I knew that last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was going to be a gem when, 10 minutes in, party invites were already well underway and our cast members were starting to get ready for the event. Bravo has the annoying habit of teasing us with clips of a fight that only actually takes up the final seven minutes of an episode, and as a result, I’m always fearful when they make big promises. You’ve burned me before, Bravo.

But last night, the network delivered. Not only did we get to see our housewives go at each other, but they were aided and abetted by a crude drunk psychic and her insane fake cigarette and a woman tangentially involved with the OJ Simpson murder case. Oh, and I’m guessing that the fish tank-sized cocktails everyone was drinking also had something to do with it.

Lisa began the episode by demonstrating her exemplary driving skills, and by that I mean we saw her cutting people off and making faces. If I drove a Bentley, I’d do the exact same thing, since I’m pretty sure that no one wants the insurance hassle of hitting a Bentley. Her husband looked slightly terrified, but mostly resigned to Lisa’s antics. I bet that’s what it’s like to be around Lisa all the time, which just makes me want to be her new BFF even more.

In a slightly less fun pairing, Camille and Taylor got together to discuss the impending cast dinner party. The menu was going to be pizza prepared by a private chef (Is that the same thing as ordering delivery from Pizza Hut? Because it sort of sounds the same.) and Camille was going to invite all of the ladies, plus two friends, one of whom was the inspiration for the television show Medium. That only brings about one question, in my mind: has Camille ever seen Medium? Because I have, mostly against my will, and there is no way in hell that it’s based on anything that has ever occurred in objective reality. Of course, Camille also used the word “we” when describing the people who produce Medium, so she’s clearly not living in objective reality at all. Not that I ever suspected she was.

Over at Adrienne’s house, Paul had broken his nose. Well, more accurately, their four-year-old son had broken Paul’s nose, which required splints and bandages. Paul said he was in a lot of pain, Adrienne called him a baby, they both seemed perfectly happy. It takes a special man to love a ball-busting, name-keeping, separate-bank-account-having woman, and Paul has my unending respect and admiration for being man enough to be called a baby by his wife without creating a bunch of macho drama about it. Can you imagine, say, Tamra Barney’s husband in this situation? I can, and it involves a second broken nose, if you catch my meaning.

Back at Camille’s house, Mrs. Grammer (for now) was calling around to invite everyone to her house for the pizza party. Lisa’s answering machine totally faked Camille out, so notch another point in Lisa’s column. At this point, the approximate score is Lisa: 48,498, Word: 4. And I only give the world four because anyone who has to be in Camille Grammer’s presence on a regular basis clearly isn’t winning at everything.

We spent a little time with the ladies getting ready (including catching a glimpse of a pair of Lisa’s lovely signed Louboutins), but other than that, it was straight to the party. The psychic was already there, boozing it up and preparing to tell everyone bad things about their futures, when everyone else arrived. The limo with Lisa, Adrienne and Taylor arrived first to cheek-kisses and information about Medium that, as far as I could tell, none of them really wanted to hear. Lisa and Adrienne, being sensible people, didn’t seem overly impressed. Kim, Kyle and Kyle’s friend Faye (who was somehow involved in the OJ Simpson case?) arrived next and everyone got to drinking enormous pink cocktails out of overly ornate glasses, because alcohol among people who don’t really like each other is always such a good idea. There was a bar in my college town that served a cocktail that size, and it was called The Panty Dropper. Even as a college student, I knew that was a bad idea.

They finally sat down to dinner and Camille started questioning who this Faye person was. Camille finally declared that she had seen Faye naked in Playboy after the OJ trial, and after receiving confirmation that Faye had indeed posed naked, Camille threw some passive-aggressive nonsense her way about the timing of Faye’s pictorial, despite the fact that she had posed as well. Because what better way to welcome a stranger into your home than to bring up a murder of one of her close friends in the 90s and some naked pictures you saw of her a few years later?

The focus then shifted to the psychic, who loved to talk about her psychic abilities and all the things she does, but then refused to answer any questions related to her supposed psychic abilities, because it’s rude of anyone to even ask her, despite the fact that being a psychic is apparently the only topic of conversation that she’s even remotely interested in discussing. Miss Cleo just sat there and puffed on her fake cigarette, swilled cocktails and looked superior. Faye, all the way at the other end of the table, finally stepped forward to convince her to make some predictions, which you know is precisely what the psychic was waiting for someone to do, since all she could talk about was being a psychic. PSYCHIIIIIIIIC. Let’s see how many times I can say that word before this recap is over.

I don’t even know the broad’s name. I just know she talks to dead people, or she thinks she does, and Camille apparently thinks so too. As soon as the Miss Cleo got talking, she went straight for Kyle to tell her that her husband will never emotionally fulfill her once the kids are grown, and then blamed Kyle because she had been pushing for her to give her a reading. Does she think that Faye and Kyle are the same person? Even after a few cocktails, they don’t look the same. Camille seemed abundantly pleased, although she continued to insist that she didn’t want any of this to happen.

Speaking of Camille, I have to bring up the obvious question. If this psychic friend of hers is so talented, particularly when it comes to husbands and philandering, why didn’t she warn Camille about Kelsey? In order to muddy the situation and further deflect attention from her own horrible behavior and that of Miss Cleo and her cigarette of insanity, Camille jumped in to tell Kyle that she was offended that she brought Faye to set her up, although I’m not sure what kind of setup Camille meant. Faye didn’t have any insider knowledge or particular skills, and the rest of the ladies were defending Kyle as well, so how was Faye’s presence any more of a “setup” than the presence of the psychic? Which was a clear setup, by the way. And even if they were BOTH brought to stage a setup, what does it matter? This entire show is a setup.

Camille snapped at Kyle, Kyle snapped back at her and the psychic, the psychic told Kyle that she had books written about her and a show based on her life and that all made her awesome. So many petty, nonsensical insults were hurled back and forth that I couldn’t even keep up, Although I can totally see why Camille and the psychic are friends – Miss Cleo sat there and drank her dinner and said all of the nasty things that Camille isn’t quick enough or confident enough to actually say to anyone’s face. Somehow the argument also ended up involving Taylor and Adrienne, who both seemed like they were trying to diffuse the situation while the fake psychic puffed on her insane fake cigarette and felt superior. For some reason, Kim got in a fight with Taylor, but I don’t really know how that started.

Taylor and Adrienne got up and stomped out while Camille assured Kyle that she had no problem with her of any kind…except for all that stuff from New York. Oh yeah. She had that problem. Miss Cleo, still puffing that fake cigarette, then gave Kyle the double-bird and made the universal symbol for hand job, and it became clear that she is perhaps the most repulsive person ever to disgrace my television, and that’s saying a lot. I watched 15 minutes of Bridalplasty one time. None of them made the hand job motion at anyone else.

Everyone finally got up and walked out except for Camille’s two friends, at which point the psychic talked about Kyle’s death, shoving things in Kyle’s butt (including, but not limited to, that crazy fake cigarette) and how she probably made people commit suicide in high school. And here I thought it couldn’t get any worse than the double-bird-hand job combo. Miss Cleo hit rock bottom and continued to dig. Also, she continued to drink. Let this be a lesson to any amateur drunks reading this afternoon – this is what you look like when you don’t eat dinner, swill cocktails all night and then get in front of a camera. Just a friendly little reminder from your local neighborhood blogger, in preparation for New Year’s Eve.

While the rest of the ladies were headed to a bar in a limo (well, Kim was relegated to a different limo, as if the Sad Kim meme needed any more fuel), Camille continued to sit around with her friends and cast aspersions on Kyle’s marriage. She apparently believed that Mauricio was cheating on her, which is the ultimate irony since Kelsey was probably joining the Mile High Club with a flight attendant who misspells her own name at that very moment. Too bad that Camille is too dim-witted to grasp the meaning of irony, let alone its sad beauty in these types of situations, because everyone should be able to feel the spectacularly warm embrace of schadenfreude that I felt while watching that scene. I continue to bask in its afterglow today.

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  • Kells

    OMG the fake cigarette!!!! I didn’t even listen to a word coming out of that red head’s mouth after she brought that out. SERIOUSLY. I still can’t get over it… mark that down in the Housewife Hall of Fame. Has anyone googled that psychic chick to see if there’s any truth to her stories about being so famous?

    • That’s really her. I’ve seen a few episodes of Medium because my mom loves it, and Patricia Arquette’s character has the same name, I believe. It’s not a very good show (and I like crime procedurals, even the bad ones) and a quick Google turns up that most people seem to believe she’s a fraud. I don’t believe in psychics, so I’m not entirely surprised.

  • Paty

    Thank you Amanda! I couldn’t wait for today’s recap!! That was one wild show! I agree with you 100% and I thought the same thing about Camille’s supposed psychic friend. Why couldn’t she warn her about her marriage??
    Camille insists that Kyle is jealous of her, and I’m now convinced of the opposite. Camille is jealous of Kyle to the point of obsession: because Kyle has what seems to be a great marriage, beautiful children, a hot husband, a great body (in spite of said children) and is able to make facial expressions.

    • Marissa

      you know, you’re right, kyle still looks great after having 4 kids and camille only has 2, both of whom she had through a surrogate (which she made seem like more of a choice, to avoid ruining said body, then out of a need). also, the psychic was beyond disgusting, i believe i had to wash my screen after watching that scene!


  • Lorie

    I’m completely flabbergasted.

    That psychic woman is a vile, pathetic, awful excuse for a human. She better be glad she can talk to dead people because if it weren’t for them she wouldn’t have anyone – except Camille and her paid friends. I hope that Medium show gets canceled asap.

    That whole pizza party was designed to make Camille look like this generous, kind, hostess and then to ply the psychic beast with enough drinks that she would tear into Kyle, and Camille got to sit there and be all innocent.

    And it worked.

    Did anyone see Bravo Andy later? I was equally disturbed by Marie Osmond just popping in like she did. I felt sorry for Kyle and that other Richards woman (who I can’t remember her name right at the moment). That was just weird.

    • Paty

      Yes I did see that! It was awful how she took over the show. But I thought Andy’s recap of the dinner from hell was hilarious!

    • I totally agree about the reasons that Camille had Miss Cleo there. She knew exactly how her friend would act with a few cocktails in her, and bringing in a stranger to do her dirty work gave her a semblance of plausible deniability. At least in her own head it did – anyone who’s been following along could see her little wheels turning a mile away.

    • MsJeanDC

      @Lorie: Medium DID get canceled! (but before this episode aired)

  • aka55

    The whole debacle was so spectacularly awful (read awesome TV) that even trying to comment on it makes my brain bleed. I do, however, want to comment on Camille’s so-called apology. As I once expressed here regarding Jill’s “apology” to Bethany, sincere apologies never contain a “but” or “it was because” & Camille’s back-pedeling was replete with excuses. She is a truly horrid human being & no apology, sincere or not, can change that.

    I feel oddly sorry for d

  • Lorie

    I just want to add one thing:



  • PhotoGirl

    “the spectacularly warm embrace of schadenfreude”
    This is a gem!

    I was so certain that Miss Cleo (love that reference, btw!) was talking about Camille’s marriage! Clearly she got her wires crossed. Call me now, children, lol!

    In any case, Miss Cleo was unpardonably crude. I would like to see she and Camille take their little Mean Girls show on the road to New Jersey. (Isn’t that where Camille is from, anyway?) Bravo could do a new show: “Real Housewives Throwdown” and put them in a cast with Theresa, Caroline, and Danielle. Miss Cleo and Camielle wouldn’t stand a chance. Prostitution whores!

    • pg1908

      “call me now children”…classic!

  • aka55

    The whole debacle was so spectacularly awful (read awesome TV) that even trying to comment on it makes my brain bleed. I do, however, want to comment on Camille’s so-called apology. As I once expressed here regarding Jill’s “apology” to Bethany, sincere apologies never contain a “but” or “it was because” & Camille’s back-pedeling was replete with excuses. She is a truly horrid human being & no apology, sincere or not, can change that.

    One more thing, I feel oddly sorry for Sad Kim, but I’ve been on both sides of the wet blanket pitch & understand what it’s about. No one wants to hang out w/ someone who’s drunk & depressed, especially after a stressful event. Been there, learned my lesson…although I feel slightly guilty for pointing this out. Kim has that maddening effect on me…I feel sorry for her, but I don’t think I’d want to hang out w/ her. There, I said it.

    • Agreed on both counts. Camille’s apology on WWHL was a cynical PR move at best, and she didn’t sound anywhere near sorry.

      And about Kim…I too feel bad for her, but she’s just the kind of person that you ditch when you’re ready to have a good time. I sympathize with both her and Kyle, although Kyle could be nicer to her at times. But after a lifetime of wet-blanketing, I guess patience wears thin. I thought the explanation of why they took different limos in WWHL sounded plausible, and Andy acted like he already knew it to be true.

  • Grace

    I’ve never been so annoyed by someone on Real Housewives (not even Danielle from NJ!), I wanted to reach into the TV and smack that fake cigarette smoking nasty woman!

    I love Kyle, she tells it like it is. Sure, she may not have as much money as frozen face Camille, but she actually has love and friends in her life.

  • Handbag Lover

    This was funny, I could not wait to see what you were going to write. When I saw that cigarette, smh, I said oh no, it’s on now!!! Girl off the chain, Camille is crazy as a bessie bug and her little friends are too. She was totally out of line with Kyle and her friend.

    I think Camille knows what she does and doesn’t care and she only apologizes for stuff that make HER look bad, she is wrong.

    I don’t get Kyle’s anger towards her sister because when you look at the episodes, it does appear that Taylor added more fuel to the fire with Camille. She needs to stop yelling at her like she a child and treating her like that because honestly, I don’t think Kim knows that she is doing anything wrong. Kyle is going to learn that blood is thicker than mud any day.

    Good blog, oh and yes, that pizza is the same as pizza hut just with some Fresh Market seasoning, lmbo.

  • suz

    Amanda, I’ve been obsessively checking all day for your recap (phew, it’s up), and you surpassed my expectations. The minute I heard Camille flub that line about “fool me once”, I felt like that just had to be your headline. She is just so delusionally stupid, it’s staggering. I don’t know anything about non-verbal cues (…how to tell if someone is lying or insecure, etc based on their body language and facial expressions), but it seems to me, when she talks to the camera, she gives off a lot of infomation. Anyone out there know about this stuff? I’m curious if her body language and facial expressions (aside from looking just plain ridiculous)confirm what a nasty piece of work she is.
    I think we can all agree, that “medium” woman is so beyond vile. May her “career” go down in flames. However, it always amazes me when really hateful people, through the sheer force of their insanity and/or ballsiness get ahead in the world. I can never figure out if people are intimidated, awed, or stupid. But that’s a whole other subject.
    As usual, thanks for making Friday a little cheerier!

  • Lisa in Oregon

    I was laughing out loud and my jaw dropped more than once last night. I LOVED it when Camille yelled out “If your husband’s cheating on you, she’ll know!” You’re right Amanda. The irony would be completely lost on Miss Camille, but it sure wasn’t lost on me.

    What a complete set up by Camille. She gets her obnoxious psychic friend with the over-inflated ego to do the dirty work for her. I’m convinced they discussed the perfect insult for Kyle before the party started. “Hey Allison! You should say her husband will never fullfill her emotionally, or something like that. It will seem like you’re just giving her a reading.” Snicker snicker.

  • Mindy

    I have to say I never thought I’d see someone on the show that I disliked more than Camille but the “Psychic” was really something else. She just sat there swilling her ridiculously large drink, smoking her fake cigarette and trying to act superior (Oh, I see why she and Camille are friends now….they both think they are better than everyone and don’t see how sad they are). Why didn’t the psychic tell Camille about her husband? I guess she was “off the clock”.

    The best part of the night was Kim’s comment about Taylor’s lips. Come on guys…you know that was funny!

  • Mindy

    Oh and can someone please tell Camille to put the botox up a little higher on her forehead. That one big line right below her hairline just makes me crazy.

    • Mimi

      … and then tell Kim to PLEASE do something with her eyebrows so she doesn’t look like the sad clown face all the time. Every time I look at her, I want to cry.

  • suz

    A shout out to all of you! None of my friends…not one..watches this crapola, and I’m so grateful to have a community of folks to share this “experience” with. Amanda, thanks for making this happen…

    • Glad to do it! Basically none of my friends watch this show either, so if I didn’t write these, I’d never get to talk about it! And this show needs to be talked about…

  • Mimi

    Camille shares the same brand of craziness as Kelly B. from RHNY!

  • Crystal

    My husband ran down the stairs last night wanting to know what was wrong. I was howling with laughter and screaming at the television. I didn’t think that there was anyone with a bigger ego and slimier than Camille. In walks Alison Dubois! Holy Cow! And the comment that threw me to the floor was, “She’ll know if your husband is fooling around on you!” Wow! Camille you need to get a new psychic! This one is obviously getting her crazy wires crossed. Thank you Amanda for a great re-cap.

  • Crystal

    Alison Dubois has a Facebook page…………

    • suz

      …but the question is…do we want to validate her by checking it out?

      • Crystal

        Good point Suz.

  • steffie

    Great review!! SOOO FUNNY! I actually thought the psychic was foreshadowing Camille’s future…and was secretly hoping you picked up on that. But OH the IRONY!

  • Taylor

    My respect level for Adrienne and Lisa went up so much after watching this episode – both of them kept their cool and class throughout this dinner. Although, I have to give Taylor credit for being the bigger person and putting an end to all the mayhem. Allison was way out of line and has no credibility in my mind after she slurped down those drinks faster than she can “tap into anyone’s mind.” I actually love Faye though for some reason, especially when she responded “Ew, is this what she does? Is this what you do?” to Allison. Also, the way she kept saying “know that” gave me the chills…like she’s above everyone else.

    On a separate note, Camille says she doesn’t like to say that there people are jealous of her yet it is brought up in almost every episode, either by her or her “friends.” Also, I thought it was very disrespectful of Camille to bad mouth Mauricio given her current situation.

    This episode was definitely a real housewives classic!

  • Tiffany

    Just got to watch RHOBH…this was a crazy episode!
    I wonder if Alison knew Kelsey was cheating on Camille? Hmmm..I still loathe Camille!

    Kyle should habe not went to that dinner party!
    It was like asking for trouble!I am definitely never watching that show Medium! The lady who it was based on is a complete B**ch! Just cause she can see things doesn’t give her the right to act like she is better then everyone of them!

  • lisa

    after watching this episode and seeing that disgusting excuse for a human redhead psychic and camille “im too exhausted from vacationing in hawaii to visit my cancer ridden mother” grammer, i have a newfound respect and understanding for the man in wisconsin who shot his television after watching bristol palin advance on dancing with the stars. if only i had a shotgun at my disposal last night. that psychic is more vile than danielle on the stripper pole and kelly in her im up here you’re down there/bethany stop moment put together and multiplied by jill zarin complaining she is not happy with her new mercedes suv. and i loved every second of it!

  • Priscilla

    this is completely unimportant… but did anyone notice the flash of an image of a pale pink miu miu stage bag sitting in a window display? Or was that last episode. I might be wrong since I watched 2 episodes back to back.

  • Manuela

    Oh my freakin God, what an episode! I agree that, just when I thought it couldn’t get any more repulsive and skin-crawlingly vile than Camille (or Danielle, but that’s another installment), Behold the scuntastic, redheaded psychic! Every time I thought some part of her brain not marinated in Cosmopolitan (isn’t that what that drink was?) Would pull the e-brake on her psychotic episode, she only got WORSE. I couldn’t stop gasping and then catching my breath long enough to yell “Oh NOO”, like Stacy from RHODC!

    My imaginary hat off to Adrienne and Lisa for keeping it classy. When I grow up, I want to be one or both of these women; thank you for the good example, Ladies. Cuz the Taylor in me seriously would have gone Oklahoma on Alison’s ass. No overstatement or hypothetical there. Someone is gonna have to feed my dogs tonight, ’cause I’m going to jail til a judge sets my bail.

    Amanda, hysterical as ever! I wish I could call you every once in a while and say,”Did you SEE that sh*t”?!?

  • Manuela

    By the way…my company’s insurance co. is requiring that we smokers quit by the end of the year or our premiums will nearly double, so I’ve been looking into investing in the e-cigarette quite seriously. Alison the Scuntastic Psychic is the first “person” I’ve ever seen use one. I’m quite enthusiasic to see how life-like it actually seems.

    I vow now not to use it at a fake-a$$ pizza party/guerilla-type ambush on a completely underserving, innocent woman. Who looks like Demi Moore. You have my word.

  • pursemonkey

    There really are no words but I still have to comment. Even before the psychic reading/lame attempt to get back at Kyle for recognizing the crazy that is Camille, Miss I-See-Dead-People was demonstrating the social skills of an amoeba. You’d think those beyond the veil might give her a few tips on how to communicate with the living, but apparently they’re just as annoyed by her as the rest of us. I seriously almost peed myself when Camille said that thing about Alison knowing if your husband was cheating on you. I can envision that conversation: “Oh, Camille, I would have known about Kelsey but I’m just too close to you. The spirits are also jealous of you so I think they’re holding back.”
    Kudos to Adrienne and Lisa for taking the high road. I adore them both, especially Adrienne.
    I do wish Kyle could have kept her cool simply because I think that would get to Camille more than just about anything.
    This show continues to be the train wreck I can’t look away from, and your blog continues to say exactly what I’m thinking, Amanda. Love it!

  • Manuela

    Last post. I can’t stop talking about this episode or its fallout, and it’s going to get me in trouble at home if I can’t do it here.

    About Camille’s alleged “apology” on Andy Cohen: I kept my eyes riveted on Kyle to see her physical/emotional reaction. I wasn’t so much interested in her words or acceptance of the apology, because that could only be predictable: of course she was gracious and said what someone should say in her position and just being an all-around neat lady. But what was she *really* thinking?

    Did anyone else notice how hard her face froze up, like she’d had a fraction of the Botox that Camille’s had? Kyle didn’t believe one dagnabbed word that Camille was spewing but accepted her fake “apology” politely nonetheless. *Sigh*. I guess that, no matter how rich or beautiful, we all have to eat a poop sandwich every once in awhile. Upwards and onwards, Kyle!

  • mochababe73

    Did anyone see Camille’s face? She watched all of the women argue with a smile upon her face. This is exactly what she wanted-to cause problems with the other women. Because Camille only has friends that work for her, she wanted to break up the real friendships.
    The medium was utterly ridiculous.
    Can we get rid of Camille and have Faye as a housewife? I like that woman.
    To be honest, if that table were not so big and heavy, I would have expected to see a Teresa Table Flip.

  • Ellen

    Trainwreck!! Just watched the episode, and had to read Camille’s blog on BravoTV.com. Here is how crazy woman viewed the evening. Please someone take those children out of there. They have no chance….

    • Melissa

      That blog entry is no longer on bravotv.com! Wonder why it was taken down?

  • Jean

    Did anyone notice the sly smile on Camille’s face. She completely planned this whole thing and looked like a psychopath with the enjoyment she was obviously getting out of it. And if you were the hostess, wouldn’t you have stepped in sooner?

  • JenG

    Thank you Amanda and everyone who has replied. I love reading the blog and the comments. I do think that Kyle is mistreating Kim, why didn’t she answer the call from her. I don’t care who my friends are I am not going to chose them over my sister. Regardless of how annoying she maybe. Kyle continues to make excuses about why she treats Kim the way she does. There is no excuse for that.

  • belle

    Wonder if this paid psychic bestfriend of camille has predicted the demise of her marriage to kelsey, read it on PEOPLE how kelsey just totally caught her off guard about having another woman or was the psychic OFF THE CLOCK when all this happen???? or is she still on the payroll after the split ??? that red head fraud is totally out of the line talking about children going missing, etc… asking for help to find them etc…. and she has 3 children of her own.

    • Kiwishopper

      Haha I was just about the comment on that note. If she’s soooo pyschic, she would have known Camille’s marriage is O..V..E..R! Gash..bunch of crazy and drunks!

  • EllenNotAfraid

    All of Camille’s friends are for pay…so this psychic was no exception. Actually, Camille is a crafty b because she knew that if she got the psychic liquored up she’d get mean. Camille must have mentioned that fact at least 3 times before it happened.

    So I ask you, why add that stick of dynamite to the pile of kindling by serving bathtub sized drinks? Uh, cuz she hate’s Kyle and is clearly not over what happened in NY…besides doing so got her more camera time. “Hi I’m Camille Grammer.” Who introduces themselves like that when a a guest arrives at THEIR home?

    Kyle should have skipped this last supper or at the very least gotten up and peaced out when the fake cig came out and the shit hit the fan. And, that “apology” on WWHL was ridiculously phony. As for Camille’s on camera body language, it SCREAMS lying skankasaurous.

    But we all know why Camille behaves as she does…it’s clearly a manifestation of her jealousy of me. Poor lil apple head.

  • Diana

    Real Housewives HALL OF FAMER episode!! Know that.

    Oh and Camille…you ARE insecure.

  • Sher

    Absolutely priceless episode! I haven’t had so much fun since Teresa flipped the table. Good job as always, Amanda

  • erica

    I usually only comment on the Atlanta Housewives reaps because they’re the only “Housewives” I watch, but I stumbled upon only the dinner party portion of this show while flipping channels! WOAH. I thought the Atlanta girls were crazy, but these chicks are that scary, sleep-with-one-eye open, kind of crazy. And isn’t one of these stuck up ladies Paris Hilton’s aunt or something? Man, they’re boring. Who is their version of Nene? Cause Lord knows they need some comic relief.

  • Kiwishopper

    The pyschic lady is nuts! I’ve always love the show Medium but after seeing her on the housewife show, I’m having second thought! The only thing I can say is that Patricia is such a great actress and the story is written so well it’s hiding her real crazy personality!

  • Amy

    love the Psychic! part, awesome.,,but in a all seriousness the Psychic lady needs to take anger management classes or something. I saw in a rest mag, Camille does in fact have a porno out, and its also claiming she has a soft porn background, might explain somethings? maybe?

  • geekydiorgirl

    I think Kyle is a whiny brat that asked, no scratched that, begged for it. She asked the lady for something and then got pissed with what she said. And the way she cries when someone confronts her is straight baby. And her whining about Kim not sticking up for her when she clearly lets Taylor talk to Kim like Kim’s the dumbest one in the bunch. Sorry Kyle needs to get a reality check and learn to stick up for herself. She rode off and left her sister to go off with her “friends.” Sorry but Kim was right when she told Kyle that she looks dumb arguing with Camille. Also, Kyle’s friend came there looking for a fight. She posed naked so why get offended if someone brings it up. Team Camille this way! Something about Kyle and her need for people to not NOT like her implies that she can’t handle not being the darling of the bunch. Her constant ragging on Kim for Kim’s choice in men struck me as a “I have a husband so I MUST be worthy” is irritating. And considering this is her SECOND marriage I don’t think she has the room to point fingers at Kim.

    • Carla

      I don’t think a TEAM Camille even exists! LOL

    • lvlover

      I have to agree with you on this one, even though I don’t agree AT ALL with Camille and can’t stand the lady, I really don’t like Kyle that much either. I hate the way she treats her sister, it irritates me. Just like someone stated above, blood is thicker than water! She is SO RUDE TO HER, and it’s like she is always putting her down. And what was with Taylor trying to get Adreinne to tell them to quit fighting, Adreinne just looked at her like ?, so then
      Taylor decided to be the mediator herself. The only housewives I like are Adreinne and Lisa. And Kyle knew what she was getting into, she obviously should have kindly said no, but then again that wouldn’t make good television.

  • lolanyc

    This has to be the best episode of housewives i ever saw!!! I had my jaw to the ground when ms cleo gave the finger, hand job motion and said that Kyle needed a bigger cigarette up her ass!!! WTF??

    who is this woman? how much did she get paid to act that way???? noone in thier right mind would say what she said! She isnt a psychic cuz if she was why didnt camile know of kelsey cheating? unless she did know and was swindling him. she only married him for money and i cant believe he married her.. although he is creepy .. so maybe thats why? oh wait wasnt he a drunk when she married him>?? he mustve been high when he said I do. LOL

    Team KYLE all the way!!!!!

  • OHana

    Hi there, looking for more blogs and recaps about this CRAZY episode i found your blog. I must Say I agree with everything you guys are saying, except for the “team Camille” part… WTF, I didn’t know sucht team existed, does Camille pay you??? Hhahahahaha

    And that “Sidekick” as Lisa called her is some kinda CWAZYYY!! :S
    Join this group on Facebook if you agree!!


    Btw, anyone knows why Camille’s blog on Bravotv.com is gone??

  • reneeo

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  • CL

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  • Alison J.

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  • ariancita

    I don’t agree with the way Kyle treats Kim, but I also think Kim has a lot of problems and is so wounded that she can strike out and be mean with a hair trigger. She seems to get upset about the smallest things and then lashes out. I imagine Kyle must be losing patience dealing with her for so many years. (ipad)


    that lady was too weird for my liking (ipad)


    i still dont know y she was puffing away on that fake cig (ipad)

  • Marianna

    Amanda,great job! I saw this episode with my own two bewildered eyeballs and you really nailed it all in the recap! It was like the Picture Book of Freaks had come to life! WTH! Don’t these women remember that their behavior is being filmed??? I guess Money Can’t Buy You Class! LOL (iPad)

  • Lara

    i hope this series is as good as Atlanta. couldn’t get into DC. can’t wait until it begins airing in Canada! (ipad)

  • marcy

    Oh this was so funny to read after watching the show. How you have so much money and so little class? Its amazing but I have to say the BHH are my favorite. I don’t like atlanta or DC. (ipad)

  • Mel

    Such a guilty pleasure of a show. (ipad)

  • Cindy

    One of the reality shows I don’t watch… (ipad)

  • Holly

    One of the reality shows that I do watch!
    Love Lisa & Kyle! (ipad)

  • nick

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