So here’s the deal, y’all. I didn’t know that there was a new episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta on last night until everyone started tweeting at me to ask if I was watching it while I was at a dinner party, so there’s no recap today. If Bravo wants people to write about its shows, they shouldn’t be springing random, mid-week episodes on us! Also, I had something called a “beet cobbler” last night, which sounds weird but was totally delicious, and it was way better than watching Real Housewives.

I’m assuming that at least a few of you were less clueless than I was and caught the episode, and for that, I’m slightly jealous. The Atlanta wives are my favorite, as you all know, and I’m going to try and catch a repeat this evening and chime in in the comments. For now, though, feel free to talk amongst yourselves. Was the episode last night any good? I heard on Twitter that it was worth a watch.

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  • Nadia

    Atlanta is definitely great!

  • Linda

    Don’t feel bad. I knew it was going to be on, got myself ready to watch and fell promptly asleep. I’d like to know what happened in the court room….anybody?

  • Brian

    In the courtroom, Attorny-at-law Phaedra Parks and Sheree were blind-sided when Bob Whitfield presented the court with a contempy motion. He is claiming Sheree is in contempt of court because she did not give back Bob’s expensive furniture that was in the divorce decree. Sheree could have saved herself the embarrassment by filing a motion for child support years ago! Because she gave Bob the heads up, Bob did a sneak attack.

  • Ellz

    I’m so gald I had bravo on in the background while wrapping presents or I would have missed the announcement!

    The courtroom was pretty quick actually. Sheree was confusing to say the least. She started out crying about how she wasn’t sure she could go through with it and ended yelling at Pheadra for not chopping Bob’s man bizz off.

    I’m not a lawyer so I can’t comment too much on Bob’s petition for Contempt of Court, but I believed Pheadra when she said it was just a way of delaying the process. It didn’t sound like that big of a deal. I thought Sheree did a total personality flip for no reason, but like I said, I’m not a lawyer.

    The only other thing was Kandi trying out her new “toys” at a public restaurant while the fellow dinners looked pretty scared.

    Oh and Brielle is a massive brat, but at least Kim admitted it was mostly her fault.

    Hope this helps!!!

  • Reality Junkie

    Amanda, please get a DVR box or a Tivo or something! I don’t know how you manage such awesome recaps without the ability to replay the episodes at will anyway!

    Episode is on tonight at 6 pm EST.

  • CLynn

    God I hate Sheree even more after last night if that’s possible. And love Phaedra even more? Yes, I do. So, courtroom, long story short.

    Sheree’s ex served her to modify his child support payments that he’s never paid to adjust his income from something like 20K to 3K/month. She was emotional about having to return to court to fight this, and Phaedra was 100% supportive and ready to get her back at a discounted rate even, good legal friend. She even told Sheree that one option available was to shake him up by throwing him in jail for lack of payment, which could be done, no questions asked. But Phaedra’s staff have many problems trying to get the retainer check from Sheree, which just confirms the world’s suspicions about Sheree’s fake money. Or her funds are all tied up in the Chateau?

    Sheree has sort of a mini-breakdown at home prior to court, and Phaedra again is the heroin by calming her down over the phone, and pumping her up to get positive and get her butt in court. But, her douchey ex, representing himself, pulled a fast one on them and filed a petition for contempt on the grounds that Sheree has some of his furniture or something. Didn’t matter, the whole point was to delay and reschedule, covering his ass until the next court date.

    Then the weirdest thing was as they were walking out of the courtroom, he sticks his tongue out at them like a toddler…Sheree can pick men about as well as she can manage her money I think. But what really pissed me off is that she had the audacity to blame this petition on Phaedra’s poor legal tactics, the woman who told her to throw his ass in jail and stop playing games. Sheree…BAH!!!!

    • Karen

      heroin = drug; heroine = female hero. I’m thinking they both apply!!

  • Mirna

    I read that sheree tricked him out of some money during the divorce (which probably explains the birkens) and ended up making his home go into foreclosure bc she refused to move out of it. They were supposed to sell it and split the money but he gave it to her before the sale and she screwed him. That’s why she never filed before. Also read that the house she’s building is really her moms. Seems like her mom has a bunch of money and spoils sheree. She’s just trying to be something she’s not…RICH!

  • JenG

    Did anyone notice the furniture in her apartment, she don’t have any. Her sons bed was a mattress on the floor. He (Bob) went over and hugged Sheree mom after the court hearing ended. Bob Whitfield is a nut! I felt sorry for Sheree and I hope she can get through this mess. He has no respect for her and he definitely don’t care about his kids. Even if he can’t stand Sheree to let his kids go without is cruel. I would have been upset to because Phaedra appeared to be stumped. Sheree did tweet Phaedra telling her that all the hype to contact her to receive the retainer check was a setup to make her look bad. I believe that she is struggling to make it, look at the apartment with a sofa and chair in the livingroom and her son’s room. Bob should be ashame of himself. That was hurtful to watch and I’m glad Kandi tried to encourage her because to know that you can’t buy the things your children need will cause any woman pain.

    • dazednkonfuzed

      I understand your point, but I’m actually upset with Sheree b/c Phaedra gave her great counseling, she told Sheree to have Bob arrested and then he would’ve had to pay a certain amount before he was released but she refused that advice. Further, Sheree is bragging about Valentino and other designer suits, driving a luxury car, carrying an Hermes bag while her apt is poorly furnished. She should be living within her limits and selling things to take care of her family first rather trying to impress people that already know she’s living a lie. Sheree is just as irresponsible as Bob.

      • JenG

        I agree that if she has the things she claim, it is irresponsible. I don’t believe she has the things that she claim to have. You can rent handbags, cars and other luxury items. If she did have those I don’t believe she has them now. Sheree is broke, if anyone who don’t have enough money to buy their child a bed and go out and purchase luxury items just to be on a show is definitely crazy!

  • Bagolicious

    What was up with the Sheree’s new Porsche that she drove up to Phaedra’s house in? And all the talk of which designer she should wear to court? Is she really that clueless?

  • Bagolicious

    Correction: Omit “the”.

  • Blaine

    Beet cobbler? I’m gonna need to google that recipe.

  • Mimi

    I see a “falling out” in Sheree’s and Phaedra’s future.

  • Jennimer

    Just wanted to chime in to add that it was awesome that Phaedra spoke so frankly about Sheree’s well documented inability to pay her bills (“Everybody in Atlanta knows…”). Sheree is definitely one of those people who wants the outer trappings of wealth (multiple Birkins, D&G suit, Porsche, &c) but doesn’t have the sound financial background to be buying that stuff. And most of those women – hell, almost all the ‘real housewives’ – are hustlers, but Sheree doesn’t seem to do much beyond having vague aspirations of becoming an actress and designer. There’s no follow through. And I suspect she makes money from appearances, but she has absolutely no visible means of support.

    Side bar: Phaedra went from being a cartoon of a character on her first season to being my favorite because of her honest insights and sense of humor. It’s nice to see a bright woman articulate her thoughts so well (especially when compared to, say, Kim). I bet she watched her appearances and took careful notes with an eye to improving the perception the audience has of her (a la Camille). It worked!

    • Purse Mommy

      Sheree is trying “to get blood from a turnip” Bob is broke and the only work she’s good at is on her backside. Those poor children are in for a rough life.

  • Nancy from SB

    I am surprised no one mentioned THE MOST revolting 2 seconds I have ever watched on any RH show – Kim’s father asked his daughter, (in front of his wife, two granddaughters, and Kroy) a disgusting question about Kim’s breast’s during breastfeeding. All I could think was, his poor wife (how embarrassed she must be to be married to thi slime-bag and now the whole world knows), and what kind of message he is sending to his granddaughters, Brielle and Arielle?
    Kim suddenly seems really classy given that she is the spawn of this creep. Okay, well not REALLY, but you know what I mean!

    • Kitty

      I agree with you. Sooooo creepy. Eew.

      • Purse Mommy

        I thought that was pretty creepy

    • NCGal

      Sheree is SUCH a fake, her tears are fake; she is an entitled, grandiose, greedy brat.
      Yes…Kim’s father made my freakin’ skin crawl. Father-in-law or not, my husband would have chewed ANYONE out for that kind of disrespect.

    • Ashley

      The looks on Kim’s and Kroy’s faces showed they agreed with the creepiness. apparently, even Kim can be embarrased.

  • Ali

    I agree about Phaedra. She has become the highlight of the show. I just wish I could talk like her (“that really burns my biscuits,” etc.), except I am a white girl from the midwest and it would come out sounding lame.

    • Ashley

      Yes! I can’t believe the one liners she has in her vocabulary. She is the only reason I started watching Atlanta Housewives (used to be an Orange County purist).

  • Jasmin

    I guess I’m the only one who saw Kim’s mom mouth the scripted words assigned to someone else in the kitchen scene?? Priceless!!

  • erica

    Wasn’t it said that her Bikins are fake….like her?