I don’t know about you guys, but I’m feeling a little conflicted about last night’s episode of Real Housewives of New York. It was an extra fifteen minutes long, which adds on an extra hour of recap-writing for me, which makes me rather cross. If that fifteen minutes had been put to good use to give us something fantastic, that might have been ok, but it seemed as though there was fifteen minutes of filler that could have been removed – the palace tour, the cooking lesson, the visit to the pool hall with the boys.

The episode felt bloated, but in between the aforementioned nonsense, some interesting stuff happened. Kelly nearly fell off the deep end again in frustration with Alex, but through various miracles of medicine and pharmacology, was able to maintain her sanity. LuAnn maybe sabotaged the blondes to look like jerks by not informing them of a planned meal. Jill got into a vicious fight with a small-barrel curling iron. There was fun to be had, if you looked hard enough.

As with last week, we started out exactly where we left off – the aftermath of the Jill/Ramona drunken smackdown. Jill ran straight into LuAnn’s arms to blubber and sniffle and wail about “owning” things, which was perhaps more irony than I was prepared to deal with in the first two minutes of the episode. Jill called Ramona a shithead, LuAnn swore that she’d never, ever let anyone Jill her and looked like she maybe wanted to stroke her hair a little bit, and the rest of the non-blondes gathered around to comfort and commiserate in order to receive their requisite camera time.

Once someone pried Jill out of LuAnn’s arms, LuAnn went to see if she could stir up some more trouble in the other room to avenge her beloved Jill. Ramona mistook her for a cater waiter and asked her for a glass of pinot grigio while Alex and Sonja schemed to get LuAnn out of the room, but LuAnn couldn’t be distracted from her wine-fetching duties, which she apparently took very seriously. Once Sonja and Alex finally yanked her out of the room, they tried to comfort Ramona until Kelly came in to negotiate a peace treaty so that they could all go to dinner together and gawk at belly dancers.

And go to dinner they did. “Sonja” had booked a table at the city’s premier belly dancing joint (and I use the scarequotes because Bravo did all of this, clearly. Sonja can’t even plan to put her panties on.) First they flirted with a table of anonymous men near theirs, and then a dancer came over, which naturally resulted in vicarious embarrassment all around. Ramona made lots of inappropriate comments and appeared to actually go into heat, and then she stuffed some money in the dancer’s skirt. Is that ok? It seemed like maybe it’s not ok, but I’ve never been to a place that had belly dancing and I’ve also never been to Morocco, so I have no idea. I just assume that everything Ramona does is in some way offensive.

The next day, the group was still mostly getting along and they set out to tour what appeared to be a historic palace. My sound wasn’t great at this part of the episode, so if you know what the place actually was, feel free to share. They talked of polygamy and concubines while strolling through the estate, but mostly I found myself distracted by the fact that the guide was wearing a pair of Carrera sunglasses that I have in black. And despite the fact that he was wearing a robe that covered everything but his face and a pair of large sunglasses, Sonja thought he was hot. Sonja thinks everyone is hot. Sonja thinks the guy who played Newman on Seinfeld is hot.

Back at the house, Ramona and Alex got together to discuss the issues with Jill and hug and cry a little bit and generally act like Ramona had been violated in some huge and heinous way instead of just having participated in her umpteenth fight with Jill. Did Jill molest Ramona and I missed it? Ramona, show us on the doll where JIll touched you. It has to be something huge and heinous because they have the we-hate-each-other fight twice a season, don’t they? And haven’t they both acted like complete jerks in reasonably even measure? I don’t even have a side in this fight, I think they’re both absolutely crazypants.

After they had a moment and hugged, Alex left Ramona to go request a private audience with LuAnn. Well, it would be more accurate to say that she stormed down the stairs in the world’s loudest shoes and demanded to see LuAnn after she finished getting her henna done with Kelly and Cindy, and since LuAnn knows that you should never let anyone take you to a second location, she made sure to have Alex say her piece in front of everyone so that there would be witnesses. LuAnn is a jerk, but she’s occasionally a smart jerk. And she had a point – you can’t loudly barge into a room and make a scene and then refuse to tell everyone what’s going on. If you want to be discreet, you have to actually act discreet.

Alex, for her part, hemmed and hawed and stuttered and finally spit it out, in an almost exact replay of her public carpet-bombing of Jill from last season. And although I’ve watched it twice at this point, I’m still not entirely sure what they were arguing about. Alex was mad at LuAnn for wanting to talk to Ramona? Because Ramona is such a delicate flower who’s unable to be confronted, and when confronted, unable to defend herself or hold her own? Does that sound like the Ramona that any of us have come to know and love/sometimes not love?

LuAnn and Cindy just sat there, baffled at what it was that Alex was trying to accomplish (and to be honest, Alex looked mostly baffled as well. Baffled but angry.), but Kelly sprang to action so quickly that she ruined her henna. She then gave us a glimpse of OG Scary Island Kelly by pacing around and yelling the word “weird” a few dozen times before stalking out into the woods, followed by Alex, who was so upset that she was nearly on the verge of tears and appeared to possibly be shaking.

They stood in the woods and fought for a while, during which Kelly commanded Alex to both close and then open her eyes, which seemed to be a relaxation tactic. Possibly one taught to her by her therapist, who clearly deserves a raise? I’m not sure, but I would have loved to see Kelly command Alex to stammer out her monologue with her eyes closed, just because that’s the sort of detailed inanity that I appreciate from reality TV. Speaking of detailed inanity, this set of scenes also gave us the spectacular phrase “casino of crazy,” which may be the greatest thing to come out of Kelly’s mouth since “satchels of gold.” And I ask you again: HOW DID KELLY BECOME THE BEST HOUSEWIFE?

While all of that was going on Sonja and Ramona sneaked through the house, Ramona with two crazy rollers sitting on top of her head, and they eventually found where the caftan designer from two weeks ago was setting up for everyone to try on the dresses. They both seemed drunk or stoned or maybe both. How’s the kush in Morocco? Is it legal? That would explain a lot. They tried on everyone’s dresses over their clothes with the two rollers on Ramona’s head bobbing and bouncing in an almost hypnotic way, and it was almost so hypnotic that I almost missed the part where they said that they have great boobs. ALMOST missed it.

Speaking of hair problems, Jill emerged from having her hair done while Kelly and Alex were still out in the woods arguing about who should fight whose battles, and let’s just say that a bad hairdo is one way to quickly ease tension and divert attention in a group of exceptionally vain women. Jill had been viciously attacked by a man with a small-barrel curling iron, and the results were nothing short of tragedy. She had some tight spiral curls on top with straight hair underneath, and the effect was…I don’t even know what it was, except to say that she looked like a moron but had an exceptionally positive attitude about it.

The group was finally able to move on toward the last meal of the day, at which point Sonja, Alex and Ramona ordered dinner in their rooms and refused to come down to eat with everyone. Well, that’s what LuAnn claimed, anyway. Alex came down and said that she hadn’t been told when dinner was, and LuAnn was adamant that everyone had been told. Alex was adamant that she hadn’t been. In those situations, it’s basically impossible to figure out who’s right, although I certainly wouldn’t put it past LuAnn to passive-aggressively omit certain guests from the dinner invitation in order to make them look rude.

Sonja and LuAnn also came down to claim that they hadn’t been told when dinner was scheduled, to which LuAnn summoned up her best incredulous response and pulled Ramona aside to convince her than she had merely forgotten. I have a hard time believing that all three of the blondes would have willfully gone without dinner to make LuAnn look like a jackass; it would be far simpler for LuAnn to just leave them out and not want to look like the bad guy. So that’s the theory I’m going to go with, feel free to debate with me in the comments. LuAnn eventually changed the subject to how much she liked Ramona, though, so she was able to confuse her long enough to end the fight.

The next day everyone was packing to leave and Jill and Ramona finally took a moment to talk, at Kelly’s urging. And they talking and hugged and agreed to be more sensitive to each others’ feeling, which will probably last a couple more weeks until it’s time for the reunion. At that point, they’ll likely go back to wanting to rip each others’ faces off, just as it should be. No truce can last more than a couple of weeks on this show, because if they do, things get exceptionally boring.

Just when I thought the episode was over, Bravo sprung an extra 15 minutes on us (groan), which started with a group-wide cooking lesson. Cindy doesn’t cook, but not in the same way that the others “don’t cook” – she said that she doesn’t understand the “pleasures” of food, which is a statement that made me irrationally irritated with her – how dead inside do you have to be to not find anything pleasurable about a great meal? Or even a diner omelette? Although it didn’t make me as irritated as I was with Sonja and her rather pointed comments about Cindy having a staff, which was almost at startlingly ironic as Jill’s diatribe about how bad it is when other people don’t “own” their actions. Does Sonja not have special staff members dedicated to plucking her eyebrows, fluffing her pillows and wiping her ass?

Once they returned from the cooking lesson, we joined Sonja and Ramona while they got ready to attend dinner. Since they would be wearing their custom caftans, a Moroccan makeup artist came in to glam them up, at which point Sonja and Ramona requested both Native American and Egyptian makeup, demonstrating that they actually have no idea where they are or why they’re there. Neither did Mario, who was back in New York with the rest of the husbands, shooting pool and weakly flirting with a girl who didn’t seem all that interested in him or any of the other men. I was mostly distracted by trying to figure out if they were at the pool hall in my neighborhood, and I think they were. East 86th Street right next to the subway, you guys! The drinks are strong and cheap, you should all go. You might even run in to me.

After a quick belly dancing lesson in which only Kelly and Ramona showed their bellies, it was time for everyone to go to the other hottest, most impossible to book restaurant in Marrakech that Sonja was able to book because she is awesome and one of the cool kids. I was under the impression (because that’s what Sonja told us) that the first restaurant from the episode was the place to be in Morocco that Sonja had to pull in a lot of favors to book, but when you’re with a woman like Sonja, everything is special because it gets to bask in her reflected glow of her imaginary superiority.

The meal, thankfully, was pleasant. Everyone said the things that they liked about Morocco, and even though LuAnn disregarded Alex’s answer and told her to try again, no fights broke out and no one called anyone any names and they got along for long enough that they all got to eat and ride back to the riad in the vans together. When you consider the three episodes that we just lived through, I think that qualifies as a minor miracle.

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  • Kris

    I love that while Alex is in near meltdown mode to “protect” Ramona, Ramona and Sonya and running around like wackjobs trying on dresses. WTF, Alex had full on hives and couldn’t complete a sentence. I’m hating Alex this season. But not as much as LuAnn.
    Ummm… and Kelly’s therapist DOES deserve a raise. She clearly had hundreds of hours of it to make it through another RHNY trip. But as you said, I enjoyed the Scary Island Kelly that appeared briefly. Great recap and episode!!

  • CacklingHens

    Great recap as usual. I got to hear about some things that I missed while I was watching the episode.

    Kelly: She was very sane throughout this entire trip. She was actually funny too. “Who’s gonna fix my tattoo? Santa?” LOL. I am still laughing at that. Oh, and the imitation of Alex’s stage act was another classic. She was right to call Alex weird. That entrance was something else. Bravo Kelly, keep it up and I may actually like you.

    Alex: WTF is wrong with this woman? She started off the season like a raging pitbull and then went quiet, now she’s back. That was weird, like really weird, weird, weird, weird. Did I say weird? She stormed into that room like a bat out of hell, and just started acting crazy. She was stuttering and stammering more than an old truck. She couldn’t even get the words out. Then she broke out in hives. As Kelly said, RE-ENTER. LOL.

    Jill: She will always be the victim no matter what. I am done with her. Done. That curling iron scene was funny though. I was surprised she didn’t curse him out.

    Sonja: Delusions of Grandeur. Dreaming of a life that once was. Her behaviour is sad. Hate to agree with her, but that guy does look hot. Even though you can only see his face. Weird huh? Mmmm, oh well.

    Luann: No words for her. Condescending as always.
    Ramona: Crazy as always.
    Cindy: Her face scares me. Why is her mouth always open? Oh and that comment about food was stupid.

    Mario is an a$$. Dubai really, you can’t even remember where your wife went. Just wow.

    • Kris

      Kelly’s impression of Alex was hilarious! I forgot that one… She’s becoming my new favorite too. “Weird”. :)

      • SuzieQ

        Noooooo! But, seriously, her impression of Alex was priceless! ” Now! Now! Now!”

    • MetaMorphaous

      I think Alex is cooking up story lines for herself. Since Ramona is popular, she goes to “defend” her. The “reenter” comment was probably mimicking what the camera crew tell the ladies when they sometimes film scenes more than once.

      Alex’s other storyline is her happy marriage. Hence the seXXXy Skype with her husband, held IN FRONT of the camera crew.

      Anyway, neither of those things was believable.

      Alex is trying so hard to fit in with women who have more money and clout than she. It’s a very small-minded goal. First off, that little group is nothing to write home about. Second, they will never respect Alex because Alex lives in Brooklyn and is overextended for sure. She’s probably in debt up to her ears trying to keep up with the clothing and the trips (even if she goes in the off-season).

      Plus Alex keeps lying about all kinds of stuff and that just makes me very suspicious. More so than of the other ladies, who certainly have egos and big flaws, but who seem to mostly tell the truth, at least about the basic facts of their lives.

  • Bagolicious

    Was that a “What the heck?” episode last night or what? It was just a mess. And more of a mess than usual.

    I nearly fell out of bed when Jill showed up with the “ruined” hair, looking like Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. I thought she was going to belt out a line from the song, “I’ve Written a Letter to Daddy”.

    And Sonya, continually eyeing the guide and talking about how hot he was was just the usual inappropriate Sonya. Someone needs to turn a water hose on her.

    And Alex, what do I say, I went into laughing hysteria. Was that some beyond bad ACTING or what? I’ve seen better acting in elementary school plays. And what the heck was she so upset about? She couldn’t string a coherent sentence together.

    And Ramona stuffing and stuffing and stuffing the money into the belly dancer’s outfit, well, what can one say about that? It’s Ramona; crass and no class.

    I’m glad that they have all left Morocco and I’m sure that Morocco is glad that they have left,too. Now let’s work on rebuilding international relations between the U.S. and Morocco. Hilary C, can you hear me….can you hear me now?

  • Kate M

    Great recap! Thanks for watching it for me. I just could not power through the last 40 minutes. On a total tangent: Did anyone else notice that while they bleep the word “shit”, they not only played but captioned the word “shat”? As in the past tense of shit. I’ve always be too lazy to actually conjugate curse words, but still, weird, to use Kelly’s word of the day.

  • Bagolicious

    The past tense of “shit” is “shitted” when used as a verb.

    • Kate M

      Shat is widely used as the past tense of shit. It is identified as such in multiple dictionaries. Either way, Sonya’s intent was clear :)

    • NCGal

      Come on, now you do NOT want to get in a pissing contest with us girls regarding grammar and usage :)

      • NCGal

        That response was meant for “Bagolicious”

  • Seejayluvsbags

    Well I have to say just how much I enjoy your recaps. I often read the recaps before watching the episode. As for Alex, I think her noted fans encourage her aggression. Somewhere, someone has boosted her confidence and she STILL thinks it!s cute.

    LuAnn is pretentious & dated yet I often find her snippy attitude funny. I like Kelly now just as long as she doesn’t turn on the cuckoo. I will not miss Sonja nor jill….but really tried to like Cindy but she’s too wounded from her teen years, obviously, and focuses too much on being “in”.

  • PhotoGirl

    Excellent recap.

    I’m loving Kelly this season. LuAnn, however, is another story altogether. Money can’t buy you class, habibi.

    Jill’s run-in with the curling iron was fantastic. Couldn’t have happened to a better person! Le Freak, she’s chic!

    And now, I think Secretary Clinton had better fly immediately to Morocco and try to undo the damage that these morons have done to our foreign policy.

    PS: I thought the tour guide looked like the Unibomber. JMO, of course…

  • suz

    Tuned in late, just in time to see that these people don’t know a thing about geography……first confusing Egypt and Morocco…..and then Mario thinking they were in Dubai. I can’t help thinking they might really not have known where they were….or worse yet, are so provincial they think all arid sandy countries are the same.

    I have a theory about Kelly. I think she watched last season and came back this year to redeem herself. The rest of these wackadoos saw how much air time and press Kelly got last season, so they’ve set out to capture the air time for themselves this season. They all seem pretty loathsome to me….except maybe Kelly, who seems to have a soul…and is at least trying to be nice. And, I have to agree…..Alex has gotten weird, weird, weird.

    And I think I remember Ramona admitting that Luann might have told her what time dinner was and she had forgotten (…or had one too many Pinots)

    • adrienne z

      I agree with your opinion of Kelly’s redemption for this season. That’s probably why she says something about making one mistake at a time at the beginning. It’s kindof like her apology to us for being such an idiot last season.
      I think she’s going alittle overboard this season, however, with “not getting involved” while she’s busy “getting involved” with all of the other girls’ situations.

  • amw

    Alex may be ridiculous, but LuAnn is just a jerk. While I don’t think Alex had much of a need to bang down the steps to avenge Ramona, LuAnn wasn’t actually innocent. She claims to be neutral but the first thing she said to Ramona after the Jill fight was to ask why she was stirring up trouble again – obviously taking Jill’s side…of course. And for someone who claims to be above it all, she seems to take the low road quite often when it comes to Ramona and especially Alex. The Cattiness she showed this episode even shocked me a little.

    And this is very off topic, but did anyone else notice the house from Scary Island/St. John is on Jetsetter/Gilt right now?!

    • teakay

      I totally agree regarding LuAnn – She been snidely reprimanding Ramona and Alex all season. Alex, Please learn how to argue — I wanted to jump through the screen and help you out.

  • Kjon

    I don’t think Kelly is a villain by any means, but I’d get really frustrated if someone told me I was ‘weird’ 15,000* times in the span of 5 minutes and told me to re-enter the room because I was ‘inauthentic’.
    Granted, Alex was being majorly melodramatic but she was trying to talk to LuAnn, not Kelly. Maybe she could have spit it out faster and not broken in hives if Kelly would take the hyperactive dog thing down a notch. We get it, she’s acting weird, now sit still and let the henna lady do her thing!

    *Exaggeration, obviously.

  • A

    I’m still trying to understand why Kelly admonished Alex to “cover your shoulders, you are in Marrakesh” and then not 10 minutes later there goes Kelly smuggling her satchels of gold in her sports bra and panties for a jog outside. Were they not still in Marrakesh at this time? Weird, weird, weird. Maybe I should watch it again but I don’t think I could handle these women any longer.

  • Mari

    Seems to me that the producers are trying to keep the “Mario is cheating” prediction going. Why else would they have him flirting in a pool hall, not knowing where in the world is Ramona, and making off the cuff remarks that made it sound like he wasn’t looking forward to seeing her again. This dippy puzzle is just piecing together too easily! On a different note-I have to say that I just love Kelly this season. Who’s gonna fix my henna-Santa? has to be the best quote from the show so far! Amanda-Great recap and commentary as always. I just may take you up on your offer and challenge you to some 8 ball!

  • Tanya123spa

    Why does Ramona keep saying she’s hot. She has a gut this season. Granted he doesn’t look bad for a 50 something year old, but she is not a hot as she thinks. And her belly was hanging out during her dance lesson. Yuck!

    • Carla

      And yet she told the belly dancer at the restaurant (to her face!) that she was too fat…as in “you’re too fat for me to put money in your skirt like you were a stripper”. WTF? Ramona must suck in every time she looks in a mirror. Hopefully she was appropriately horrified watching this episode (but probably not).

      • teakay

        I thought Ramona said fat, too. I watched later with the closed captioning on and Ramona said “She’s too fast”.

      • Carla

        teakay~ she did?? Maybe that’s my bias showing. Or the closed captioner was being kind. lol

      • Nancy from SB

        Wow, you “women” (girls?) are really critical. Ramona is probably menopausal (ie slowed down metabolism), and in her mid fifties! You will be lucky to look like her when you reach that age, a few decades from now…. Sisterhood appears to be dead.

  • Seejayluvsbags

    I just watched the episode & I thought it was hilarious! Kelly is my new hero! Her therapy has been fantastic & she is a riot!!

  • Bagolicious

    Kate M: Just curious, is “shat” used in American English and is it a modern version of “shitted”, as I have never heard, “shat”.? Maybe it’s regional. And I just looked in both of my huge Webster’s dictionaries and it’s not there.

    I know that some English can be more regional. I had never heard the expression to stand “on” line until friends from the East Coast used it. I’m not from the East Coast. My entire life I’ve heard and used, stand “in” line. And I’m in my mid 50s. Language usage is of interest to me.

    • Kjon

      haha, I don’t think you’ll find “shat” in a Webster dictionary anytime soon but it’s pretty funny that you tried to look it up.
      Sometimes, curse words are distorted to look/sound different. Examples being “shat”, “fudge”, “cheese and rice”, “fuct” and “biotch” (or “beeyotch).

    • Kate M

      Lol! I fel like an idiot hijacking Amanda’s marvelous recap with a pissing match about shit :). So, my last contribution to my stupid sidebar is this: If you check the online versions of Merriam-Webster or American Heritage, for example, you will find shat listed as the only past tense variation. Cambridge online offers both shat and shitted.

      • Lorie

        Would it be ok to just use it in the singular for any other tense? I think I hear it that way most of the time.

  • Bagolicious

    Kjon: I looked it up since Kate M mentioned that the word was identified as such in various dictionaries. I therefore took out my various dictionaries.

    I find the word quite interesting. I’ve been in a profession, for over thirty years, that deals with the acquisition of (American) English. When I get to work on Monday, this will be our morning topic of discussion. The boss will really love this one, as we’re screaming shit at each other. LOL!

    I know that many American verbs have switched from British irregular forms ,in the past tense, to American regular forms. I grew up with more irregular forms. For example, I use, “shone” as the past of “shine” and not, “shined”, when talking about the sun, for example, and not of shining shoes. If we used, “shined” in school, it was considered not a good thing. Excuse the quotation marks . My computer highlight feature is temperamental so I avoid it.

    When I read, “shat” above, my first thought was that it was either a modern, American form or possibly a British form. Interesting. Very interesting indeed. Smiles.

  • Bagolicious

    NCGAL: I just saw your comment. I wasn’t trying to get into a pissing contest with anyone. I was just curious about the word that’s all.

    • NCGal

      Uh huh!

  • Bagolicious

    Kate M: Good, now we have shitted and shat , so let’s clean up the shit and move one. I didn’t even hear the word used, in the episode, in the first place. LOL!

    • adrienne z

      i have heard that word used in the past. I think it’s actually a nicer version of the past tense “shitted”. It may have derived from England where they pay more attention to the niceties of language and the properness in the usage of words.

  • shallowgal

    Inauthentic!! priceless.

    Alex did have a point about Kelly ~ she can’t stand to be around any confrontations so she tries desperately to shut them down immediately.

    3 episodes on Morocco? It’s like SATC II all over again (not that I saw that bomb, lol)…. so maybe Mario was just making a joke when he thought they were in Mumbai? Just a thought. He didn’t seem like he was flirting to me ~ but the camera sure honed in on the pool-playing woman’s ass in a totally inappropriate manner.

    Yep. Bravo’s desperate to stir up interest ~ no wonder they delayed the season.

    Great recap, Amanda ~ Ramona & Jill are indeed absolutely “crazypants” ~ and that seems to be how Jill summed up their fight. Didn’t she pretty much admit that they both are insufferable jerks?

  • SuzieQ

    You know the show is over for you when people are debating the correct usage of ANY verb

    • Kjon

      Well, I didn’t see that they had started that conversation way up there at the top and I’m inclined to think she was just curious.

      I take any reason to give a curse word vocab lesson.

  • SuzieQ

    Has anyone else tried to comment on BravoTV blogs? There are like 15 comments posted after each one, because Bravo only puts the ones that say how each woman is “the best housewife ever!” and “better than the other housewives!” So transparent. I’m sure that the network spends it’s time making the PA’s manufacture new viewer profiles and sugary comments. It’s weird, weird,weird. It’s just weird. It’s reall, really weird. Weird. Theyre being really weird. Oh an Kelly is still an idiot.

    • Kjon

      I read those sometimes after some of the more controversial episodes. Most of posts are tl;dr. Not all the comments are nice, especially for some of the more unpopular housewives like Melissa, Camille or Alexis.
      I did notice in the comments that people put things like “Bravo please post this” and “my last 16 comments didn’t go through!”
      Definitely would rather comment here; me and my mean streak! Just kidding…

    • Nancy from SB

      Suzie Q, I love you! I was starting to get freaked with all the positive comments about Kelly by posters here – and like you, I have definitely noticed Bravo’s comments are, just as you said, all: “You’re THE best housewife, ever!” Nothing of substance. (And mine never got posted, either.) Seems like they just want to promote hating, (“start a Twitter feud!!” – Why? I have a life).

      I thought Kelly was having another breakdown when she interrupted Alex and Luanne, said “weird” 19 times, told Alex to “re-enter the room”! Grownups don’t say things like that to other grownups. And a woman who runs down a NYC street for attention calls another woman inauthentic? Mental illness is depressing and Kelly makes me cringe.

      PS “Your It’s weird, weird, weird,” etc was Amanda – worthy!!

  • adrienne z

    I’m surprised that nobody commented on Cindy’s buttinsky opinions of the altercation between Jill and Ramona. Since when does she know anything about what erupted between the two at Scary Island? She should just shut up and keep her unfounded opinions to herself. She is, after all, at the bottom of the pecking order….

  • Lorie

    So… let’s see if I have this straight…

    It’s perfectly fine to say whatever comes to mind about anyone or anything at any time in front of anyone who is within ear shot – as long as you say it to their face and “own” it? Sorry Ramona, I don’t think you have carte blanche to say whatever you think anytime you feel like it. People do have feelings, but that would be a foreign concept for renewed Ramona, I guess. Ramona, sometimes it’s best to just ZIP IT.

    Cindy has worn my nerves down completely. If you’re that miserable, go home.

    I would not want Alex on my team in a fight. That was the lamest excuse for a fight I’ve ever seen. “Thank you for offering me a chair.” WTH? Girlfriend needs a course in arguing – and fast.

    Luann wasn’t playing hostess. She’s playing evil dictator. Now is the time for the henna tattoo. Now is dinner. No more dinner for you.

    Sonja and Jill just make me ill. Kelly, God love her, hasn’t been completely cured of what ails her – “You’re being inauthentic.” That was priceless! “Come back downstairs normally.” Kelly is my favorite from now on.

  • Mindy

    Jill…….hasn’t changed she’s still shallow as can be, and what’s up with the I dream of Jeanie hairdo. She must think it looks good since she keeps on wearing it.
    Alex…… Just needs to stay out of everyone else’s business….and try to avoid the hives.
    Kelly…..crazy reared it’s ugly head again, let’s hope it goes back into hiding.
    Cindy……needs to perk up a bit…after all doesn’t she “have everything she ever wanted on her own terms” so why does she always look like such a sourpuss.
    Romona & Sonja – actually didn’t bother me too much this episode.

    LuAnn- someone needs to shut that b***h up. I’m so tired of her i’m so much classier and better attitude. She is truly a bore.