Ok kids, so here’s what happened. Mom has a sinus infection. Like, the sinus infections to end all sinus infections. This thing isn’t playing around, and neither am I, which is why I tried to suffocate it (and myself, probably) with, uh, twice the recommended amount of NyQuil last night. Because you guys are smart, I’m betting that you can guess what happened next: I passed the hell out before Real Housewives of Atlanta really even got started and then woke back up in the middle of the night, fully clothed and with all the lights on.

So there’ll be no recap of Real Housewives today, although I shall strive to be more mature with my over-the-counter medications and stay conscious and upright for tonight’s episode. In the meantime, feel free to discuss your impressions of last night’s ridiculousness in the comments. I’m going to go take my antibiotic and drink some orange juice.

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  • pg1908

    good thing last night was mostly a snooze fest otherwise I would have demanded you watch the re-run & recap.
    the funniest thing to come out of last night was Sheree’s impression of Nene…pretty spot on if you ask me.
    Oh and i despise Peter, don’t like the man. And i’ve been to his so called “lounge” the night of that taping (don’t ask how i ended up there) and it’s in the middle of nowhere…literally there are houses to the right and an empty lot to the left. WTF? I give it 6 months and it’ll be closed too.

  • JenG

    I feel your pain! Sinus pain for you and toothache pain for me. I tried to watch too and woke up in the middle of it. I’m trying to understand why women on these shows continue to toss drinks on people. What if he threw water back? I understand Sheree’s point that she need child support, but arguing for the camera and throwing water on him isn’t going to solve anything. Nene is delusional, she believes that she is a celebrity since appearing and quitting Celebrity Apprentice. I wish Cynthia would stop following Nene she sound pathetic making comments such “Nene is a celebrity, she was on CA. Kandi’s mom had a right to be upset, she is correct in saying that Phadera would have “never, ever, invited her mom to see “ridiculous.” And I spelled it correctly. Phadera was scared to tell her mother when she got pregnant. She would definitely not bring her to a stripper party. Kim, no comment!

  • Laura

    What was that line Phaedra said when she and Kandi were talking about Nene…

    “Girl, you sold your cervix for a quarter…” Or was it “showed your cervix?” Anyways, I LOL’d for real.

  • mochababe73

    Of course this episode was a tad boring because Taylor is going to have an epic breakdown the last 10 minutes of the Beverly Hills Housewives tonight.
    Sheree’s imitation of NeNe was hilarious. With that being said, I don’t know why she’s waffling on her husband and the child support. He seems to be a complete a$$. No wonder she divorced him. Phaedra is giving her good, sound advice, and she should take it.
    I love Lawrence, and I think that he should be a househusband.
    Cynthia is boring, boring, boring. And I really didn’t get why a huge blow-up of her in an afro is hanging up in an upscale ghetto club.
    And for the quote, Phaedra said something to the effect of ghetto people need to drink, too.

  • Sean

    Do you guys think RiDICKulous is from Nantucket?

    • Purse Mommy


  • Pinkfeet

    This is my first season watching Atlanta so I don’t know the situation with Sheree’s husband .. that being said I need more details on him, their divorce settlement, income etc to base my opinion on child support.

    I mean if he is having money issues, and Sheree obviously has money to support her lavish lifestyle – what is the issue? It sounds like bitterness with a dash of anger and resentment.

    Again, I don’t know the real and full details of either of their incomes, what is really going on etc etc.

    That club.. why bother have an opening when it’s not finished and why was it so bright? I like my clubs dark and mysterious ..

  • Reality Junkie

    Last season, Cynthia had to borrow $3000 to have an open bar at her wedding. Last night, she proclaims in an interview that “of course Peter signed a prenup(tial agreement) and so did I”. Is that necessary for two people who clearly live on the edge? I think they are yet another set of Housewives “Posers” who want people to believe they have something they don’t. And I agree with @mochababe73, Cynthia is B-O-R-I-N-G. Her only story arc is Peter and her family disliking him. Once they divorce, which will be soon, her plot is gone.

  • Manuela

    About Sheree’s reluctance to press her XH for child support, well, first of all I’m surprised to see that side of Sheree that isn’t about ‘gonna go get Pookie and them’ and instead is softer and genuinely hurt by the idea of jailing her ex. As much as I agreed with Phaedra 100% (that shark was born swimming!), I think Phaedra took the wrong tact with this particular client. A better approach towards Sheree would’ve been more along the lines of, XH will probably only spend a weekend in County, enough to make an impression that negotiation is the way to go…

    XH says he’s broke? A motion for financial disclosure (on both his and her side) will determine what responsibilty lies where. Many state minimums are $50 a child/month. I find it difficult to believe Mr. ex-NFL can’t afford $100 a freakin’ month. Maybe Sheree will even choose to forgive the arrearages; that’s her option and her right to do so.

    Steam came out of my ears when her ex said that they both maintain seperate households for the kids so CS shouldn’t be an option. Yeah, Jerk-Off, but Sheree has the kids 90% of the time! If he doesn’t want to pay CS, well fine. Then the custody situation should be 50/50 timeshare.

    Yeah. I didn’t think so.

  • erica

    “She was shaking her cervix for a quarter”

    Phaedra on Nene’s stripper days

  • erica

    Hope you feel better soon Amanda! :)

  • Straycat

    Get well Amanda!
    My quotes would be from, of course, Phaedra. She had so many funny ones. She said something to the effect of “That burns my biscuits!” when she was talking to Sheree about child support. Another quote would be “Does he like bologna on white bread with mac and cheese with no cheese?” Another one is when she said “Peter can make a dollar out of 15 cents. He’s a Pimp”. That girl is funny. Once I got past her lying about being pregnant before she got married, I started liking her isms. But not the sip n see…I still think she made that crap up.

  • Nancy

    For some reason I really love Phaedra – she acts so obvisouly fake but I dont think she is faking it – I think thats her – if you notice she never loses her cool – yeah thats why I like her – she is cool and says funny stuff – I even like her name – never heard it before
    But then I love NeNe she is just so big and bad –

  • J Umm

    i hate her
    she is so obnoxious