By my estimation, last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was one of the only episode of Real Housewives to ever merit the additional 15 minutes that Bravo likes to tack on the end sometimes. Every other time that the network has done that (except for maybe last season’s Beverly Hills finale and the Great Christening Smackdown in Jersey), it’s been totally unnecessary, not to mention easy to pick out 15 minutes worth of footage that could have been tossed with no break in the continuity of the story or quality of the episode.

Last night, though, there was so much madness on so many fronts that we needed it all. In fact, I would have probably sat there and watched for another 15 or 30 minutes, had Bravo decided to extend the episode even more. Kim and Ken started to really unravel, Taylor showed up to the party with her therapist and a black eye, Cedric crashed Lisa’s restaurant opening, one of Brandi’s ex-husband’s mistresses was serving canapés. RuPaul showed up. When RuPaul’s presence is way down the list of interesting things that happened on an episode of a Bravo reality show, you know things were good.

When we started the episode, the whole group had magically returned from Hawaii and we were at Kyle’s house while she prepared for the re-opening of Sur with her oldest daughter. They did some quick recapping about the dissolution of Taylor’s marriage and how horrible the last fight was with Kim in Hawaii, you know, just in case anyone had missed it and needed a quick primer.

Over at Sur, Lisa was supervising the final preparations of the renovation before the evening’s fete and naturally, things were down to the wire. I’ve never known anyone who built or renovated anything that didn’t go down to the wire, and apparently neither has Lisa, but I suppose that doesn’t make it any less stressful. It wasn’t stressful enough to wear flats, though. Or even wedges. Lisa was fairly dressed down in jeans and a white button-down, but she was still rocking sequined (or at least they looked it on my TV) Louboutin platforms.

Somewhere in the outskirts of Beverly Hills, Kim and Ken had rented a cheap hotel room that looked like it had been used to film more than a couple amateur pornos, under the guise of being “closer to the event.” My brain automatically translated that to, “so we could get super wasted and not have to pay a limo driver for the long trek out to our main crack den,” but make of it what you will. While Kim’s “makeup artist” was dolling her up for the event with the last palette of frosted eyeshadow that exists on earth (during this makeup time, it must be noted, Kim sat in front of a wall covered with semi-shiny peach wallpaper that appeared to have last been changed back when frosted eyeshadow was popular), Kim rummaged around in her purse and pulled out…a vibrator.

It was pink and came in a clear tube, so Kim said that she had bought it thinking that it was lipstick. Where, exactly, does one encounter a vibrator where you might also buy makeup? What kind of store is that? And who buys lipstick without at least taking the tester out of the tube and eyeballing it? And isn’t that kind of a giant tube? There are so many questions. I’m so confused. Everything about Kim confuses me.

Back in the land of the living, people had started arriving to the party, drinks were being consumed, appetizers were being passed. Everything was great! Until it wasn’t, that is. As it turns out, Brandi’s ex-husband sort of…got around. And not just with LeAnn Rimes, but also with a waitress at Sur (but probably not just with her either, let’s be real), who Brandi recognized while said waitress was passing around a tray of tiny quiches or something. Helpfully, the camera crew caught her saying to Lisa, “Uh, problem, I kind of used to date her husband.”

Ladies (or gents, really), if you ever find occasion to say those words and mean them, immediately begin rethinking all of your life decisions that got you to that point, particularly if you are a waitress and the woman in question is a model. The waitress asked to leave and Lisa agreed that would be a good solution to the problem after consulting with Brandi. Somehow, the whole thing didn’t devolve into quiche-throwing and hair-pulling, even though Brandi probably would have been totally justified in partaking in a bit of a tantrum. Props to her, to Lisa for being a good hostess and even to the waitress for doing the right thing and asking to be dismissed immediately. In her place appeared RuPaul, as if to reward them for their relatively mature behavior.

Shortly thereafter, Kyle showed up and told Lisa that although Kim was coming, she hadn’t spoken to her since the fight in Hawaii. On cue, the producers then transported us back to Kim’s gross hotel room, where Ken was instructing Kim on what shoes she was allowed to wear and Kim was desperately clawing through a giant suitcase of rumpled clothing (far more than you’d need for just one night) and crawling around on the floor in search of her “medication.” During the spliced-in interviews, Kim finally admitted that things had been rough with Ken and that he wanted to know where she was going and what she was wearing and why she didn’t answer her phone when he called, which is pretty much the textbook definition of a controlling asshole boyfriend. Presumably Kim threw back a few pills and left for the party, but who knows how she actually got out the door.

Speaking of the party, things were similarly dramatic there. Cedric showed up uninvited and unannounced, presumably because he had run out of money and was looking to see if he could make nice with Lisa and leech some more cash and shelter out of her. Lisa indulged the drama for a couple of minutes instead of having him escorted out straight away, but I can’t blame her for taking the chance to yell at him when she had it. Sometimes there are people in your life who you’d just like to yell at for a minute, even if it’s not necessarily the highest road you could take. Cedric was eventually escorted out, with Brandi assuring Lisa the entire way that she didn’t invite him. And I kind of believe her – she does seem to be fairly logical in most situations and doesn’t want to be on anyone’s bad side, and inviting him wouldn’t make any sense based on her actions with the group so far.

After a brief, depressing visit with Taylor and her skeezy therapist (making a house call!), we joined Kim and Ken in the limo, where Kim was playing with trash she found tucked away in the back seat, after which she suddenly decided, mid-drive, that she needed to take her bra off because it was dirty. In my opinion, she needed to take it off because it was one of those gross bras with clear plastic straps, but I also don’t doubt that its cleanliness was an issue. I mean, you saw the hotel room. It looked like they had been living in it for a month when supposedly they had only been there for the evening.


In other trainwreck news, Taylor had been invited to Lisa’s party now that she was newly free of Russell. And…her therapist was her escort to the party? He wasn’t just there for a little pre-event pep talk? Exactly how hard is he bucking to get his own Dr. Drew style show? I’ve said it every time we’ve seen him and I’ll say it again – if your therapist allows stuff like this to be filmed, you need a new therapist. It’s completely irresponsible and inappropriate, particularly considering Taylor’s extreme situation.

Before they got to the party, Kim and Ken showed up and everyone tried to awkwardly make nice with them, even Kyle. By the time they got to the party, Kim seemed even more wild-eyed and disoriented than normal, and even the sight of her made Kyle a bit sad and panicky. Both Lisa and Adrienne tried to talk to Kim one-on-one, and Adrienne was successful in getting her to admit that Ken treats her poorly and tries to monitor her phone conversations. Adrienne, naturally, sent Kyle in to deal with the situation.

Surprisingly, Kim opened up to Kyle immediately. She told her that Ken puts her down and she’s sad all the time and she wants to leave, so much so that she has all her stuff packed to go. Kyle seemed dubious as to whether Kim was telling the truth, which probably only makes sense if you’ve ever known an addict. When they’re not in treatment, junkies lie. About everything. About things that don’t matter. So Kyle’s probably used to having to play detective and figure out what’s true and what’s not, but everything Kim was saying about Ken struck me as accurate. He hass displayed a lot of behavior on-camera that creeped people out, and I highly doubt we’re all wrong and Kim’s lying and Ken’s just a super awesome, misunderstood, gay bullmastiff.

Like any emotional conversation between two people with an entire lifetime of history between them, though, everything collapsed into tears and a nonsensical back-and-forth about which of them needs to apologize and who apologizes more and whether or not Kim ever apologizes for anything. Again, classic junkie behavior: Acknowledging that your behavior might have hurt someone else unjustly requires the realization that you might have done something objectively wrong, and drugs don’t leave a whole lot of room for self-awareness. Get Kim dried out and in some extensive therapy, and maybe then that line of conversation will go somewhere.

While Brandi was outside admitting to Ken’s face that she called him a gay bullmastiff (her total lack of an attempt to deny she said it or explain it away made me love her even more than I already do), Kyle and Kim were still in the back room, discussing why Kim’s period was three months late and how she’d like to have another baby because she’s currently out of things that are forced to love her unconditionally. (Ok, I tacked on that last part myself.) Kyle accurately guessed that instead of being pregnant, Kim was probably menopausal (is this a new Real Housewives thing? Didn’t we just have this conversation with Ramona in New York?), and the conversation ended quickly when Mauricio (trailed by Ken, who had likely not been invited into the room at all) entered to find the sisters knowingly sharing a swack of lipgloss.

Out in the main room, Taylor had arrived with her therapist and an obviously black eye. I know some of you guys think it was because of Botox or fillers or whatever (Wouldn’t the other eye also be black? Wouldn’t these women be easily able to identify that sort of bruising, having all had it themselves?), but Taylor’s medical records are out there and she took a punch to the face. Them’s the facts. You can pretend that’s not the case because you don’t like Taylor all you want, and Taylor is definitely not a particularly sympathetic victim, but even people like Taylor don’t deserve to be punched in the face. By her husband, by anyone. I simply can’t understand how the wealth of evidence to support the idea that Taylor was abused can be explained away, but disliking someone on a reality TV show can go a long way toward how someone interprets facts, I suppose.

The sad thing is that the same sort of “explaining away” happens to lots of women, most of them who are also imperfect victims but without the resources that Taylor had to remove herself from the situation, and it merely feeds the insidious nature of domestic violence. It’s disgraceful, and it makes me feel really sad for women in bad situations who haven’t lived angelic lives, and as a result, feel like they can’t get any help because no one will believe them.

That being said, when Taylor explained this all to the group, Adrienne and Camille rightfully piped up to say that the way Camille had been treated in this situation had been inappropriate and she was owed an apology. Surprisingly, Taylor offered her one straight away, and it wasn’t the average non-apology that we usually get during a unpleasant confrontation on this show. Taylor said exactly what she should have and seemed to understand why the things she did were wrong and why that put Camille in a bad situation, which was like a bright, gleaming ray of self-awareness from a person who has completely lacked it so far. Maybe her skeezy, fame-grubbing therapist is actually doing her a bit of good here and there, in between camera ops.

Elsewhere, as an ending act to the episode, Kim finally emerged from a bathroom, peppy and bright, after having been inside of it for a period of time that concerned approximately a half dozen people outside. Maybe the famewhoring therapist should give Kim one of his cards.

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  • mm

    Kim is such a flake

  • suz

    Great recap. I always think I can live without watching any given episode and then I read your recap and have to make sure I catch the show on the rerun (thank goodness Bravo accommodates on that front)

  • lz

    At what point does Bravo say to Kim – you must get help – this is a trainwreck and you almost feel guilty watching it b/c it’s so out of control.

    • I don’t think Bravo will ever say that, honestly. If they didn’t say it to her during this season, I think someone would probably have to be shooting heroine on camera (and therefore opening Bravo up to serious legal issues) for them to stop exploiting someone’s hardships.

  • tata

    Two thing….
    I think Kim has the worst skin in the history of Real Housewives. I mean, i know most of them are botoxed out and spending $$$$ to maintain their skin but jeeeez… watching the make up artist work on her face made me swore i will never touch any kind of drugs.

    and Taylor… yes she may have been punched in the face. But I would NEVER go into public, especially somewhere where there are so many people and camera with a black eye. It’s asking for way too much attention and I feel it’s almost not appropriate… I mean will you??? if your husband gave you a black eye, go out to a party with it??? it’s not the same as brandi showing up in crutches…. i know it’s not something she needs to be ashamed of but still… if you have a daughter with his husband and she has to live with the fact that her daddy beat her mommy up, i just wouldn’t go around showing the black eye to the whole entire world.

    • I don’t know, I think you have to live your life as best you can, even when bad things are happening to you. I don’t think abuse victims (even abuse victims as annoying as Taylor) should be encouraged to hide themselves. Owning what you’ve been through is an important part of moving past it, I think.

      • adrienne z

        I’m still not convinced. Why in the world would Russell give Taylor a black eye knowing that it would be caught on film eventually and he would have to answer for it? He supposedly knew about what Camille had said involving DV against Taylor- why would he cement any beliefs by displaying the action he vehemently called an out & out lie by performing the act he denies? And if he DID give her that black eye – why wasn’t he arrested for it? The supposed proof was right on her face!
        If Bravo was aware of the black eye, why would they continue to let her return to her home to get hit?
        After the limo ride home from the White Party, there was a camera crew in the limo and they permitted her to go home with him? I just really don’t get it!
        None of this is making any sense to me.
        I really wish Bravo or SOMEBODY would come out soon and expose to all of us doubters and believers what REALLY happened so we can quit speculating already and have a realistic and honest assessment of her situation no matter which way it flies. There has to be more of this story from both sides and not just the drivel that Taylor has been dishing out to whoever is listening and hoping to catch as much outpouring of sympathy as she can garner.
        Everything she does and says seems so contrived to me and reeks of ulterior motive and her motive in my opinion is climbing some social ladder that would never satisfy her until she has the status similar to the Queen of England. It’s obvious to me that she leapt at the chance to gain fame by being on this show and is placing more of an emphasis on being friends with these wealthy ladies that she was never friends with before the show and immediately campaigned to drop her husband like a hot potato because he didn’t have that red carpet pedestal placed before her (although he really did – anyone that can afford a $40,000 birthday party for a 4yr old is already there….)
        I’m just having a really hard time believing that a confused mild-mannered Russell would be so self -serviant and ignorant as to defame himself with consequential domestic violence against a public figure especially when he’s already in so much financial and legal trouble. It just doesn’t jive in my head, but then again alot of things don’t, so I guess it Could happen, but I’m just not buying it. Too many things don’t add up and I hope Bravo explains the entire thing to me and everyone else so I don’t question my own sanity, my own observations and ability (or inability) to decipher truth from fiction

      • This link does a good job explaining Russell’s history of domestic violence with a total of three women, in case anyone hasn’t read this stuff:

        It includes a guilty plea for battery in 1997 and a no contest plea for another battery charge in 1998, plus multiple restraining orders.

        Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck…

      • Elise

        I agree on Adrienne on this one, the reason why it’s so hard to believe Taylor is because the events were so ‘timely,’ A year passed and she made these abuse claims yet there were zero visible signs. Once the women got fed up and started questioning her, she gets into full drama mode and bam! Russell finally hits her and she then flaunts her battle scars in a very public event, of course with cameras rolling. She brings her therapist and then claims that she is no longer in denial and has seen the light? This was all in the space of maybe a week or two? A month at most? All I can say is once a liar, always a liar. We should give Shana more credit because she is one hell of a calculating psychopath. While she was out getting sympathy from people and making her the center of attention of the show, Russell’s MMR scam was about to unravel and the only way she could distance herself was guess what? Make Russell look like the bad guy and she wants nothing to do with him since she’s been trapped all that time. All I really see is how she succeeded in putting a fake and confused storyline into action.

        For two seasons, I’ve seen no fear from Rusell, no warning flags that would signal that she cared about her child’s safety and seriously, being a full grown adult who has supposedly learnt from the past and having signed up for a reality show, she had no clue that these claims would never be out in the open? Has she never seen one episode of Real Housewives to know better? IMO, she was never embarrased or even trying to hide the said abuse. Lisa even stated that the first time she met Taylor, she was already blabbing about her being battered and all. She showed doctor’s photos of her black eye after Russell’s death, but isn’t it by law that the doctor report any signs of abuse?

        I think it would have been more credible that if the abuse was indeed real, that Bravo would have already Taylor to some rehab for safety (like they did with Kim) or she could have left the show after the first season in order to protect herself and her child since any more exposure would put her in peril. Taylor wanted fame and she got it, she wanted to get rid of Russell and she did. She wanted people to sympathize for her, and given Russell’s record, it was easy to manipulate the public’s perception to her benefit as well.

        Also, just several months after Russell’s death, she banks on interviews, gets a book deal and has been photographed by various media outlets drinking and partying looking happy as a lark. I find it highly suspcious (and sick) that a traumatized, abused widow could rapidly heal and have such ‘confidence’ in such a short span of time.

      • tata

        i don’t think Taylor should necessarily “hide” her bruising and be ashamed of it. but it’s a whole other thing to go on public TV with it and show up to parties with a black eye. i think it is behavior like this that would mak a man want to kill himself. and the only reason i think all this is so sad is that there is a little girl involved. people shouldn’t care if russel is made out to be such a bad person to the whole entire world becasue that is the truth…. but his poor daughter will care. i think if i was kennedy, i wouldn’t want the whole world to know that my father beats up my mother.

    • PhotoGirl

      Violence against women will not cease until the victims are no longer made to feel that they should hide or live their problem as some sort of secret shame. Personally, I think a MAN who gives a woman a black eye should be the one who is ashamed to show his face in public.

  • Nancy

    What a wonderful episode. Lots happening, great editing, plenty to be outraged about.

    I see the Ken & Kim story differently. Kim = Humpty Dumpty, and Ken is trying to keep her together. He packs several outfits and shoes for her to choose from. She says, “Thanks for hanging up my clothes.” (by the way, why is that his job?), he says, “You’re welcome,” perhaps hearing “thanks for packing my clothes,” and she returns with “I was being sarcastic.” Then, “Charge my phone,” then she wants a soda, which he fetches, she complains there’s no ice, then he has to “find my jewelry.” The girl is a mess who apparently needs the attention of a personal majordomo just to walk out the door. I’d be watching her phone calls and tracking where she is, too. The inside of their hotel room reminded me of a scene from “Sid & Nancy.” If you haven’t seen it, you must. A brilliant film featuring Gary Oldman and Chole Webb directly by Alex Cox during his heyday. Kyle likes to blame Kim’s issues on Ken, but we all know what Kim was like last year at the end of the season. Apparently, rehab will be a annual event after each season for this one.

    Everyone has a right to their own opinion regarding Taylor. I haven’t seen any overwhelming evidence which you state is abundant. I’ve never seen her medical records and have no idea what you are referring to. Post a link. Even at the white party, Taylor’s biggest supporter said, “We don’t know.” Nor do I. Hollywood is abundant with make-up artists who can make someone look like they were shot, beat, strangled, etc. So a photo is not proof in my book. Throughout your life, people will disagree with you. Accept it and move on. No need to try to put people to shame for disagreeing. It’s inappropriate for a blog that depends on hits for income. I’m a person who has a higher standard of proof – just because a gun has “X’s” prints on them, doesn’t mean “X” shot the gun.

    I was appalled that Taylor brought her therapist to state her case to everyone and back her up. Who does this? Guess she knew she wouldn’t get an opportunity to get everyone together before the wedding WITH CAMERA – so it was gonna have to be at Lisa’s opening.

    Finally, I think Kyle should consider not wearing strapless dresses. Whenever she does (quite often), she’s always pulling them up. Makes he look like a little girl wearing her mother’s clothes.

    • Blaine

      Amanda has a complete and utter right to her opinion in these blogs and by the way, I wouldn’t even be hitting on purseblog every week if it weren’t for Amanda’s recaps. If she doesn’t agree with your version of reality, too bad. She disagrees with you. So what. She has a right.

      • S

        Don’t know the above person, but I think Nancy was just stating her opinion as well. I agree Taylor must have been punched at some point, but the timing is so suspicios. It happened right after she was disinvited to a party and missed an invite to Hawaii. And her apology to Camille seemed like something she knew she needed to do to be part of the group again.
        And I think the gay bullmastiff comment was mean. Not a huge fan of people who make fun of people’s looks. I get that Kim has issues with her, but it was unnecessary. I thought she gracefully handled the waitress situation though.
        I love Amanda’s wit and way with words. But I think I can be a fan without agreeing with everything she has to say.

      • Nancy

        As do I. The difference is, I don’t tell people they are fools, or terrible people, or blind to the obvious, when they disagree with me. That’s hostile.

    • Lynn

      Umm, I don’t think anyone was putting anyone else to shame for disagreeing (other than you putting Amanda to shame for voicing her opinion, Nancy).

      • Nancy

        She is, Lynn, Just read below. She thinks people who doubt Taylor are terrible.

      • I think that some of the things that have been said about the situation, both here and elsewhere, are terrible.

        The way we talk about abusive victims creates a vicious attitude toward them in our culture and focuses criticism on them instead of on the people who are hurting them. I’m not willing to participate in it and I’m not willing to pretend that I think it’s a perfectly legitimate thing to do. I don’t. If you find me saying that to you personally offensive, well, I don’t know what to tell you.

      • Blaine

        And there it is Nancy – you don’t listen carefully. Amanda never said “people who doubt Taylor are terrible.” She said that some of the things that have been said about the situation are terrible.
        Having an opinion is one thing. Telling someone they may be in jeopardy of losing their livelihood because they have an opinion is reprehensible.

    • I knew I’d get at least one of these comments, and that’s fine. I’ve held back in what I’ve had to say about the Taylor situation in the past, but frankly, a lot of the way that women talk about other women who have suffered domestic issues makes me sick and it does a disservice to others out there who are suffering and who don’t have any resources. If it makes you feel better to cast doubt on whether someone was abused, go right ahead, the Internet surely won’t stop you and you won’t be alone. I won’t remove your comments, as I haven’t throughout this season when you and others have posted things to that effect. But it’s also not going to stop me from saying that I think it’s terrible, and my employers will back me up on that.

      • Jess

        Amanda, if I weren’t a straight stay-at-home-mom, this response would have been the one to finally make me get on that plane to fly out to NYC to find you and declare my undying love!

      • Kris

        100% agree Amanda!! Thank you for saying this.

      • suz

        Team Amanda!

      • adrienne z

        Thanks for not removing comments that may be controversial. It is very fair of you to leave even the ones you disagree with. I wouldn’t call this an argument as was mentioned in a comment, but rather a debate.
        For me personally, my confusion with Taylor lies in the inconsistencies that we as viewers have been shown in episodes and the way she has been portrayed makes no sense, but there must be a reason for everything that has been aired and in the sequence in which it was aired. But it’s coming off almost as if we are supposed to make our own determinations as to if it’s likely to happen the way she says or not. Obviously, there’s alot of tape on the cutting room floor that we will never be privy to (I wish Bravo would pick them all up and make an addendum special so we can see more….to make some sense out of it)
        But that said, this show is an extremely interesting psychological case study and although the majority of my attention is absorbed by the “Taylor Show”, I’m sincerely hoping that she is not gifted with more camera time next season and she is dropped. It is causing too much angst for me and I’m spending way too much of my valuable time trying to decipher whether she deserves any more attention or not.
        I’d almost like to move on to something else already. Even if she was abused, (I can’t keep helping myself to thing she was a major cause/effect instigator in all of it), I just can’t handle watching any more of her self-motivating antics anymore. I can’t take it anymore! She “found her voice” and I wish she would lose it again.

      • Cinny

        I agree with you as well, Amanda. Taylor isn’t likable and appears to be a grifter, but that doesn’t translate into being unpunchable, by any means. Requiring that a person be an angelic presence whose feet have never touched the ground in order for them to have credibility as a victim creates a dangerous environment and impossible to meet standard for any real victim. Russell was hardly slandered into his grave by a completely fabricated cloud of false accusations. He appears to also have been a grifter and did have real, on the record, convictions. If he was nice in the limo, in front of the cameras, how does that make him innocent? How many actual murders are committed on primetime network TV? How many molesters know that it’s the candy, the support, the grooming that brings them their victims? The good manners that allow them to stay hidden and continue to abuse? Once abuse has occurred, blaming the victim for the way they handled the aftermath is wrong. Abuse either occurred or didn’t occur. And I say this as someone who doesn’t feel a lot of warmth toward Taylor, but as someone who has known enough abuse victims well enough to know that they are, like all other human beings, flawed.

      • Ali

        I appreciate your take on this issue, Amanda, and especially how it relates to the broader issue of victims of abuse. While I have my own beliefs about Taylor based on her behavior, it’s impossible to come to a conclusion without knowing the facts. Even knowing about Russell’s priors is not enough. We simply don’t know any more than what we see on the show (umm, probably not getting a lot of factual information there), and in the tabloids (ditto). So, it’s fun to speculate like these are fictional characters, but we REALLY can’t know what the truth is. Unfortunately, they aren’t fictional, which means these shows are super exploitative. Ick, but it’s like a trainwreck, can’t stop watching . . .

    • Jennimer

      …I think it’s a very sunny take you have on Kim & Ken. I think they’re codependent (to use that overused term), and his behavior is creepy. Example: when he “didn’t like” the conversation he thought he overheard in Hawaii (during which he was actually being praised) and confronted Adrienne, Paul & Kim. That scene gave me the willies – maybe because I dated a guy who later came to be known as “Scary Gary,” once he was safely gone.

      Kim was bossy and demanding (as befits a Disney child star – snark) but Ken is controlling, which I think is obvious. And also obviously, Kim needs help desperately. Hope her rehab helped, and I hope she continues to get help – sobriety is a long road that doesn’t only involve abstaining from drugs.

      Kyle needs to attend Al Anon ASAP. (Sorry for the alliteration.) She can’t fix Kim and she needs to stop harping at her, publicly and privately. Difficult though it may be, she needs to step back and let Kim suffer her own consequences, and if at all possible be there when she fails and WANTS help.

      I don’t have a link to a site (I’m at work) but I’m fairly certain I’ve seen medical documentation re: Taylor almost losing her eye. Make no mistake about it: I think Taylor is a total grifter. (The “Adrienne is my daughter’s godmother” said it all.) but it does not mean that she was not abused by Russell. And what you interpret as mild mannered behavior I interpret as creepy, controlling behavior by a man who’s anxious to keep the woman he loves (I’ll grant him that). And I think he knew that once she was gone, his whole house of cards (which she helped build) would collapse. She had an escape plan and could deny his financial shenanigans and ruses. He had bupkas. And out of desperation, I think, he knew it and he opted out – forever.

      PS I recall Taylor’s supporter saying (and I paraphrase), “If my girl said it, it’s true and that’s that.” Pam/Dana fully backed her buddy.

  • Alisa

    Love your recaps! Since having a baby 8months ago I can’t watch tv ( live in a studio :( in NYC) so I read ur recaps religiously! Thank u!

  • tata

    OK… and another interesting point i came across….

    Last week when Taylor was having lunc with Dana while the girls were in Hawaii, she is talking to Dana saying Russel has MOVED out… BUT WITH NO BRUISE ON HER FACE!

    • Her hair was covering that eye completely during the lunch, as someone pointed out last week.

  • Allison

    Am I seeing things?? I could have sworn that the “garbage” that Kim found / was digging through / contained an almost-empty bag of cocaine? Maybe I’m crazy… also loved how Kim continues to share her random vibrator lipgloss story instead of the normal obligatory “hello, how have you been?” haha.

    Also, I don’t think Cedric showed up to come crawling back to Lisa at all, he is a fame whore and probably jumps at any change he think he may be able to score some camera time. Ew, nice lips too…

    • Someone else asked me about the “garbage” last night and I stayed up to watch the repeat to see what it was…and it just looked like trash to me? I don’t know, Kim’s been good about hiding drug paraphernalia all season, I don’t think she’d wave it around like that if it was hers. No, I imagine that was safely in her purse.

      Although I’d imagine that there are stranger things to find in the backseat of a limo in Beverly Hills than someone else’s discarded coke bag. So that may have indeed been what it was, I just doubt it was hers.

  • adrienne z

    I’m thinking Kim was in the bathroom so long trying out her new lipstick. She seemed to be on a mission looking in every purse before she left to make sure she didn’t forget her medicine AND her new lipstick.

    • Nancy

      LOL. Who would do that in a public restroom? If she wasn’t so sad, she would be funny.

  • Jennifer

    Don’t know if it is true or not, but other websites are reporting that a certain producer invited Cedric to the SUR party, and that Lisa knew he was coming. The other website purportedly has emails up between the Bravo producer and Cedric’s manager.

    • That doesn’t surprise me, not a lot of stuff on these shows is truly spontaneous.

  • Kris

    Wow Brandi’s ex-husband’s mistress is a piece of work. “Scheana Marie” is an “actress” / waitress known for sleeping with every celebrity in LA to get famous. She did several interviews about being with John Mayer right after he broke up with Jen Aniston. It was completely pathetic. I thought she was done being a home wrecking fame whore. Guess not…

  • Jess

    One of my girlfriends texted me last night wanting to know why all these dinosaurs think they are pregnant on the Real Housewives? LOL!
    I adore Brandi. She must become a full-time wife. I have to give her full props for not smacking the sh*t out of that waitress. I would have NOT taken the high road if I were her. And yes, Taylor had a black eye. There is no denying it.

    • I really hope that Brandi becomes a full-time housewife too, I love her.



    • Blaine

      Frances you are adorbs!

  • Rebecca

    Here is what I do not get; Taylor made the comment about “co-parenting” with Russel. If you were abused, would you allow the abuser any where near your child? Wouldn’t the quack therapist be a “mandated reporter”?

    I read the court documents about her current lawsuit; it cannot be denied that the Armstrong’s were scammers and grifers. Between that and all the name changes, Shana is just not credible to me.

    • Sometimes victims aren’t credible people. It doesn’t mean that bad things didn’t happen to them. Bad things happen to people of all kinds of different moral character.

      Lots of abuse victims try to make things work with their abusers even after their legal relationship has ended for the same reason that so many victims stay in abusive relationships. It’s not as simple or as black-and-white as it looks on the outside of such a huge psychological mess. It’s very easy for all of us to say how we’d react or how easy it would be for us to make the decisions that lots of women have a terrible time making. Taylor has never claimed that Russell abused their daughter and they had just separated when this was filmed, so her statements about “co-parenting” didn’t really surprise me and it would relieve the famewhoring therapist of any reporting duties.

      • Rebecca

        Sorry but that does not fly with me. As a mother you have the responsibility of protecting your child. Taylor obviously knew about his past with physical abuse (a restraining order against Russel said that he lost his temper and hit his son). If he could hurt his ex-wife, his other children and then Taylor herself, there is no reason to think he would not harm Kennedy). I am really disgusted by this.

  • Ashley

    I came prepared to dislike Brandi but she’s quickly become one of my favorites.

    Kim is so sad. Just pathetic. I think that Ken is gross and looking at him makes me feel itchy, but I also think that Kim is a drugged out mess who is not very nice to him. I would be watching phone calls and asking where you’re going if I thought you were out to score drugs, too. It’s even worse if they really did meet at an AA type meeting, if he’s feeling responsible for her sobriety.

  • Mia

    you can get bruising on one eye when getting botox, happens to me all the time. one eye is more sensitive than the other. I dont believe taylor got beat up, she is too much of an attention loving flake.

    • Alena

      I agree, same thing happened to me, I got a bruise under one eye. Taylor is a pathological liar, she always plays a victim card, she displayed that black eye too readily everywhere. I don’t defend Russell by any means, but that picture of her is not a proof that he did it (besides, was he a lefty? because the bruise is on her right side). No one knows what really happened between them.

  • Mirna

    I totally think Cedric was brought there by bravo. For sure! And he was acting like everything was all good. What a psycho! I read that they’re gonna replace Camille next season. I hope not. She’s grown on me. They do need to remove Taylor from this spot light to deal with her issues. True or not all she wants is camera time. How did she go from being a rep for abused women first season to being abused herself? Maybe he did Hit her but I think she hit him as well. She’s very aggressive when there’s a confrontation wnthe girls so I don’t think she’s gonna sit back and get hit. Adrienne has totally changed. She can’t stop taking this season. Goodness! Kyle needs to see that her sis needs help and stop turning every conversation into making Kim feel worse and making herself seem like the good guy. I too love Brandi. Anyway great recap as always amanda! We all have our opinions about things and if people can’t handle that they should stay away from the blogs ;)

  • Pam

    True, Ken is creepy, but I have to agree with Nancy that he was trying to keep flaky Kim together. He probably wants to know who she is talking to because he’s afraid it’s a drug dealer. She perceives his behavior as controlling, but she is a train wreck. Ken would be better off without that disaster.

  • Lisa

    I think it’s pretty sad and ignorant that people aren’t giving Taylor the benefit of the doubt – haven’t you all seen that widely publicized photo of her black eye??! Also, abusers CAN be super charming people, calm, nice, etc -if they weren’t how would they be in relationships in which they can be abusive? Blah whatever, this is such a horrible argument. I’m sure there are issues that are very deep and complicated with Taylor and Russell that Bravo can’t really delve into a perfectly wrapped up, edited season/time slot.

    I feel so sad for Kim. It’s hard to watch…I’m sure there are two sides to the Kim/Ken thing – I’m sure he is controlling but Kim is an obvious mess. She probably shouldn’t be in any kind of relationship until she deals with the things going on with her.

    • Agreed. It’s unreasonable to expect Bravo to paint a perfectly satisfying picture of abuse or to expect Taylor to live her life in such a way that the peanut gallery should feel totally satisfied passing judgment on the fact that she’s been abused. That’s just not how things happen, not everything gets tied up perfectly in a neat bow when such complicated, hurtful, emotional issues are at play. That’s why so much of reality TV is scripted; honest reality doesn’t always fit a 44-minute narrative arc.

      It really is a horrible argument.

      • Crystal

        I understand both sides. I automatically believe a woman when she claims abuse. Far too many women are not supportive of other women (in many situations). I believed Taylor when the allegations first surfaced. As a woman, how could I not? Nonetheless, something in my heart does not believe her. It is not because she is a grifter or unlikable. It is just something in my gut that is telling me she is either exaggerating or lying.

  • Pinkfeet

    I want to ask Kim, Kyle and Taylor why must they CRY all the time? I am so sick of seeing it. Now I know how guys feel when girls bring on tears all the time.

    I think for Bravo to NOT show Kim falling apart would be a disservice. It actually makes her more REAL and their lives more REAL. Not everything is drama about shopping, men and girlie crap.

    Granted I still don’t like Kim, but addiction, depression and loneliness are terrible battles to win so I do feel empathy towards her.

    Who would want to confront everyone at a PARTY? Really Taylor ? She couldn’t meet everyone at TGIFriday or Neiman Marcus to talk about her ending her marriage, her behavior etc??

    I imagine Brandi runs into a lot of women her ex um, partied with..does she ask every one of those women to leave her where she is at? Really? But I am glad she kept her cool for the most part as I do like her.

  • audeen

    HOLY INAPPROPRIATENESS is all I kept thinking when the disgusting psychiatrist showed up at Taylor’s door to escort her to the party because she invited him. That entire episode was absolutely gross and I felt like I needed to take a shower afterwards. I stopped watching The Real Housewives of (pick a city/state) quite awhile ago, but it was really the only thing on TV last night that wasn’t a rerun so I broke down. I guess it is hard to look away from a trainwreck happening right in front of your eyes. :/

  • Relli

    Taylor’s story reminds me of the little boy who Fred wolf. She has told so many stories and so many lies even she doesn’t know what’s real anymore. The suddenly sh*t got very real. I see both sides of the coIn on this one, I truly do. I have an incredibly boring job and rather than participate in office gossip (so dangerous) I do celebrity gossip. I have read all the articles about Taylor and her husbands scams, her true identity, his priors from his exes as well as thief statements that they believe along with his family that she drove him to this. And I choose to believe all of them. It wasn’t one thing that motivate his anger that eventually led him to kill himself, it was that his life as a whole sucked. Regardless of who they are I never disbelieve someone if they claim abuse, you just never know. But for all the reason Adriene Z stated above (sorry can’t reply) I can no longer click on stories about Taylor on any site RHOBH aside. I just can’t look at her budget Julia Roberts face anymore, it makes my stomach turn.

  • chloebagfreak

    Great recap! I really find it horribly inappropriate for a psychiatrist to go to a party with a patient!! I’m pretty sure that violates all kinds of ethics and patient /physician confidentiality rules. I know she’s OK with her personal stuff being out there, but It seems very questionable! I also feel that she brought her doctor to back her story up and give herself as much clout as possible. He seemed to think he was in control of the ladies…they are not his patients and I’m pretty sure they didn’t sign up for group therapy. It reminds me of Danielle bringing a bodyguard to her “talk” with Dina…How scary is it that I remember that from a while back?
    I’m so glad Kim got help.
    If Brandi can’t get a guy to be faithful, I never would have a chance:)) She is such a hoot! Why any guy would cheat on her is bizarre.

  • Melanie

    I think that Taylor’s therapist probably has a crush on her, or is sleeping with her or about to. That can be the only explanation for him actually going to a party with her. Or he must be that most fame whoring therapist in Beverly Hills. SMH

  • cbog

    I love reading all your opinions, heres mine. Kim is a victim of ‘i used to be a something, now I’m nothing, so please notice me” Kyle is just gross and immature, and I think her husband is, while nice looking, too much of a cling on. Lisa and Ken are tooo stuck on themselves. Taylor is a sad little girl who tries to be someone different than who she is too much. I love Camille and Adrianne. Paul is the best of the husbands. just my take

  • motta

    I totally agree with adrienne z, ‘s sentiments.

    I do not believe anything Taylor said. I feel so sorry for Russell. Taylor made everything up , manipulated everyone with her crocodile tears and coming across needing true friends. Making Russell the cause of all her bad behavior, situation. Russel,seemed to be a aloof and uncomfortable in the crowd, but never came across abusive/wife bitter. She is the one who wanted to give Oaklahoma to Kim, Order, Out, to Camill, Bring her over here at Brandi’s party.She is very aggressive. She is not what you want to believe. Russel was dumb founded when informed by others that it is what taylor told everyone. Still he was nice to her in the limo back home and saying, “you want to go back to Vegas” . Her response trying to justify situation was All couple fights. It is so said what happened to a nice person whose side we will never know

  • monkeybutt

    forget Russell and Taylor, I was just appalled by the fame seeking psychiatrist who thought it’d be a good idea for Taylor to 1)bring him to the party and 2) talk to the girls AT THE PARTY about the divorce instead of recommending that they meet privately away from all the rest of the people (and maybe even away from the camera too!) Somebody please report him and take away his license to practice…
    As far as Kim goes… i understand she went to rehab after for alcohol use but I will bet money that it’s not alcohol that she’s having problems with. She is definitely on drugs. it may not be illicit drugs but i think she’s on a copious amount of prescriptions pills (probably mix of uppers and downer and a fistful of painkillers/morphine). she even admitted to mixing drugs to Paul during their cosmetic procedure consultation.

  • Kristen

    It is scary how many women are sure Taylor wasn’t ever abused by Russell because he seems to be a seemingly mild-mannered man (ON CAMERA). and I’m not a Taylor fan by any means, but I feel sick to my stomach after reading some of the comments. How these people come across on camera is not a testament to who they are. If abused women can’t even have the support of other women giving them the benefit of the doubt, the cycle will never end.

    • Kjon

      I agree. I’ve been nervous to comment because of the darkness of it all, but I believe she was abused by Russel. As Amanda has said (so many times) bad things can happen to good and BAD people. Taylor could have been abusive towards Russel (that’s not justification by the way) and I fully believe she is a grifter and overall horrible person. I have disdained her behavior surrounding the abuse allegations (read: tea party episode) and even suggested that she has possibly exaggerated and “used” the abuse to her social advantage but I have NO doubt she was abused. 

  • Elise

    It is unfortunate but there are women in this world, real life and online who lie about abuse. It gives women who are indeed abused a bad name but they exist. I personally have met a couple of them and in fact have one close to my family who was busted for her stories and later on did we find out she was mentally unbalanced and did in fact, believe her lies were real stories. This was her tactic to gain sympathy and attention.

    I am not saying I don’t entirely believe Taylor, but yes, I doubt her in some ways. Yes, there is that black eye picture and yes, Taylor probably got it from Russell. Does that necessarily mean there was abuse in the past? No, but yes, that black eye was indeed a sign of abuse at that time. Taylor’s behavior would probably drive anyone sane into anger if she was spreading lies, which DOES NOT justify a beating but still, one would be angry, right? We can never get the full picture here anymore since one party is dead.

    What I’m trying to say here, is that although it’s not acceptable for a man to abuse a woman, I have reservations about Taylor since I believe she is in fact, AS GUILTY AS RUSSELL, championing for women against abuse but at the same time being an abuser herself.

  • dosi

    For those of you who believe Traylor was abused,Don’t you watch the show?