PurseBloggers, Bravo producers would probably tell you that last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was about family, if you were to ask them. Which you wouldn’t, because Bravo producers aren’t actually human. They’re sorta like the smoke monster from Lost, and we’ll forever be on their island.

Anyway, that was a digression. Last night’s episode wasn’t about family, it was about competition, and don’t you forget it. Taylor had a giant birthday party “for her daughter” that her daughter actually seemed to hate, while Kyle had a birthday party that included a llama (or was it an alpaca?) and a bounce house and parents who weren’t allowed to get drunk to forget about their annoying kids. Who do you think won?

We began the episode with Taylor, whose daughter Kennedy was about to turn four. Because Taylor couldn’t think of anything else to spend her money on that day, she decided it would be a spectacular idea to buy her kid a piece of Barbie-themed diamond jewelry to present to her at her birthday party. She felt that it would be timeless. Really, she used that word. Without the slightest shred of irony. Taylor clearly doesn’t do irony.

Far be it from me to tell someone she can’t buy her kid something special, but I can barely think of a better way to waste money than to buy silly doll-themed diamond jewelry for a preschooler. Taylor might as well wipe her butt with $50 bills. And she might, who knows? Regardless, someone needs to point her in the direction of a Cartier boutique, because if you’re going to buy a kid jewelry, at least buy her jewelry that will still make sense when she’s old enough to enjoy it.

Over at Lisa’s house, her kids had come home to visit and Lisa did the stereotypical mom thing and casually pressured them to get married and have grandkids for her while fixing dinner. She actually appeared to be cooking for her kids herself, and she insisted that she loves to do that. I’m not sure, but I sort of believe Lisa. When they sat down to eat, her 18-year-old son Max was the only child not present. He’s adopted and seems to be a bit of a black sheep in their high-achieving family, so they had sent him to complete his last year of high school in Iowa with his godparents to remove him from the potentially negative Hollywood environment. Lisa said that he was skipping class and smoking pot, which seems like a fairly innocuous thing to do as a teenager, but it clearly made her very, very nervous.

At Adrienne’s house, the focus was also on her family. She has three small kids and her only help is a part-time nanny, a housekeeper and a chef, which is kind of impressive, considering that she works and and so does her husband and they’re almost offensively wealthy. She could hire an army of nannies, if she saw fit. By contrast, Camille has four nannies for two kids, plus a house manager and dog walker and eyebrow plucker and hand washer and whoever else. And she doesn’t work, I don’t care what she says about being involved in Kelsey’s company. She complained in one of her interviews that she always seems to have 30% more to do than any of the other housewives, and it finally occurred to me that Camille is That Girl.

Don’t we all have that friend who, no matter how much we have our your plates, she just has to have more on hers? If your shoes pinch your feet, hers are actually making her bleed. If you have to stay late at work, she’s already had a 14 hour day. If you oversleep your alarm, she was actually confined to her house all day by a marauding pack of flesh-eating zombies. Coincidentally, these are also the women most likely to complain about just how competitive all their girlfriends are. That’s Camille.

Speaking of Camille, she was headed to Hawaii with her two kids, two nannies, her house manager and a girlfriend of hers, who was to be the only person with whom Camille interacted for the duration of the vacation. In order to plan the trip, Camille sat down with her house manager to discuss preparations, which included a discussion of which hot tubs would be heated and which she would leave…fallow. Is there a word for that? A non-heated hot tub? A cold tub? A very small pool? Wait, the pool is heated too. Scratch that. I’m clearly not qualified to be this rich.

Back at Taylor’s house, she had decided on a theme for her daughter’s birthday party – a Mad Hatter tea. That’s actually a pretty cute theme for a little girl, but don’t get it twisted, this party wasn’t actually for the kids. Taylor had reserved the Houdini estate for the event, and she was going to invite 25 of her daughter’s closest friends. And 35 adults. And maybe they’d all get little Barbie necklaces as favors! For the catering, a standard high tea service would be served. Because kids just love scones. And champagne. And chandeliers. Right? Those are such kid-centric things. I know that when I was four, I loved nothing more than a nice scone.

In Kyle’s neck of the woods, a competing party was being planned for her little daughter. Instead of petit fours and hot tea, Kyle was going to feed the kids onion rings and hot dogs and the parents wouldn’t be allowed to get drunk. They’d actually have to hang out with their kids! And! AND! A bounce house! And a train! Kyle said she thinks that Beverly Hills birthday parties for kids have gotten out of control, and the producers did a masterful job of splicing footage of her party in with scenes from Taylor’s to demonstrate just how different the two were. They may have both been expensive (Kyle’s rung up at $12,000, Taylors was more like $55,000), but only one of them was actually a child’s birthday party.

Off in her “spiritual refuge,” Camille was making that annoying tilted-head smirky face that she makes whenever she talks about one of her many, many homes. As far as I can tell from the footage of her “family” vacation, she spent a lot of time ignoring her kids and talking about how “empowering” her two months away from Kelsey has been. She also complained that she has lost her sense of self in her marriage, which would normally be a point of sympathy, wouldn’t it? But not with this woman. Camille, honey, listen. Perhaps you’d have more of a sense of self if you’d stop talking about your husband every time you have half an opportunity. Don’t even get me started on the hottub time with that creepy, fat old man who kept telling Camille she was hot. Perhaps it’s for the best that her kids don’t spend much time around her.

In Beverly Hills, actual sympathetic things were going on. Lisa’s kids had managed to secretly fly in her son Max to visit, and she got teary and excited and motherly when he popped up at a restaurant for dinner. He wants to be a musician, she’s not so sure that it’s a good idea although she wants to be supportive. He brought with him an electric guitar that he had made by hand, and although I’m not sure exactly why he brought it, making something like that is clearly quite an accomplishment.

Later, Lisa took a tour of her son’s prospective music school with her family in Los Angeles. She grilled the tour guide about the school’s policies on drugs, housing and security and generally acted like any normal mom would act when trying to screen a future school for her child. Her son, for his part, was wearing a Joy Division shirt that appealed to the angsty 17-year-old still living inside of me and did a little extemporaneous guitar playing that sounded pretty promising. I would watch a show with just Lisa’s family, given the opportunity. (Please Bravo, give me the opportunity.) Forget all the other housewives.

And that brings us to Kim, whom I had actually forgotten. Since we last spoke about her, she had found a new house for her family and moved in, and none of them could figure out how to use the oven. And…that was it. Which is good, because that’s precisely how much Kim I want in my Beverly Hills episodes.

At the house of her far more interesting sister, it was time for the big part, which also meant it was time for the even bigger party at Taylor’s house. Instead of fielding deliveries and making her kids PB&J sandwiches like Kyle, Taylor had her best gay over to make sure she was perfectly primped straighten her silly hat before she had to appear in front of her photographer. Taylor’s daughter, to her credit, did not seem at all interested by the entire party setup, which seemed to include lots of ultrabreakable patterned china and crystal, presumably for the adults. Where were the kids going to sit? They weren’t going to use goblets, were they? Those questions were never entirely answered.

While Taylor took more pictures with her friends and the caterers and whoever else happened to wander by to help her get up onto the table, the nanny took her not-at-all-interested child over to some sort of side-yard to play on a swing and generally ignore the whole five-figure foofaraw. As if the first scene of the episode wasn’t enough to convince you that Taylor’s party is actually for Taylor, her little photoshoot should probably have erased any doubt. I know her husband is a dick and whatever, but if you’re going to be on TV, it’s always nice if you’re self-aware enough to not act out your marital frustrations for the cameras under the guise of your daughter’s birthday.

At Kyle’s party, on the other hand, they had something that kids actually like – a petting zoo! It had little piggies and an alpaca and ducklings and hopefully some baby goats, because baby goats are adorable, trust me. Lisa and Adrienne both agreed that Taylor’s party was probably more for Taylor than her kid, and Lisa would know since she actually attended them both. It appeared as though no one was asked to show up at Kyle’s house in any kind of elaborate outfit and the photographer was actually taking pictures of the kids with their parents instead of documenting the hostess’s every move. Mauricio sang “Happy Birthday” in Spanish, two women dressed as princesses brought out the cake, it was all very sane.

Back at Taylor’s house, a live band played the party’s theme song (yes, you read that correctly) instead of “Happy Birthday” and Kennedy looked like she was going to cry, as she did for most of the event. Taylor seemed surprised that Russell bothered to attend the party at all. He did come, though, and he brought a present. Which was good, since the kid didn’t care about the diamond Barbie necklace from earlier in the episode even a tiny bit. Four-year-olds don’t understand diamonds. Big surprise.

Kennedy seemed far more interested in the present from dad, which was a PUPPY. A tiny, white, fluffy little thing that Taylor had told Russell not to buy. I’m not really sure why Taylor wouldn’t have the time to watch after a dog, since she had time to plan an ultra elaborate theme party for a four year old, but Russell probably shouldn’t have bought it anyway. Although at least his gift seemed based on what his daughter might actually enjoy, unlike Taylor’s.

I know that Taylor’s birthday party was designed to give me righteous middle-class rage, and it did for a little bit, but the feeling didn’t last. When you combine this information about Taylor with the little fit that we saw from her husband last week, I kind of feel bad for her. Sure, she has a lot of money, but other than her daughter, that seems like perhaps all she has. In that context, it’s not so surprising that most of the party was designed to try to make her happy while simultaneously providing her daughter with the required birthday celebration. Other than planning the party, what else have we seen Taylor do that might fulfill her? She had face injections and a meeting with her stylist. That’s it.

Or maybe she’s just obnoxiously wealthy and self-involved. I don’t know, I’m kind of 50/50 on the issue. Make your case either way in the comments!

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  • Relli

    WAIT, they sent him to Iowa to stay out of trouble. Now i understand the rest of the world thinks that middle America is the answer to all of the nations problems. But really think about it. Imagine being in the worlds most boring place ever, the alcohol content is even lower than any where else in the country which mean that even the booze is less effective, where do you think that leads to……..huh. That’s right drugs. There is a reason why the Midwest has a severe meth problem. As i tell my boyfriend all the time, its so boring that even by six i knew there had to be more to life than what i saw Iowa.

  • Webaj

    Amanda, I totally agree with you. I love Lisa…she by far the best Housewives out of all the series. I’d love a show about her and her family…especially if that scary stuffed animal/sedated dog Jiggy is in it.

  • dede

    i thought it was so wrong that taylor made a comment about how unlike lisa, who might spend tens and thousands on shoes, i like to use it on my daughters…. really?? it seemed like the party was all about taylor and i felt like lisa was a much better mom. i was very impressed that she cooked a really nice meal for her family and she seems to really value the simple family time that all the other regular people do. her daughter gave her a picture frame with a family photo which she seemed to appreciate. that was nice to see. despite the fact that lisa’s ridiculously rich, for that moment, she seemed just like any of us and that was refreshing. she seems like a really nice mom and for taylor to make a comment like that??? hmmm…..

    • I thought that comment was totally nasty and uncalled for as well, particularly when it was clear to everyone but her that the party wasn’t actually for her daughter. So what if Lisa buys shoes? I think her interactions with her kids were a thousand times more genuine than Taylor’s. Someone needs to explain to her that expensive parties and diamond necklaces won’t buy her daughter’s love.

      • ping

        That comment from Taylor annoyed me too! If Lisa wants to buy a thousand pairs of shoes, so what?! she made her own money and she can enjoy her money any way she chooses. I was moved by Lisa’s emotional speech regarding her son. I have always liked her the most, then Adrienne, then Kyle, the other three (kim, taylor and camille are so boring and self absorbed, they are not even interesting despite the money). As for Taylor’s party, the only time the little girl enjoyed her party was when the puppy showed up. It was very telling when she was swinging on the swing ALONE with the nanny!
        By contrast, Kyle’s party may be expensive by “normal standard” as $12,000 is quite a bit of money, but if i have the money, this is the type of party i would throw for my kids (all kids seem to enjoy this, esp the electric train, the animals, etc)..Taylor’s party was just obnoxious and it was a showoff to her friends….but Lisa and Adrienne who are WAY wealthier, thought it was wrong.
        As for Camille, i reiterate my comments from the first episode…not surprised Frasier is divorcing her…feel so sorry for her kids..she is so self centered and vapid:(((((
        As usual, you did a great recap! keep it up…and i agree that i would watch a show with just lisa’s family and may even learn a few things…she ‘s rich and grounded and keeps her wicked sense of humor!!!

  • PhotoGirl

    I thought Kyle and Lisa definitely won the parenting competition. Loved seeing how they were with their families. Did you notice that when Lisa got to Kyle’s party she said something about being nostalgic for the time when her kids were little? I loved that.

    As for Taylor, I am starting to think of her as an abused spouse. I am talking about emotional violence, not physical. Very damaging, soul-sucking, and demoralizing. I hope that her business ventures succeed and that she can find the strength to step away from her vile, passive-aggressive husband.

    Moral of this episode: money can’t buy you class.

  • Susan Albert

    RHBH is the best Housewives ever! I loved the editing going between Taylor’s party and Kyle’s party. I love, love, love Lisa’s remarks.

  • lisa

    didnt i read that taylor and her husband filed for bankruptcy. did anyone else see that?

    • PhotoGirl
      • Interesting. Apparently business has picked up for Russell since 2005…

        It’s only a matter of time before more stuff comes out about these people and the sources of their income, and it seemed to me that Taylor would probably be first because of her husband’s shadowy title of “investor.”

  • S

    Loved the recap. I thought Taylor’s party was beautiful and did get the impression that her party was just as much for herself as it was for her daughter. But I think many people are guilty of that. I feel that a party I throw is a reflection of my planning abilities and overall taste and I think I’ll feel the same way when I have kids and throw parties for them. Maybe Taylor was just proud of what she put together – but that Taylor-centric photo shoot was hilarious and just brilliant on the part of Bravo. Taylor’s husband seems shy and socially uncomfortable – I wonder if their daughter takes after him? She seemed overly shy :(
    I love Lisa and I thought her scenes with her son were so sweet and actually made me teary eyed (I know, I’m a cheeseball).

  • Pam

    Taylor’s birthday party was reminiscent of Phaedra’s boug-ghetto baby shower. The kid probably would have preferred a party at Chuck E. Cheese, but then again the party really wasn’t for the kid. I think Taylor’s husband has Asperger’s Syndrome.

  • MW

    I absolutely LOOOOOVE Lisa and Adrienne. Adrienne seems so down to earth and really smart even though she could never work a day in her life and she would still have tons and tons of money. I really liked Taylor in the beginning of the season and now I can’t decide if I should smack her or feel bad for her. And don’t even get me started on Camillle. Now don’t get me wrong… no one should have their husband up and leave them for another woman, but I can understand why Kelsey had to get away from her! It made me sick to hear her say how much she lives for helping others, and how charitable it was for her to let her friend stay at one of their extra houses when they were going through a tough time! And I can’t believe she has the nerve to say that she does 30% more than the other housewives. Adrienne clearly has the most on her plate and she never complains or talks about it.

    I loved seeing the motherly side of Lisa on last night’s episode. And she genuinely loves her adopted son and you can see how concerned she is for him. And the little comments she comes up and delivers with that smart English accent always have me laughing hysterically!

  • mkat

    Too funny! How do you do it? You manage to be deliciously snarky without being mean-spirited — a great companion for watching this train wreck.

    Maybe Taylor can dump that weirdly furtive control-freak and have a career as an event planner. In spite of how sad the whole thing was, her daughter’s party did look gorgeous.

    • I’m glad you enjoy the recaps! And I owe the evenness of tone in these things to my journalism professors at The University of Georgia, particularly one Ms. Valerie Boyd, who taught me a class on writing professional criticism and is more or less the reason that I’m lucky enough to do this for a living. Support your local j-school!

  • Haute Mommy

    I liked Kyle’s party much better, it should be about the kids (although I would serve mild alcohol like beer and wine coolers, lol). Taylor’s party made me want to do a budget version for my own party some year! I love tea parties, I did a scaled down version, a Princess Tiana tea party for my daughter’s third birthday this year and the kids loved it. There was no structure, just fun and I gave the girls tutu’s and tiara’s to take home, not gold necklaces (and I think they loved them much more than a necklace at that age!).

  • BeHappy

    The whole show made me laugh/throw up and roll my eyes…but, I loved it !!! The best part for me was the statement by Camille….I’ve been working so hard i have to go to Hawaii with my 2 nannies and house manager to relax. OMG ! WHAT EXACTLY DOES SHE DO ? What in the world is she going to do when she gets divorced? It’s going to be a rude awakening for her…

  • gpc

    I couldn’t sleep after seeing that face of Taylor’s with that pink/feather hat on. It was too much to bear. She is a little bit more like “Madame” with every injection…

  • suz

    Just when I’d given up on the RH franchise, I’m back to being totally hooked on RHBH. I have to say I was almost nauseous over the ridiculous extravagance and inappropriateness of Taylor’s party. Think of all the good deeds that could be done with that money….especially since it had nothing to do with the daughter having fun. Taylor and her husband are really sad, sad people. Love, love Lisa, her family and her wit. Loving Kyle more each episode…especially after her thoughtful birthday party and watching her on WWHL. She really seems to be her own person and own what she says and does….not to mention having a pretty darn cute husband. Camille….ah-h-h Camille….another hot mess.

  • Anonymous

    This show has hooked me like none of the other franchises. Perhaps it’s because I’m from LA, but OMG it’s so fantastic and insane. And fantastic. And utterly insane.

    Camille is totally That Girl. And I have never had any tolerance for That Girl. Poor me, no women like me. After a certain point, don’t any of them think — I have literally NO women friends. Maybe it’s me. But That Girl never has any self-awareness and never, ever pauses to think she might be at fault for something.

    Oh and to pick a nit — Lisa sent her son to IDAHO. Not Iowa.

  • Lorie

    Love the re-cap! I heart Lisa. She is wonderful. Definitely my favorite housewife ever!

    I think the only thing that has Camille has said that has any remote validity is that she has “kept Kelsey alive”. Last time I checked, he was indeed still alive.

  • Danielle

    I loved Lisa and she so clearly loves both her children. I teared up a little bit too watching her
    become so emotional over the well-being of her kids.
    Kyle is awesome and her husband is fricking hot AND he seems totally in love with her and their family. Which is a big bonus for her in my book.

    I found the best way to watch RHOBH is to fast forward through the parts with Camille. She is vapid, self centered, completely unaware of how ridiculous she comes across. And yes it does suck to have your husband leave you for another woman but COME ON! She had to know something was going on.

    Love your recaps! they are the best part of the shows.

  • Handbag Lover

    Lisa and Adrienne are my favorites on the show. Something weird is going on with Russell and Taylor, he is extremely abusive. In what form, I don’t know (verbal or physical) but he is WAY too controlling and I don’t know you can just tell something is going on. I rather be broke and happy, then be with him. The best party was Kyle hands down. I really like this show.

    Good Recap Amanda, keep up the good work!

  • Lorie

    The thing that bothers me about Kyle is that she is constantly taking verbal jabs at Kim and pointing out Kim’s faults for everyone within earshot. Kim is a bundle of problems, but no one wants their faults and bad choices thrown out into general conversation (ex. Kyle told everyone how she should pick men for Kim since Kim has such bad taste in men with her failed marriages). Kyle probably is just teasing, but it happens a lot. Maybe I notice it more because I don’t have a sister.

    • That’s what keeps me from ranking Kyle up there with Lisa and Adrienne. Both of them seem secure and reasonable, and Kyle seems reasonable, but not particularly secure. The jabs at Kim are totally unnecessary – she does a fine job of looking like a mess without anyone else’s help.

    • suz

      After watching Kyle on WWHL, I decided to cut her some slack and attribute some of the “twisted sister” thing to Bravo editing.

      • Lorie

        Bravo can cut the tape, but Kyle still says the words herself. JMHO

  • Melissa H.

    My sisters and I don’t call each other out like that – there’s just no need to if you respect each other and are secure. I like Kyle okay, but think she must have some insecurities (perhaps based on playing the younger version of her big sis?) and feels the need to bring her sister down in front of others. That’s just cruel. Maybe she wants her chance to shine with her success in life and slamming her sister’s choices helps make the disparity seem larger. Just speculating in my armchair psychologist mode.
    Lisa continues to reaffirm why she’s my new all-time fave. Love. Her.
    Camille is the shallowest of the shallow and I can see the genius behind Kelsey letting her do his show then leaving her during filming. He of all people must have known how terribly she’d come off and we start giving him the sympathy. Genius? Well, he DID play a behavioral psychologist on tv for a good decade. Maybe some of it sunk in…

    • S

      I’m so glad people are talking about how Kyle needs to stop bad mouthing her sister. I feel like viewers dislike Kim just by believing and never questioning all the crap Kyle’s been saying during her interviews. Kim may have her issues, but she hasn’t spoken as negatively about Kyle. I would NEVER do what Kyle has been doing to Kim on national television. It reeks of insecurity and passive aggressive tendencies.

  • c.c.

    Didn’t Lisa adopt her son when he was an infant? What parent would continually talk about his ‘adoption’ especially on TV. Somehow she seemed to infer that the adoption had something to do with the issues he may be having.

    The twisted sisters are still annoying. Nothing like watching middle aged women bicker like 12 year olds.

    I think the marriage to Camille speaks volumes about Kelsey. He bought the houses, she didn’t. She jumps through the hoops he created. She’s too stupid to think otherwise. She wasn’t born with money, managing houses, etc. Probably her reall full time job was to keep him sober and semi-sane acting in public.

    • carla

      I was very shocked by that, and while she did kind of redeem herself by later saying she loved him as if he were her own, the beginning of the episode was completely off-putting. She totally came out and said he was an underachiever adopted to a biological family of overachievers. I’d be incredibly hurt by that statement if I were her child!

      I have a friend that has four children and one is adopted. She will tell you this if you know her long enough. She has never said which of the four is adopted and which are biological. It doesn’t matter. That is class. There was no reason for Lisa to ever mention how her children came into her family, IMO.

    • I think that many of the comments on her son being adopted where likely prompted by producer questions. I think that often happens with the solo interviews when someone is talking about a particular issue more than it seems like they should, and since I thought it was pretty clear that she loves him a great deal, it didn’t bother me as much as it might have otherwise.

  • PhotoGirl

    Loved Kyle on WWHL, but for me, the real surprise was Isaac Mizrahi. Completely drunk! On live TV. Astonishing! And then when Paris Hilton called in to the show and he told her not to get arrested when she went out with friends that night, I almost fell off the sofa! Did you see Kyle smack him? (Well deserved, I might add.) I think she’s very much a family person. I really can’t criticize the sister-to-sister dynamic there because I live in a glass house when it comes to that subject. . .

    Perhaps Isaac’s QVC appearances might be a bit more lively if they provided him with a little light beer to swill while he peddles that dreadful schmatte of his. Just sayin’. . .

  • arlene

    I so look forward to your recaps and this one as usual was great and entertaining even though I already saw the show. I love this RHWBH the best. I agree I would love to see a show only about Lisa and her family and restaturant . I especially love seeing her clothes and bags as my favorite bags are hermes birkins and chanel RTW.

  • Babs

    These ladies are sooo self-involved. Taylor’s b-day party for Kennedy was sad. When she toasted the other adult women congratulating them for giving birth, I thought, “Well there you go, now I’ve seen everything.”

    Again, Camille. Argh. No wonder Kelsey moved on. Too bad he didn’t have a pre-nup because then she’d have to take on that job at the strip club! Instead, she’ll walk away with a ton of $$ and continue to annoy people with her ridiculousness.

  • Amy

    I still love Lisa, she will be my favorite next to Adrienne. I agree though, if she got her own show, id be glued to it too. If only bravo, if only.
    While Lisa admitted on camera that her son was adopted into a group of overachievers, i honestly believe it was a comment only a mother could make. I say that because, a) its a reality show and b) she is getting asked questions, its going to come up and not every child is going to blend every time, adopted or not.
    love the recap, esp the Camille comments.Hilarious!

  • Matthew

    I’m officially off the Taylor (big lips) bandwagon after watching this episode. That party was grotesque. The floral arrangements were pretty, but I hate when people throw parties for themselves that are disguised as parties for other people. Stop it.

  • Matthew

    Did I hear incorrectly, or was Lisa’s son in Idaho instead of Iowa? Well, who really cares anyway?

    Also, I thought I heard one of the lines of the theme song from Big Lip’s party being about how great Kennedy’s mom is.

    My hearing may just be way off, but I sincerely hope I’m wrong about the line from the song.

    • I honestly don’t remember if it was Idaho or Iowa. I wrote Idaho first and changed it. I figure the end result is the same.

      And I couldn’t make out any of the lines from Kennedy’s “theme song,” but lord help me if one of them was about how great Taylor is. That’s atrocious.

      • ali

        “Kennedy, you’re beautiful, just like your mother . . .”

        Thanks again for the recaps, Amanda. I can’t get enough of RHOA and RHBH and your recaps, which are always hilarious!

  • Adrienne

    Taylor’s bad enough obviously, but I think Camille is worse. That self-centered, vain beeyatch somehow thinks she is OWED what she has because of all of the “sacrifices” and “good” she does all day long for others and all of the stressful work she has to undertake. She doesn’t know the meaning of the word work. She needs a reality check, or perhaps a switcheroo like in the movie “Trading Places”. Then she might see how it is that others have to endure on a daily basis. It would do her a world of good. Pull that Oriental rug out from under her feet. She makes me gag every time I see her.

  • Ellen

    Watching this episode made me very mad at Camille and Taylor. Bravo is probably editing out time spent with their kids, but it seems that Camille, at least, never sees them. Kyle and Lisa, on the other hand, seem to genuinely be good, attentive parents. (ipad)

  • Jen

    I love your quotes in the titles! (ipad)

  • helen

    Cute party hat there. Sounds like they’re having lots of fun. (ipad)


    great party (ipad)


    great theme (ipad)


    but not for a four year old (ipad)


    she looked so awkward at the party (ipad)


    she’s too cute (ipad)


    i think this party was more for the adults (ipad)


    the presents where beautiful (ipad)


    i feel russel should went with a mothers intuition (ipad)


    and not get the dog (ipad)


    ;) (ipad)