I’ve never been a great fan of Real Housewives reunions in general, so when I say that part one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion was actually pretty interesting, I mean it. Not everything that was talked about was particularly amazing, but the way that the other cast members systematically picked at Lisa was worth watching if only for how incredibly bad they were at doing it.

Taylor also gave some very frank answers about her life with Russell and the highs and lows of an abusive relationship, all of which sounded exactly like you would expect from someone who’s in intense therapy six months after the suicide of her estranged husband/abuser. I found them perfectly reasonable and satisfying, but as always, Taylor seems to be something of a human Rorschach test – people see in her what they want to see. As is customary for reunions, let’s talk about the things we learned last night after the jump.

1. Kim was in rehab during the taping of the reunion. Kyle refused to say what it was that Kim was on (spoiler: booze), but everyone seemed to agree that she definitely needed to be there.

2. Lisa’s not telling how much the wedding cost. Her daughter doesn’t even know, apparently. I bet Kevin the Big Gay Wedding Planner would tell us. For a price.

3. Lisa hurt Adrienne’s little fee-fees. Lisa called the Maloof dog Jackpot “Crackpot” on Twitter because fans of the show were joking about Giggy vs. Jackpot, and she also referred to Adrienne’s shoe as the Maloof Hoof, as we all saw a few episodes back. All kinds of jokes are regularly made about Lisa’s dog and she made a last name joke about her own shoe line as well, so I’m not sure what the big deal is. With all the shit-talking that goes on in these shows, those two incidents don’t even seem remotely worth dragging out to address in a season where someone went to rehab and someone else committed suicide. Who cares. Toughen up, Adrienne.

4. Lisa also hurt Kyle’s little fee-fees. Lisa said that Kyle, the repeated public splits-doer, does stuff like that for attention. Kyle. KYLE. LISTEN TO ME. You can’t get self-righteously angry when someone calls getting up on a table in the middle of a party and doing the splits in front of a camera crew a bid to attract attention. By definition, that’s exactly what it is. It’s not a value judgment. Y’all are all famewhores. You’re on Real Housewives. Those two things are synonymous. Dismount the high horse.

Lisa countered by mentioning Kyle’s claim that she preys on the weak, which sounds like a much worse thing to say about someone with whom you’re supposed to be friends, but according to Kyle that’s not nearly as bad as making light fun of the attention-whoring tendencies of a reality TV star. Plus, plus, Lisa said the mean thing first, so Kyle’s mean thing is totally justified! Kyle also complained that Lisa is smart which makes fighting with her hard, and as far as I can tell, it’s not Lisa’s fault that she’s smarter than everyone else. Kyle’s the biggest Mean Girl of them all, and it seemed like she was merely mad that she couldn’t Mean Girl Lisa into submission like she does everyone else.

4.1 Kyle does do a pretty good Lisa impersonation, though.

5. The Housewives do indeed own expensive things. Lisa owns a 30,000EUR Valentino dress, which in today’s US dollars is about 40 grand. By contrast, Camille’s most expensive dress cost a paltry $12,000 by a designer she didn’t mention. Lisa defended the enormous expenditure by explaining that she bought that dress before the recession, so, you know, that was kind of like sofa change back then. At that price, the dress has to be couture, and I think she should have brought it to show us. SHOW US THE COUTURE, LISA.

6. Taylor’s shrink is a doctor of osteopathy. Taylor said it was ok, he was a psychiatrist and could prescribe medication, but he just went to a “DO” school instead of an MD school. I did a little Googling, naturally, and it sounds like that’s a real thing that exists and it’s possible to get licensed as a legitimate psychiatrist in the US with that kind of degree. I went to journalism school, though, so if you have a background in medicine and know more about the distinctions between a DO and and MD, please share with us in the comments.

7. Camille didn’t think this season should have aired. She thought it wouldn’t be fair to Russell’s children, both Kennedy and those from previous relationships. That’s fair, probably. I didn’t think it should have aired back when it started, but now I’m just sort of ambivalent.

8. Several of the Housewives think the show saved Taylor’s life. That might be true. Attention and scrutiny are the ultimate enemy of domestic abusers, and having more people present in her home life and being taped and photographed regularly would make it much harder for an abuser to fly under the radar. As far as why Russell would sign on to a reality show, what Taylor said made sense – everything we know about Russell’s fraudulent business dealings and grifting indicates he was some sort of narcissist and probably would have loved the attention associated with reality TV, and domestic abusers generally aren’t cold, logical animals. I’m sure he thought he could get away with it, just like he got away with bilking people out of their money for so long.

9. Several of the Housewives were also confused about what to think of Russell. Camille and Lisa both said that sometimes Taylor admitted that Russell was awful and abusive, other times she encouraged them to like him. That fits in perfectly with the profile of a domestic violence victim, as do the feelings of codependence on the control and violence that Taylor described. Ultimately, neither Camille nor Lisa seemed to have any overall doubt that Taylor was abused, only that they didn’t know what to think in the moment while it was happening. Lisa revealed that she had seen a text where Russell called Taylor names and cursed her out, which is clearly emotionally abusive. With third party confirmation of that kind of treatment plus the objective evidence of Taylor’s medical problems, hopefully the issue of what happened to Taylor can be put to rest.

10. Lisa and Adrienne have beef over Adrienne’s chef. Lisa thought it was inappropriate that Adrienne let one of her household employees badmouth one of her friends to a national television audience, and although I generally don’t like how Housewives treat The Help, I think that’s a perfectly reasonable gripe. It’s not anyone’s personal chef’s place to tell America that he thinks his employer’s friend is an asshole.

11. And beef over whether or not Lisa sells stories, apparently. Based on the roundabout explanation of the accusations that Adrienne gave (which had basically no details, you’ll notice), someone at Radar Online tried to convince her to sell them a story by promising her that Lisa has also sold them stories. Adrienne didn’t have anything to say when asked what exactly Lisa had sold, and I can’t think of anything that Radar has run that would have had to come from Lisa and not anyone else, particularly something that would merit the huge $25,000 price tag that Adrienne may or may not have made up off the top of her head.

Based on my admittedly limited knowledge of the online gossip market, $25,000 for a story with no pictures and no name that can be publicly attached to it as a source is a pretty enormous price tag. It would have to have been some kind of bombshell, particularly when you consider that the Housewives aren’t anywhere near A-list stars. Of the things I can find that Radar has published about the Housewives, none of them seem to contain the kind of specific knowledge that only another cast mate would have that would be so good as to require such a large payment. I call bullshit.

Speaking of which, of course the Radar reporter would have lied to Adrienne (and Camille? I can’t remember who said what.) about other cast members selling stories while trying to convince her to do exactly the same thing. Online gossip mongers don’t take any kind of oath to tell the truth when they’re trying to get you to snitch behind your friend’s back about something. That seems so utterly and blatantly obvious that I can’t honestly conceive of how Adrienne and Camille would actually believe it. Tabloid reporters lie to get information. Water is wet. Earth travels around the sun.

So let’s talk about the attempted character assassination of Lisa that went on last night, shall we? According to Brandi, who I believe because she seems constitutionally incapable of ever telling a lie, even when it would greatly behoove her, the entire thing was a setup by the other cast members and they tried to enlist her help in the poorly executed endeavor. Brandi, of course, declined because she and Lisa seem to have struck up something of a friendship. It certainly seemed like there was some plan to target Lisa, considering all of the stupid little nitpicky complaints that everyone had against her – the Maloof Hoof? Really? That’s offensive?

I’m not entirely sure why the other housewives would have turned on Lisa, though. Has she snubbed them in some way that we don’t know about because her status as the fan favorite has gone to her head? Are they simply jealous that viewers like Lisa so much and aren’t as enthusiastic about them? Has Kyle enlisted them all in some kind of epic Mean Girl power struggle? Adrienne certainly seems more wishy-washy and easily lead than she did last season, and Taylor would be easy to influence. None of it quite fits, though, and I can’t help but get the feeling that there’s another shoe that will drop eventually. Right now it just seems like jealousy, particularly when they can’t think of anything better to complain about than silly little jokes about shoes and dogs. In the grand pantheon of awful things that have been said about people on Real Housewives, neither of those even come close to being notable.

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  • Whoa, all of this in the first half??  Talk about drama…


  • Magmorisle

    Gossip has it that Lisa is trying to get a “spin-off” show of her own & Bravo’s been taking meetings with her…

    • Anonymous

      That doesn’t surprise me – the overwhelming majority of viewers like Lisa and she’s a lot of fun to watch, I think she could easily support her own show. I’m sure that makes everyone else mad. 

      • When this season began I was fully prepared to strongly dislike Brandi, but she has grown to be a favorite on this show. That said, I would 100% tune in to a show where Lisa and Brandi sat across from one another throwing sarcastic remarks back and forth. 

  • Piperhallie

    When Lisa pressed Adrienne on details about the supposed sold story to RO, Adrienne seemed to pause more and more to think and did eventually apologize to Lisa about the character assassination/RO story selling, almost as if she started to doubt whether or not Lisa did it. I think that RO lied to the other castmates to persuade them to sell stories, because if they thought Lisa did it then they were more inclined to do so as well?

    My favorite moment had to be when they showed a picture of Andy dressed as Giggy for Halloween! LOL

    • Reality Junkie

      I think Adreinne was indeed having second thoughts and it looked to me like she was on the verge of tears. It is outrageous that she would take the word of a reporter over her friend in the first place, and someone who is a self-proclaimed savvy businesswoman should have better judgement. Besides, does Lisa really need the money?

      I think it was very clear from the way it all played out that there was a plan on Adrienne’s (and Kyle’s) part to make Lisa look bad. Unfortunately for them, as Amanda pointed out, they failed pretty miserably and their little plan backfired. It is obvious from what’s been commented online already that the viewers are siding with Lisa… and we have two more reunion episodes to go.

      That said, I DO believe that Lisa can probably be overbearing, egotistical and condescending. She’s just much more subtle about it. Kyle was right…if she thinks she will outsmart The Vanderpump, she may as well play checkers.

  • sheebeest

    “… those two incidents don’t even seem remotely worth dragging out to
    address in a season where someone went to rehab and someone else
    committed suicide. Who cares. Toughen up, Adrienne.”

    Well said, Amanda! Adrienne showed her true colors – snarky, petty and humorless. Like a dog with a bone, she wouldn’t let it (the ‘hoof’ joke). I was bored with the whole conversation, and her ugly, sparkly shoes look downright dangerous to walk in.

    Lisa is hilarious, and it takes a brave person to make people laugh. Sometimes you bomb. I give her credit for trying, and Adrienne should go BUY a sense of humor! (and one for her miserable chef, too, who should be fired for his rudeness to his employers guest). 

    I really hate to accuse other women of jealousy because most of the time it seems so sexist (who accuses men of that when they say something nasty?) but in this case, I wonder if it is just that simple. Lisa is beautiful, smarter (than inarticulate Kyle), cool, funny, sexy, has a hot laid-back rich husband, numerous trendy businesses, and an altogether fabulous life. I enjoy her immensely.

  • sheebeest

    ….and Brandi:

    Lisa IS STILL a “hottie po-tattie”. Despite being a straight women, I feel I can say with confidence that many men would prefer a curvy, beautiful woman (with a budonkadonk) over a skinny stick-figure like you. Okay, most men would say ‘yes’ to both, but youth doesn’t necessarily trump age. You are cute, but don’t count out older women. You, hopefully will be one someday!

  • Kate M

    That was one of the craziest reunions ever – even if nobody tried to throw Andy across the room.  Adrienne acted like a petty child over Lisa’s clever, innocent jokes.

    I will say that I walked away with the impression that Lisa did give a story or two.  She seems hung up on the word “sold” during the discussions about RO.  Would Adrienne be less bent if she gave, rather than sold, the stories?

    Love Brandi and can’t wait to see her in the next installment.  Her truthfulness is so refreshing.

  • Kate M

    That was one of the craziest reunions ever – even if nobody tried to throw Andy across the room.  Adrienne acted like a petty child over Lisa’s clever, innocent jokes.

    I will say that I walked away with the impression that Lisa did give a story or two.  She seems hung up on the word “sold” during the discussions about RO.  Would Adrienne be less bent if she gave, rather than sold, the stories?

    Love Brandi and can’t wait to see her in the next installment.  Her truthfulness is so refreshing.

    • Anonymous

      I think all of the cast mates (of all of the RH shows) speak to tabloids on occasion, either privately or as a named source. Selling a story, to me, not only implies payment but implies telling something you really shouldn’t for your own personal profit. The distinction that Lisa made between the two is one worth making in this situation, I think.

  • carrie

    Kyle is a mean girl, through & through.  Adrienne, thought she was my girl but she was completely in the wrong with how she tried to bring down Lisa.  I thought they would be the glimmer of light on the RH franchise, but she has disappointed me.  I think it all comes down to a classic case of jealousy.  All of them are jealous of Lisa.  She seems like a fun person, someone fairly real; I’d hang out with her, but those girls don’t like that.   Kyle is seriously my least favorite, someone chop off a little bit of her hair.  She needs a hair cut, desperately.

    • I Love This Blog

      My husband says that about her hair every time he sees her on the screen! 

  • SeattleMatthew

    My partner is a DO, and he’s a psychiatrist to boot. He mostly works with children, nonetheless he’s a psychiatrist. Essentially, the difference between an MD and DO is negligible. Reader’s Digest version: a DO takes a more holistic approach to medicine, focusing on the entire body and how one area of concern is impacted by what else is going on. An MD typically focuses more solely on the problem.

    Did that make sense? Example: if you come in with a sore arm, an MD is going to work on fixing that sore arm. A DO will not only look at the arm but also look at whatever else could be impacting that sore arm.

    It’s a dumbed-down explanation, I know, but that’s the difference in a nutshell.

    My partner went to medical school, went through residency, did his rotations, and finally did a fellowship in child psychiatry. DOs are every bit as educated as MDs; they’re education is just ever-so-slightly different.

    Now my partner hates Real Housewives, because, well, we all should. And he hates Taylor’s psychiatrist even more, because he would completely agree with everything you say, Amanda, about how a psychiatrist worth his salt would NEVER hold an open session on national TV.

    So in the end, the guy is a complete sellout and pretty awful person for doing what he’s doing with Taylor on RHOBH. But he is a properly trained psychiatrist, and it appears that a lot of what Taylor is parroting from him makes sense.

    • SeattleMatthew

      I’m horrified that I used “they’re” instead of “their.” Shoot me now.

      • Jim1155

        Thanks SeattleMatthew.  My husband is a DO orthopaedic surgeon.  four years of med school, one year internship, four years of residency and one year adult reconstruction fellowship.  

        Great explanation-DO view the body as a whole and MD as individual systems.  At least that is how the med schools view it.  Once one is out in residency, fellowship and practicing medicine they are the same.  

        PS-the psychiatrist on the show!  Bless his heart-

      • Reality Junkie

        No shooting squad required, since you caught it your’self. HA

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for the explanation, that makes a lot of sense!

    • jomarie

      Taylor’s assertion that his credentials allow him to prescribe drugs certainly seemed to be true, judging by her behavior during the reunion taping.

  • Miss Wiggle

    As far as I know, DO doctors can practice in whatever field they wish, but will be at a slight disadvantage for more competitive field and programs. DO’s have a different licensure exam than MD students, but they can chose to take the same exam. On the whole, DO students have a lower academic profile than MD students (excluding MD students in the Caribbean). However, there are students who chose DO schools because they have a slightly different philosophy. They also learn to do muscle/bone manipulations, or something.

    I am an MD student, so perhaps someone who goes to a DO school can elaborate further. My comments aren’t meant to be offensive. There are brilliant students who chose to go to a DO school, and end up in brilliant residency programs. I am just speaking in general.

    • SeattleMatthew

      I wholeheartedly disagree that DOs have lower academic profiles. It’s just as you said: philosophy about medicine.

      • jaleey

        Yes, I’ll have to agree with Miss Wiggle. It’s great when people apply to DO schools based on philosophy, but the statistics of DO matriculants are lower. I am currently applying to both types of medical schools and the admission statistics for MD schools are higher. Of course, that doesn’t mean MD programs are better, just that MD degrees are more often recognized as the degree for a medical physician and more highly pursued.

      • SeattleMatthew

        I can live with your statement.

  • ellenbakes

    Of course we don’t know all the goings on with these women; however, their targeting of Lisa was strange and lamely executed. Actually I heard Lisa describe Adrienne’s shoes as the Maloof “poof” not “hoof.” If Lisa was really being mean she would have called it a badly made shoe. Did you see the up close shot of it? Poorly made is an under statement–it looked like someone glued a cheap pump onto a block of wood. Oh wait, that’s what they did. But either way if that’s all you have to complain about consider yourself lucky.  And, she’s still smarting over Pandy’s party not being at the Palms? Again, get over it.

    I expect Kyle to be a mean girl; but I was disappointed in Adrienne for being so spineless. Passing along third and forth hand gossip at best or believing a tabloid reporter at worst (PS: Camille didn’t say she believed the RadarOnline reporter when she was told that Lisa sold stories…she knew it was BS). 

    Oh Brandi, a breath of fresh air and I continue to enjoy her unfiltered honesty. I can see why she and Lisa get along. Lisa may provide more polished responses; but her BS meter is pretty much on the same setting as Brandi’s. Camille was also a pleasant surprise in the honet & feisty department this season–I hope she continues that trend.

    Although Andy hasn’t been knocked down yet at this reunion, there’s still part 2. A girl can dream.

    • ellenbakes

      PS: Kyle’s Bobby Fischer comment was CLEARLY not her own thought.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, it really did seem like something that someone had said to her and she was just repeating it because she thought it sounded clever.

      • jomarie

        The more she tried to own it the more insulting it became and it is so not her style to insult Lisa, in her presence.

  • NCGal

    The gang-up on Lisa? Camille said it beautifully in the first season reunion when she said “Kyle, you always have to have a target.” Kim’s in rehab and at east for the moment, Kyle doesn’t have someone that she can prey on to feed her little co-dependent monkey-on-her-back. Taylor? I still maintain she is lying and continues to lie. However, Amanda, on one thing “Taylor” we do agree: we are indeed all Rorschachs. As such, Taylor, for me, is seriously, sadly mentally ill. Further, I Taylor is a masterful liar and manipulator from her reportage of Russell’s abuse, to last night’s performance of how she is handling the fall-out. There always has been something malevolent and calculating about her. Her behavior is textbook, not so much reflecting an DV survivor, but of someone with deadly, dialed-in focus.  She is scripted and calculated in her behavior and responses. Finally, I believe the on-going Taylor-abuse discussion on this blog has been and continues to be healthy as I believe all respectful debate to be. This is how we make meaning after all.

    • tata

      i also agree that taylor’s behavior doesn’t really reflect that of DV survivor. I felt that way for a while. and her behavior on the reunion show was very creepy. like you said, very calculated and scripted. and even though she talks as if all she cares about is kennedy, her behavior does not reflect that. like camille said, if she really cared about kennedy, that show should have not been aired. 10years from now when kennedy is old enough to understand what her family was going through, how would she feel watching these the show? i don’t think taylor even thinks about that because she is so busy thinking about herself and the show.

    • Luvley-Jubley

      Agreed, NCGal.  While I don’t claim to be an expert, I come from a family full of DV and Taylor’s behavior is nothing like what I’ve witnessed from actual DV victims.  I mean, flat-out nothing.  I was especially struck by the instance when Taylor said “It’s already out there…” with that ghastly grin on her face in response to Lisa’s wordless questioning about whether she should tell the audience the content of a text she’d read sent to Taylor from Russell.

      Now, does that mean I don’t believe that Taylor was a victim of DV?  No, actually; I do believe that Taylor suffered some amount of abuse and I don’t intend to minimize that.  But that doesn’t mean that I don’t also believe that Taylor is sociopathic, perhaps psychopathic.  When life hands Taylor a broken jaw, she sure as hell knows how to make a broken jaw omelet.  So to speak.

      • tata

        wow, i couldn’t have said it better. i can’t put my finger of what it is about taylor that bothers me when she talks about her experience… it’s almost like she’s proud of what happened…? i can’t explain it… but you can tell she enjoys talking about her experience and enjoys the attention she is getting from it, which to me is odd behavior.

  • Sherinethomas

    I agree. We have all witnessed Lisa being condescending. I havent forgotten her reaction to the trip to the DMV. I enjoy watching Lisa just as much as everyone else, but let’s be real. Lisa responding to Kyle by saying she is at times scared of her, was BS. I don’t believe for a second that Lisa is scared of Kyle or any of those ladies for that matter. I do believe Lisa is smarter and more calculated than Kyle. But Kyle was right on in saying that you have to be a strong woman to be friends with Lisa. I thought it was just an honest moment. I hope they remain friends.
    As for Adrienne I had a feeling she was just super sensitive and felt bad when it became clear Lisa never sold a story. To be fair I’m sure it gets old when someone is constantly cracking jokes about you. So who knows what we haven’t seen.
    Can’t wait for Brandi to come out. It looks like things get more interesting.

    • sheebeest

      Lisa, like other genuinely funny people, cracks jokes about HERSELF just as much.

    • Jess

      Everyone mocks the DMV. And if you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing things you wished you never had, then I cordially invite you down to my local DMV.

    • jomarie

      I was at my local DMV just last week. I changed my seat twice. Once when the young man next to me started breathing alcohol fumes in my direction and again when the two people behind me got into a scuffle. It takes all kinds to make a world. Lisa was harassed by a perfect stranger inspite of the fact that she had Cedric with her.

  • LauraJ

    Well at least the BH crowd is much more civilized than the other franchises. I don’t think I have been able to watch/understand the other Reunion shows, because every other word is bleeped out or there is some type of screaming match.

    I guess Bravo pretty much wiped the slate clean of Dana/Pam. Thank goodness. She was like the “try too hard” girl in high school- constantly trying to sit at a bigger and better lunch table by bragging, lying etc.

    • Bagolicious

      Dana-Pam is the equivalent of Marlo (Atlanta).

  • Deirdre239

    Lisa is the Betheny of Beverly Hills. 
    Nuff said, Bravo. Do the deal already. Tired of seeing Kim slur, Kyle and Taylor cry and Adrienne whine. BH is getting dull. 

  • Guest

    Did not like how the girls ganged up on Lisa. I used to like Kyle and Adrienne, but now…not so much. Also, I thought the maloof hoof/vander pump was clever and funny. Adrienne needs to get a sense of humor. It seems the women wanted to make Lisa look bad, when instead I think they  made themselves look bad.

  • msjean

    There is definitely a ganging up on Lisa, but I think it’s more than petty jealousy. Lisa has outsmarted them this season in a way they can’t outrightly say on the Reunion – she set up her own alternate story line in Pandy’s wedding, in a way that gives her just as much if not more screen time than the other ladies, without having to film with them when she doesn’t feel like it. She promoted her new lounge while doing so, created her own mini ecosystem of product placement panderers (with all the fabulous vendors who provided tastings/auditions for the wedding), gave lots of screen time to the alternate casino (which surely had to be a conscious decision to promote a personal friend over a fellow castmember) etc.  (She kind of did the same thing last season with an independent story arc of just her and Cedric’s drama). In the contest of who can get more individual, flattering screentime, she totally won, but she definitely did it at the expense of the others and that is the real reason they are upset, only that’s one of those 4th wall secrets they won’t cop to, even outside the show.
    All that said, I still like her the best! The whole thing is an artifice anyway. She is funny and entertaining and glamorous to watch, that’s what audiences want.

    • I Love This Blog

      This point was made, I think in this blog last week, that Lisa is keenly aware of how her audience perceives her and always makes sure she is maintaining a likable and admirable persona. She’s so smart that she understands the importance of grooming her viewers over time so that she can get a spinoff show. She may be a very real, authentic friend, but her performance on RHOBH is very calculated, albeit subtle, and apparently it’s working. I’m thoroughly entertained by her over-the-top style, fortune and eccentricities. And, she has a great sense of humor.

  • Bridget

    I personally thought the “crackpot” joke was pretty funny.  They were so silly last night – esp Adrienne who I suppose might be worried she’s getting das boot if she doesn’t suddenly become a little more “interesting” of a character.  If that was her angle last night, it was a fail!

  • Elise

    Well rumor has it that Cedric disclosed in an interview that Adrienne is in the worst financial state among the women.  If this is true, it would totally make sense why Adrienne is “hurt” over Lisa’s bachelorette party at Planet Hollywood.  Adrienne is most likely desperate to get free promotion for the Palms and her shoe line.

    Don’t hate me but I didn’t think Adrienne’s shoe was particularly ugly, I’ve seen worse ones.  It was okay.  They don’t look comfortable or meant to be used more than once  though.


    • msjean

       How is that possible? Even with her husband’s income? Or is it out of control spending habits? Is she worse off than Kim? (Or does Kim somehow have amazing royalty income. I thought she was dependent on Kyle/Mauricio month-to-month, or is that a Kyle exaggeration)

      • Luvely-Jubley

        Kim’s alimony/child support combined income, at one time, was mind-boggling (approx. 40G/month).  As her children age into majority, Kim gets poorer.  I’m not sure if her alimony is lifetime or limited, though I’m sure that that gravy train would be derailed if Kim ever remarried (hence the cheesy ‘promise rings’ she and Ken were wearing).  If anyone knows anything more specific, I’d love to hear it!

    • Luvely-Jubley

      Adrienne is from family money, so I’m surprised to hear this.  And coming from Cedric, I’m not inclined to believe it.   Adrienne’s brothers would have pulled her up sharply by this time if her actions threatened their family legacy, as she would to them.  Hmmm…I gotta read more info from sources other than Cedric before I put any stock into that!

  • A Reader

    Kyle might want to take note of something Judge Judy says: “beauty fades, dumb is forever.”

    Team Lisa. (With an honorable mention for Brandi who, I think, is much, much smarter than she allows herself to appear. Gracie Allen, Lucille Ball smart. I like her.)

  • Kmostl

    DO’s receive the same training as MDs.. they’re not witch doctors. I worked at a DO training hospital. There were both MDs and DOs on staff. Having said that, very unproffessional to go to a party with your patient and conduct a booze fueled group therapy session in a bar.

    • Anne

      I’m so glad someone finally brought up how completely bizarre it was for the therapist to attend a social function as his patient’s date!  The conversation/apology that he “moderated” between the women belonged in a therapy session, in an office, with no cameras (in addition to any other sessions!)  So strange.  Think he billed her for the date/session?!

      • Bagolicious

        And I found it interesting, on the reunion show, that Taylor commented that her therapist calls her and her daughter every day. 

    • Jamiesmcd

      Agree. I see a DO Family Medicine physician and he’s great. Regarding the great Sophy, yes he may be a DO, but is he a board-certified psychiatrist? This essentially means he has taken extra training to have this specialty, has taken an exam and continues to obtain continuing medical education in his field. Any DO may prescribe medication, but it doesn’t mean they have the necessary advanced training to be a psychiatrist.

  • J.Rod

    I feel that a lot of Lisa’s humor is an acquired taste. Not everyone thinks it is funny and some people think that it is insulting, I think she is a hoot. I love her and she is hilarious. To the comment about the help and how the housewives treat them. I feel like some of the housewives do treat them a bit harsh but others are aware that they are kind of the reason their lives run smoothly. Lisa seems to be quite civil and nice to her housekeeper, Rosa (I think),  and even offering her a pair of taller heels to wear for the wedding, which one how many of the housewives have their help at a wedding and dressed up like she was that day. Lisa seem to always be real in front of the camera so I don’t think this was for attention. She had been very successful in the business world and most likely had worked with a lot of help and knows that without them, you can’t go on.

  • Anonymous

    I wish I had a recorder so that I could analyze and re-analyze portions that I had been waiting to see and I’m sure I’ll catch a re-run or two before next week’s continuance. I didn’t like the attacks on Lisa – her sense of humor is usually a play-on-words and witty and it’s unfortunate that the other gals are looking for things to find wrong with her. I don’t believe she sold any stories and I’m glad Amanda pointed out that the reporter was trying to goad stories out of the other housewives by making it seem Lisa did it “all of the time” to lay his trap for stories from them.  I can’t picture Lisa having any hidden motives. She doesn’t seem that catty or manipulative.
    I sympathized for once for Taylor when she was explaining a few things about Russell.  There was one moment when the camera zoomed in on her face when she was trying not to cry and her chin was quivering and I thought to myself that that would be hard to fake and she couldn’t be that good of an actress to pull that off. She seemed to be genuine (although alittle rehearsed) for the first time and I think that she is finally realizing that she can’t pull any more shenanigans when there would be point-blank questions from Andy, all of the other housewives in the same room at the same time, scrutiny from millions of viewers and the knowledge that we’ve ALL been waiting for answers and explanations from what we’ve witnessed from her these many months. She seemed to be on her best behaviour.
    However, LAST WEEK, at the end of the show when they all got together at Kyle’s house which I think was either 3 weeks or 5 weeks after the suicide, I was appalled at how happy and carefree she was – all smiles and grateful that she still had the on-screen friendship of these women that she had only known for about a year or so that meant more to her than anything else. She was carefree and seemed happy as a lark after enduring a traumatic event that most people thankfully will never know.  She had told Andy on WWHL that she and Kennedy found him, Kennedy had asked if Daddy had done something stupid, and then in another article, she told the interviewer that Kennedy didn’t know yet. So which is it? Too many things had happened that made me question her stories and underlying motivation that I’m not quite ready to “absolve” her and find her totally guiltless in her own abuse, the confidence schemes in which she partook, and her husband’s eventual demise.
    It even occurred to me that she might have sent herself those texts just to prove her accusations – stranger things have happened and there are plenty of people in jail as we speak for manipulating situations for their own gain whatever their motivations are.
    I hope the next two episodes convince me otherwise. She is definitely a “Rorschach” case study!

    • NCGal

      I agree, Adrienne, as usual :)

    • jomarie

      misplacing her phone soon after.

  • Linda

    It was like they didn’t have enough to say, so they started complaining about “dog names”-are you kidding me!!! Lets see-we have a suicide, substance abuse right in front of everyone, that the whole bunch just kept telling her how gorgeous she looked, when she couldn’t walk or talk at the same time.;we have blatant spousal abuse, we have some of the ugliest clothes and waste of money I have ever seen!!! I really like Paul, but if his wife is any example of his handiwork-stay away people..Ladies for the love of God, get a haircut-less hair, less makeup, less big heavy gaudy jewelry ( I don’t care if it costs a million dollars it’s UGLY!!). Lighten up, give Brandy and her BIG mouth and personality a chance and get rid of that braggart with no/ugly furniture in her house!! I know it sounds like I didn’t like the show, but you can tell, I watched every episode; just some honest comments from a fan.

  • doctors’ bag

    Taylor’s “psychiatrist”is an absolute quack who has no integrity nor knowledge of the patient-doctor relationship and/or the dangers of transference. This is a fame whore right up there like the patient herself, and this guy should be investigated. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Of course, he may want a part of the life insurance settlement dollars, and because she is so vulnerable emotionally, it makes him seem doubly disgusting. No honorable physician would accompany a patient to any of these social events, esp. an abused woman who is now widowed. 

    I have seen great DO’s as well as terrible ones. I am an MD, medical doctor, and there is a vast difference mostly in the history and the development of scientific approach in the two schools of training. The osteopaths were founded by a disgruntled medical doctor in the 1800’s-wild-west in Missouri, I think, a time of snake oil and bloodletting. This doctor believed in manipulating the musculoskeletal system to relieve illness. There is no scientific rigor nor empiricism in this, but this may help some people, and there’s a lot to be said for the placebo effect. Today, DO’s rarely practice the spinal manipulation anymore. However, DO’s schools are also “for profit” so they train as many as want to be there for a price. Residency training tends to be with private practice DO’s and not in teaching hospitals. Some may not like to hear this, but I have found through experience, the code of ethics from DO’s seriously lacking. Again, there are bad MD’s too, but the DO’s fly under the radar, so to speak.

    I think to say an MD would look at a pained arm and only treat the arm is hogwash. A great doctor would get a full medical/social history and interview the patient thoroughly to determine a diagnosis and treatment plan. Sometimes it’s an obvious broken bone. Sometimes it’s a metastatic lymphoma. Only the trained eye and experienced background of a gifted physician can make the nuanced distinction. A lazy/inexperienced/just plain bad doctor will send the patient on the runaround. This is real–know who your doctor is. 

    • Karengoore

      You’re missing the point. (must split this post into two — technical issues.) I have seen many MDs and two DOs to deal with injuries from being a gymnast. If I could only have one doc, I would chose my original DO (only stopped seeing him because he moved). Here is an example of why: my MD orthopedic surgeon correctly diagnosed me with, in layman’s terms, tennis elbow. I went through months and months of icing, prescriptin anti-inflamatories, and physical therapy with several PTs (was in college and so saw diff peeps in the summer). I love PTs, but the problem wasn’t getting better. Then the doc gave me cortisone shots and put my arm in a cast all the way to my finger tips so that I could not use that hand/wrist at all (since tendinitis is an overuse injury). A month later, the cast came off but the problem came back (I also worked with a PT during that time). Finally, the doc operated. And you know what? Within six months (no more gymnastics after the problem originally started) The tendinitis came back. Why? I believe it’s because the doc thought, “ok, gymnast who also has to do lots of writing and typing? that’s the cause.” then he went to his limited set of tools and got to work. If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail, right? My DO, on the other hand, whom I saw post college, took a much broader view. What was going on structurally with me that made me susceptible to tendinitis in my arm?

      • Karen

        He looked at my back, neck, etc. He found trigger points in my extensor muscles and other muscles higher up in my arm that were shortening the muscles and putting extra load on my tendons. Fast forward 19 years, and my tendinitis is 100% controlled by managing these trigger points and learning what was causing them. Placebo effects don’t last 19 years. Look it up. Are there bad DOs? Of course, just like there are bad MDs, like the first one I saw who put me in a wrist splint because that’s where I was experiencing the pain. This crap-a$$ MD just assumed the problem was in my wrist. The splint he put me in made the problem worse by holding my wrist in a position that kept my extensions in contraction. The second MD was excellent at diagnosing, as I believe most good MDs are. However, his tool kit was just way more limited than my DO’s. There is room for both kinds of docs without the need to call into question the DOs’ training or ethics. And there is empirical evidence, not simply anecdotal evidence, showing that DOs can be quite effective at treating certain types of chronic pain. As for other types of care, I have not needed to research how effective DOs are with them.

        As you yourself said, there are bad MDs. Do bad DOs fly under the radar more easily? I have no idea. I do know that the MD who misdiagnosed flipping tennis elbow was the lead researcher in a study about arm injuries from baseball

      • Karengoore

        in kids playing youth ball. This study received tons of media coverage an all major TV networks. I couldn’t believe it. Is that good oversight?

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