Ok, so, level with me here. All of those jokes about Kim being drunk in the first hour of last night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale aren’t really quite so funny after sitting through the last 15 minutes, are they? All this time, Kim’s been comparing herself to her neice Paris, but Linsday Lohan may have been the more accurate corollary. Sorry, I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my years of Housewives-watching, though, it’s that the most important thing you can do is find someone to blame when everything goes wrong. I would like to nominate Taylor.

I would like to say that it all started out so innocently, but that would be a lie. Instead, we picked up with Camille at the departure for the Tonys with everyone swilling booze and ignoring the marriage crumbling before their very eyes and Camille trying to pull reluctant compliments out of Kelsey in the limo. The footage and their sporadic conversation was overlaid with audio and occasional video of Camille talking about how he wouldn’t talk to her or look at her or even allow her to be admitted to their apartment building as “Mrs. Grammer” without showing ID, and it really set the tone for the rest of the horrific, trainwreck-y episode. I don’t like Camille at all, but if you listened to that anecdote and didn’t feel at least a tad sad by proxy, then you have an even grinchier heart than I do. And, you know, you might want to get that looked at.

We then visited Kyle, who saw a psychic and brought her mom’s ashes and a lock of her hair to find out about her conflict with her sister. This is another one of those things that would appear in a game of Real Housewives Bingo. “House Foreclosure.” “Release a single.” “See an energist.” “Call someone jealous.” Now that I think of it, that really should be a game that we play while we watch, because there would easily be enough Housewives cliches to fill up a few columns.

Next, Lisa got together with Taylor to scope out the competition, drink rosé (Lisa’s clothes aren’t really pink, they just take on that color because of her drink of choice, sort of like a flamingo), hear about Taylor’s upcoming birthday party and gossip about Camille. Neither of them knew that Camille and Kelsey had broken up, so the gossip mainly centered around whether Camille and Kyle would get along at Taylor’s party.

Speaking of creating trouble, Lisa, never one to mince words, out and asked Taylor what kind of pot-stirring had happened when Taylor and Camille talked privately in New York. As it turns out, Taylor had blabbed about Kim forcing her to call Camille insecure at the airport, even though the footage of the conversation continues to contradict the claim that any force was necessary. It’s funny how footage always manages to stay the same, isn’t it? At any rate, I’m not sure how Taylor’s gossip about Kim ended in Camille freaking out at Kyle, but perhaps all the K names simply confused her and she pointed her anger at the wrong sister, and if that’s the case, it’s good that an erstwhile Kardashian didn’t mistakenly walk by during that conversation because she might have had a drink thrown on her.

Later at Taylor’s house, she and a friend sat out at the pool with Snowball and talked about how he must be sent away while the family goes to Mexico to forget that he ever existed. How tragic for them. It seemed as though Taylor hoped that maybe she could send herself away with the dog, ostensibly to a place safe from her husband’s creepy serial killer gaze, but she’d have to settle for a trip to Mexico with the Beverly Hills Strangler and their sneezy, rashy kid instead. Maybe if they take her to another country, she’ll forget she ever had a dog in the first place…

Over at Lisa’s house, we all found out that Cedric is 37. Sure, some other stuff happened in that scene and it was discussed that he should move out and whatever, but really, the takeaway is that he’s a 37-year-old manchild who’s running a long con on Lisa and won’t get out of her house. He looks good for 37, I’ll give him that, but how do you get to be that old without your own car or house or life? He seems content to live Lisa’s instead. Not that I can blame him, because Lisa’s life seems pretty excellent.

The next thing we knew, it was time for everyone to ready themselves for Taylor’s birthday party. Kim went to a makeup artist to learn how to put on eye shadow but was apparently too many cocktails deep to realize that opening one of her eyes while he did it would probably help her figure out how to do it on her own. Which is to completely ignore the sadness of a middle-aged woman who’s been married a bunch of times and had a bunch of kids wearing a pair of sneakers to a salon to learn about how to put on her eye shadow. Poor girl never got a childhood. She seems to want some sort or recognition from Kyle for it, but Kyle is quite a bit younger and probably doesn’t even pick up on the resentment.

Elsewhere, Lisa met with her personal designer to make boob jokes and pick out custom cocktail dresses. See, I told you her life was excellent.

At Camille’s place, things were still catatonically sad. She had been invited to Taylor’s party and intended to go, and she even got out a couple of cocktail dresses and shuffled them around a bit, but ultimately, she couldn’t find the wherewithall to go to attend. If the doorman incident had been playing over and over in my head, I might have stayed in too. And drank. Heavily. Or maybe I would have gone directly for the pills, I’m not sure.

While she wailed to a concerned (possibly paid to be concerned) friend, though, Camille managed to say one of the most interesting things of the night: “Whoever this is…I mean, I do in my heart believe it’s a woman…” Well, uh, did that seem like a little bit of wishful thinking to anyone else? Like, “God, please don’t let my husband have left me for a man because that would be a whole new level of public humiliation?” Now that I think about it, though, I’d probably rather be left for a dude than for a 29-year-old flight attendant. A 29-year old flight attendant who misspells her own first name. I’ve mentioned that, right?

Everyone else began to arrive at Taylor’s house for the food and cocktails, and they all looked predictably modern and rich and Southern Californian. Kyle wore some kind of dress with cutout sleeves that her husband seemed to want to rip off of her immediately, and Adrienne wore a crazy pair of Gianmarco Lorenzi uber-bedazzled shoes, because of course Adrienne has those Gianmarco Lorenzi shoes. I’d be more surprised if she didn’t have them. And then, Kim walked in.

Wearing an outfit straight out of one of the lesser episodes of Dynasty and a matching pearl choker and bracelet that can only be described as accessories of utter sadness, Kim arrived already a few sheets to the wind and having a good time. She had a friend with her and that guy Martin who she never went on a date with was also being friendly, and everything was fine. Just fine. Until, that is, Taylor decided to go have a nasty confrontation with someone who was clearly intoxicated. Always such a good idea.

As Kim and Taylor got louder and louder about whether or not Kim made Taylor say nasty things about Camille, the rest of the housewives started to gravitate over as the party guests looked on. Kim was spiraling quickly, sticking her finger in everyone’s faces and throwing accusations and complaining that she was being ganged up on. And really, she probably had a point with that last part, and also with the suspicion that Taylor isn’t really all that interested in being a good friend to Kyle.

Once the confrontation was broken up, Kim fled to the limo where Martin tried to calm her down and it became clear that she was probably somewhere in the neighborhood of blackout drunk. She babbled toward near-incoherence about how it was her career that had bought her family their house and bought Kyle her first car, and I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but it’s a clear indication that stage-momming your kid into child stardom is often nothing short of child abuse and will, at the very least, probably make your kid some sort of self-loathing substance abuser when she grows up. The spliced-in interviews with Kim were particularly hard to watch with this new knowledge; what once appeared to be mere flightiness now looked much more like intoxicated slurring.

Perhaps the saddest moment in a night filled with things that could have made you weepy all on their own (seriously, y’all, even Andy Cohen seemed depressed last night) came after Adrienne, the voice of all Housewife reason, jumped in the limo to try and calm the situation. In trying to divine the nature of Kim’s problem with Kyle, she asked if she was lonely and perhaps wanted Kyle to be around more. Like one of Pavlov’s dogs trained to save face when the word “lonely,” is uttered, Kim momentarily snapped back to sad coherence to weakly protest that she likes being alone, and you could tell that she really wanted to believe it.

Things went from deeply sad to sad and sort of terrifying once Kyle jumped in the limo and her apparently long-festering resentments rose to the top. It would be easy to see Kyle as the aggressor and Kim as the victim in this scene, but as with all family issues, I think the actual dynamics at play are far more complex. Yes, screaming and ranting and letting your sister’s Big Secret out to the world, in addition to invoking your mother’s death and letting it slip that Mario has been paying Kim’s bills, was an objectively mean thing to do. I felt sick to my stomach just watching it. But.

Having to be your big sister’s keeper for all of your adult life also can’t be easy, particularly when you have four kids of your own and she has four kids that, if she is an alcoholic, she likely can’t adequately care for without help. If Kyle’s family is paying Kim’s bills and Kyle feels like she is the one who is in charge of making all of her sister’s problems go away, then that can only lead to a giant, festering ball of resentment and anger that I think we’ve seen glimpses of all season. Those little put-downs and moments of passive-aggression didn’t come from nowhere, and if Kim’s exodus from rehab after a week is indicative of her attitude toward her alcoholism, then some of Kyle’s behavior was probably at least understandable, if not particularly mature or justified. The fear of letting down your dead mother because you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped, not to mention that your sister’s need for help must remain a secret even to your close friends, is probably enough to make anyone a little catty.

It also wasn’t Kim’s fault, clearly. The damage done to her was done long ago, and now she’s three marriages and four kids deep and still wishing she could go back and be 17 again and learn how to do her makeup when the rest of us did. And that is some deep stuff, y’all. Plenty of people wish they could go back and try for their dream job or move away for college or tell that boy that they loved him, but wishing you could go back and learn how to do your makeup? That’s a special kind of regret the likes of which I can barely even conceptualize.

So who does that leave? Taylor. I promised you 2,000 words ago that she would be at fault for all of this, and although these issues weren’t hers, she certainly didn’t have to poke a drunk woman with a pointy stick in public and with the knowledge that the rest of the women had also had a few cocktails. Not only was it unnecessary, but the impetus for the argument seemed completely mean-spirited, to say nothing of inappropriate timing. And when everyone gathered around, Kyle should have had to good sense to step into the confrontation, regardless of her anger at her sister, and break it up. Why couldn’t everyone just leave Kim and her sad Dynasty outfit alone?

As always, the finale ended with little blurbs about what everyone had done since filming, and not only did Kim get put into (and promptly check herself out of) rehab, but she and Kyle are also no longer speaking. Also not getting along? Lisa and Cedric, who are no longer in contact, probably because she finally figured out that Cedric’s a grifter. Which means, of course, that there’s an upshot to this entire sad season – Lisa has an opening for a sidekick. I’m updating my resumé as we speak.

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  • coachwife6

    I need to start watching this. (ipad)

  • Christina

    Did you watch What Happens Live? I tried to stay up and see what Taylor had to say about the finale, but fell asleep.

    My favorite housewife by far is Adrienne. Loved her Gianmarco Lorenzi shoes!

    • stilettolife

      Taylor once again Lied through her lips.

  • ninjaninja

    So crazy! (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Why are these housewives so into psychic? (ipad)

  • lz

    So at the reunion show do we find out what Kim meant by ‘you stole my house’??? What is up with that?

  • elaina

    It was in bad taste for Taylor to confront Kim at Taylor’s own birthday party. How do you invite someone to celebrate a special occasion with you and then attack that person? Taylor is now coming off not only as a liar, but a mean passive aggresive person. Kyle should be ashamed of herself for treating her sister that way. They were complaining about Kim not having Kyle’s back with Camille. What about Kyle not having Kim’s back when she was clearly spiraling out of control? To keep going over that same New York drama was painful to watch. Let it rest. Clearly Kim has many deep rooted issues, but to gang up on a unstable person who is crying out for help is heinous!!!! I had tears in my eyes watching Kim in the back of that limo.

    • S

      Me too! I felt very sad watching it. I feel Kyle wants to help her sister, but she wants the world to know what she has done. That’s not selfless at all. Some of my closest friends have no idea what I’ve gone through for one of my siblings. Its not my story to tell. But also I would hate to be the one to reveal undesirable qualities about a sibling I love so much.

  • ninjaninja

    Isn’t there always some grand fight in the end of each season? (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Cedric is 37!? I guess he didn’t have a job because he spent the majority of his time taking advantage of nice, decent people. (ipad)

  • quimerula

    I don’t follow any RH show. (ipad).

  • Sue

    Wow…Although I do feel for Kyle as she has probably had Kim’s back for a long time…it was so sad to see what happened between them. For Kyle to blurt out “the secret” to me was crossing a huge line. Just last week Kyle was hugging her and thanking her for being there for her family at the graduation. Just felt so sad for Kim by the end. Hopefully she will get help, marry Martin and live happily ever after!!! I=pad

  • m1ni

    Love your recap Amanda, Thanks
    Hard to believe the sisters came to this because of the ‘phony’ and ‘delusional’ Camille?
    I really feel bad for Kim. For all the big sister that feel like she is taking care of the whole family, take care of yourself better on top of everything. Don’t let your lil sister screaming on you on tv that her husband treat you like a second wife. (ipad)


    Excellent recap, as usual! I almost enjoy your recaps more than the actual RH shows. I thought Andy Cohen’s WWH poll was mean spirited under the circumstances (Are you on Team Kim or Team Kyle?) and even HE looked embarrassed by it. Your thoughtful summary of the complexity of alcoholism in family dynamics was a breath of fresh air, amongst all this juvenile Team – So and So crap. Yes Kyle was nasty and mean in last nights episode, but who knows what she has gone through with an alcoholic family member? Lots I am sure, and compassion for Kim in in order as well. Sides need not be taken, this is a complex issue and both “sides” need therapy and healing.

    I too was shocked that Cedrid is 37!!

    I heard Adrianne say “we are Virgos” which interested me (as a fellow Virgo). Camille also said in an earlier episode that she is a virgo. Anyone know what sign the others are?

  • c.c.

    Horrible. What vultures. Kyle is the new Jill Zarin.
    Anyone remember the Vanity Fair article about the Hiltons and it was mentioned what a huge nut and stage mother the mother was. I think all three daughters (Kathy, Kyle & Kim) have more issues than you can shake a stick at.

    Who didn’t know that Kyle was going to play the drinking card? She’s been dying to do it all season. Was she actually going to fistfight with her sister in the limo? The mind boggled at that one.

    We do now know why Camille only has paid friends because control freak Kelsey didn’t want her to have friends. Totally believe that one. I know two people that have had contact with him and say he’s a huge a-hole. One was a waiter so that may not count, but I’ve never read a nice thing about him ever.

  • Shana

    Wow, just wow. That’s what I thought the whole time! (ipad)

  • bjf

    I thought the whole show was depressing! Gee…guess it goes to show money can’t make you happy because the only one who seems really truly happy is Adriene. Lisa is happy but has SUCKER written all over her!!! Makes me a lot happier with my life!!! I may not be rich but my husband doesn’t look like a serial killer, my sister isn’t a alcoholic, and no one wants to mooch off of me!! Guess…I got it pretty good.

  • Lorie

    First off, your description of Taylor’s husband (Beverly Hills Strangler) and child (sneezy, rashy) cracked me up! Spot on.

    I feel like I need to go back and watch all the episodes again now that the information is out about Kim. God bless her. It was really, really hard to watch last night. It really explains a lot about her – and Kyle.

    And then to top it off, I honestly and sincerely felt terrible for Camille. She looked like someone who was completely devastated. The whole doorman story was horrible. In a sense, Kelsey tricked her into going to the Tony Awards with him. She went thinking that maybe they could salvage their marriage – then to find out that she isn’t “Mrs. Grammer” because “Mrs. Grammer” was already in the apartment… Dang. That’s lower than dirt. Camille has her faults – we’re all pretty clear on that. But Kelsey is no prize. Seems like I wasn’t the only one who was surprised to find out he’s cheating with another woman and not a man.

    And then Taylor… I can’t even add to what you said. She’s a real piece of work.

    Was I the only one who noticed that awful highlight or whatever it was above Taylor’s top lip last night on WWHL? It was like she had the milk mustache. I kept wanting Andy to ask her if she “Got Milk?”. Maybe it was the studio lights reflecting off her lips? It was very annoying.

    • Lorie

      It’s good to be reminded that these aren’t characters in a show – they’re real people. And just like anyone else, they have huge chunks of life that we never see or know about. I don’t wish them bad things, but I admit that I tune in to see the weekly train wreck.

      This whole time I truly believed that Kim is just a flighty, scatterbrained person. I never saw it coming that she’s got a very, very serious problem.

      It was pretty much a wake up call – even for the spectators (us).

  • lolanyc

    i use to like taylor now she just pissed me off. why start a fight at her party.. oh yea the ratings I forgot. well I’m on team Lisa ! haha I think Kyle was just so fed up she blew up. If Kim does have issues which i think she does. shes a bit flaky. Kyle may have the right to tell her off. Adrinne is the most sane.. along with Lisa. I feel bad for Lisa, cedric seems like a leech. Thank god hes out of their house.. I will take his place! =)
    and I felt horrible for camille. She went through such crap! Left for a 29 yr old.. who hes engaged to already WOW. what a slap in the face. I think Kyle might be the bully here. Camille was sorta wrong being all innocent.. but wow kyles fight at the end. SUPER! I was stunned! Great job housewives! I cannot WAIT for that reunion.. and I think this might be my fav housewives yet. Along with NY! =)Great recap BTW

  • lolanyc

    oh and i did want to add about taylors husband!! when all the housewives were looking at him giving that speech. how awkward! he didnt mean a word of it! LOL AND he does look like some sorta creepy killer! YUCK! u know she married for his millons! FOR SURE! I know they will break up sooner or later. adios! how does she sleep with that guy! I would throw up on a daily basis if I woke up to that face..lol

    • KDO

      I think Kyle is being judged very harshly and her love for her sister should not be questioned. The showdown was very ugly and uncomfortable to watch but it was not a performance for the cameras. It was a very heated, passionate fight between two siblings who many complex issues and long history that we, as viewers, are not privvy to. We have all said things in the heat of passion that we’d like to take back. I truly believe that Kyle did not bring up Kim’s problems in a vindictive way to expose her. With so many things bottled up inside, things were bound to explode in one of their fiery exchanges.

      Now, Taylor, she’s something else. Even in WWHL, Taylor did not see herself as the one responsible for what happened between Kim and Kyle. Again, she’s stirs the pot. But I haven’t figured out why. It can’t be due to only poor judgement. What does she get out of doing it? Is she trying to make herself feel better inside by deflecting and causing others to argue? She has one of the most unfulfilled, sad life. Someone questioned how she’s able to even be with her husband. It’s the money and the lifestyle that she’s in love with. Didn’t Lisa, or someone, say something to the effect that Taylor is in love with the Beverly Hills way of life. I mean, you’ve got to wonder why the heck SHE would be the one who pursued Russell to date him?? There’s obviously no physical attraction. Taylor seems really empty and lost and maybe she’s compensating for that in some way.

      As much as I hate Camille, I do feel bad for her for the way the marriage fell apart. Kelsey is a pig. Camille is also really materialistic and selfish, though. She could have easily kept her family together, especially with her kids being young, by moving to NYC for the year. But that would have cramped her lifestyle. I’m mostly sad for the kids. As for the adults, they need to just grow up and put their pursuit for personal pleasure behind the priority of the kids’ well being.

      I need to rest up for the reunion.

      • Sue

        On WWHL,I think Adrienne wanted to call Taylor out on her lies…but she wouldn’t do it…

      • I agree that I think Kyle is perhaps not being given enough leeway. I’ve liked Kyle all season, but she hasn’t been one of my favorites, so I don’t think I’m biased when I say that it is hard being emotionally responsible for an addict. It’s the kind of thing that slowly eats at you over years and years, and although the person drinking or abusing drugs may think that they’re only hurting themselves, it goes far beyond that.

        If Kim couldn’t even find it within herself to stay in rehab when her family put her there, then I’m more than willing to give Kyle the benefit of the doubt and believe that it has been seriously draining to have that burden on her shoulders for all these years. And not just the burden of Kim’s well-being, but looking out for her children and her financial safety. She had the same awful stage mother that Kim did, after all, and now she’s doubly encumbered – not just by the psychological damage that she’s surely carrying around, but also by an ill-advised pledge to be her sister’s keeper. I wouldn’t wish that on anymore, no more than I would wish alcoholism on anyone.

        In family issues like this, there’s rarely ever a lone victim and a lone aggressor. I have a feeling they’ve both been playing both roles, back and forth, for most of their adult lives.

    • suz

      Amen, Amanda. You are a wise soul.

  • Pam

    I have never watched this.(ipad)

  • Ok, so I’m still trying to get my full grasp around this episode, which I don’t think I was really able to do in the time allotted between the episode and publication. I’m still thinking about it.

    What strikes me the most at the moment is how much all of us, myself chiefly included, tune in every week hoping for a trainwreck with as many casualties as possible. We’re out for blood, almost every last one of us. And we got it, and it doesn’t feel good or fun or even pleasantly schadenfreudistic.

    It feels like searching for a bathroom at a party and wandering into the wrong back room where two people are having an argument, and not just any argument, but one where there’s crying and yelling and something real is going on that’s going to affect those two people’s lives long after the party has ended and the guests have gone home.

    You feel embarrassed and like you’ve trespassed and done something wrong for having found them, but still slightly curious as to what was going on, and then even worse for wondering at all. And you apologize quickly and fumblingly and hurry out and hope that the house has a bathroom elsewhere, except we didn’t hurry out last night, we sat and watched.

    I feel a little dirty is what I’m saying, I guess.

    • PhotoGirl

      Indeed. In fact, I find myself thinking that I’m going to have to wean myself from this type of “entertainment” because it does nothing to elevate the culture or anyone who watches it. I felt ashamed when I turned the TV off last night. What’s the point of watching a group of women bully a timid alcoholic? I like to think that I would not tolerate such a scene if it were actually happening right in front of me, but I do think that this type of TV helps us all to become more coarse and much less civil. And we’re paying our hard-earned money for this “experience” to boot! Something to think about. . .

    • NCGal

      Well said: my sentiments exactly. What happened to Kim was true bullying, not the “bullying” Kelly Bensimone claims. Either case, it feels bad having had a front-row seat to it.
      Love you and your heart, Amanda

    • Mimi

      Well said indeed! Watching that horrific limo scene unfortunately brought back memories of some very similar family “incidents” and I felt exactly the same– alternately feeling sick to my stomach and needing to take a shower! Think I’ll skip the reunion show.

      That being said, I love your writing Amanda! If you ever decide to write a book, I’ll be in line. (Oops, I mean downloading from my electronic device!)

    • vividtexas

      just got to watch the episode last night….you’re ABSOLUTELY correct, the “train-wrecks” DO make for good television, and we tune in week after week. But when you consider that these are REAL people, not characters, it does make me feel a little dirty, more than a little voyeuristic, to be watching and judging. BTW, LOVE your recaps, as always. And, yeah, I’m looking forward to the reunion show, for better or worse! :/

    • Jennifer

      Amanda, I know what you mean and maybe I should feel bad about finding this show (and this episode in particular) so entertaining but I don’t because as corny as it sounds I feel like I learn from it and kind of gain some insight into people and how we really are all the same when it’s all boiled down. For instance I’ve seen some of these Beverly Hills type women in the flesh and had I actually seen Kyle, Taylor or Lisa out and about in their flashy cars, and expensive clothes and jewelry…I probably would have written them all off in a similar vain… which is to say they just never seemed like “real” people to me… and it was interesting to me to watch this show and see these women that I had pre-conceived notions about having discussions about feeling jealousy within their female friendships, or showing desperate vulnerability because they want so badly to connect with their spouse, or even like with Lisa, displaying such crass and witty humor.
      As for Camille, there’s nothing like the REALITY FAN karma fairy (is it karma??) slapping you on the hand for cheering on the downslide of someone who is agreeably utterly unlikable… only to find out that when the s hits the f… surprise! I actually do feel badly for her. And its interesting that no matter how much I dislike someone when the tide turns and you see someone in pain, I for one kind of want to throw a rope out to them…
      (HOWEVER- one exception- that vicious, venom spewing, vile, horrific excuse for a human being: Alison Dubois, THAT WOMAN deserves everything she gets and I feel no sympathy for her at all.)
      And with regards to tonights episode, wow it was like stepping back far enough to view a painting in its entirety and I feel really sorry for Kim and her childhood. I’d like to hand out the dvd of this season to all the stage parents I see in LA. I don’t necessarily thinks it’s “BAD” that Kim’s alcoholism came to light, I think it provides a lot more insight into her life and her behaviors…also I’ve never judged Kyle for her fights w her sister, its clear that it goes back deeper and farther than any of us can understand…
      And slightly off topic, years ago I watched a reality tv episode (on mtv? maybe?) and they profiled a crack addict, someone that if I saw them on the street- yeah I would have a shaken my head and wrote them off, but this footage of their life, while it could be considered “voyeuristic” and a “trainwreck”… it made me see the human behind the “drug addict” label and I was so touched by the person’s story I just sobbed, because I wanted so much better for them and because I had momentarily forgotten there was a REAL person there.
      Look, I’m not trying to make the argument that RH is this noble show and the best place to find life lessons, but I think we all get some of the same stuff out of it, which is that yes, while entertaining and voyeuristic, we’re really drawn to the human interaction, the psychology of human behavior, the inside glimpses of peoples’ lives that seem “different” from us, the complex relationships between sisters, the different dynamics between spouses… and the realization that we all struggle with the same issues, no matter what you look like or how much you earn.

  • Jill

    i can’t wait for the reunion (ipad)

  • Handbag Lover

    First off good blog, I felt so bad for Kim last night at the end, it broke my heart. Taylor was dead wrong for how she started the argument and what’s so crazy is people were blaming Kim but she was telling the TRUTH. Taylor was the one who started it by talking to Camille and Taylor was the one who made the comments in the airport. I read Kyle’s blog on Bravo and her comment on Twitter that this was a moment in time she wishes she could take back. My heart and prayers go out to the family because it is a sad situation.

    I thought cedric situation was a bit hard to believe; so, I wish him well and hope he gets back on his feet, he is a grown man. Adrienne is a PURE LADY and she is the epitome of CLASS!

  • Handbag Lover

    Sorry (ipad)

  • S

    I agree with you Amanda. I liked Taylor, but why did she feel the need ton confront Kim there – maybe their little pedicure outing would have been a better time. And I know everyone loves Kyle. I did too. But she has left a nasty taste in my mouth the way she HAD to bring NY again to Kim, bring up their mom again and then completely expose (throw her sister under the bus) Kim while raging at her in a limo. Ugh that was terrible behavior. Shame on her. There is no excuse. I’ve been a provider/protector for my siblings. My wonderful husband has been more than generous to one of my slightly lost/confused siblings. And this particular sibling has had moments where he is ungrateful, haughty and selfish. But I wouldn’t air our his dirty laundry. I would much rather cut him off of what I do for him.
    I don’t know that Kyle cares for Kim as much as she says she does. This episode made me sad and angry at Kyle for thinking she’s the only one that supports and helps out her siblings when they are in need. Furthermore, she felt the need to reveal it.

    • Kris

      I totally agree with you. Family business should stay family business. Someone did Kim and Kyle a great disservice letting them do this show. They clearly have issues that need to to be worked out PRIVATELY. (ipad)

  • PhotoGirl

    Just when I thought that nothing about the RH franchise could surprise me. . .

    I felt badly for Kyle and for Kim. The burden of caring for a loved one with a substance abuse problem is a heavy one, indeed. Believe me. I know what I’m talking about. That said, I tend to operate by a well-known principle which states that while I may say whatever I want to a close relative, a stranger who does so will have hell to pay! Kyle should have put an end to that little debacle and said what she had to say to Kim off camera. I hope that Kim will one day make a serious effort at rehab.

    Moving on, I give big props to Lisa and Adrienne for managing to come through an entire RH season without making fools of themselves. I was touched by Adrienne’s compassion for Kim.

    As for Camille, my feelings for her have not changed, but the doorman story broke my heart all the same. Why do women do this sort of thing to one another? Homewreckers are the lowest life form there is, IMO. In Camille’s place, once past the doorman, I probably would have gone up to my apartment and thrown the b**** out. Actually, there’s no “probably” about it.

    Oh, and Taylor, clearly, money can’t buy *you* class. (ipad)

  • ellen

    have never watched this… not on the telly here (ipad)

  • FashionIsMyHobby

    I can’t really get into this show. (ipad)

  • Sue E

    Oh tired of these wives yet they get high viewership (ipad)

  • Heather

    Just seems so complicated that I wouldn’t be able to keep up! (ipad)

  • Kathy

    Taylor is the trouble maker…she pretends to be Kyle’s friend, but she clearly started things going between Kyle & Camille; and she clearly started things going between Kyle and her sister Kim. Taylor is trying to steal her place in Hollywood instead of earning it. (ipad)

  • dalex

    I have to watch this! Cedric is 37?! Wow! (ipad)

  • Jo Marie

    We were all invited to this show. If by chance we’ve had a peak behind the curtain of their usual theatrics, it’s not because we’ve been trespassing.

  • Mimi

    Drunk or not, Kim was on point about Taylor, and Kyle had better take note, watch her back AND keep Taylor away from that delicious Mauricio! The more I listened to Cedric the more fake his accent seemed to sound. Maybe I was falling asleep but there even seemed to be fleeting moments when he slipped and lost the accent entirely! Adrianne and Lisa will never be embarrassed by any of their footage from this season. They have been my favorites.

  • Becky

    Simply reading the last part of this recap depressed me. This might be one episode that I skip altogether due to its overall level of sadness. However, I have to say that these recaps have been wonderful and very funny, and to echo the sentiments of several previous posters better than the episodes themselves.(ipad)

  • Joanna

    This episode was painful to watch (ipad).

  • Laura

    who starts a fight in her own birthday party? oh wait, it’s tv and you’re paid to do that.

  • Jen

    It’s painful to read about too. (ipad)

  • Barb

    Amanda you nailed it right on it’s head with your followup commentary. I’m new to the BH section of RH, after getting sucked in by last week and the sad Tony awards. But this week was beyond sad. I feel like a voyeur and it’s not a good feeling. There are so many layers of disfunction going on between the sisters that I just can’t wrap my head around it. And to have it egged on for entertainment, just adds more! I need a good shower and to forget I ever watched..(Ipad)

  • cl

    this eppy was beyond words. I usualy am not a kim defender but I felt genuinely horrible for her last night especially the things that kyle said about her in the car. You’re right, even peppy Andy seemed so down on WWHL and after that show & seeing how it all turned out after filming, i’d be sad too!
    BUT that reunion eppy looks like it’s gonna be JUICY!!!! (ipad)

  • RedHead

    I was just so SAD & DISGUSTED last nite: Sad for Kim. Sad for Camille. (hides behind laptop as I type that last one.) Disgusted by Cedric whose “grifty-ness” was so apparent last nite. Disgusted that Kyle would air that dirty laundry about her sister. Disgusted by Russell saying that Taylor was 30 and giving such an unloving birthday speech.

    Question: Was Taylor always like “this” or does living with a passive-aggresive, unaffectionate husband and a bratty child turn you into what Taylor has become? (ipad)

  • shallowgal

    That whole scene in the limo really made little to no sense. In fact, the fight @ the party was confusing. The editing on this one was off the charts.
    It just didn’t hang together. Or maybe they all were drinking & I was sober, who knows?
    Kyle’s actions are understandable in a way ~ drunks are extremely frustrating to deal with.
    As for Taylor’s husband, I’m not getting a “serial killer” vibe ~ more like a “why in the heck are all these cameras around?” thing going on.

  • Lilac

    Great recap! Insightful and funny at the same time as always.

    Taylor pretty much had it out for Kim the moment she set out to confront her. Kyle never bothered to hear Kim out. The most tragic thing between the sisters is that Kim has been trying to confront Taylor with the truth and every time she does, Taylor starts yelling at her along with Kyle.

    I’m wondering why Kyle refuses to listen to Lisa about Taylor too. She will only befriend someone if she thinks they have something to offer her. Taylor started this whole mess in NY when she was trying to brown-nose Camille. She sold out everyone. She told Camille that Lisa had been trash-talking on the plane too.

    Adrienne is so smart. I wonder why she’s close friends with trout lips.

  • Lilac


  • DUH!

    Of course Kim’s an alcoholic! Now it’s seems so obvious! The whole season is so much clearer now that we have this information. Bravo couldn’t have scripted it to unfold any better. I hope that Kyle, Kim’s adult kids and Bravo have the good sense to insist that Kim is sober before they allow her to shoot another season. I’m feeling sick about how she was exploited.

    • suz

      For some reason, I think I heard she’s not coming back. Anyone else hear that?

  • Lauren

    Is it sad that I stopped watching the show(s) ages ago and read your blog to stay current? Once again, wonderful recap. (iPad)

  • BeHappy

    you ask how a 37 year old can get thru life without a job/car ect. it’s easy. My brother is doing it . 38 and still living at home. I have heard every sob story in the world. these people are so good at manipulation . They lie there way thru life.
    I hope there is another season. great finale .
    thank you Amanda for a season of great recaps.
    the story continues….

  • dickens

    To say, “Mom had to die worrying about you…” is about as cruel and underhanded as you can get. I don’t care what happened in the past. No way can I excuse Kyle for saying that.

    The end of the show was hard to watch. Who knew it would take such a sad turn? Even so, the reunion will be must-watch TV at my house.

  • Akshata

    Can’t wait for the reunion. (ipad)


    i had reservations about ths show (ipad)


    but ended up loving it (ipad)


    i felt bad for kim in this episode (ipad)

    • swati

      Same here. and the part about going back to learn how to do makeup …… sad (ipad)


    she was kinda right about taylor (ipad)


    but no one saw that (ipad)


    but then again i dont know the history btw kim and kyle (ipad)

  • BeHappy

    oh and i forgot ( ipad) he he he

  • Sue

    I knew Kim was addicted to something by the 3rd episode….uhh Beverly Hills, former child star…what do we expect?! Either way, I don’t think Kim deserved to treated the way she was and I hope she and Kyle can mend their relationship…family is really important.

  • Sue

    Oh yeah (ipad)

  • Rachel

    Ok I maybe Kim is an alcoholic and maybe Kyle has been taking care of her but if she resents it she should stop. She does not have the right to gang up on Kim and stand by while someone else argues with her. When she walked up to the argument Taylor was inappropriately having with Kim she immediately confronted Kim, yelling at her. I felt so bad for Kim because you could visibly see her shutting down. In my opinion I think that Kyle allowed everyone to gang up on Kim for pay back for New York. I could never imagine any of my friends treating my sister like that. Also, what was up with Kyle not letting Kim leave. Also, Kyle get over New York. It was clear Kim was uncomfortable.

    I hate to say it but I felt sorry for Camille and Kelsey is a D-bag.

    • PrettyMean

      Agree Agree Agreed! What a finale

  • Titi

    I actually cried when I read this recap. You are on point with everything. I felt so bad for Kim and Kyle too and like you said its not about teams. I hope they take the time to work through their issues and find peace within, cos they really need it. I think they forgot that the cameras were indeed rolling. Taylor is miserable and just wants everyone else to be miserable too! I did feel bad for Camille, she just needs to shut up about talking smack about him already on camera, he is still the father of her kids. She can save all that smack for talks with girlfriends in private. Gasp @ Cedric, 37!! He is 37 I want to look that great at 37, lmao(ipad)

  • christine

    Sad to watch, I agree with Adrienne when she told Kyle every family has there problems which is why communication is so important (ipad)

  • Hedda Gabler

    I just wanted to say that I was hanging out in Beverly Hills on Monday (on vacation) and went to Villa Blanca. I saw Ken pull up in a Bentley coupe and load some boxes inside; I waved and said hi and he said hello back. Very nice guy.

  • suz

    Wow….it is called Real Housewives, and I think we actually saw something real…for better or for worse. Addicted family members generally manipulate the entire family, as well as others who try to “help”…and unless the family members get “educated” about addictive behavior, they generally getted sucked in. So, hopefully, Kim gets sober and Kyle, et al, get educated about the dysfunction and how to react and deal. I have to say, last night seemed like a little TMI…kind of went beyond entertainment and into watching a trainwreck territory. Taylor, on the other hand, it a creature of her own making, so she’s still fair game….as is Camille. Kelsy remains one of the great douche bags of all time. Yuck! Insightful recap and comments. I was afraid, people where going to react as they did for the ridiculous poll on WWHL. I enjoy this blog because you all are (for the most part) articulate, wise and most of all, have a sense of humor. Thanks.

  • hfxshopgirl

    i’m with amanda, i felt dirty after watching this episode… (ipad)

  • Jenn

    Crazy (ipad)

  • qudz

    ive been trying to find a link online to view this episode! But after reading the recap, this indeed sounds like a sad episode. While i cant put myself in anyones shoes, i would wish kyle would have the good sense to not mention what she did for all of america to see. Good tv, yes, but if it hurts your family? Whats so good about that? (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Dress on Kim was horrible. (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    I felt so bad for Kim though. (ipad)

  • Amy

    Just a couple things – first, I thought it was a little strange that on WWHL Taylor admitted that Taylor isn’t really her first name. Apparently it’s her maiden name but everyone called her by her last name so she changed it to her first name? This was new to me and for whatever reason I found it odd. Maybe because it adds to the pile of fake things about her and makes me wonder who/where’s the real Shana – obviously she has no idea who she is…

    Second – I didn’t catch the part where Camille said she assumed/hoped it was another woman but could it also be interpreted that he would only leave her if he had another one to go to? Not necessarily a question of his sexual orientation but more of his need to have a woman in his world? He wouldn’t leave her just because she’s an awful person because he would rather be with her and miserable than alone? I dunno… he definitely has an effeminate vibe but I don’t necessarily get a huge gaydar reading off him either. I dunno… I’m still overwhelmed by the whole show – I can’t even begin to think about the Richards sisters.

    • amyg

      Taylors’ “ever changing name”: she also stated that it was a repeat question and it will be more discussed during the Reunion special

  • LauraJ

    This was all so very sad. Having dealt with family in addiction, I completely understand Kyle’s surmounting frustrations that have been festering all season. I doubt that Kyle’s deceased mother wished to see her daughters battling it out in a limo on national television. I’m sure Kim showing up 3 sheets to the wind had already ruffled Kyle’s feathers- then throw in a recap of the entire NY debacle opening old wounds was just spark the powder keg needed.

    As sad it is to see someone outed on TV about alcoholism, maybe this was Kyle’s last recourse. I had also thought there was something strange in Kim’s personal interview clips- the way she trailed off so frequently, how her voice fluctuated (gravelly, clear, mumbled, incoherent) it all makes sense.

    I’ll be watching the reunion episode with my hands over my eyes (iPad)

  • Mousse

    so sad but I would be happy with the (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Fame just make them bigger monsters (ipad)

  • Bagolicious

    To air one’s dirty, family laundry while the cameras roll is just tacky. There’s a time and place for everything and that wasn’t it.

  • ninjaninja

    I feel so bad for Kim (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    How can you be sane if you choose to go on a show like this? (ipad)

  • Marianna

    I don’t feel sorry for any of them. They have all chosen fame over self respect and sanity! (ipad)

  • steph

    Amanda your recaps are the best and thank you! This episode was a hard one to watch I agree with everyone. I feel bad for Camille and think that no one should be treated that way. But Camille feeling that he was keeping her down I think is a bit of a justification for herself. If she felt that he was keeping her from having a life of her own why did she stay for 13 years, and then go to the tony’s and try to save her marriage. I think she was trying to save her lifestyle. I also think Taylor is one the wives need to look for. She has been lying the whole time about the Camille-Kyle incident. But yet she keeps changing the story first she didn’t say anything, now that Kim had been hounding her for information on Camille. And she is super scary with the way she stares at Kyle and Marucio. We get it your unhappy in your marriage can’t blame you but seriously its a little Single white female scary.
    Kim and Kyle those two are in my prayers. I think it was wrong for Kyle to announce to the world about her addiction, that should have been Kim’s choice but I can understand where Kyle might have been coming from. Kyle should have difused the taylor-kim situation when she saw them talking. It’s been apparent those two don’t get along and if you know your sister has a drinking problem and has been drinking, why not pull Taylor (your new BFF) and be like i don’t think this is the apporiate time to be talking to her rather than joining in.
    Sorry so long!!

  • Engrmom

    Maybe I’m just a weird person but I thought Kim looked really pretty on that party. Like Kim I am not confrontational i’m not good at arguing so I can relate to Kim. Also known family trying to deal with person with addiction. Not pretty and if you an emotional type like K&K it made it 100 time worst. I like all these housewives except Camille but I think K&K behavior was inappropriate. I’m really surprise for someone who proclaim their deep love for one another yet not protect one another from the enemies i.e. Taylor and Camille. (iPad)

  • PrettyMean

    Ive just signed my name to the Coalition Against Taylor, which is creepy b/c my poor daughter’s name is Taylor :&

  • Kayt

    I don’t like Kyle, at all… (ipad)

    • JenG

      Me too!

  • joycee

    so twisted…I feel for kim (ipad)

  • M

    I think it was a good first season for BH. They should get some younger house wives next season.

    How can sisters fight like that on TV. (ipad)

  • Stacy P

    The finale was great. I did feel so sorry for Camille, she was just clinging on to Kelsey to make their marriage work. Maybe she will refer to the real housewives of New York and see how well Luann is doing and that will give her some strength.

  • Adrienne C

    great recap Amanda! (ipad)

  • Tracey G.

    awesome recap..excited for the reunion (ipad)

  • Jsays

    this show is entertaining, my brother watches it.(ipad)

  • anne

    You can add plastic surgery, anti-aging spa treatments and awkward toasts to the list of Bingo categories.

    Adrienne wins my vote for coolest housewife ever! I also love the dynamic between her and Paul.

    I’ve never really liked Taylor, and this sealed the deal. She’ll do anything she has to in order to save face.

    Kyle is a bully. Take a look at how Caroline Manzo handles the situation with her family…she always defends them to the end. That’s what family is for! Now, Kyle can tell Kim privately how she feels or about her resentments, but to throw her under the bus in front of non-relatives? Even if it wasn’t on tv, it would be a horrible thing to do. I always found it funny how everyone went on and on about how Kim didn’t have Kyle’s back in New York. When does Kyle EVER have Kim’s back? All she does is talk crap about her every chance she gets.

  • JenG

    @Anne: I don’t have to write a comment because you said exactly what I was thinking. Great recap Amanda!(ipad)

  • Ladonna

    First of all, for Camille, whatever you do to get him is what you gotta do to keep him, furthermore, theres been a couple of things said re Kelseys sexual orientation, and I think it might be a dirty little wide open secret in certain circles, not sure, but I believe so. Camille is a nasty bitch, she loves pulling her husbands finacial weight around and I wonder what shes going to do now, she needs to take a few lessons from the First Wives Club, because even with all the money she’ll get in settlment, shes still a nothing and unless she plans on giving a lot of that mney away, no one will give her the time of day in the geographical area she is in. She threatened Kyle with taking she and Kelseys real estate business elsewhere, now, it doesn’t matter if she does because NOW! she has no husband or p0wer. Unless, as I said, she plans on keeping on buying friends and confidants. I don’t like Camille at all, I’m glad she won’t be back next season, and I feel sorry for Kim. She needs help and she needs to cut those toxic women out of her life. She needs to get herself together and move someplace where she dosen’t have to impress anyone and in fact, if she feels like, she can tell them all to kiss her ass. I actually like Lisa and Adrienne, the jury is still out on Taylor. I think Taylor is too easily influenced to be a good friend to anyone. Her husband is socially inept and I don’t know how he manages to do anything business wise because hes so socially ackward. Can’t wait until the next one.

  • c.c.

    Keep in mind that Kyle was the one approached to do a Real Housewives of BH and she’s the one that rounded up the cast members.

    If she knew her sister (that she loooooooves) had so many issues or had a drinking problem why on earth did she get her sister on the show? She knew it would come out.

    She’s so wonderful and she’s done so much for her sister- please. Family helps family. You don’t drag them on TV when you know they have problems.

    I feel bad for Kim and especially bad for her children. It’s their Aunt that was instrumental in doing this.

    The more I think about this the more it annoys me.

    • Carla

      I dunno. While an epic bad idea in hindsight, Kim did say she wanted to get back into some kind of show business and she was hurting for money (had to sell her house and get a smaller one). Maybe Kyle thought RHW was just the ticket to get Kim back out there and give her some income. Maybe thinking if Kim were happier and more successful, her addiction would improve.

      I really don’t think Kyle sat down and thought, “Hey, this’ll really ruin Kim, lets give it a go!”.

      Maybe like that painted on, riding up dress she unfortunately picked and then had to tug on all night…it seemed like a good idea at the time.

  • ninjaninja

    Michael K has a post about the Kim and Kyle fight, and it was so funny! (ipad)

  • Ellen

    This was just a mess of an episode. I think that Taylor was certainly out of line, but not completely to blame. I was shocked at Kyle’s behavior, but if what she says is true, then it seems that she has a right to be mad. I mainly felt bad for Kim, even if she is irritating and pathetic, because everybody gained up on her. (ipad)

  • Desaria

    omg DRAMAAA. I can’t stand watching reality tv shows but this I was drawn to. They fight infront of lotsof of other people. It’s embarassing. (ipad)

  • Mel

    Really crazy! (ipad)

  • AMN

    Crazy… and great recap (ipad)

  • AMN

    Too much drama for my taste (ipad)

  • Jess

    What did Kim mean by saying that Kyle stole her house? Must be something… Kyle got really mad about that. (ipad)

  • beanyce126

    haha this was a hilarious finale sure cant wait for the reunion. (ipad)

  • beanyce126

    over all the medium was channeling her own friend camille. I was alway wondering how come Kim is very weird, she was a linsday lohan lmao! (ipad)

  • Ingrid Yohanna

    I feel for Kyle if she is always taking care of kim (ipad)

  • Staci

    Amanda, your recaps are always so on point and super entertaining! (ipad)

  • enc

    i still can’t believe cedric is 37! incredibly manipulative! (ipad)

  • Cara

    This recap makes me actually want to watch one of these BH episodes. I will have to try to catch it tomorrow! (Ipad)

  • DebBee

    I’ve also read that “Taylor” aka Shana’s last name in her high school yearbook was Hughes and before she married this Russell phoney went by the name Taylor Ford and ran around telling people she was related to the famous Fords of Ford Motor Co. Her husband has been married twice before and has 2 other kids so maybe that’s why SHE is so insecure and has to worry about him replacing her. Not that he is any catch–she said he had “more money than Texas” and yet he just declared bankruptcy 6 yrs ago.

    • suz

      Well, I guess, once a wannabe, always a wannabe….Almost by definition, there have to be some psychological issues to even put oneself out there like these “ladies” do…..although I think/hope Lisa and Adrienne are in it for the publicity for their business ventures…not forsome hollowness in their souls.

  • Mishie

    That episode was a bit disturbing.

    I don’t really blame Cedric. I’m 41 and I would live with Lisa i I could also. (ipad)

  • jillybean307

    This is awesome. (ipad)

  • LisRi

    Yup. Blame someone else…always the best method. (ipad)

  • ali

    Wow, I really don’t want to feel sorry for the housewives, but after that, it’s hard not to. I always wondered how Kim was able to stand on her own two feet, it just didn’t seem like she could have that much income left over from her childhood occupation. It’s sad how this was more about Kim than Camille. Camille is so much easier to dislike. And Cedric is a phony. What a surprise! (ipad)

    • suz

      wasn’t Kim married to a Getty?

  • Bisbee

    Great recap, as always!

    I can’t understand why I didn’t recognize Kim’s problem before…now it seems so obvious. But…I wasn’t surprised at Kyle’s antics. She obviously has a lot of resentment built up…and looking back, she’s more than a bit of a “loose canon” – she’s lost her temper before. I wouldn’t want that one mad at me!

  • poshgal78

    Taylor is really the one at fault here– I was crying for Kim at the end. She DID NOT deserve to be humiliated like that– she was minding her own business and wasnt bothering anyone. Taylor was upset with husband and was lookingn like so, she just wanted to vent out her frustration on Kim– Taylor is seriously acting more and more like a witch and b-itch combined. (IPAD)

  • glitter76grl

    The whole thing was just so sad to watch… let’s hope it’s a real eye opener when the ladies watch themselves back. (iPad)

  • courtney d

    this episode was sure crazy! (IPAD)

  • Johanna

    I dont know what I am going to do with myself since they are off now I cant wait to tweet with you for RHNY..This is they BEST blog account of the show on the NET PERIOD


  • braindetritus

    That episode was truly tragic and I felt like I needed a shower after watching it. Yet I was riveted – it got *real*, real fast, at the party.

    Kim’s problems with alcohol (looks like she’s an alcoholic – doesn’t she admit it in the preview for the reunion show?) explain a lot of her off behaviour during the season. Makes me wonder if that’s why she disappeared for an hour when she was fixed up with Martin at that ridicadonk mansion.

    Speaking from a personal perspective (recovering alcoholic, twelve years sober), I know I caused my family no end of frustration (and my ex, some embarrassment – luckily (saved him some humiliation), I was the stereotypical female private drinker) before I hit my personal bottom and got sober. So I get Kyle’s utter frustration, and it was clear that there was a long history of covering for her sister. Sadly, we can’t help others until they’re ready to accept that help. Maybe this public outing will do it. (OTOH, look at poor Joan Kennedy.) Somehow that “You lost my my house” comment set Kyle off. There’s a whole history we’re not privy to. I do wish Kyle could have dialed back her hostility, since they both signed on to do a reality show (although it realy explains her seemingly random acts of cruelty to Kim).

    I wish I knew what went on in Kim’s mind when she signed on to do the show. In my experience (and from hearing other’s AA stories), we were certainly conscious at some level of our drinking problems, even if though we weren’t ready to deal with them until, well, we were ready.

    That was a gut-wrenching episode. The most pathetic part (other than Kim’s complete inability to articulate her thoughts, which I don’t think is entirely due to alcohol – she seems emotionally stunted) was that last shot of her, alone in the limo, saying (what was a massive understatement), “This is really, really bad…”

    In other news: Right on, Adrienne! She was the one sane voice. I thought that of Lisa (who I still get a kick out of), but she was a s*** stirrer on the final episode.

    And I heart Giggy.

  • Vikki parMaN

    Wow these people may be wrecks – train wrecks. Money doesn’t fix everything (iPad)

  • Diane Bassette

    I wanna be a Beverly Hills Housewife :) (ipad)

  • Amanda D.

    The revelation that Kim is an alcoholic explains SO many things. Everyone seems to think Kyle came on too heavy, but we have to remember there is a long history between them that we are not privy to. I have an alcoholic family member who has always refused to get help (even when she wrecked the car with the kids in it) You can only begin to imagine the anger and frustration we feel after YEARS of close calls, late nights, devastated children, etc. I am sure it is no different for Kim’s family. (ipad)

  • Juan

    im happy cedric is no longer with lisa (ipad)

  • Ashley

    love this show cant get enough of it (ipad)

  • jennifer

    This whole episode was beyond sad. I’ve ALWAYS felt sorry for Kim, ALWAYS. I remember her as a child actress & she was fantastic & she was right, she worked constantly. She was always on TV. So it makes sense that between that & her kids, that was all she had. So while everyone else was rolling their eyes about her being a child actress, I just felt sorry for her bc it was so obvious that was still a huge part of her identity.

    Kyle has always been my favorite. I don’t think she’s a bully AT ALL. When you have someone who pushes all of your buttons, all the time, & you feel like you are constantly watching out for them & taking care of them, yes it wears on you. And worse, family dynamics giving you guilt trips; I can see where you get emotional, forget the cameras are rolling & let it all hang out. I think Kyle was always furious with Kim for not having her back on national TV for the NYC drama & it has been building, not to mention 41 years of family dynamics & history none of us have been privy to. We can judge friends all we want, but none of us can begin to understand or judge the complex dynamics between families. I, too, have read House of Hilton which basically implied none of those girls had a chance to be ‘normal’. And for their mom to make Kyle watch out for Kim forever? Heavy. No matter what your mother is like, no one wants to let their parents down. And where was sister Kathy during all of this? I hope she is of some help to Kyle bc its not fair to bear this burden along.

    Taylor is a a big knockoff handbag & not even a good knockoff. She’s fake down to her name. She’s trying to worm in between Kyle & Lisa (real people) & she’s definitely been the problem child the entire season. She set Camille off in NYC & confronted poor Kim who was minding her own business, drunk or not. KIM was not the one causing a spectacle until they started ganging up on her. I hope all the housewives realize this when they watch all of the shows.

    Adrienne & Lisa are fantastic & real & Camille just bitten in the butt by Karma.

    Great season & I really hope Kim & Kyle get everything straightened out. Sometimes a big blowup & honest communication once the dust has settled can be the best thing. And I definitely hope that if she doesn’t or hasn’t already, sister Kathy will come in & help Kyle out. Family really should stick together.

  • Mochababe73

    There is a reason why Kyle is my favorite. I totally identify with making those types of promises to a parent. I was 22 when my mom died, and it’s a load to carry. Fifteen years later, I am still carrying the load even though my sister is living with her boyfriend and their 4 year old daughter. She has lived with me twice and only contributed $100 per month for bills which were always late. After she said that she was pregnant, I told her that there was no coming back. Thankfully, she hasn’t come back, but people still think that I need to take care of her. I say what I need to say to her and let it be. My words of advice to Kyle: You can’t raise adults. Leave it alone.
    As much as Camille makes my skin crawl, I really felt sorry for her. We all know that Kate (I can spell) was living there. I don’t care what was going on in their marriage, Kelsey was Camille’s wife and mother to his children. She deserved more respect.
    Taylor would rather have the money and Beverly Hills lifestyle than happiness. Her husband doesn’t care about her or Kennedy. He wanted the dog even though she was allergic.
    Kim being addicted shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. I still don’t understand how Maurizio “stole her house”.
    I can’t believe Cedric is my age. You would have thought that he was at least 20 years younger. Here’s hoping that he gets it together. I am glad that Lisa’s husband finally put his foot down.
    Love Adrienne. She’s fabulous.

    • Mochababe73

      I forgot (iPad).

  • jennifer

    same here (ipad)

  • Elizabeth

    I much prefer reading the re-caps than watching the actual show. It’s like the book version! (ipad)

  • Carla

    I’m willing to bet the “stole the house” part was that Kyle & Mauricio tried to help her out as much as they could after Kim’s divorce, but in the end it was obvious what she needed to do was downsize to something more affordable. Mauricio was probably the agent that sold her house (also willing to bet he waived his fees, saving her more $$). If that’s the case, no wonder Kyle lost it over that statement! It was not her job to keep Kim in a mansion forever!!

  • merileee

    i really think adrienne is a great voice of reason and the other ladies could take a few lessons from her. (ipad)

  • Jessica

    Makes me wonder where is Kathy Hilton in all this drama between her sister?? Clearly she’s the richest out of three, but why is Kylie paying Kim bills or at least she should help out.

    • Cat

      Exactly what I was thinking!!


    Of course I enjoy watching ALL the BHHW’s Yes maybe Kyle is frustrated but through the whole season she complained about Kim being LATE and she was not late esp, for Taylor’s birthday.She arrived right on time. Kim looked a bit wonky but “obviously drunk” to Kyle who knows her,yes.To me and I am a bartender she was what I call a fully functioning drunk.Kyle has to point it out to Lisa who in an aside says ‘it’s a recipe for disaster’.Is it because she knows that Kyle may have to be restrained from beating the living daylights out of her older but prettier and SO MUCH RICHER AND MORE TALENTED SISTER?…alcoholic or not.LOW BLOW KYLE.Naughty and MEAN. You FINALLY showed us your REAL problem. YOU ARE A PHYSICAL ABUSER.Kyle needs anger management in my opinion.I loved Lisa at first but just because she is a brit I want to know who died and made her queen? In a rosy rose’ chat with Taylor ( who seems to be VERY PASSIVE and so easily manipulated) Lisa states HANDS DOWN (LITERALLY)referring to the Kim, Kyle,Camille DINNER DEBACLE .’I want this put to bed’ To me it already went to sleep 2 weeks ago? LISA IS THE SHITE STIRRER(BRIT SLANG)But she stirs it with such aplomb and STIFF composure that nobody doubts her royal highness. Which brings me to the Cedric dilemma.There is no doubt in my mind that sometime over the last 13? 15? years that Lisa and Cedric did the wild thing but it is way over and it is time for him to build his own nest.I admit I would have liked to be a fly on the wall the day he moved out and also hope they will patch things up.His story was so flimsy when recounted to Kyle over Lisa’s fun bags it made me sad because he couldn’t remember the right lies. I would take him in in a New York minute and I am sure so will someone else.I OFTEN MAKE UP BUMPER STICKERS..here is my latest: WHERE IS CEDRIC?CALL ME! O.K. then just one thing about Camille’s often blank, lost in reverie gaze.I think she is trying to form some scathing sentence to use in her next confrontation.Housewives have a reputation for coining words or more, contorting them.In one episode she said or slowly pronounced that Lisa’s approach had been Machiavelic in nature.This poor creature of Kelsey’s who probably had her study a dictionary perhaps in hope of having a conversation with her. I pity this wane woman who for reasons unknown bore 2 children by surrogate for The Kelsey. I hope she rakes him over the coals.I see her talking tear less while in her head I imagine her counting how many houses she will retain for her friends,Romans and countrymen and of course her 4 nannies etc.etc.etc.They fascinate and exhaust. SATCHELS OF GOLD ;)

  • pam

    I’ve read a number of these recaps and all I can say is yours is THE BEST RECAP … EVER. Spot on and insightful.

    We watch these shows, I think, largely because we are fascinated by these housewives own sense of self-importance and thinly-veiled notion that we all want to be them. Yeah, it’s entertainment, but whether it’s on a conscious level or not, I think there are a number of fans (including me) who are in wonder of their self-involvement. I wouldn’t mind Lisa’s house or wit (and pretty face), or Kyle’s hair (and parts of her wardrobe), but the maintenance and relative shallowness of these women’s lives is astonishing. They, none of them, ever talk about world events, social justice, poetry, art, what it means to be truly poor, how their lifestyles effect starving children in the darkest corners of the world (blood diamonds, market manipulations), sustainability for the environment they are leaving their children.

    But will I continue to watch? Absolutely! Thanks for a great recap.

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