Ok, ok, before we go any further: Omarosa from The Apprentice tried to famewhore her way into last week’s episode of Real Housewives of DC and we all totally missed it. I usually have excellent reality slimeball radar, but she was able to slip past. If you catch a rerun, you can see her in the scene where Tareq Salahi opens the champagne with a sword, standing behind him and trying her best to get into the shot. I don’t know why this amuses me so much, but it does.

Anyway, about this weeks episode. We had booze, gossip, parties, etc. All the usual Real Housewives goodies. Two of the cast members also managed to make a trip overseas without embarrassing the entire country, but don’t worry – there were plenty of other deliciously shameful moments to make up for any good behavior that might have occurred overseas.

Things started with Cat this week, and she was meeting with her editor (read: ghostwriter) to discuss her upcoming book and its very important cover shoot. The publisher wants a Sex and the City vibe for the cover and she thinks that’s ridiculous, despite the fact that her book seems to be about swanning around London and all of her inappropriate lovers, which is, uh, kind of similar to Sex and the City. She also discussed the book with Lynda, who brought up the fact that Cat’s new husband has a very political, sensitive job that might not mesh well with the kind of dishy, soapy book Cat has planned. She seemed undeterred.

Next we spent some time with Stacie and her adorable family, who went out to a friend’s vineyard (not the Salahi’s vineyard – an actual vineyard) to spend what appeared to be a relaxing day in the country. Just as things were looking fun and normal, the Salahis pulled up in that same white limo from last week’s party (maybe they got a deal on a multi-day rental and they’re going to, like, use it to do their chores for the rest of the week?) to make the entire thing awkward.

First Tareq spouted some nonsense about the longevity of wine, and then Michaele babbled about Obama in the longest run-on sentence I’ve ever heard. They both made a lot of word sounds, but I’m not sure that they had a complete thought between them. I’m guessing that’s not a completely unfamiliar occurrence in their household, and I doubt Michaele would know a complete thought if it punched her in the face.

Luckily Stacie’s husband was able to change the subject from politics to his brother’s hip-hop success in Paris, and he mentioned that they would be making a trip to see him perform soon. Never a couple to miss an opportunity to look rich even though they’re basically grifters, Tareq and Michaele immediately announced their plans to go to France to see him as well. Not that they know or care about Jason’s brother, because they don’t. But they do care about what everyone thinks of them, and spontaneous trips to Paris are probably pretty convenient if you’re trying to convince people that you’re rich.

Next up was Lynda, who was at Saks Fifth Avenue to help set up the store’s charity VIP fashion night. She donated her models’ services for an informal runway show during the evening, and Mary also showed up to drink free booze and gossip. (I love her. Have I said that?) She broached the subject of Lynda’s showdown with Michaele at Paul’s birthday party, and Lynda continued to pick at her weight and her relationship. I think Lynda’s probably right about the negative influence that Tareq’s attention-whoring has had on Michaele, but still, her concern rings incredibly false. “Eat a cheeseburger” is not valid diet or marital advice.

Then it was back to Stacie, who was preparing to leave for Paris with her husband. He appears to plan for trips like I do – we’ll figure it out on the way! Planning is totally overrated, and it takes away the magical mystery of traveling. Michaele and Tareq, on the other hand, were ready to go with lots of luggage and various obviously expensive things splashed about the scene for extra impact. Stacie and Jason seemed surprised that the Salahis wanted to go to a hip-hop show, but I can’t imagine that going to a Parisian rap show is, like, 8 Mile or anything. It’s the City of Lights. Come on now.

While they flew to Paris, Mary got together with her husband to have dinner and gossip and drink (love her). She thought Michaele and Tareq were a bit unreasonable at Paul’s party (putting it kindly) and hoped that things wouldn’t try to put on the same kind of show at an upcoming event that she’s throwing with the salon she goes to. I admire her (perhaps producer-imposed) ability to hope for the best from those two, but I think she’s going to be sadly mistaken. As the old saying goes, [poop] in one hand and wish in the other, see which one fills up first.

Back at Cat’s house, things were cute for a moment while Cat’s kids welcomed her husband back home from his work. Things got a bit more contentious when talk of scheduling came up and Cat complained of her stress and lack of sleep while he “swanned around” on a work assignment out of town. Naturally, her husband didn’t take kindly to her referring to his wage-earning as “swanning around,” consider that she worked on a vanity book project and went to parties the entire time he was gone, and her command to “chill out” didn’t seem to put him at ease. I wonder just how much pre-divorce fighting we’ll get to see from them.

And after that little bit of juice, we got something even better. I think it’s been pretty clear all along that Michaele and Tareq are showboating, grifting balls of worthlessness, but we finally got a little bit of confirmation. Remember how Michaele offered to plan and throw a birthday party for Paul last week? Or at the very least, she mentioned it would be sort of a “joint” thing because their birthdays are so close together? According to Paul’s publicist, Michaele and Tareq had their attorney call before the party to inform Paul’s people that the couple would not show up without a signed agreement that they were not expected to pay for a single thing at the party. *AUDIBLE SIGH HERE*

I don’t know where Michaele and Tareq are from, but where I’m from, if you offer to throw someone a party, you foot the bill. If it’s a joint party, you foot half the bill, at the very least. Either way, you don’t blithely sign your name to an event and act like it was your doing, all the while expecting someone else to sign all the checks just to secure your attendance at the party. Well, you don’t if you’re a decent person, anyway. The Salahis are clearly not. In fact, they appear to be actively competing for the title of Worst People on Earth. Joe Francis is still beating them, but they’ve got a lot of episodes left to go and I like their chances.

Speaking of the Salahis, they and the Turners had arrived in Paris to be greeted by a bottle of Dom that the Salahis had clearly managed to lift from the duty-free shop at the airport by stashing it in Michaele’s handbag. The group sat on their hotel balcony and toasted to Paris, and I was beset by an interesting question: if it meant a trip to Paris, would I be able to put up with the Salahis as traveling companions for a few days? And if I chose the trip, could I restrain myself from physically attacking one or both of them?

By the time that the concert rolled around, though, the trip seemed like a lot of fun. The crowd was pumped up, Michaele and Tareq were perhaps a little drunk, and everyone seemed to have a good time. I still wouldn’t want to be bound to the Awful Twins for any extended period of time, but they managed to get into the spirit of the show and not ruin the whole thing or embarrass the entirety of the US population, as most Housewives likely would have.

Back in America, things were considerably more awkward. Mary’s daughter, who looked to be of approximately middle-school age, brought up the topic of sexting. Maybe I’m just getting old, but it was kind of horrifying to hear a kid that young talking knowledgeably about texting naked pictures to boys. I mean, everyone loves a good sext now and then (sorry mom), but I’m genuinely glad that kids didn’t have phones when I was in middle school. I didn’t get one until I was 16, and that was pretty young back then (and by “back then,” I mean 2002.) Allow me to make a momentary PSA: kids, if you’re going to sext, at least have enough sense not to include your face.

Speaking of awkwardness, it was time for Cat’s book cover shoot! Her husband had to cancel on her (because he had actual paying work, how dare he), so the strand-in photographer loaded her up with shopping bags and accessories to take some really cheesy photos that didn’t seem to be all that well-conceptualized or skillfully shot. As a nice surprise, Charles was able to show up at the end and give Cat a nice surprise. He took her for a separate shoot afterward, and suffice it to say that he’s a successful photographer for a reason – his concept, while similar, was much more interesting.

Still in Paris, Michaele and Stacie were shopping and swapping stories, although the only thing I could look at or think about the first time I saw the scene was Michaele’s head-to-toe brown leather suit. Where does one even purchase such a thing? And when you’re slender enough to wear basically anything and your husband is clearly willing to rack up debt in order to look rich, how do you decide on head-to-toe brown leather? When I was finished staring at her appalling outfit, I rewound and actually listened to what Stacie was saying. She’s adopted and has contacted her birth mother, but now they’re on the outs because she won’t give Stacie any information on her birth father, who doesn’t know she exists. How did such a nice, normal, intelligent woman with a genuinely interesting backstory get stuck on this show?

In other People I Like news, Mary got together with her hairdresser friends Ted and Jason to drink and get ready for their fabulous party, to which everyone was invited. They also gossiped, because hair stylists always have the BEST gossip, and Jason dropped a great little story about how Tareq had bragged to one of his clients about spending so much money on Paul’s party. As more people started arriving to the hotel to get glammed up for the show (can we talk about how great Mary looks with straight hair and extensions?), even more gossiping started.

Lynda, naturally, didn’t want to be seated next to Michaele at the night’s event and Stacie tried her best to avoid Cat, but when they’re all on the same TV show, they kind of have to be seated next to one and other so they can all be in the same shot. Luckily Lynda and Michaele weren’t beside or across from each other, and drama was mostly staved off until people got up and started milling around.

Unfortunately, when the Housewives all started drinking and cheers-ing each other, Lynda decided to tell Stacie that she could be the Diana Ross of the group. When Stacie’s friend (correctly) pointed out that saying something like that was just an uncreative way to say, HEY, YOU’RE BLACK AND WE’RE NOT, Cat decided to have an opinion again. Nothing good comes from Cat having opinions.

In the grand tradition of white people who aren’t comfortable around people who aren’t white, Cat didn’t see anything wrong with the comment at all, but rather with the fact that anyone was offended by it. In fact, she was so offended that someone was offended (even though she didn’t make the comment herself or really have anything to do with it), she stormed out of the party to have a pow-wow with Paul, presumably because he’s the only black person associated with the show that isn’t sick of her yet.

Cat suspects that Stacie’s friend Erica is just jealous of her and the fact that she’s making all of these new and wonderful friends, and that everyone just has the wrong impression of her. I don’t think Cat’s a racist, per se, I just think she’s used to being around people exactly like her and the idea of being around others is not all that appetizing. Since she’s got her Black Friend Paul, clearly she can’t have a problem with black people! Of course not! Friendship with a single black person always indicates a total love and acceptance of everyone who’s not white, didn’t you know that?

And also, as an aside, you should always be skeptical of people who are constantly insisting they’re widely misunderstood. The same goes for women who insist that they don’t have any female friends because all other women hate them – at a certain point, if everyone has a certain idea or impression of you, it’s time to consider the possibility that maybe they’re not all wrong.

Back inside, Tareq was boasting about Michaele’s weight and how much she’s gained since she married him – 20 pounds, apparently. I really don’t like to comment on anyone’s weight, but if the Awful Twins are going to make it a voluntary part of the show (and even go so far as to mention numbers), then I think it’s justified: there’s no way that Michaele has gained 20 pounds since marrying Tareq. It’s just…not possible.

Particularly since the other Housewives say she’s gotten progressively thinner and more frail, it seems like her husband realizes there’s an issue and chooses to overcompensate for it instead of dealing with it. Lynda’s method of drunkenly browbeating Michaele is not the answer, but if she does have a problem, then hearing her husband publicly boast of an imaginary weight gain also won’t help. Although Lynda’s suggestion that Michaele lose her husband instead of losing any more weight was, sadly, spot-on.

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  • NCGal

    AMEN, Amanda! I too see that frenetic wild-eyed, nervous stress in Michaele’s every move: her laughter, her speech, her syntax all indicate someone under extreme duress. She reminds me of a beautiful captured bird beating up against the bars. God, it is really painful to watch. I thin there is something really dark going on between her and Tareq (whose name reminds me of the sound my sons used to make in the bathtub). She reminds of the women I have known (thankfully not many over my lifetime) who, because of some deep unexamined woundedness, felt that they had to sell out relationally. One actually took her own life, but the rest lived to live their horrible lives and although all eventually divorced and rich and thin as a result, are still running around trying to fix their insides with pretty “stuff.” I would rather watch a blatant train wreck like Danielle than Michaele as I find Michaele’s condition much more dangerous, lethal really, and disturbing. THANK GOD there are no children in that mess…unlike Danielle’s girls who I hope and pray will run away to Stacie’s Aunt’s house! Now…that Cat-woman…seriously is she the most pretentious bullsh** around? OMG, she is laughable and really must, on some level know that she is a carnival version of a human being. That voice?!?!?!?! When we were little, we used to affect that voice and make crank phone calls to our Principal. Ugh. I enjoy Mary, too and like the fact that she looks like a real person…not a social Xray.

    • suz

      Laughed out loud at the thought of the Cat voice making one of those classic crank calls…..

  • Jo Marie

    So, I watched last night’s episode and I’m not sure who said what to whom concerning Cat’s (?)soul sisterhood and eligibility for the Diana Ross role. She seemed pretty certain that she was being targeted as a racist although her rant to Paul was a bit incoherent. Paul is a standout though. Proof that if one wants to feel love in life the best way to do it is to be loving.

    • It seemed to me that Lynda directed the Diana Ross comment at Stacie instead of Cat (and then Cat just flew off the handle for no discernable reason except that she’s high-strung and narcissistic), which makes Cat’s extreme offense at the situation even more unintelligible. You’re right about Paul, though – he really seems like a great person.

      • Erica

        I don’t like Cat and am not defending her but I also think that it’s easy for Stacie and her friend to think that Cat is acting the way she does because she is white and they are black. I don’t think it matters. Had the dinner in last weeks episode at the Aunt’s house taken place at a white family’s house with the same atmosphere I don’t doubt she would’ve acted the same way. As for the Diana Ross comment I didn’t think that it deserved such a reaction. I do think that Lynda realized that she was referring to herself and her white friends as “soul sisters” in front of two black women and felt a little stupid. However, roles reversed, a couple of black women calling the only white girl the Celine Dion of the group, I don’t think anyone would have thought much of it.

      • I don’t think Cat’s a racist, I just think that the whole socioeconomic idea of socializing with an average black family is just not that appetizing to her. I think it has a lot to do with class (which, as I understand it, is somewhat more rigid in England than it is here) and a lot to do with how she deals with unfamiliar situations and people. The residual weirdness of last week’s situation rubbed off on this week’s party, and we got the reaction that we saw.

        And I think that a group of black women calling a white woman Celine Dion is somewhat different because of the effects of structural racism and existing social power structures, but that’s a little deep for RHDC, eh? I’m white, in case anyone was wondering.

  • Bagolicious

    Tareq and Michaele are just beyond annoying. Now, I don’t know if she’s really that pretentious or not, or if her horrid husband has just sucked her into his demented world.

    I must say that I hollered and nearly fell out of bed when Stacie’s husband commented, “Michaele just smiles, talks, and tries to look cute”. Priceless. This was after she made that ridiculous and jumbled up red, white, and blue comment. Stacie’s husband’s comment was such a cultural type of comment to make and is usually followed by one rolling one’s eyes so hard, in disgust, that they could possibly get stuck up in one’s head. I laughed my head off.

    I think Stacie and her husband are great. And I wish I could be a fly on the wall at their house because I’m sure that when the cameras are off and they are alone, there’s a lot of eye rolling and talkin’ all up under those other housewives’ drawers. LOL!

    Stacie and her husband are not stupid people and they know the deal and they know culturally that if one is obviously not the brightest lightbulb in the group, like Michaele and Tareq, then it’s best for one to just not say anything than to say something and appear even dimmer. So, they must be really getting a laugh as the “dim” remarks just keep coming and will keep coming as Michaele and Tareq don’t have the intelligence level to know when to just shut up.

    And I really had to laugh when Stacie and her friends were at the vineyard and Michaele and Tareq pulled up, in a white limo, and up all dressed up when everyone else was “wearing jeans and tennis shoes”. Then Tareq had the nerve to give a lesson on wine to Stacie and her husband since, we all know, there’s no way that they could ever know anything about wine, not even after having friends who own a “real” vineyard. Earlier they had commented about still having a bottle of 2007 at home.

    Oh, and the other fall-out-the-bed moment was when they were in Paris and Michaela and Tareq were on the balcony of the hotel room and Tareq starts to comment to Stacie and her husband (I forget his name) about how they are overlooking the Champs Elysees and how famous it is….blah….blah….blah….as if Stacie and her husband needed to be schooled on Paris even though they are no strangers to Paris.

    Through the decades, I’ve gotten the same kind of, Tareq, mentality, schooling stuff from folks and just laugh my head off. Although I’ve been out traveling the world, solo, since I was a teen, and almost annually for nearly four decades, I meet people who just “assume” that I haven’t been anywhere and start to go on and on about such and such place. I let them go on and on and then suddenly ask a specific question, knowing that they will soon hang themselves, about the place that they’re going on and on about. At that specific point is when I usually get to see their expression of deer caught in the headlights. I then get my big laugh for the day.

    I can’t even imagine having Michaele and Tareq on a trip to Paris and especially with know-it-all Tareq most likely going on and on about everything and I mean everything. I’m sure I would have pushed both of their behinds into the Seine shortly after the plane had landed at CDG.

    Oh, and I loved how Stacie and her husband rolled into their hotel with two non-descript suitcases.

    As for Cat, I’m just sick of her and even more sick of Paul kissing her behind. And Amanda you’re right on spot as to what you’ve written above on Cat.

    This weekend I will replay the DVR recording to see if I missed anything. Smiles.

  • Bagolicious

    Correction: Read around a few things I forgot to delete on the edit. LOL!

  • suz

    I’m trying to watch this show….but it’s really hard. The creepy factor is pretty overwhelming. However, I will continue to dip in during the commercials on Project Runway just so I can continue to enjoy the recaps and comments.

  • Ellz

    Another great recap Amanda!!! I haven’t watched the episode yet but I’m sooo excited too!!

    Cat is awful. I’ve heard of dry british senses of humor and actually find that humer extremely funny, but Cat is just snarky and mean for no reason. Her girls are adorable however!!!

    I get dizzy trying to watch Michaele and her eye balls.

    I LOVE Mary!!!!

    I’m actually really loving this season and I think because while many are calling it boring, I’m liking the toned-down craziness compared to the ludricous antics from RHNJ.

  • Shar

    I thought Cat was just rude and not comfortable around people of other color. When she made that last comment to Paul (who just giggled like a little school)”don’t kiss me you’re gay and you’re colored”. My jaw dropped. She’s gross and disgusting. There’s nothing redeeming in her. She’s not pleasant to be around. Her husband is gorgous and seems to be nice what was he thinking when he married her. Hopefully he’ll still have a job after this. It is very bad practice to slam your husband’s employer on national tv.

  • Marcia

    In one of the tabloid magazines Michaele said she doesn’t drink alcohol, and has never drank alcohol. That’s an interesting statement to make when you see her with a glass of wine or champagne in every episode. She and Tareq want to be noticed so bad it’s pathetic.

  • amw

    I like Mary too, but what was with that black dress she wore to the dinner party? You could see everything! Not good.

  • PhotoGirl

    “In the grand tradition of white people who aren’t comfortable around people who aren’t white, Cat didn’t see anything wrong with the comment at all, but rather with the fact that anyone was offended by it. In fact, she was so offended that someone was offended (even though she didn’t make the comment herself or really have anything to do with it), she stormed out of the party to have a pow-wow with Paul, presumably because he’s the only black person associated with the show that isn’t sick of her yet.”

    Well thought out and, as always, well-said, Amanda.

  • Amy

    i totally didn’t Omarosa!! I’m going to have check that out in the many reruns that Bravo offers on their series. I thought the situation with Paul’s birthday party not being held by those who claimed to hold it was shady.
    I already don’t like Tareq and Michelle, but to me all the ladies are classic Bravo material, aka “Forever in their own little world and scratching at the bit to beat each other over the head with the last word”.
    My opinion of Cat is that she sticks her foot in her mouth anytime she opens it. Which is probably why is she divorced.

  • Bagolicious

    Amanda: By the way, I was at Nordstrom, in the Valley, Woodland Hills,Ca (L.A.) today and they have that blue, Celine, tote bag that you want and mentioned that is sold out around the U.S. It was the one that you posted a photo of here on the purseblog. As I didn’t know how to contact you, I thought I’d put it here so you’d see it. You can contact Anthony if interested. They had a lot of Celine tote bags and a beyond gorgeous red one,too.

  • Handbag Lover

    Love the recap Amanda. This show is a trip, my question is what does Paul do? I know he is a stylist but for who, i am just wondering when the “beautiful man” is going to work. The paris trip was all the way fun and i love stacy and her husband, they seem like they have a good time together. :)-

  • Bagolicious

    My question,too. What exactly does Paul do and when does he do it? I remember something about stylist. To me it just seems like there’s a lot of kissing up in order to benefit business and stay among the so called “in” crowd.

    And the way Michaele and Tareq dumped the expense of “his” birthday party on him, personally I would rather be in the “out” crowd as the “in” crowd obviously hasn’t been schooled in etiquette. One doesn’t “host” a party without paying for it. That’s Etiquette 101. Maybe they need to enroll.

    • Jo Marie

      In the world of professional Public Relations a prominent personality may be asked to “Host” a party that is being financed by a brand. This insures attendance and coverage of the event.

  • Lisa

    I saw Michaele in person at the Grand Opening of the Ted Gibson/Hela Spa Salon in Chevy Chase, MD last summer and you could see every bone in her spine, she totally looked anorexic to me but on the View which is a year later she looked a little fuller thank God, so I totally get what Lynda is talking about.

  • Florence Brown

    Great recap! You seemed to be on point, except for your assessment in which you stated “The same goes for women who insist that they don’t have any female friends because all other women hate them – at a certain point, if everyone has a certain idea or impression of you, it’s time to consider the possibility that maybe they’re not all wrong.”

    I’m not sure of your age or level of experience (I’m 30 and a Psychology grad), but I have known several women, including a few girlfriends, over the years that have this “problem” with other women. Other women simple do not like them. Why? One word, jealousy!

    In fact, each one of these women could best be described on a bad day as gorgeous. So, in one respect you are right regarding that “everyone has a certain idea or impression of you”, the impression is “wow, you’re beautiful and I feel insecure”. So please before you place the blame on another woman, as being the “problem”, be open to the fact that she may, in truth be the victim of other women’s insecure and inferior feelings. In long run, within this often male dominated society, it helps all women!


    • My best girlfriend actually has the same problem – a lot of women are suspicious of her because she’s very, very attractive. I’ve seen a lot of supposed “friends” treat her poorly because of their own insecurities about their looks, and it really stinks. I don’t doubt for a second that it happens.

      That’s not really what I’m referring to, though. I know a fair number of women of average attractiveness who say that can’t be friends with other women because there’s so much drama, pettiness, backbiting, etc. Cat seems like that type to me, and it’s simply not because she’s too attractive, it’s because she’s a delusional asshole that brings nastiness and negativity everywhere she goes. Similarly, many of the women I know who complain of the same thing are actually the ones causing the drama and pettiness in all of their relationships with other girls, and they just can’t see it or admit to it. They choose to blame it on “women” instead. In fact, I think a lot of the same women who are insecure enough to treat attractive women badly are the people who fall into the category to which I’m actually referring.

      • NCGal

        My experience is that it is 99.99% NOT everybody else…it is you (or me). I hate that truism, but there you go. When I am irritable or disturbed, I gotta look at myself and what the ^%$ is going on where I am allowing this person, this situation to affect me? ANything else is just playing the blame-game and that gets me nowhere. It isn’t about being attractive or rich, it’s about choosing to be a victim which precludes one from responsibility and that requisite tough, self-examination.
        Ok. I feel better.

      • Jo Marie

        Amen Amanda! When we feel excluded from warmth and commonality it’s most often because we have our own guard up. The people who most fear the judgement of others are usually very judgemental themselves. It’s a difficult thing to correct in ourselves because we would first have to acknowledge that we have been wrong.

      • Matthew

        This falls into the “she doth protest too much” category. The more someone says they don’t like drama, the more they create it.

        And coming from a gay man, Cat does NOT fall into the “gorgeous” category. Bleh.

        Stacie. Stacie. Stacie. Stacie. LOVE HER!

  • Casey


    Well said. Though I didn’t want to seem conceited, I’ve had the problem ever since high school. I’m now 24! I’m lucky, though, I still have one true girlfriend. But when everything is about looks in this society, women judge other women as competition. When they feel they fall short — they hate on you. Period. End of story.

    Still, re the Housewives recaps — keep them coming!

  • Bagolicious

    I agree, Amanda….Cat seems to illuminate nastiness and negativity. And she always has some “cute” remark to make that others don’t think is so, “cute”, but find rather offensive, but instead of getting a “clue”, she continues with the “cute” comments.

    I’ve dealt with plenty of “Cat” types over the many decades, as I’m in my 50s, so plenty of “life” experience and I can sniff out bull**** a mile away.

    I have never had any Cat type of friends as I wouldn’t be bothered. There are too many “positive” and “non-offense” women out there, so I don’t need to waste my time with “Cat” types.

    And as for her appearance, as far as I’m concerned she’s not all that! I’ve known plenty of really attractive people and they have not had an “attitude” problem.

  • 5StarAsh

    I’m new to this site but I find myself excited to come here the day after a Real Housewives show has aired to see what Amanda has to say! I can’t wait to see what you have to say about the RHNJ Finale tomorrow night!

    P.S I must admit, I’m a do miss the McMansions that I’ve grown accustomed to seeing on the Orange County and New Jersey versions of the Real Housewives franchises ::sigh::

  • Edina

    that fugly white limo actually belongs to the salahis. it’s part of the vineyard’s now defunct party business.

    Also my iPad autocorrects salahis as salamis. Which is appropriate.

  • Rufina

    Seems that this world is dominated by “Real Houswifes of Anytown” these days sadly.
    I do not understand fascination with these shows, but then I am a single mother and I suppose if there was a show about single moms I might watch it.
    Reading this brilliant re cap made me remember why I do not watch TV any longer except for forensic-crime related shows and History/Discovery channels. Jeez, that would be wasted time that I would never get back again.
    I like Stacie and keep on wondering what is that educated and smart woman doing there on this show together with crazy Cat woman and two sleazy Salahis? Do you think Cat gets paid extra for being so out of touch with reality? Maybe it is all a front?

  • Bagolicious

    At the end of a really long and “serious” day at work, it’s nice to come home to “trash” TV before going to bed. I laugh my head off at many of the misfits on the Housewives shows and then I sleep like a baby!

  • Irene

    GREAT recap Amanda…I look forward to it every week. THANKS sooooooooo much.