To say that last night’e episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was dramatic would probably be a bit of an understatement. Even in this always-melodramatic series, knowing that the entire hour was leading up to Taylor being confronted about the violence in her marriage was enough to set my teeth on edge. I’m going to send Bravo my dental bill.

It happened almost exactly as you’d expect it, with Taylor trying to divert all the negative attention to Lisa and another member of the group having to step in and refocus the attention on what was really happening. Taylor, even if she’s a grifter or a liar or a fraudster, is flailing around wildly for a very good reason. But first, before we get to that, we need to talk about the other 55 minutes of the show.

We started right where we left off last week, with Kim slowly goading Kyle inside to meet her boyfriend and his, err…handyman? The first thing that Kyle discussed was why in the world Ken had a ring on his finger, and as it turns out…Kim gave it to him? But they’re not married. No, definitely not married, it’s just a promise ring. A promise ring that she gave him because they’re too old for Kim to wear his letter jacket anymore.

Kyle excused herself to pull herself together, and while she was doing that, we found out that Kim’s kids have apparently told her that Ken is controlling, which is why she’s so suspicious. On Watch What Happens Live, Adrienne seemed similarly unwilling to say positive things about him, although she did come up with a few niceties when pressed by Andy. Controlling people do generally look for the slow, sickly gazelle at the back of the pack to pick off, and, well, it’s hard to imagine a better woman to fit that description than Kim Richards. Ken also gives off a total creepster vibe and may or may not look a little bit like a troll, so I suppose we’ll see…

We next visited a couple with a completely different dynamic – Adrienne and Paul. Paul kept trying to convince Adrienne that she wanted to have crab for dinner because it was his birthday, despite the fact that she pretty clearly wasn’t interested in the crab at all, and she sat there and tried to choke him with her mind. Just another dinner as usual in the Maloof-Nassif household! After dinner-ordering detente was reached, Adrienne and Paul discussed whether or not Taylor is a battered woman until something large and possibly on fire arrived at the table, at which point they were understandably distracted.

Back in the whole Kim-Kyle saga, Kyle had gone home to discuss Kim’s new boyfriend and living arrangement with Mauricio, who was sadly wearing a shirt for the entire scene. He was very supportive of Kyle while she yammered on about needing to let Kim make her own mistakes and whatever, and really, that’s all I need in a man. A guy who’s willing to stand around and nod while I talk to myself, preferably one who looks like Mauricio. That’s why I’m still single.

Speaking of relationship dysfunction, we next followed Taylor to an awards ceremony for some kind of work that she does on a beauty website that I’ve never heard of. Russell was there too, as were Kyle, Adrienne and Camille. (And maybe Dana-Pam was there too, but only to continue to pump Camille for a free trip to Hawaii.) Immediately before the ceremony, Lisa called Kyle to make a tea date (so adorably British!), and Kyle made the mistake of telling her that they were all at Taylor’s awards ceremony, to which Lisa hadn’t been invited. OOPS. That’s ok, though, because Taylor didn’t end up winning the award after all. DOUBLE OOPS.

The next day, we visited Lisa for her tea date while she ordered around her pink-aproned maid while wearing a pink cocktail dress and hovering over a tray of pink petit fours, creating a scene that was the most Lisa thing to ever Lisa. Pretty soon, Camille, Adrienne and Kyle showed up and they all read some weird email from either Russell or Taylor (I was unclear who it came from) about Taylor taking diet pills to lose a few pounds before an event. I can’t imagine any situation in which Taylor would need to lose any weight for anything, can you? She already looks so frail and her clothes look so loose to begin with.

Pretty soon, Taylor showed up so they all had to put away the iPad and make the customary call to Kim to ensure that she was indeed not coming. Once that was out of the way, though, Lisa went ahead and asked Taylor why she hadn’t been invited to the previous day’s awards party with the others. The group then debated whether or not Lisa had talked behind Taylor’s back about how she doesn’t have any friends. And, I mean…maybe? The others in the room seemed to kind of hedge their answers and wait for someone else to be definitive or the issue to evaporate into thin air, whichever came first.

It certainly didn’t evaporate into thin air, though. At this point, I’ll say the same thing I did last week – Taylor hasn’t accused Lisa of saying anything more mean-spirited or damaging that the things we’ve seen Taylor say about Lisa behind her back. All of these women talk behind each others’ backs, that’s the whole point of the show to begin with, and it’s not Lisa’s fault that she’s the most articulate one of the group. Effective mean girls aren’t any worse, as people, than the woefully ineffective ones; they’re just better at what they do. And for the record, Lisa never told Taylor that they weren’t friend, period. Instead, she acknowledged that although they weren’t best friends, she’d still like to help if she could. Personally, I think there’s a real difference between those two things, and not just because I like Lisa. What she said is just a colloquial way of saying “although we’re not particularly close.” Not only is that not mean, but it’s the objective truth.

Taylor got extremely upset and started ranting about her self-esteem and her responsibilities and her child and all sorts of things that have very much nothing to do with Lisa. And then things got really middle school and Taylor decided to have a “moment of honesty,” which was actually a moment of making fun of Lisa’s iPad background. For the record, it is a glamour shot of Lisa and Giggy, and it is awesome. Inarguably awesome. And even if you disagree (you’re wrong), who cares what anyone’s iPad background is? It’s not definitive proof of any more megalomania than anyone has to already have in order to go on reality TV in the first place, and it’s certainly not proof of more megalomania than is necessary to throw your four-year-old a $50,000 birthday party.

Taylor went wailing from the room, naturally, and for some reason she struck up a conversation with Paul through a giant fence outside. Apparently he had been locked out by Adrienne and forced to watch everything from the street? I’m not sure, but they seemed to talk for a while. Back inside, everyone else except for Kyle was talking about all the strange, perhaps half-true things that Taylor tells them about her marriage that don’t seem to add up. When you’re telling all that stuff to multiple people who know each other, you have to expect them to compare notes at some point. Kyle, for her part, refused to believe that anything weird was going on if it didn’t happen right in front of her face. Denial is not just a river in Egypt, ladies.

Meanwhile, Taylor was having Paul examine her face through Lisa’s front gate, which doesn’t really require any jokes on my part because it was weird enough on its own. His diagnosis? She’s still too hollow. Oh, how right he was. On, like, four different levels.

Once Taylor came back inside the house, the impromptu intervention was on. Taylor seemed shocked that no one else was willing to twist events to match her Tale of the Lisa Monster, and on Watch What Happens Live last night (Right before Marilyn Manson called in. WTF.), Adrienne said that none of the other women were aware that Taylor wanted to use the tea to confront Lisa. During the conversation, Taylor tried to pressure everyone else to “back her up,” but then she yelled at Lisa for having the temerity to do the same thing because Lisa wouldn’t need that if she were telling the truth. Very little of that rant made any sense to me.

Unfortunately for Taylor, her plan backfired, and the other housewives, lead by Camille, confronted her about all the conflicting stories she’s told and outed Russell as abusive in front of the cameras. While they were asking for her to publicly acknowledge the truth (which an abuse victim has to be able to do before any progress can be made), Taylor sat nearly expressionless, staring right back at Camille. It seemed as though she instinctually thought that if she made herself as still and non-expressive as possible, no one would be able to see her and they’d all move on to talking about Botox or something.

They didn’t, though, but that’s where the episode ended. Gotta love Bravo, creating a cliffhanger out of domestic abuse!

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  • suz

    What the hell was Paul doing dressed in scrubs, drinking coffee outside of Lisa’s gate? That whole scene was beyond surreal. But I digress……It was so painful to watch Taylor become so incoherently unhinged. With or without Russell, she is one troubled lady…..and, very hard to watch with that huge fish-like sagging mouth…..sort of like a Muppet or a Chilian Sea Bass. Kudo’s to Lisa who maintained her dignity and composure during the onslaught. I guess that’s because she’s actually a classy grown-up. So, once again…..thanks, Amanda, for hitting it out of the ball park.

  • m1ni

    We’ve seen T’s battered face. I wonder if that came from the incident which she told Camille, he broke her jaw? ( or not, coz it certainly looked like her jaws was ok). Maybe the other reason she decided to sell those pictures to show them that it really happened. your recap Amanda, as always. Did anyone see the big yellow diamond ring Adrienne wore to the bday dinner? stunning..

  • Kristen

    “A promise ring that she gave him because they’re too old for Kim to wear his letter jacket anymore.”
    May die of laughter…

    • Sonja B

      LOL,…or she lost her class ring in one of the 2 yr moves…

  • tata

    i seriously can not stand taylor. she needs to stop blaming lisa for making her feel a certain way. that’s taylor’s problem, not lisa’s. and the way that taylor goes from sad, crying, pathetic… to angry, bitchy, agressive…. to oh let’s talk to paul about my hollow face… and back to sad crying victim…. jeeez she’s exhausting! how can she just switch emotions like that every few minutes? so creepy!

    • Alena

      that’s what women become when they starve themselves to the point of looking like a folding chair – mad, psychotic, bitchy, angry. Taylor needs to eat sometimes and not just a diet pill. Really.

      • Blaine

        “Folding chair!!!” ROFLMAO!!

  • Selene

    Taylor was absolutely cuckoo. I mean, she accuses Lisa of stirring the pot when she’s the one who keeps making up her own interpretation of everything. If she has suspicions of Lisa saying things to tabloids, she should have confronted Lisa in private about it if she was a sincere friend. I also do not get why Taylor can’t understand the context of “we aren’t best friends but…” English is my second language and by no means did I think that was a malicious attack. Taylor is just guilty because Lisa has sources who know the truth about her grifting ways. Also, bravo to Camille for putting Taylor in her place.

  • adrienne z

    I am so surprised of the comeback that Camille made this season. She went from being the most hated person on the planet (‘cept for a few women on RHNJ…danielle, ashley, now teresa….)
    to someone who is sane, down-to-earth, caring, understanding, and compassionate. Kudos to her! I guess alot of humility and public ostracization (sp?) can make one introspective enough to do an about-face. I hope she keeps it up – she is so likeable now, I’m almost ashamed at the way I felt about her last season. I almost wish she was my friend.–really!

    • Manuela

      I know, right!? I said out loud to myself as Taylor was trying to rally the troops to attack Lisa, “Oh, be careful demanding that everyone say what they really think, you skinny idiot”…and Camille busted out and finally named that elephant in the room. It was so badly needed so kudos to her, and Camille refrained from name-calling or making it personal. Thanks, Camille!

  • Chicky

    My take on Paul at the gate was that he was coming over to talk with Adrienne about something but couldn’t get in the gate. When Taylor walked back in she said “Paul’s outside the gate. He needs to talk to you.” And Adrienne left…probably to walk back to her house?

    Taylor is a mess and needs to be gone from my TV post haste.

    • Manuela

      My take on Paul at the Gate was that he and Adrienne schemed between themselves that if the crazy started to fly at Lisa’s tea, Adrienne would secretly send a quick text (…”Code Taylor”…) to Paul and he would schlepp across the road to rescue his wife from the shenanigans under the guise of an ’emergency’.

      This is a similar set-up that my hubby and I have in volatile social situations. Everyone needs a wingman.

      • Diana

        Brilliant!!!! That’s actually something I could see Adrienne doing. :D

  • Karen

    Amanda- great recap!

    Did anyone hear when Taylor asked Paul about a “bump” on her face and he said something like” I think that is a bruise” eek! and she, or course, dismissed or ignored the comment!

    I am a Lisa fan too, she can do no wrong. She is a strong, opinionated and blunt woman! and there is nothing wrong with that. Taylor needs to get a grip and stop begging like a sad, sad soul.. She needs to stop trying to get a “team” to back her up. If she has a problem with Lisa, then she should confront her, alone, not at Lisa’s house, as a guest, in front of the other ladies. It’s called being classy and having dignity. On a side note, I am loving Camille! She seems so much stronger and I am glad she is putting Taylor in her place.

  • Deb

    I was really surprised that Bravo aired that segment now that Russell isn’t around to defend himself. I was expecting to read in the news today that his family filed a lawsuit against them. I think that Camille was reluctant about being on season 2 and she may have made editing approval part of her contract. But it could be that what she has been through has humbled her.

  • Emily

    Lisa is my girl, so this episode really upset me. Lisa is, to me, the same person we saw her as in the first season, so all of this inflated ego talk is hogwash. As everyone else has already commented, I am so tired of hearing about how mean Lisa is because she told Taylor that they were not friends. That is not what Lisa said. It is so clear that Taylor is just blaming all of her issues on Lisa, and it is ridiculous. Kyle should have stepped up and supported Lisa because Lisa has ALWAYS done the same for her. It is so obvious that Kyle has been enabling Taylor to continue living in a delusional world where Lisa is the source of all her problems, and that is not what a friend should be doing. I used to really like Kyle, but I have really lost respect for her because of her role in this Lisa-Taylor situation. Taylor needs to take note from Camille and grow a set of lady balls.

  • S

    I don’t think Lisa is the most humble person in the world. I laughed out loud when Lisa actually showed her screensaver to defend herself. It seemed like something my teenage cousin would have on her laptop. But like Amanda, I think it’s kinda cute. She definitely has a healthy dose of ego. But Taylor is just a mess and it’s pretty apparent that she really needs validation from others, particularly if they’re wealthy. I do believe the other girls find Lisa a bit much, but are unwilling to confront her. And Taylor lost all support when she decided to disclose everyone elses issues with Lisa. I think Lisa can be demeaning at times, but I really felt for her. I think she was shocked that Kyle would say anything against her. Just to be fair though, Lisa started it when she brought up the fact that she wasn’t invited to the event in front of everyone. I would think someonoen

    • Mary

      I totally agree with you with regard to Lisa confronting Taylor about the luncheon in front of everyone. That totally ruined the tea. She had this beautiful afternoon planned and started it by making all of her guests squirm. Where are her manners? She said she took the high road by inviting Taylor but if she was going to do that she should have had a conversation over the phone with her before the tea.

      • Nancy

        Yup. Not classy.

  • S

    Sorry didn’t mean to post without finishing: I was saying it surprises me that someone like Lisa cares so much that she wasn’t invited to Taylors event.

  • Mary

    Victims of the kind of abuse Taylor has been tolerating are in need of friends who will help them look at reality. Taylor is so messed up at the hands of her husband and then turns to friends in the only way she knows how, I mean, cut the woman some slack, and she gets Kyle, the Queen of Denial. No wonder she doesn’t know what to do! Kyle has been a detriment to Kim and Taylor in their times of need. And now from the previews it looks like she gravitates toward Kyle and criticizes Camille when obviously it is Camille and Lisa who are trying to force her to face the real problem. It’s not YOU Taylor, it”s Russel. She keeps talking about working on herself and that is making me crazy.

    • Sonja B

      Alleged,…abuse…….Sorry, but she has NO CREDIBILITY zilch,…zero!!!!

  • Pinkfeet

    I personally can’t stand Lisa. She always says she is a “strong woman… ” which is just an excuse for her to act anyway she pleases.

    She can be a bitch, make sly comments, throw snarky looks and in her cool collected British accent say ” but Dah-ling… I’m British it’s just how we do things… but I AM a strong opinionated woman..which is why I will tell you that yes I have more money than God, dress better than Vicky Beckham and you are trash. Would you like 2 lumps or 3 with your tea?

    I can totally see her having a lunch with her “friend” at US Weekly, and over salad saying some gossipy girl talk but it’s not her being a source, because she didn’t sell the info, it wasn’t a 411 call placed to the person but over lunch !

    Lisa is sneaky. If she was a true strong, independent women, she really would not give a rats ass about not being invited to a dinner for someone she obviously thinks is below her..she would shrug it off and go about her day, would not even mention it because it’s already forgotten.

    Taylor? no words, seriously no words.

    Camille? while I kinda hated her last season, I really miss her speaking out… I hope she comes around again and not just sitting meekly all the time.

    Where was Brandi?!?!?

    • Nancy

      For some reason I can’t wrap my head around, if one is passive aggressive with a British accent, please deem one to be classy. Lisa got exactly what she wanted out of the tea, she confronted an emotionally unstable person, watched the person melt-down in front of her and then talked about with the other “ladies” once Taylor left. She kind of reminds me Jill on NY

  • Elise

    Okay, I have to take Lisa’s side on this one, and I’m not even a huge fan of Lisa, or any of these women for that matter. Lisa has pulled Taylor aside and showed concern about her eating habits, etc. and Taylor completely misinterpreted her and blew what she said out of proportion on the we arent best friends but you can count on me, blah blah blah.

    Lisa, on the other hand, probably had no choice but to say it in front of everyone, rather than go behind her back since the only reliable source of info she has is Kyle and Kyle would not budge. Anyway, that aside, considering that Mohammed won’t even let Russell step foot in his home, why would you not distance yourself to Taylor? She is known to have changed her name 4 times, she and her husband have been in legal troubles, and name drops to associate herself with rich people (she changed her last name to Ford so that people would think she was from the Ford family).

    If you don’t believe me, look at this clip about Taylor telling everyone that Adrienne was kennedy’s godmother:

    Kyle disappointed me on this one, she has to be smarter about what she tells other people. I used to think she was the sincere one, but I didn’t like all those comments she made regarding Lisa. I am glad Camille spoke up because speaking about someone’s abuse is always necessary, although I am very suspicious of Taylor. I could actually see her talking to Us Weekly herself and giving them material to get $$$ and pinning Lisa to be the bad person.

  • Bagolicious

    Taylor is in need of some obvious deep therapy. What beyond- low self esteem she has to stoop, as low as she does, to try to force Lisa to become her friend when she continues to say how Lisa demeans her. Why would anyone want a friend whom one has continuously accused of being demeaning?

    And that whole episode with Taylor asking Paul about her face was just surreal. However, he hit the nail right on the head when he suggested that her face is too hollow.
    Even though I haven’t eaten meat in over three and a half decades, I wanted to throw a couple of pork chops, smothered in gravy, at her. Don’t these women understand that “eating” prevents most of that haggard look? And being from L.A., I’m used to being around women who are size 0-6, as they come a dime a dozen. Back in my 20s and early 30s, I was a very healthy size 4 to 8. But Taylor has just taken it way too far. I hope she also gets counseling for her weight issues.

  • Blaine

    Does anyone else notice that Taylor doesn’t actually leak liquid when she “cries?” She makes all the appropriate faces, makes all the appropriate sounds, but … no tears. Kinda reminds me of Casey Anthony.

    No more of this “don’t talk about me behind my back” nonsense. It’s ridiculous. If you have a friend who is a girl, she will talk about you behind your back and you may very well thank your lucky stars that she does. I have my circle of friends I’ve kept since college, and frankly, if they got together for lunch and didn’t discuss me, I’d be miffed. We keep each other honest and on track for the most part, whether it’s career or kids or husbands. Taylor may hate Lisa in the moment for calling her out on the anorexia, spousal abuse, etc., but in the end, wouldn’t you want someone to fling the painful truth in your face?

  • jomarie

    . Tayler has had an agenda concerning her marriage since the very beginning of this series. Her insincerety is completely obvious. Lisa is a very savy lady and has, in my opinion, practiced remarkable restraint in her dealings with her. I also love that Lisa does not take herself and her image too seriously. (Barbara Cartland anyone?)

    • Blaine

      omg I was thinking the exact same thing! She’s like a mature woman’s romance heroine! I love watching her, quite honestly – she’s fun, glamorous and yet still down-to-earth enough to make a pot roast for the family sit-down Sunday night dinner.

  • kjon

    I think it’s clear that Lisa doesn’t like Taylor but her expressions of concern have been mostly sincere. Knowing what we know now, I think Lisa was right in being suspicious but putting that drama aside, this season and the last, to reach out to Taylor on numerous occasions shows the she’s not all that malicious. I don’t think Lisa cared that much about the awards thing but it did provide evidence that Taylor is the sneaky one.
    I don’t think Lisa is a bad person for being passive aggressive sometimes – if those types of comments send you reeling then maybe you could use some of her confidence. I mean, welcome to the world, right? Almost everyone will do this and/or it will be done to them. Nothing to cry over in my opinion.
    I think that Lisa purposely confronted Taylor in front of the group for a couple of reasons. First, Taylor never seems to open up one-on-one, at least not to Lisa. She makes jokes or changes the subject, she’s “running late” and she deflects attention. In front of the group, she can’t do those things as easily. Also, she can’t lie as easily. Thirdly, why not have this conversation with the group? What’s Taylor got to be afraid of if she’s so sure Lisa’s the bad guy? If she can say it behind Lisa’s back to everyone else at the tea…

  • Melissa H

    Re: why did Lisa care she wasnt invited to Taylor’s luncheon- I think Lisa just realized she was the only one not invited and she was the only one who got the first email from Russell. I’d want to know what was going on as well. I think she mentioned it in front of everyone bc everyone knew she was singled out so why not? If I remember correctly she said she would have loved to have come and given her support. It seemed genuine to me.
    Also , if someone had said to me “I know we’re not best friends but I’m here for you if you need anything…” I would take away that Hey this person has my back no matter what!
    Camille has completely changed my opinion of her this season – I love her now! She is much more sincere and real I think.
    Oh and I agree with the commenter above that she needs to eat bc she is acting crazy due to starving herself. If I miss lunch I am a major B, so I can only imagine not eating for weeks.
    Thanks for the great recap, as always, Amanda!

    • Melissa H

      *that Taylor needs to eat. Commenting via an iPhone is no easy task.

      • Melissa H

        Gah, one more thing –
        Speaking of eating and attitude – Adrienne and Paul’s relationship could possibly benefit from Adrienne eating more so she’s not so touchy and easily annoyed. She doesn’t seem to eat much. Order the crab!

  • kemilia

    Great recap, as always!

    I’m fascinated by Taylor’s awful mouth, she looks very Muppet like, much worse than last year. That lady has got major problems, obviously. Every time I see Russell, I think “you are dead now”–takes me down a few notches.

    Kim’s BF is creepy looking and why is she hiding him for a year??!! A YEAR! From her family! (I love when Lisa “does” Kim–I almost fall off the sofa with laughter). And it seems to me that Kyle can’t really commit as to how she feels about her wacky, always-missing-in-action sister. But she’s married to Mauricio, so there.

    I don’t know what Adrienne ate at the dinner with Paul, didn’t look like much, but I love when she just stares at him like he is the worst of all her kids but she loves him anyway.

  • kemilia

    OMG– She is Janice! How can she think those lips look good?

  • b21

    Did anyone else notice that Taylor’s daughter produces weird fish faces too?

    • Blaine

      Kennedy’s pallor is worrisome. I’ve seen that pallor in kids who are anemic or sequestered indoors all the time. After listening to the audiotapes of the 9-11 calls made after Russell killed himself, it worried me even more that Taylor’s first coherent sentence was “I need my therapist!” as opposed to, gosh, I need to make sure my daughter is all right. She had to be reminded her daughter was even there by the guy making the 9-11 call.

  • JenG

    I can understand why Taylor don’t trust Lisa. I would not trust someone who stated that we are not best friend, but I’m here for you. Why would you want to confide in someone who you don’t trust. That is crazy! I wouldn’t care how much money that individual has or if they have connections to those who has a lot of money. I would not trust that person! Clearly I am not a Lisa fan!

    • kjon

      “I would not trust someone who stated that we are not best friend, but I’m here for you.”
      I don’t think it’s about trusting Lisa but what Taylor was going through at the time was (is) very, very serious. I think Lisa was being honest at that point while showing empathy for another human being in serious pain. You don’t have to like or even trust someone to know when to stop enabling a sick person and show that you’re willing to have someone’s back.
      I don’t think it’s “crazy” at all but I understand why you wouldn’t appreciate Lisa’s attitude.

      • kjon

        To further clarify, what I’m trying to say is that there are people out there who are willing to put drama bs aside when they need to in order to help someone who is truly hurting – even an “enemy”. Lisa seems like that type of person in my opinion.
        “You can never do a kind act too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • beaucz

    the flashback that I saw on my TV. Lisa said the words ‘even though we are not friends” she may not have meant anything harsh but Taylor’s mind is bent because she is obviously going through and is very sensitive. if we are honest, most of us would say that when we are going through – especially with a husband, boyfriend, partner – we get defensive and i can just imagine what is running through Taylor’s head knowing cameras are running. Then to know you could get your face punched when you get home – either we are not seeing something or Lisa is just mean.

  • adrienne z

    It strikes me as odd that Taylor is always the one to break it up when a “fight” could potentially get out of hand with the women. She’s the one that loses her cool and steps into the confrontation and yells “That’s ENOUGH!!” She’s done it twice already that I saw: once at Camille’s with the psychic and and then at Dana’s game night party between Brandi and the sisters. She obviously doesn’t like the conflict and is the first to jump in to break it up. It seems to me that if she was truly being abused at home, she would cower, shy away, and let somebody else handle it. Fear of violence would set in and she would be visibly shaken instead of jumping into the middle of it. Just a personal opinion……

  • trxsuspension

    Hello. everyone.
    would like to make new friends with you guys.

  • Shirley J

    i think taylor’s marriage was killing her….and she say lisa as a strong women and kinda wanted to be the same way…..maybe thats why she was fighting so hard to have lisa as a friend….