First off, apologies if this recap of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sucks. I’ve been under the weather recently with that bug that seems to be going around everywhere, no matter where you live or who you are, and I wrote most of it while face-down in a box of Kleenex. So, you know. Fair warning.

Now that that’s covered, the show must go on. And it went on last night, but not in particularly spectacular fashion. Everyone mostly behaved themselves, Camille was passive-aggressive, Russell was creepy and made the serial killer eyes. About par for the Beverly Hills course.

We started the episode at Lisa’s house, where Cedric was becoming an issue. He’s like the son who won’t get a job and won’t move out. He uses everyone’s gas and doesn’t fill the cars back up, he drinks Lisa’s booze and he lazes by the pool in a very tiny bathing suit while Ken and Lisa (and Giggy – Giggy clearly has the final call on this issue) argue about him in the garden. I have a feeling that Bravo’s next show is going to be a series about a bunch of fabulous gays competing to date/pay for Cedric. I’d watch that.

Over at Camille’s place, she was planning yet another party, this one with projectiles and weapons and everyone in their running shoes in order to make it easier for her to outright beat the crap out of Kyle rather than doing so metaphorically via a drunk, psychic friend like last time. Kyle agreed to come to the “tennis” party with her husband in tow, but I guess we’ll see if she actually survived it.

In the meantime, Kyle was planning her annual white party. White parties strike me as a little bit early-2000s (you know, back when Diddy was still known as Puff Daddy), but I’m willing to give Kyle a pass since I don’t find it difficult to believe that she might have been throwing white parties since back in the day when it was cool.

Speaking of parties, it was time for Lisa’s daughter Pandora to have her birthday party at one of her parents’ restaurants. Some of the other cast members were also there, as well as Pandora’s friends and her boyfriend, who got up, made a big declaration of his love and his desire to spend the rest of his life with Pandora…and then sat back down. I know that I’m not actually impacted by this show in any way, and it’s probably stupid for me to get emotionally invested in it, particularly in a character that we rarely see, but just put a ring on it, you asshole.. And if you’re not going to, sit your ass down.

In other party awkwardness, Kyle asked Cedric about his childhood. His mom was a prostitute, he never knew his dad, they moved around a lot and his mom eventually married a man who beat her. They ran away and lived on the street for a year when he was seven, and when he was eight, she left him at a phone booth and never came back. He ate cat food to survive until he got put into social services, and meeting Ken and Lisa changed his life.

Well. I guess that puts a whole new perspective on why Lisa is so attached and motherly toward him, and why he has yet to strike out on his own. Come here, Cedric. I’d like to give you a big hug and introduce you my best gay. I think you and he would get along swimmingly.

After a brief interlude into Taylor’s horror show of a marriage, it was time for the tennis party that we were all promised. They played some doubles, Camille kissed Nick on the lips in front of his uncomfortable-looking wife and Kyle and Adrienne stood around and sipped champagne while other people played tennis. Afterward, Camille had hired an actual English butler for an English tea service and we all got to hear how Adrienne’s son head-butted Paul and re-broke his nose.

Talk then unfortunately turned to the blowup that happened in New York City, but thankfully, both parties were able to dismiss the conflict and move on to other subjects with relatively few elbows being thrown. Pool time was up next and Kyle and Adrienne had declined to bring their bathing suits, which gave another opportunity for Camille to hem and haw about female jealousy.

And honestly, if they ladies are jealous of anything about Camille, it probably is her body. I’ll give her plenty of credit for that, although hiring other people to have your children for you probably helped keep that bikini physique intact. Proving herself the better sport, Kyle got up and hurled herself into the pool fully clothed, and Paul, uh, helped Adrienne be a good sport by pushing her in. It’s not like she can’t afford to replace that dress, I suppose.

Next up on the episode’s busy party schedule was Kyle’s white party, where everyone was a good sport about the dress code (I am not always such a good sport about dress codes that don’t jibe with the outfit I want to wear on that particular day) and the festivities actually looked sort of fun. I’m a big fan of any party that has a custom cheeseburger booth, naturally, and Kyle and Mauricio are an adorable couple that seem to know how to throw a good shindig.

In stark contrast, Taylor and Russell were…Taylor and Russell. He mostly stood in the corner and complained that the party would be going far too late, and all of the shots that we saw of Taylor seeming happy were conspicuously without him in the frame. Speaking of unhappy couples, Camille showed up to the party late and got straight to complaining to Lisa about the dwindling communication with her husband. Waiting for the other shoe to drop on Kelseygate is getting kind of tedious, no? We all know he was banging a flight attendent who misspells her name, and Bravo has been teasing us with it for what feels like months. And, come to think of it, it has been months.

Camille then presented Kyle with a book called How to Behave, which she seemed to think was funny but was actually not funny so much as passive-aggressive and awkward. Thankfully, Kyle had the opportunity to excuse herself to have a completely different kind of awkwardness, which manifested itself in a solo dance with her husband while a singer serenaded them. I know I may be in the minority, but the thought of getting up and having a “romantic” dance in front of a whole crowd of people makes want to crawl into a hole and hide. I’ll do lots of embarrassing, funny things in front of people, but for some reason, that’s beyond the pale for me. No thanks. Even at my eventual wedding.

Speaking of weddings, Taylor pulled Lisa aside to get her feedback on happy marriages and long-lasting relationships, and Lisa revealed that she and Ken were engaged after six weeks and married within three months. Normally I would recoil from that kind of stuff, but in the context of Lisa and Ken’s relationship and their personalities, it just…makes sense. Of course they got married that quickly, they were made for each other. And listening to the story, I couldn’t help but feel bad for Taylor, who seems to be asking around for some sort of secret move to make in order to make her marriage suddenly not-terrible. Unfortunately for her, no such move exists.

As if on cue, Russell once again tried to play the party pooper and yank Taylor out of the party before it was over and before she wanted to leave, but this time, she stayed. She stayed! I couldn’t believe it! She then fretted and worried and teared up a little bit over her decision, which she’s going to have to get over if she intends to stay married to this dude for his cash. I’m sure she doesn’t need her to tuck him in to bed at night, right? She ultimately decided to leave a bit later, but maybe this will pave the groundwork for her standing up for herself more in the future.

Meanwhile Mauricio, intent on being the perfect husband, jumped into the pool fully-clothed. It looks as though Kelsey will be doing him a solid next week and making him look even better in comparison by kicking Camille to the curb. Or maybe that actually makes Kelsey look better? It’s hard to keep up at this point.

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  • Larisa

    My husband was watching Howard Stern’s movie “Private Parts” the other day. All of the sudden this bimbo-ish character starts parading in a bikini – “Hi, I’m Camille from…” (as soon as she said Camille I stopped listening to what she was saying and focused on her face). How ironic for someone who once did a cameo in Private Parts to give out a video called how to behave… hmmmmm….

  • Angie

    Do you really believe Cedric’s story?

    • Lisa seems to believe it and she doesn’t strike me as particularly gullible or easily lead and none of it seemed factually impossible, so sure. I try not to be cynical whenever possible, and if it’s not true, it’ll come out soon enough.

      • NCGal

        My experience with extreme abuse cases (like the one Cedric claims to have had) is that this information doesn’t just roll off the tongue the way he did at that public event. His presentation of his previous life felt HIGHLY manipulative, rehearsed, and frankly my bull shi** detector screamed when he started talking.
        Really smart and savvy people get duped all the time and it wouldn’t surprise me one iota if Cedric was scamming that family.

      • Angie

        I think he’s practiced his lines so many times, he’s perfected and actually starting to believe them!

  • nick

    Russell is so boring. What does Taylor see in him? (ipad)

    • BeHappy


  • SS

    Camille always has this *look* in her eye…it’s frightening. As if she could snap at any time. (iPad)

  • Shana

    I was actually sympathetic to Camille until this show … wow. (iPad)

  • Ellen

    It’s hard to feel sorry for Taylor given her honesty about why she married him (for his money people!!) Does she really think it will improve her marriage to complain about him in front of their friends and a couple million other people? At least it won’t be a shock to anyone when they divorce. It’s also hard to believe Camille’s ignorance at the deterioration of her marriage. It was painful to see Nick’s wife’s reaction to that bus on the lips! Poor thing! Maybe Camille takes her shopping to buy her off! There has to be some reason she puts up with the public humiliation. Hope you feel better soon Amanda! I have the same thing, and your recap brightened my day.

  • Empress

    I want to feel bad for Taylor, but I can’t. She knew her man was an ahole when she married him and now she’s wondering why he acts like one? Do your creepy man proper and have a real conversation with HIM instead of all these other people. Amanda, you will dance at your wedding, just don’t have anyone serenade you. Unless it’s Lady Gaga. (ipad)

    • Handbag Lover

      Empress I totally agree with you!!! You hit it honey, Taylor knew that Russell was a stick in the mud so need to act sad now. My dad told us as kids, “What you date is what you will marry.” People can change but not all that much.

      Cedric needs to work. I don’t know if I believe his story or not, it is sad and if that happened to him then I truly wish him the best but that should make you stronger and a hard worker not someone who is lazy, but hey who am I, I could be wrong.

      Good blog Amanda, Glad you back!!!!!!! :) :)

      • Rweda

        I don’t understand why Russell is always depicted as the ‘Devil’, the dude is a bit awkward, probably more so in front of cameras, but still a descent person.

  • Lilac

    If Cedric’s story is true, then I feel horrible for him. But his past seems so harsh (no dad, prostitute mother, beaten mother, abandonment, being homeless, abandoned by mother) that it almost seems unbelievable at the same time. It’s like just about every horrible thing you can think of happening has happened to him.

    Ohhh Camille, she’s so see-through.


  • Franny

    Am I the only one that notices the awkward curl/mini bumpit on Pandora’s head? Why won’t anyone acknowledge this???

    • Jess

      The first thing I thought was – Snooki pouf! Lol, it was awful!

    • Lorie

      My lord yes. That was the only thing I could think about whenever she was on camera.

    • Nicole

      Yes!! I noticed it every time she is in an episode. (ipad)

    • Manuela

      I know! That weird little pigtail lump thing is distracting as hell! I was glad to see she’d taken it out/off for her recap.

      And I agree, Amanda, that Pandora’s boyfriend came across really d-baggy with the sweeping declaration of lifetime love…but no commitment. Go tell it to your diary, d-bag boyfriend, and don’t blow smoke up a lady’s ass, please…

      • janis


  • jenna_foo

    Honestly, I rejoiced when I heard that Camille wouldn’t be returning. It’s hard for me to watch her scenes. (ipad)

  • Lorie

    Hope you feel better soon Amanda!

    I was on board with Cedric’s sad story up until he had to eat cat food. And then, it started to sound fake. But if it’s true, it’s no wonder Lisa feels so motherly toward him. Shoot, I want to take him in and look after him myself.

    I really want to feel badly for Taylor, really I do. I’m not completely heartless. But girlfriend, you married for money, and you got what you bought. Taylor would be better off sitting down with creepy man at the conference table and renegotiating their contract. THAT, I think he might understand. Not that I advocate this kind of thing, but under the circumstances and terms of use, a boy on the side for Taylor could solve a lot of problems. Just saying.

    Every time I think it isn’t possible to dislike Camille more, she does something new. I don’t really feel sorry for Nick’s wife. Stand up for your man. Don’t let some lunatic, plastic Barbie girl kiss him on the lips. Smack the plastic clean out of her!

    And that whole pool thing was clearly so she could prance around half-naked in front of Mario and Paul while Adrienne and Kyle had to see it. Adrienne doesn’t care Camille. She could snap you like a twig in 5 seconds with one hand if she wanted to.

    • Karen

      Lorie — totally with you on the cat food thing making Cedric’s story seem less believable, not even so much because it sounds so cliche but because there are actually meat products out there made for humans that are cheaper than dog or cat food. I had to research the canned meat category once for a company (long, boring corporate story), and I discovered a whole world of crap with names like potted meat. The category would show sales spikes every month when welfare checks came out because that is what many poor folks eat, not pet food.

  • bootsalinda

    Why do women marry duds, and EXPECT to be happy? The women are the ones with the mental problem, yet I see this over and over. Get happy on your own and get a job.

    Say what you want about plastic Camille, but they are always over there for her parties and keep inviting her to things.

    I don’t think I believe Cedric’s story. I think HE was the PROSTITUTE.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed re: the dud (Russell). Taylor married a huge dork, and then she expects him to be Rico Suave. It ain’t gonna happen, sister.

      Now that we know her mother’s boyfriend(s?) used to beat her mother, I think Taylor picked Russell because he is is passive-aggressive, rather than straight up aggressive.

  • Jess

    Taylor should just get a divorce and look for real love. At least she would be happer (albeit possibly poorer). Does she really want to teach her daughter that it is ok to marry for money??? (ipad)

  • gpc

    I don’t like to be cynical either, but I am not buying Cedric’s story – a little too “Charles Dickens” for me. I would be the last person to give any kind of props to Camille, but I am really beginning to believe that Kyle really is jealous of her…

  • gpc

    ^^forgot my iPad!

  • AMN

    Don’t think I believe anything C says (ipad)

  • Dawn

    feel better amanda!
    camille was on ellen today and said that the show didn’t accurately portray her. LOL. i think kelsey is a smart man for kicking her to the curb.

  • Marianna

    Amanda, Get Well Soon! You did a great job despite your cooties! :)
    It looks like we will finally get to see the train (aka Kelsey & Camille) come flying off the tracks. She is so phoney and obnoxious that I can’t even muster an ounce of sympathy for her. (ipad)

  • Nicole

    I saw on twitter yesterday that giggy the pom retweeted a comment to him that was about Lisa and Ken being conned by Cedric…..(ipad)

    Feel better!

  • Rae

    LOL @ Jess! (ipad)

  • Kate B.

    Why does everyone assume that Taylor married for money? Did she actually say so?

    • Angie

      Because she keeps saying that there is a “business side” of their marriage and doesn’t elaborate. I don’t feel sorry for her. She knew what she was getting into before she married him. That guy did not turn into a dork overnight. I couldn’t imagine him to be anything different (i.e. fun) before marriage!

  • bootsalinda

    I can’t wait till someone kicks Kelsey to the curb, he has got a lot of bad karma coming his way…what a jerk. (iPad)

  • Di

    I seriously believe that Camille is VERY jealous of Kyle & her husband. They are a fabulous couple ad beautiful inside & out and I think if Camile could and had the chance she’d try to get him away from his wife BUT it’s obvious he’s truly is LOVE with his more than beautiful wife. That sickening little “innocent” display in the pool-(the sexy black bikini pulled way up, bouncing around in the pool & the dip with her butt in the air) is soooo obvious that she’s DESPARATELY looking for attention.

  • Nikita

    Russell creeps me out so much! (ipad)

  • suz

    Where to begin?….not a lot of “high drama” but certainly a bunch of amusing moments. There was that heart stopping mement when I thought Kim’s caterpillar eyebrows were going to walk right off her face. And what about Taylor keeping a dog her daughter can’t touch? What, in heavens’s name, is the point of that? And the White Party!!! I kept expecting John Travolta to dance out of the shrubs. Although, and I never thought I’d give Camille a compliment…loathsome as she is….but, her “white party” dress was stunning and the only one that didn’t look like it was pulled from the storage closet of a by-gone era. I cringed at the slow dance with serenade. But, on a brighter note, for a fun alternative to a warbly romantic serenade check out my daughter and her now-husband channeling Johnny Cash & June Carter at their wedding. And, lest we forget, the “tennis” party where no one played tennis but did creat an excuse for Camille to flaunt the floatability of her gigantic boobs. On to next week and the surprising and shocking breakup of Camille and Kelsey. Oh lawdy, lawdy…..

    Feel better Amanda…..Thanks for the recap!

  • deejah

    This link made me BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH over and over again.

    Camille Grammer’s Porn Past Comes Back To Haunt Her
    “The Morally Corrupt Camille Donatacci Grammer!”

    BWHAHAHA some more.

    • suz

      Couldn’t happen to a nicer person…..

  • Britney Anderson (Saenz)

    Wow! Haven’t watched this show yet, but after all the posts here on The Purse Blog… I’ve been tempted! (ipad)

  • S.J.

    i agree (ipad)

  • S.J.

    camille is a bit nutty :) (ipad)


    but the all white party was fab (ipad)

  • mkat

    I loved the clip of Anderson Cooper doing the coy Cammille shrug on WWHL. He nailed it!


    i would of love to attend lol (ipad)

  • kathleen

    I think I believe cedric (ipad)

  • kathleen

    camile is a bit nutty and I do think she hears what she wants to hear in terms of Kyle and the other wives. She wants sympathy, (ipad)

  • cl

    does anyone else wish they were at that white party? seemed like the funnest event they’ve had yet since it seemed “real.” I too had my doubts about Cedric’s story but if it isn’t true, karma hits harder. And on to Taylor… Yes, I agree that it’s hard NOT to feel bad for her, but I still do. I can’t speak from experience on her background and her life growing up, but I can only think that she wanted a better life and well, married rich… sadly people do it all the time and she did too. But I think she should stop complaining to the cameras and talk to her hubby about it! (ipad)

  • anne

    I think Russell is more shy than anything else. Plus, the cameras around probably make things worse.

    I can’t stand Camille, but it’s too bad she won’t be around for season 2. Her nuttiness definitely upped the drama factor on the show.

    • Misty

      Russell may just be shy, but I think he has Asperger’s Syndrome, which is a form of high level autism. He has no social skills.

  • ninjaninja

    I also wonder if Cedric’s story is true (ipad)

  • Janet

    Did you see Camille on Ellen today? *barf* She was discussing how her character of herself is displayed in a poor fashion for television due to the editing. Editing can only do so much!! And what about the interior monologues to the cam?? Can’t stand her. MINUS ONE FOR ELLEN.

    • Adrienne C

      I read an article somewhere that Camille is very upset by how she is being portrayed due to editing.
      Editing is NOT the problem – it’s what one puts on camera to begin with is what the problem is. She cannot take back what was filmed because she was the “star” of that opportunity. She provided the fodder and that’s what we saw, like it or not.

  • Andrea

    I love that I don’t have to watch it to know whats going on. Thanks for the recap (ipad)

  • coachwife6

    Your recaps always make me laugh. (ipad)

  • Kathy

    Russell is boring and Camille is a closet bitch !!!!(ipad)

  • Mel

    I’ve never had the chance to fully follow this show like the others. (ipad)

  • Jen

    The photos you post with the shows recaps are always interesting. (ipad)

  • PhotoGirl

    Feel better soon, Amanda!

    I’m not sure if I believe Cedric’s story. The whole thing is a bit too Charles Dickens for me, but, if true, I do feel sad that he had to endure it. That said, he needs to get up off his assets and get to work now. Lisa and Ken are terrifc “adoptive” parents. He should make the best of the advantages offered to him and learn the restaurant business or go to school or SOMETHING!

    Glad to hear that Camille’s calling it quits. I’ve long since tired of her silcone boobs and mean girl antics. I wonder who her replacement will be. (ipad)

  • quimerula

    I don’t follow it (ipad).

  • RedHead

    Don’t hate me for suggesting this BUT…

    What if BRAVO does edit its Housewives shows so that there is a villian and they may be making Camille look way worse than she really is (and yes I agree she isn’t the nicest person…snobby/snotty) for that reason? Lately I have to confess that I have felt sorry for her. Talk about getting kicked when you are down: The world hates you because you are the meanest housewife…then your husband cheats on you publicly and wants a divorce…then the world goes looking for all your past (ahem) piccadellos (sp?)to further humiliate you. I am beginning to wonder if Kelsey didnt manipulate the RHOBH opportunity for Camille so he could keep (ahem) “busy” with his girlfriend. Truthfully, between the two of them I think Kelsey is the bigger douche-bag than his wife Camille.

    Don’t hate me for giving Camille the benefit of the doubt at this point. Really, I will be sad if it’s true she is leaving RHOBH. Won’t be the same without her. (ipad)

    • JenG

      I believe that there is editing going on, Bravo has to have someone on the show who viewers hate. Every housewives show has a villain. Atlanta: Nene or Phadera, NJ: Danielle, NY: Jill or Kelly; Beverly Hills: Camille, Orange County: Vickie or Tamara or take your pick.

  • Melissa

    i would love to live in lisa’s shoes for a day! (ipad)

  • Jenn

    Too much drama hehe (ipad)

  • Cindy

    Nothing to offer this convo… (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Recaps are better than the show (ipad)

  • kemilia

    Love the recap as always!

    I will also miss Camille, she’s the HW I love to “hate”. She amps up the show, and I don’t believer her “editing” line either. But she will be getting $50M from the divorce so what does she care what the viewing audience thinks?

    I must start working on her shrug too. (ipad)

  • MsLabelsofLust

    I stopped watching these shows but the reviews are often hilarious..(ipad)

  • jillybean307

    Great recap! (ipad)

  • Chells

    Love the recap! I saw Camille on Ellen and at that time she was coy on whether or not she would be returning to the show. I wish she would’ve returned because she does add an interesting aspect.

    I must start working on the “shrug” too! (ipad)

  • hfxshopgirl

    i can’t wait for the episode next week! (ipad)

  • aka55

    Although this has nothing to do w/ RHOBH, I want to thank you so very much for not detailing the specifics of the “…bug that seems to be going around everywhere…” We all know what one means when talking of such things, yet there are those who invariably describe not only the havoc unleashed on the body by the bug, but also (always my favorite part) the body’s response to said havoc. And those so inclined always want to discuss the bodily response part in graphic detail. I, for one, am thankful to have been spared.

    Curiously, I too am suffering from some similar malady; so much so that I was surprised by the recap & responses. Although I was able to hold my head up long enough to finally watch the latest episode, apparently I was not well enough, as I missed entire segments while slipping in & out of consciousness. Of what registered, however, I have a few observations. First, I made my opinions on Taylor known after your last entry. I’m glad to read that there are others who’ve seen through her less than opaque victimization guise. I think that in addition to her constantly tearing up (which is, for so many reasons, painful to watch) it was particularly troubling to watch her wait for the limo with gloom registering on those parts of her face still capable of moving. I think we’re getting a preview of what will in time become a full explosion of manipulative Taylor Crazy. I still can’t shake the image of Taylor staring straight at the camera & saying that the message she wanted to share with the women @ the shelter is “…they, too, can grow up to live in Beverly Hills…” Wait, What? But I digress…

    A quick observation: Kim looked great @ the party & it didn’t escape my attention that there was more than one cut of the cameras between Kim dancing & having a good time and Taylor waiting for the limo, looking miserable & forlorn while holding that ridiculous cake & trying to get her face to register emotion. Talk about a wet blanket. Also, from the looks of Martin’s bloated, gin-blossomed face, it appears Kim may’ve ended up lucking out this time.

    One final shout out to Mauricio for leaving that white linen shirt clinging to his toned, tanned body after the pool dump. Thank you Mauricio! I’m feeling hot & for once in a long while, I don’t think it’s related to menopause!

    Feel better Amanda!

  • tasha

    Camille has serious issues she needs to deal with. All of her friends are related to the business (the business of keeping Camille looking great or her estate looking great), she aint stupid, getting $50 mill from Kelsey, but I feel sorry for her because she doesn’t have real friends, someone to be real honest with her. Too bad people go south in Hollywood. (ipad)

  • Chandra

    I thought that was kind of rude since they had seemed to make up in the last episode. It was kind of insensitive to Kyle. (ipad)

  • raffa

    Great! (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    Love the recap! (ipad)

  • CMM

    For being sick…your recap was still comedy central, per usual. (ipad)

  • Chanelle

    I love your recaps. :) (iPad)

  • Jennifer Taggart, TheSmartMama

    Amanda – Your recap was awesome, as always. (ipad).

  • EllenNotAfraid

    This episode was a bit of a downer from Cedric’s Les Miserable orphan story to the slow motion destruction of Taylor’s marriage.

    I was not originally a Taylor fan but as the episodes have been unfolding we learn more about what she’s going through. And in this episode she broke my heart. It’s clear that Dexter (err Russell) doesn’t give a toss about Taylor and actually seems to hate her (and probably all women). Taylor knows it’s bad and it’s not getting better. Gurl, it’s time to grow a pair and get the hell out before they find you buried under the house.


  • Angie

    Hope u recover soon! (iPad)

  • Tracey G

    funny recap! (ipad)

  • helen

    I’m reading your blog backwards (most recent first), and I’m hoping you’ll get to the real housewives in my state. This may be better than actually watching the show for the time being. (ipad)

  • Leslie

    I am so late on this response…but does anyone else think it’s funny that Kyle brings in her hairstylist to do her hair for the White Party…but yet when we see her next she has her top and sides pulled back with one of those clippy claw things. I mean…I could probably do that for her…
    But what I think is funny is they all wear things like that…including Pandora…oh dear sweet chocolate covered Pandora with her bump it. Maybe it’s all done to keep us in check that they are in fact human.

    And one more thing…I checked out the Bravo website and they had this “Before they were Housewives,” section showing all the BH ladies before we knew them…and I have to comment on Taylor. I think that there is only 1 photo showing her as an semi-adult and the rest are child pictures…and do you know why I think that is? Because she has had so much plastic surgery that the difference would really pop if they showed more recent pictures…
    Sorry, I just had to get that out to people who might possibly appreciate it!

  • aka55

    Quick addendum:

    I know for a fact that Camille is NOT self-deprecating, since it means to belittle or undervalue oneself or to show excessive modesty. I believe she was trying to convey an ability to laugh at oneself when she (shocker) incorrectly used “self-deprecating”. I’m beginning to think that, to screw w/ her, Kelsey has been using words incorrectly around her w/ an occasional mispronunciation thrown in for good measure. If that’s the case, his worth as a comic just assumed legendary proportions in my estimation!

  • Melissa

    Great recap! I always love reading your thoughts on the ladies and their drama. This season has had so many parties, I’m getting a bit board with the party plot line. (ipad)

  • Mochababe73

    I think that Russell married Taylor and has Kennedy just to make himself look good. Russell appears to be one of those men who would never marry. I feel sorry for her. I love my husband, and we have such a good time together no matter what it is. And, we don’t have nearly as much as they do. I’m a teacher for goodness sakes. Not much money there. But money will never buy Taylor what she really wants which is what Russell will never be.
    Kyle continues to be my favorite housewife.
    Kim is boring.
    I love Adrienne as well. She seems to have her head on straight.
    I think that since Lisa’s children are all grown up, she and her husband should go out, have a little more fun, and see the world together.
    Camille has no real friends. I’m surprised that you didn’t mention Kyle’s line-“If that were my husband, she wouldn’t have any lips left”. That was my favorite line of the entire show. After this show, I doubt of Nick and Camille are still friends.
    Faye Resnick should replace Kim.

  • Kim

    Thanks for the recap. Feel better! (ipad)

  • Engrmom

    Love your recap. Is it just me or Cedric remind me of The Talented Mr. Ripley. (iPad)

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  • Poshgal78

    I dont like Taylor’s attitude, why would she compare her husband to Mauricio when she knew very well her husband was NO MAURICIO when she married him! Why would you expect an apple tree to bear grapes?

  • Poshgal78

    I dont like Taylor’s attitude, why would she compare her husband to Mauricio when she knew very well her husband was NO MAURICIO when she married him! Why would you expect an apple tree to bear grapes? (IPAD)

  • Ellen

    I feel very sorry for Taylor. I think that she is legitimately trying to make her marriage work, but Russell will not put forth any effort. She sees that her friends have successful marriages and all she wants is to have the same thing, but I think that it will be hard since she married for money primarily. (ipad)

  • KY

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  • Emma G

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  • beanyce126

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  • Smith

    i would DIE if bravo did a spin off with cedric. that would be pure awesome-ness. he has such an interesting back story too. u wanna root for him eventho he’s a freeloader…and i LOVE his accent. (ipad)

  • Smith

    PS – this is awful, but cmon taylor. this is what happens when you marry for the money…not cuz u actually like the guy. (ipad)

  • Desaria

    they are all dramaaa and need to grow up after al they are over 40 (ipad)

  • merileee

    i think cedric is a fraud and that his stories are lies. he seems to only use lisa and ken for money and he manipulates lisa like crazy. (ipad)

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