs to be the villain or else the show would be a snooze and we wouldn’t have anyone to complain to Amanda about every week!
        I agree that Mauricio did step into Kyle’s drama and rightfully so – That’s his wife and the Grammers are his clients.

    • suz

      When Eddie was giving Tamara that little pep talk, I kept thinking he seemed like a daytime soap actor reading his lines off a teleprompter.

  • NCGal

    I think Jeana is the manifestation of all that’s wrong with the RHOC cast of characters: these gals and their cadre are entitled, small-minded, petty, score-keeping, shallow, substance abusing, eating disordered, and are all crippled with raging low self-esteem.
    Jeana is the embodiment of all that and it doesn’t look good, does it!?!
    The reason it’s uncomfortable for me to watch her is because she is so sad and sadly, allowing herself to be exploited time and again.

  • shallowgal

    I missed the show, but caught WWHL ~ to hear Alexis call in and tell us all about California law. She’s dumber than the proverbial box of rocks, of course, and actually thinks that CA is a common law State. Whatever she said about Fernanda must have been absolutely horrific since she was backpedaling like crazy.
    As for Jeanna, she reasoned that she’d prefer to have Simon out of jail & working (for child support ) ~ that was her defense. The results of the poll did not back up her position ~ most people were on Tamara’s side.

    • Kjon

      She said something like (not verbatim) “I am part of a religion that does not condone same sex marriage and unfortunately they’ll have to take that up with God at the Heaven’s gates”.
      I think the use of the word “unfortunately” was the nail in her coffin.

  • Kjon

    My opinion on Jeana… I think because she was in an abusive marriage with Matt (emotionally? yes. physically? probably.), she might think that no one else could possibly have it as bad as she did. I want to say that it’s kind of like “spotlight syndrome” but I’m sure there’s a much more accurate term.
    Jeana saying she hasn’t ever called another woman a b*tch (WWHL) sounds like a straight up lie. Jeana’s attitude reminds me of my dad’s sister and not in a good way. They’re both the type of people to push buttons and pull strings and then act confused and heartbroken when they get called out. Cowardly.

    Alexis… Now I know why I always thought her Christianity was a little, well, fake. Hearing her pretty much say that Jim was trying to be her savior explains a lot.

  • Kells

    Shallowgal: I didn’t get to see WWHL to see what type of law Alexis was talking about…but if she is talking about the system in general, she is actually right that CA is a common law state. The only state that isn’t is Louisiana.

    Anyways, at first I was so excited to have Jeanna back! I used to like her back in the glory days of RHOC but she ruined all that. Does anyone remember Lori?? The one who married her prince and rode away into the sunset on a white horse? Lets bring her back!

    • jodi

      I think Alexis meant that it had common law marriage, which it doesn’t. She’s an idiot.

  • Katieax

    Jeana….oh jeana….only give help when asked….she looked so much better on wwhl than on the show…there is a sadness about her that makes me pity her.
    Alexis always struck me as the type of woman who likes or needs to be controlled. Jimbo remarked “the perfect body” on last week’s episode.
    Pressure on Alexis to be perfect.
    Oh yes.
    I like fernanda and would be interested to hear her entire story, but I don’t think that’s going to play out this season.

  • Ashley

    Jeana is awful. I have always disliked her. She is backstabbing and two-faced, and she lets her children treat her like garbage. I can’t stand her!

    • adrienne z

      If my kids talked to me like Jeana’s talk to her, they wouldn’t have a face left on their head. She is not one to give advice to anyone, nor to voice an opinion because everything she had done up to this point is a subserviant non-parental role. She apparently was not a good wife, a terrible mother/authority figure, not a loving/giving person: a basic non-entity.
      There’s more to her story than just being overweight.

  • Maryann

    Kjon: I think you hit the nail on the head about Jeana acts. I have never liked her. She is a mean girl disguised in an expressionless face and monotone voice. I can’t wait until Tamara throws a drink in her face as seen in a preview that was shown earlier in the season.

    I read someone’s description of Alexis on and they called her Jugs for Jesus. Cracks me up every time I think of it. I think that maybe the reason she is so competitive with Pegetha is because Peggy dated Earth Jesus. I kind of like Alexis and feel sorry for her. Her body is amazing. I wish I had half of her discipline (but not the eating disorder.)

    Amanda, enjoy New York!

  • PhotoGirl

    Well! What a back-stabbing, sanctimonious b!tch Jeana turned out to be! Or perhaps she always was and I just didn’t notice. In any case, just because she accepts abuse and disrespect from her sons and ex-husband doesn’t mean that everyone else should follow her example.

    I wonder what she’d say if her daughter found herself in an abusive relatioship?

  • deejah

    Best freaking website ever! LOL Is this how the Tanous buy their used Bentley?

    • deejah

      OMG 2nd best site ever:

      lol Apparently Peggy is the spokesgirl for all of her husband random ventures! Free post its!

  • deejah


    Okay this is my last post I promise. If you visit the portfolios section, you’ll see its all featuring the awesomest Pegatha flash overlay love. LOLOL need to stop now.

  • pg1908

    Amanda, I know you’re moving an all…but can we PLEASE get a recap of the RHONJ??? Bravo didn’t tease us this time & started off with a bang!
    Pretty pretty please a recap?

  • adrienne z

    waiting as well – it’s a damn shame that Theresa and her brother are so estranged after being close for many years. He’s extremely jealous and immature, and that being said- they still need to patch things up if at all possible.