Before we get into the rest of the season finale of Real Housewives of DC, I have something that you guys need to read, if you haven’t already seen it. Jezebel writer Tracie Egan Morrissey, one of my favorite bloggers, has compiled a rather comprehensive list of the various lies, cons and scandals in which our Awful Twins, Michaele and Tareq Salahi, have been involved over the past decade or so. When you sit and read it in a bulleted list, the scope of their grifting is nothing short of epic.

The show’s finale was all about the aftermath of the White House party crash, and although it didn’t present a whole lot of new factual information, seeing the Salahis squirm under the weight of their own lies was both fascinating and nauseating.

Our episode opened just as last week’s episode closed – the Awful Twins were headed to the White House in the back of “their” limo, bragging about their “invitation” to Stacie via Blackberry. Tareq and Michaele, like anyone involved in a successful long con, are almost impressively convinced of their own lies, but their feigned excitement in the car read a little bit false. Perhaps that’s just a result of the convenience of hindsight, but they both seemed to have a layer of dread just below the surface.

My personal guess would be that they were a little worried that they were about to blow the whole operation in front of cameras and get arrested trying to sneak into the White House, but since I’ve never walked around inside of the dank, scary places that those two call brains, we’ll just assume that…okay, never mind. They both looked like they were about to soil their pants. For two people who are clearly so versed in crashing large events, you’d think they’d have better game faces. C’mon, guys, act like you’ve been there.

When they got to the first line of security – a PR girl with a clipboard, politics isn’t so unlike fashion after all – the Awful Twins’ names were nowhere to be found, of course. They were instructed to step aside and wait, and they did so with no argument, which surprised me. I would have expected them to get indignant and demanding like I imagine any self-important dignitary would if denied entry to an important event to which they had been invited, but they just kept walking. And walking. And apparently, they walked until they found a fence to hop, even though we didn’t see anything after their original attempt to gain entry.

Instead, we skipped straight to the next day. Michaele and Tareq were sitting in their hotel room, looking at pictures and being self-congratulatory about the whole evening. The Awful Twins put on a show of receiving a “message” about a “gossip columnist” creating “rumors” about them in order to give themselves an opportunity to pointedly deny the whole thing on camera, but of course they crashed the party. We all already know that.

Around DC, the news of the Salahis’ party-crashing was spreading. Stacie and Jason were eating up the drama in the newspapers and on Facebook, and when they called Cat to give her the news, well, she had already heard. She took great pleasure in telling everyone exactly how right she had been about the Awful Twins, and in fairness, she had been exactly right. This whole stunt was easily the greatest thing to happen to Cat all season, and it’s just so validating to be proven right when you think that someone is up to no good.

By now, the pictures from the evening are infamous – Katie Couric, Joe Biden, Rahm Emmanuel and President Obama himself were photographed with the couple, and you sort of have to give them credit. Once they managed to get in, the Salahis really went whole-hog. If you’re going to crash a White House party, open yourself up to potential legal issues and become a national joke, at least get some pictures with famous people while you’re doing it.

Later, Lynda, Stacie and Mary got together in the name of “damage control,” but as it turns out, that actually meant they were getting together to gossip about the subject of the hour and make a big show of their outrage (and tangentially, of their innocence). No new information came out of the conversation, but you could see the barely-contained joy in all of their faces. They didn’t like these people, and now everyone in America agrees with them. They tried to call Michaele to get her side of the story, but she didn’t answer. Shocker.

While most of the housewives were having a massive moment of schadenfreude, Cat was having actual problems as a result of the Awful Twins’ little stunt. Remember last week when Cat and her husband excitedly discussed being invited to the White House Christmas party? Well, as it turns out, Cat’s and Michaele’s mutual association with Real Housewives of DC meant that Cat was summarily disinvited from the party.

It also seems as though the White House disinvitation brought some of the tensions between Cat and Charles to a head. They had a rather tense conversation about the event that probably shouldn’t have happened while Cat was holding a knife, and her remark about how the knife just wasn’t “cutting it” seemed loaded, to say the least. I’m actually thankful that the season didn’t show more of the dissolution of Cat’s marriage, because that’s just too awkward to watch, even for a seasoned Real Housewives veteran like me.

Lynda, on the other hand, had a grand old time at the Awful Twins’ expense, hosting a small party with Cat, Mary and Paul to watch the C-SPAN broadcast of the Salahis’ Congressional testimony, during which Tareq asserted his fifth amendment right to avoid self-incrimination more times than perhaps anyone else in the history of the Constitution. They were hammered by their questioners, called stupid, egomaniacal and told that their actions encouraged terrorists. Tareq actually turned around to confer with his attorney when asked to confirm his own existence and presence in the room. That the American government and Real Housewives should ever cross paths is nothing short of completely surreal.

After the testimony, the Awful Twins and their attorney had a press conference outside the chambers that can only be described as People’s Courtian, during which they both stood behind their attorney and looked supremely inconvenienced by the entire thing. Over at Lynda’s Georgetown apartment, Mary (correctly) predicted that Michaele’s only choice after the dust settled would be to pose for Playboy, and Paul was made uncomfortable by the whole thing and said some snarky things about Lynda marrying well (which may be true, but does not necessarily negate the accuracy of the assertion that Michaele should divorce Tareq and get a real job).

At another, later meeting of the housewives at Lynda’s house, Stacie expressed no interest in the entire hoopla and only wanted to hear the story directly from the Awful Twins, although this seems to be one of those rare occasion where hearing both sides of the story isn’t really necessary to form an opinion. Cat referred to the Salahis as “celebrity terrorists,” and for some reason, Stacie questioned whether or not Cat would be willing to say that to Michaele’s face. Of course she would, has she met Cat? Stacie proposed having a meeting of all the housewives to confront the Salahis, but only Cat seemed interested in showing up for it.

Luckily for us, Cat is always more than willing to say exactly what she thinks, which was the only thing that was actually necessary to ensure the success of the confrontation. (Whatever “success” might mean in this scenario.) Cat didn’t get up to greet the Awful Twins at the door when they arrived and she mostly refused to acknowledge their presence in the room, but since the Salahis are used to being unwelcome and disliked, they just fake-smiled straight through the entire thing until Cat got up and walked out.

Before she left, though, she told the Salahis that she thought they were disgraceful, fake, artificial and unworthy of her or anyone else’s association. Then everyone did a weird little race around the middle of the house while Michaele pretended to gather up her coat to leave as well, but we all know that neither of those worthless wastes of oxygen will ever leave a room when there’s a TV camera in it.

Jason talked the Salahis into staying with little to no effort, and when they sat back down and Stacie explained that Cat was upset about her blacklisting from the White House Christmas party, Michaele showed absolutely no concern for the fact that her actions screwed over other people who weren’t even involved. It wasn’t long before Stacie tangentially mentioned the party crashing, and as soon as that happened, Michaele got up and demanded that they leave. She sat back down again, but once the conversation swung back around to the White House, Michaele shut down the whole thing for good. For some reason, Cat was still standing outside, and she was summoned back in to talk some smack after the Salahis snuck out the back. And that, as they say, was all she wrote.

Over the past two months, many of you have posited that perhaps Michaele is just along for the ride a manipulative, grifting husband who she isn’t strong enough to leave, and if anything, I think that this episode removes any and all plausibility that theory might have left. Tareq seemed willing to stay and have the conversation, but Michaele called the shots and said that the Turners weren’t their real friends if they dared to even mention the White House in front of them. She immediately snapped out of the flighty, passive character that she usually prefers to play, and for me, it was worth watching the entire episode just to see that. Michaele, it seems, is every bit as bad as her awful husband. Don’t get it twisted.

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  • Chick

    Ugh what an embarrassment to our country. How do they live with themselves?! I’m sure they plead the 5th so they could save the entire juicy story for a tell-all that they hope will make them millions. That probably won’t come out, though until the investigation of this event gets closed.

  • aidan

    cat was right. they ARE the scum of the earth. i feel so bad that cat had to get backlash just because she may have associated with them one or two times. its disgusting. and that hearing? they are such lame asses! it made me laugh hysterically.

  • Handbag Lover

    They have some serious problems. Sad thing is the show, is really boring without them, it’s just like RHONJ, even tho Danielle is annoying, a liar and has emotional problems she makes the show and sad to say these people make this show. Looking at Michaele last night, I felt really bad for her, the woman got mad issues. I am shocked, it is taking this long for the governement to do something about this couple, That was national security. OMG and all the lies from that link is off the chain… gosh smh.

    They either need a new cast or need to make this the last season of RHODC.

  • mochababe73

    I think that the mere fact that that Cat was on the show was reason enough to disinvite her from the Christmas party. I love the Housewives franchise, but I wouldn’t invite any of them to the White House. Ever.
    The show is beyond boring and I stopped watching them weeks ago. Handbag Lover took the words right out of my mouth. This show is beyond boring, and I hope that this is the last season. I already knew that DC was going to be boring, and they proved me right. Can you imagine going through 16 episodes with these women? None of them, even Stacie, were likable or remotely interesting.
    Now, that this debacle is over, let’s get to Atlanta, Beverly Hills, and the OC.

  • rfisher

    I agree with mochababe, no way the Whitehouse would let a Housewives member in a party. Too much could go wrong!

    My vote is RHDC should disappear from the line up……these women are boring. They need to do a Houston or Dallas show if you want to see some real DRAMA!!!!! Think of all the BIG HAIR and over the top clothing and jewelry that would be seen. I’m not from Texas but I lived there for many years and women from Texas really believe things are bigger and better in Texas. ;)

  • Priscilla

    I am so angry about this! Did anyone see the watch what happens live after the episode ended? Tareq kept saying how happy he was about the finale because it proved they were invited…. WHAT THE HECK??!?! These people are MENTALLY ILL!!!

  • dickens

    The whole season was hijacked by the Salahi’s. Who knows, it may have been interesting without their bs. Re: Why did we only get to read at the end that Stacie made contact with her father? That could have been interesting and heartwarming to see.

    And what a shame for Cat to miss out on the WH Christmas party. No wonder she hates them.

    • S

      I really doubt that Cat’s association with the Salahis was the reason she couldn’t go to the party. I think it was the association with the show if anything. And please for Cat to say that her marriage is so strained because of the Salahis is bullocks!

  • Rachel

    I love Jason, he is the best. he seems like he loves he gossip. I know him and Stacey have a great time gossiping at night.

  • BeHappy

    I agree the salahis ( what ever there names are ) ruined the show.. I do find the other cast members fun to watch. I do hope there is another season with out the shame twins.. and sorry to hear the Cat is getting a divorce.. hope she finds her happiness some day..

  • Nee

    i totally agree that michaele is not as dumb as she looks/acts. she totally shut it down, that woman knows her legal options. Anything that you say on national tv can be used against you in a court of law! haha, i only watched two episodes of this season, and truly… this was boring! I may hate nene leakes, but RHOATL is much more fun to watch!

  • Ping

    Amanda, I totally agree with you on the fact that Michaele is not the dumb blonde people seem to think so. She is just as much a lying psychopath as the hubby. I had to watch the finale even though I stopped watching the season after the first couple of episode. I agree with mochababe73’s sentiment that this show is beyond boring. Lynda is a little goofy, Mary boring, Stacie is self righteous and judgemental (ie her tyra banks and obama comments), Cat is the only one with a honest opinion but unfortunately in this society, most people can’t handle the truth. I wished the other ladies could have been a little more honest, the show would have been more interesting. As for the Awful Twins, I keep on hoping the cops or FBI or any legal authority to come and just arrest them.

  • Matthew

    Wow, I’m actually surprised that I disagree with nearly everyone on this blog. I actually really like RHDC. It’s my second favorite behind NYC. With the exception of Michaele, I have at least a small soft spot for each of the characters (yes, I called them characters).

    At first I really couldn’t stand Cat, but she has grown on me tremendously. Lynda is hilarious; either hilariously awful or hilariously wonderful, but always hilarious. Stacie is a sweetheart for whom I have respect, but don’t completely understand why she’s on this show. Mary is a little wallflower-esque, but she doesn’t bother me. I agree with Amanda that Michaele isn’t as dumb as she appears, which is in fact quite frightening. She’s conniving and manipulative and it actually gives me the creeps. I don’t like her at all, but for the sake of this show, she certainly keeps it interesting.

    I hope RHDC comes back next year. I actually care about most of the characters.

    Maybe I’m just getting bored with Atlanta, but I hated this week’s episode of RHAtl, but quite enjoyed DC.

    To be completely honest, I think a part of liking the Housewives franchises for me is about what city they’re in. Sorry, Amanda, but I couldn’t care less about Atlanta. Same with NJ. NYC and DC, though, carry a glamour that makes it fun to watch these shows. OC is kind of in the middle, and I guess we’ll wait and see what happens with BH.

    • JenG

      I agree Matthew I like DC also, especially better than NJ. And I even like Michaele!

  • Jo Marie

    I hate to say this but could the photos be shopped?

    • Which photos?

      • Jo Marie

        The photos that the Salahi’s posted on face book of themselves at the White House State Dinner. Nothing happened until those pictures went on line. They have not been arrested, we have not heard anymore of the incident since their Congressional non-testimony. Maybe the Secret Service is too embarrassed to publicize their assumption of breach of security. God knows Congress will leap to any opportunity to display themselves.

      • Jo Marie

        My theory also explains Michaela’s bizarre but very recognisable attire.

      • My level of Photoshop prowess is moderate, but those photos don’t have any signs of being significantly altered. The kind of work that would have had to be done would be noticeable, particularly in the lighting of the photos.

        The reason that no charges have been filed, I would guess, is that they can’t prove the Salahis lied to gain entrance. Lying to a federal official would be the charge, and since they didn’t do so in a controlled or monitored environment (like during an interrogation, for example), it’s hard to build a case for that kind of charge. I definitely wouldn’t assume a lack of formal charges means a lack of wrongdoing – it’s far more likely to indicate a lack of proof.

  • Jo Marie

    Since Cat is the only one of the wives, or husbands willing to confront these people it’s a shame she isn’t more articulate. I don’t think the Salahi White House debacle is the sole reason for Cat’s dis-invitation to the Christmas party. Her husband was indiscreet with his photo of VP Biden and I’m positive his employment contract gives full vetting of publication to some White House protocol/politic guard dog. His job was lost over his and Cat’s participation in this show. Cat has no idea how to behave. Her self absorption is legion.

  • S

    I LOVED it when Paul said Lynda married into money. Lynda is so haughty and I don’t think its because of the money she earned from finding models in DC. I can’t stand Lynda – she is worse than the Countess, she just knows how to play her cards right to make people think she is this great Southern woman. As for Mary: not only is she boring, but I really disliked watching her watch Michaele with envy as Michaela was the life of that salon party a few episodes ago. It was like that envy that Tamara had for Gretchen. Some people no matter what they have, have to remind the world that other people are less than them. How many times did Mary remind everyone that Micahele was a make-up artist? And why is she friends with make-up artists if she thinks so badly of them?

    • Jo Marie

      We don’t know if she is a make up “Artist”. I have several friends who sell very high end make up in our local up market department store. None of them have any licensed training.

  • justine

    don’t forget that the twins left through the back door of another person’s home…

  • desisuit

    Just wanted to share my humble little collection of purses to all of you!

    Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

  • dB

    I was hoping to see more of how they crashed into the White House. The fact that they pulled off that stunt means can they can do alot of harm, only because they ‘look’ the part (rich and famous). Very sad. I actually feel sorry for them, that they feel they have not grown up and learned how to do the right thing. Sad. They know how to play the part, as they took pics with everyone there! Crazy! It’s still a mystery, and we may never find out the truth. I did not like Cat at first, but I have changed my mind — she is atleast real and honest – she does not beat around the bush – so good for her.

  • Camille

    The awful twins are nothing but con artists. You know, grifters. That is who and what they are. Their whole life is one big con. And that goes for BOTH of them. She is just as much a con as he is. They bluff and play act their way around town and most people are too polite to call them on their bullsht. They count on that and Cat is one of the few to have the balls to tell it like she sees it. At first I really didn’t like Cat, but God Bless her the lady doesn’t hold back.
    Tareq’s assertion on the Andy Cohen show that they had been redeemed because the footage shows them being announced by their real names is nonsense and a misdirection on his part (the move of a good con man) No one is claiming they tried to sneak in under ficticious names, what EVERYONE is claiming is that they didn’t have invitations to the state dinner, period. They are just a couple of low life cons who don’t deserve another minute of publicity or attention.

    • c.c.

      I agree with you Camille. They are grifters. Actually he is. I’m not so convinced about her.

      But why are they all so invested in this? Why are they so angry? It’s not like they did anything to them. Let em babble and lie.

      Didn’t Cat send her kids back to the UK? She was only married to the guy for a few months. (While writing a book about her ex). Seems like all he was was a ticket for her to be on TV.

  • c.c.

    And I thought I hated the RHWNJ. This bunch might be even worse.

    They’re dumb. Sooo dumb. Boring. Do they every do anything interesting beside the staged Bravo events? There’s something wrong when we have to watch someone’s dog pee.

    Who cares if the twins are liar, liar, pants on fire? Do what I do to my nutty neighbor, roll my eyes and ignore her.

    My favorie comment about Stacie from the Gawker- (sorry, I don’t like them)

    “Stacy and her gossip-hen wife Rudiger got their turtleneck sweaters in a bunch and just could not stop talking about it. Just could not stop! They were so embarrassed to be associated with this thing that they just could not stop talking about! They called everyone they knew. They called Cat, they called Linda the Sleepytime Snore Monster from Boringsville, they called Mary Mary Face Contrary, they called grandmoms and aunties and uncles, they called pastors and milkmen and swamis, they called governors and judges and cats that live in pigeon-filled back alleys, they called actors and cellists and street mimes, they called each other, they called themselves, they called the toaster, they called an ant they’d killed in the kitchen three summers ago, they called God in heaven, they called the Devil Falwell below. They called everyone they could possibly call, because they in no way want to be associated with this embarrassment. Good work guys! “

  • carrie

    hi amanda!

    i love reading your recap. i usually read this before i watch the show! will you be posting one on the reunion?

  • aisha

    i just watched the whole season online but love reading your recaps in edition….months later i’m still shocked at what the salahis have done (ipad)

  • helen

    ugh (ipad)

  • Jen

    I’m with Helen on this one (ipad)