Well then. Last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was another one that wasn’t so much funny as it was kind of alarming and anxious-making, this time on both the Kim and Taylor fronts. If those two were to collide in their current states, I shudder to think of the carnage that would ensue.

Last night, though, it was mostly Kim vs. Brandi and Taylor vs. the rest of the cast, and perhaps predictably, neither Kim nor Taylor came away victorious. Both interactions were a little disturbing in different ways, but let’s just say that I’m glad Kim has checked herself into rehab. I feel like we should at least have a moment of positivity before we dive into the rest of this episode.

We started at Adrienne’s house, where Paul was completely stumped by simple tasks and Adrienne came to distract him with bad news from Camille. As we all know, a couple of episode ago, Camille repeated the allegations of abuse that Taylor had made to her privately (and which she had also made to everyone else in the entire group privately, including Lisa, who Taylor didn’t even like until like 20 minutes ago). Russell caught wind of the fact that she had said those things, and he had sent an email to Camille threatening to sue her for slander and damage to his public name.

WELL. Let’s talk about that for a second. According to an undergrad communication law class that I took in approximately 2007, here’s what I know: In order for a slander claim to be actionable, it has to be demonstrably false, the person who said it has to have been negligent in regard to its truthfulness, and the person who filed the suit has to be able to prove that it did harm to them or their reputation in some way. Also, it’s much harder to prove defamation against a public figure, which Russell would have made himself by appearing on a widely watched reality TV show. In short: There’s no suit. Still, it’s totally unnerving to be threatened with something like that, and it can still be expensive to defend against a frivolous suit that eventually gets dismissed.

Naturally, all of that drama meant lots of awkwardness for Kyle’s impending White Party, and Camille had declared to Adrienne that she didn’t want to go if Taylor and Russell were going to be there. That seems like a totally reasonable decision when someone is actively threatening you with legal action, and Adrienne came up with a totally reasonable response to it: Instead of Taylor coming and Camille staying home and everyone else feeling awkward, Kyle should simply knock Taylor and Russell off the guest list.

Over at Lisa’s house, things were less tense. In fact, all they did was hire a wedding band. Wedding band sounded good! Moving on!

Moving on to Kyle’s actually. She was in the middle of frantic last-minute preparations for her White Party, which included Kyle getting her hair curled in a tent while she worried about Kim’s boyfriend. Having made seemingly no progress on her hair (besides proving to all of us that she doesn’t have extensions), Kyle then took a call from Adrienne wherein they discussed the threatening letter that Russell had sent to Camille. Adrienne didn’t outright refuse to attend the party if Taylor was going to show up, but Kyle could see the writing on the wall. She’s a Mean Girl sometimes, but she’s not stupid, and she wanted her party to go well. She promised to call Taylor and discuss the issue.

Meanwhile, we had a rare visit to Kim’s house when her kids were there, and her oldest daughter was suitably concerned about the new ring adorning Kim’s very important finger. She said it was just a promise ring, but because Kim’s not 16 anymore, her daughter was suitably dubious. Kim begged her to be nice to Ken at the White Party, but her daughter didn’t seem convinced that Ken was a person deserving of kindness. No one elaborated on what he had done to create issues with her kids, but it certainly seemed like there was an elephant in the room.

Back at Kyle’s house, the decision had been made that Taylor would be disinvited, even if it made everyone else massively uncomfortable. Camille showed up anyway and I’m not entirely sure whether or not she knew that Taylor would still be attending. Once Lisa got there, she and Kyle sat down to discuss whether or not Russell had grounds for a lawsuit and whether the rest of them could potentially be targeted. Both Lisa and Kyle then frantically tried to contact Taylor, who had been completely incommunicado in the previous days and who was still not picking up her phone. They got together with Adrienne and Mauricio to discuss what to do when Taylor eventually showed up to the party, and they all decided that she simply must be turned away. Awkward.

Kim eventually slurred her way into the party with Ken on her arm, and after repeatedly coughing in Lisa’s face (I would have kneed her in the crotch after the second cough, no joke), she took offense at being shown a picture that contained Brandi. That prompted threats from Kim to break Brandi’s OTHER leg, which is unfortunate because although Brandi may be a little dim, she’s been mostly delightful this season. Also, I’m pretty sure that Brandi has about six inches on Kim and could probably take her, even if junkies do tend to be cagey and hard to fight.

As if on cue, Brandi arrived and immediately tried to smooth things over enough for them both to make it through the party unscathed, but naturally Kim couldn’t let that happen. Not only did she refuse to meet Brandi halfway and return the apology, but she seemingly tried to revoke Kyle’s apology and admission of wrongdoing as well. She did so by wagging her finger (and her workout ponytail) around like she was trying to be sassy like girls are in the movies, and naturally, Brandi told her to stop putting her finger in her face. Kim will put her finger wherever she damn well pleases, thankyouverymuch.

At one point, an anonymous hand came from outside of the frame and landed on Kim’s shoulder, as if she were about to be yanked off of a Vaudeville stage with a comically oversized cane. Whoever tried to intervene wasn’t successful, and then Brandi failed to follow through on her own promise to leave the interaction. Kim eventually resorted to repeating the things that Brandi said in a sarcastic tone of voice and telling her that pretty girls shouldn’t say bad words, all the while seemingly sure that she was winning the argument. Once Kim had been removed from scene, Kyle came over and apologized to Brandi for the scene. Funny how things change, isn’t it?

We then cut directly to Russell and Taylor getting into the back of their limo to head to the party, Russell promising to stay the entire night and drink a bottle of vodka and Taylor telling him what an amazing time they were going to have. I still can’t put my finger on it, but the vibe between them was almost…icky. Like they had just gotten finished, err, “copulating” and we were all forced to partake in the afterglow with them. That would be gross with any couple, but with a relationship that we know to be abusive, it was revolting on a whole different level.

They eventually arrived at the party and Kyle, Mauricio, Adrienne, Paul and Lisa all went out to intercept them in the front yard and explain why exactly they wouldn’t be admitted to the party. Kyle was practically sobbing as soon as she opened her mouth, but the rest of the group was not similarly overcome with emotion on Taylor’s behalf. Probably because they figured that they were the next people to be sued, right? Anyway, Kyle started half-assed explaining that SOMETHING HAD HAPPENED and she just couldn’t spit out exactly what it is, so Adrienne and Mauricio stepped in to do most of the talking.

Among them, the group managed to rather calmly and clearly explain that because Russell had threatened Camille with a lawsuit and Camille’s lawyers had (quite rightly) advised her to not have further communication with the couple, they’d have to ask them to leave. The threat of lawsuits could potentially expand to all of the people who had taken part in that conversation, which basically meant the rest of the cast, which was an unacceptable risk. They had tried to contact Taylor ahead of time so that the confrontation wouldn’t take place like that, but that hadn’t worked.

Russell, for his part, tried to convince everyone that the email he had sent to Camille had actually been quite friendly. Once Paul piped up to clarify that all of them had read the email and that lying about it wouldn’t help, Russell abandoned that tactic and he and Taylor eventually retreated to their douchey stretch limo when it became clear that they couldn’t explain their way out of the whole situation and into the party. Kyle just couldn’t leave well enough alone, though, and she ran after them and climbed halfway into the limo in order to try to explain herself and grovel for forgiveness.

At that point, Russell tried to spin the situation even further by saying that Camille had greatly exaggerated what Taylor had told her, but Adrienne put a stop to that line of crap immediately – after all, each Housewife was well aware of what Taylor had told them privately. She and Mauricio were the clear winners of the whole interaction; they were both composed, reasonable and able to clearly articulate what the problems were and how they were going to be fixed in the short term. It’s easy to see why both of them are successful at work, not to mention that the whole thing made me fall in love with Mauricio all over again.

Once Taylor and Russell left for good, Kyle went back inside to wail to the rest of her guests, which seemed a little bit overboard at this point. Taylor feigned ignorance about the entire content Russell’s email, but she didn’t seem actually surprised. Not only that, but Taylor has heard Russell threaten to sue her cast mates on camera before, which didn’t seem to phase her either. Suing people who do things that they don’t like seems to be a pattern of behavior in which they’ve both partaken over the course of their grifting, so forgive me for not believing Taylor. I suppose we’ll learn more in the aftermath…well, not next week, but whenever new episodes come back after the holidays.

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  • ellenbakes

    Great recap…right on the button. It was an awkward and pretty much painful episode to watch–especially seeing Kim continuing to unravel before our eyes. I hope she’s getting the help she needs, sans Ken, because that was awful. Brandy was trying to be nice but she should have walked away and let Kim heap abuse on a lamp or something.

    The Taylor/Russell incident was disturbing. If you just look at everyone’s body language, pre, during and post, it’s very interesting. I hope Taylor is getting the help she needs now too.

    The best part of that episode was the band audition at Lisa’s house. They sounded really great. But what made me laugh out loud was when the wedding planner snuggled up/kissed Giggy during the sappy emotional song–Lisa’s expression was priceless!

    Is next week’s episode the finale?

  • Reality Junkie

    Kyle’s histrionics in this episode were almost unbearable. She is, after all, an actor. Are we really supposed to believe that she could not get in touch with Taylor via phone or text for HOURS before the party? I think she wanted the drama to unfold on camera exactly as it did, so that she could be the center of attention and “victim” all at the same time. Kyle has become a passive aggresive, pot-stirring, famewhore witch.

    • Nancy

      Kyle hasn’t just become passive aggressive and pot-stirring – she’s always been that way. I’ll hold back on famewhoring, since she doesn’t hold a candle to the Kardashians/

  • Emily

    This show has become really uncomfortable to watch; it is practically unbearable. I do not know what to think about the abuse allegations. On the one hand, I want to believe her because that’s a VERY serious claim, and I would hope she’s not lying. On the other hand, I find it difficult to believe that the signs of abuse have gone unnoticed by her friends and Bravo because I would hope that both would try to intervene somehow. I also think it is strange that a victim of abuse would threaten someone with violence (i.e. I’m gonna take you out back and go Oklahoma on your ass), but then alsnene so adamant about no one touching another person during an argument.

    Lastly, I thought the conversation in the limo pre-party was…weird. Taylor and Russell discussing him finally being a “good boy” was very weird to me. I joke around with my boyfriend like that too, but that didn’t seem like joking to me. It was bizarre. I also think Russell really wanted to remove himself from the situation, as he took his mic off immediately in the limo after being kicked out, but it was Taylor that insisted they stay further. It is all very weird and uncomfortable to watch.

    • Emily

      Woops, stupid iPad. I meant “but then also be so adamant…”

      • Reality Junkie

        Yes, the whole limo ride was so staged and bizarre, I felt uncomfortable watching it alone in my living room! And the “good boy” thing…UGH…I have never and would never refer to my husband- or ANY grown man- that way. It’s just CREEPY.

    • adrienne z

      Did anybody notice that Taylor left her purse in the car and Russell didn’t bring the vodka in. They knew ahead of time they were going to be asked to leave.

      • adrienne z

        on rerun, Russell Did brink vodka – Sorry for wrong info!

  • Kris

    100% spot on recap Amanda!
    Anyone catch Kim at the end of the confrontation saying to Brandi: “And my daughter has something to say to you too!” Luckily we didn’t hear what it was, if anything. Who brings their kids into that??

    • adrienne z

      It looked to me like Kim’s daughter was looking at KIM with a strange look on her face and not at Brandi

  • adrienne z

    Thanks to Camille, the rest of the cast is finally putting things out there and questioning Taylor’s stories. Next thing they should do is question her motives for telling them all “tall tales”. I still don’t believe she was abused – I almost think that Russell is pretty much the victim in the “abuse” and he just goes along with all of her BS explanations and digs (what a good boy!) to placate her and avoid future wrath. It sounds like he went alittle overboard in the letter to Camille because he was protecting his wife. He has no idea all of the lies she told about him to her rich galpals for whatever reason she did it. It’s a shame that he ended up taking his own life – she’s now free to be the victim all over again and garner even more sympathy from everyone in the entire country, not just the ones within earshot. She has no business being on any TV show, being in any magazine, getting paid for any interviews, wearing designer clothes, or walking around amongst the elite. As far as I’m concerned, she’s another Casey Anthony and should be shunned by all. She’s a pathological lying, murderous, self-serving manipulative Bitch!
    Sorry for being so direct, but that’s the way I feel. She should be under arrest for causing Russell’s death!

    • chloebagfreak


  • Crystal

    I completely agree. As much as I would like to believe that a woman would not lie about abuse, I do not believe Taylor. Abused women do not tell anyone, let alone everyone that they meet, that they are abused. Abused women do not tell their abuser that their friend says they were abused. Taylor seems to stir the pot without fear of Russell. His response to Camille’s statement was to fire off a letter, not beat Taylor for revealing their secret. The jury is still out on this one.

    • Ashley

      That’s a good point. Why would someone admit to their abuser that they told people? Why would she also tell almost everyone . . . and then ask them to keep it quiet . . . when the only reason most of them interact is the show.

    • Reality Junkie

      I agree…in one episode Taylor claims that Camille’s revelation puts her in great jeopardy, and in the next episode (maybe a week later, two weeks at the most?) she has obviously told Russell the story. WTF???? Why does no one call her out on her duplicity??? Can’t WAIT for the reunion and I hope Andy doesn’t coddle her; she has taken every opportunity to profit from Russell’s death (inteviews, appearances, photos, book, etc.)

  • Chellie

    I agree – Taylor has never shown any fear of antagonizing Russell with her words or actions. This was yet another very uncomfortable episode to watch – it was like the producers knew exactly what Taylor and Russell were driving into – and they made it more dramatic by having them snuggle and talk about what a great party it would be.

    @ellenbakes – I caught Lisa’s look when the wedding planner kissed Giggy – it was like she wanted to send him to the Spa for a doggy bubble bath immediately! So funny.

  • Maryann

    Thehollywoodgossip.com reports that Russell has had two restraining orders filed against him by his ex-wife (mother of his son Aiden) and by an ex-girlfriend. It said that he has a battery conviction in 1997. The ex-wife claims that he hit her when she was 6 months pregnant. They divorced shortly after Aiden was born. The girlfriend claims that he used to hit Aiden across the face. And what about those photos on Entertainment Tonight that showed Taylor’s face/eye so beaten? I think she is a wing nut for sure, but I also think he was abusive to women in his life.

    Love your recaps, Amanda!! You do such a great job. Always.

    • I just wanted to clarify – I totally believe that Russell abused Taylor, there’s not a doubt in my mind. The photos, the medical records, Russell’s history of domestic violence accusations and restraining orders, the fact that he said Camille had exaggerated her accusations instead of saying she completely lied…I don’t think you can take all of that together and come to a different conclusion in any kind of logical way. The last part in particular seems to be an admission of guilt.

      If you’re a man that’s never laid a hand on your wife and you have a confrontation like the one from this week’s episode with her friends, I’d have to think that you’re yelling “I never once touched her!” early and often throughout the whole scene. He didn’t seem to find fault with the idea that he had abused her, just the idea that others would be talking about it publicly. That speaks volumes, IMO.

      You can be an awful person or a sociopath or a grifter and still be a victim of abuse. They aren’t mutually exclusive, and I think that’s the situation we have here. A bad person in a bad situation.

      • adrienne z

        I still find it hard to believe that a man who is trying to earn as much as possible through charming investors would abuse his wife especially since they are being filmed constantly for a reality show. Apparently these two are very adept at conning people and made quite a team doing it. It is extremely possible that Taylor’s “abuse” pictures could be contrived too. She always puts on quite a show and these pictures could be for show as well.

        It’s a good point you made that if a man was accused of abusing his wife and WASN’T, he would shout from the rooftops. However, nothing was mentioned in front of Kyle’s house that he abused her. The confrontation was about what Camille had Said, but Taylor might have told Russell something else. Nobody ever said outloud what it was that Camille had said, Taylor just said Camille Exaggerated what Taylor had told Camille originally. So at that point, Russell may have been completely oblivious to what everybody else was actually told and only heard Taylor’s “version” of the “Truth (?)”
        Found an article about Russell’s ex and what She thinks about Taylor: http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2011/08/russell-armstrong-ex-wife-taylor-armstrong-drove-him-suicide

      • adrienne z

        I just hope when all is said and done and this batch of episodes is over for the season, the Actual truth comes out so we can be done with all of this speculation, second-guessing, and confusion. We’ve all become backseat psychoanalysts and although it is fun, it is also disconcerting and almost painful sometimes to watch so much distress going on in other people’s lives. It’s just a shame that when we have distress going on in our lives, we don’t have the mansions and bank accounts to make us feel better!

      • NCGal

        I get that Russell has record and presumably a history of DV. I believe Taylor was hit…just not by Russell. Not for one second do I believe this. I think Taylor has contrived and manipulated his history to her advantage. Lord knows, you can pay people to do just about anything, and some people can even go so far as causing this kind of damage to themselves. I think Taylor saw Russell’s DV history as an opportunity to leave him and extort as much money as she could from him AND be the victim with the hope of garnering public sympathy and probably even more possibilities for money. I really think she is a socio-path: dangerous and very ill.

  • Ms. Z

    Taylor is sickening. I was almost, at one point, believing Russell was the problem in that marriage but I’m pretty sure now it is Taylor. She is screwy. I completely understand why Kim has checked into rehab. It was overdue. Bravo has gotten more than it bargained for with this Beverly Hills part of the franchise. Even I thought their lives would mostly be about fabulousness…didn’t see all the drama coming with these ladies. Did I miss something on this episode or did Dana-Pam NOT tell anyone how much anything she was wearing, eating, or driving cost!!!!

  • mochababe73

    From what I understand, Kim doesn’t have a home because she and Ken were no longer together. I’m glad that she’s getting help, but I think that it’s more than just substance abuse. We all hear the stories of child actors. Too much, too soon for some.
    Brandi should have just walked away. I’m pretty sure though that Kim probably would have kept talking to nothing.
    I agree that Adrienne, Paul, and Mauricio are all successful because they keep cool head and kept everything business-like. That was needed so that there wasn’t a big blow up ala Atlanta and New Jersey. I like that there wasn’t a screaming match.
    I’m surprised that you didn’t bring up how Lisa was trying to make the situation about her.
    I’m still on the fence with Taylor. What is really skeeving me out is that book that she has coming out and her two part interview with Dr. Phil. She is making all of these claims and Russell is not able to defend himself. I am also confused as to why Russell felt the need to bring his own vodka. AND, why didn’t Taylor answer her phone. I don’t believe for a minute that she knew nothing.
    The OC comes back on February 2!

    • Jennesia

      I dn’t think that Lisa was trying to make it about her….I think she was trying to get a complete understanding of what was taking place and if Taylor had anything to do with Russell sending the letter. I think it is starting to dawn on her that something is amiss like she suspected prior.

  • Nancy

    I’m shocked that I forgot the show was on last night. Instead I fell into “binge” cleaning and inventory of my sweaters. Oh, well…

  • Jill

    I thought Adrienne was the ring leader in the whole Taylor needs to be uninvited shenanigans. Camille showed up to the party and didn’t say a word to anyone, and it seems she really only said anything to Adrienne. Adrienne then called Kyle, she organized a group/mob at Kyle’s party and orchestrated the conversation outside of Kyle’s house. Then when Kyle went to Taylor’s limo to talk more with Taylor by herself, Adrienne showed up leaning into the limo there too! I was really kind of disgusted with her behavior in this episode. Camille showed up and the party and didn’t say anything to anyone, and when Taylor does show up Adrienne starts speaking for her. Adrienne tells Taylor that Camille is inside and uncomfortable, etc., etc., instead of just saying that she was the one who was uncomfortable(which she did say on the phone to Kyle).
    Kim is a train wreck in this episode and I can only imagine will regret this season for a long time. So glad Brandi kept her cool this time. She has really managed to repair her image since Game Night unlike Kim or Kyle.

    • Carla

      I got the impression that someone with Adrienne’s money doesn’t take threats of law suits lightly. It’s all fun and games until someone gets sued!

      • Manuela

        @Carla: Paul’s reaction was especially clipped and no-BS, and that’s exactly what I was thinking as well. Surgeons are always big targets for lawsuits anyway and I could tell Paul had zero patience for the mere idea of being sued.

  • Mirna

    I thought both Camille and Adrienne weren’t gonna show up to this party. Then they’re both there as if they never even mentioned that. I’m starting to see a more pushy side to adrienne that I don’t like. Taylor is a liar and Kyle needs to chill out. Taylor started the whole thing so what’s Kyle crying about. I bet if he was threatening Kyle she would’ve waked out there and ripped him a new one.

  • Nancy

    Lucky me, there was a re-run tonight and I got to see most of it. Since I didn’t see the whole episode, I’m only going to comment on Russell & Taylor in the limo. Amanda thought it was icky, but I think it was entirely fake. This was some kind of scene R&T conjured up as I guess they were still looking to stay together and needed a way to suddenly conclude their difficulties. After months of therapy, “snap” and “we’re all good now.” Of course, re-building trust in a relationship happens in fits and starts, so this whole “scene” didn’t ring true. But they get an “A” for effort for the charade. And if Russell hadn’t sent the e-mail to Camille, maybe they would have gotten away with it. Remember, appearances matter dearly to grifters, it’s their life’s blood. They can’t operate without it. So…with that tactic an epic fail, they went to a probably scripted “plan b”: They’ll just say that everyone mis-interpreted what Taylor’s been telling them for months. And while none of the ladies said as much, I’d like to bring you all back to the famous tea party. When Camille made her statement, Taylor did not say “What are you talking about?” Nor did she say, “I didn’t say that, you’re exaggerating.” Nope. She didn’t say a thing. But now in the limo she is saying something. When you’re caught in a full-frontal lie, best to move along, real fast.

    I remain fully enthralled by the train wrecks that are Taylor and Kim.

    • jomarie

      These grifters set the whole thing up . The law suite is the whole point! And all the chickens ran around because the sky was truly falling. Every one of them was vulnerable to being named. I only wonder who it was that did something about it?

    • Nancy

      Just want to elaborate on something here, because re-reading my entry, I’m not sure I made my point… Let’s say Russell & Taylor do the “we’re all good now,” scene in the limo. Say Russell never sent Camille the email. Say they went to the party and Russell was a social butterfly and Taylor went to each woman and said, “We’re all good now. Russell’s been under terrible pressure these past few months, but we’ve come to the conclusion that money doesn’t matter, it’s all about love and respect and if we have to live on the street, so be it bla bla bla.” This would have been a brilliant turn to shine their images up – and I think that’s exactly what the limo scene was about. It was Part I of their “recover/save face”plan. Part II would have been spreading the word at the party. I just feel that the limo scene was completely conjured up…

  • Jennesia

    Well after reading such fabulous recaps from Amanda I decided to finally watch the RHOBH reality show. Before I comment though just a suggestion to your site: you should really archive the Recaps or something so that they are easily accessible.
    That being said….After consuming way to much reality television in such a short time (I watched all the episodes in two-three days) I feel morally corrupt btw……I have come to the conclusion that Taylor is crazy. As a Behavioral Science student I am ashamed to say that I do not know what the psychologicasl issue is….but I do feel there is one. Her emotions are always spontaneously changing. Someone said that she was a pathological liar and Amanda put forward that she may have some level of sociopathy/psychopathy and I agree. I think those two issues have some level of comorbidity. She so obviously displays these wildly differing emotions at any moment and looking at it over a long period of time is slightly disconcerting.

    • I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the recaps! And we actually do keep them archived – if you click the “recaps” tap at the top (to the right of the logo), it will list them all in reverse chronological order!

  • S

    I actually didn’t mind Taylor last season. Her expensive party for her daughter was her money, her business as far as I was concerned. But now, I believe your right Amanda. She’s manipulative. Things just don’t add up. She’s really irritating to watch and I just wish bravo would get rid of her. I think its disgusting that she came out with the book , interviews etc so quickly after Russels death. It’s a bit chilling.
    I don’t understand Lisa. Why is she so interested in Taylor now? If Lisa is being duped, I hope she sees through Taylor quickly

    • Bagolicious

      But remember Lisa did the same with Cedric. She’s got the disease to rescue people.

  • camilla30

    O my Gosh

  • Kate B

    Why does everyone think Taylor and Russell are grifters?

    • This excellent, thorough Daily Beast article explains the various scams and frauds they’ve run: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2011/09/15/russell-taylor-armstrong-s-business-associates-friends-on-financial-legal-troubles.html

      • ellenbakes

        Wow, that DB article paints and entirely different picture of their business dealings.

      • adrienne z

        Just read the 4 page article and that just raises the question: WHY?! Why in the world are they on a hit series and NOT IN JAIL? Why in the world would any TV Network glorify this scheming thieving conman/woman duo as a legitimate Beverly Hills “power couple” and feed into their thirst for a lavish lifestyle using stolen money and PAY them for it? I must be on the wrong planet. I just don’t get it.

      • adrienne z

        Is it possible that Taylor is using the Abuse card to divert attention in her involvement in Russell’s investment schemes? I’m sure she wouldn’t want her new rich galpals to find out she’s a swindler. They’d be hanging on their handbags very tightly around her if they knew she was a thief.
        I also ran across an article on Radaronline.com that a few of the housewives gave her money after Russell’s death to help her with her finances. Don’t have time to dig out the link, but there are many articles involving Taylor and Russell since his death.

  • tata

    wow, seriously that DB article made me sick to my stomach. Taylor is one scary fraud. And if I was one of the inventors that lost all the money, I wouldn’t be able to just sit in front of the TV and watch her spend thousands of dollars for her stupid birthday parties. how dare her.

    i believe 100% that taylor knew exactly what was written in the email. and when in the limo, taylor insisted that camille “exaggerated” the story, that was one big BS. why lie like that? who is she protecting by lying like that? she is one major liar!

  • Nancy from SB

    Despite what she says about herself, I was impressed with Brandi’s maturity & self control while that washed-up-sad-clown-Kim mimicked her voice, threatened to “break her other leg” ( 5 minutes after telling her daughters at the dinner table to “be nice” to Ken), threatened her, rambled on incoherently (that “pretty girl” stuff was just weird), etc. I would love to know why Brandi didn’t just walk away – what’s the point of arguing with a two year old having a tantrum? Junkie, alcoholic, whatever – there was no excuse for Kim’s appalling behavior.
    Kyle stood there watching a guest at her party be harassed. Maybe she is not as brave as she likes to make herself out to be.

  • Kate B

    I love Brandi! She may not be the brightest girl, but she seems genuine and a lot of fun.

  • Bagolicious


    I thought it very strange that in the above interview with Andy Cohen that as she was explaining that her daughter was with her when she found her husband and that her daughter asked, “Did Daddy do something dumb?”. What parent would even bring that up on TV? And I find it odd for a small child to ask such.

    • jomarie

      I think she’s a pathological fantasist. Her darling story about the 40 cupcakes that her daughter baked for her birthday was not believable either.

      • Manuela

        That lie was especially frustrating. What 6 year old bakes by herself? Oh, please…

      • Blaine

        Pathological fantasist – great term. I would apply this one to Casey Anthony as well. It’s not just that they’re lying, they’re fantasizing at the same time.

    • NCGal

      Just watched the WWHL with Taylor and am now FULLY convinced she is a liar and one sick lady. A master manipulator, that one.

  • Stephanie

    Amanda: I love your recaps… .hilarious!!!… I so look forward to reading them, don’t always bother to watch the show (RHBH)…have you ever considered blogging about other reality shows.. in particular my favorite on VH1 Basketball wives? Happy Holidays

    • Blaine

      Amanda is an amazing writer – I don’t read anything in Rolling Stone or Huffington Post or WSJ half as engaging. We’re lucky to have her!

  • Californiahousewife

    Please please please recap the Kardashians—that would stop the rotation of the earth!