A very large part of me wishes that I could entirely ignore the Kim debacle on last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and instead just talk about Lisa. Lisa is lovely! She’s wonderful. Lisa is made of sunshine and puppies and rainbows, and I would like to move in with her. You know, just in case any of you know her and could potentially make that happen.

Anyway, I suppose we have to talk about Sad Kim, even though her sister insists that she’s fine, just fine, and she’s acted like this since she was a kid. If that’s true, what proportion of her life has she spent having fits in bathrooms? Like 30%? How Bravo even sees fit to exploit her on television is beyond me. They should be ashamed of themselves, but I’m not sure anyone at Bravo has the capacity for shame. On to the recap!

We started at the Vanderpump household, where Lisa and Ken were preparing dinner for their daughter Pandora, her soon-to-be fiance and his parents. During the preparations, Lisa’s younger son Max said “I love you” to his girlfriend on the phone, and Lisa got a little nervous that her little boy was all grown up and telling a girl that he loved her. She had never heard him say it to anyone but her! The little bit of nervousness was adorable. It would be so tough to be dating the son of a woman like Lisa. She’s gorgeous, successful, hilarious, loving…how do you top that? Can you tell that I have a little bit of a ladycrush on Lisa?

In stark contrast to the loveliness of Lisa’s household, Taylor and Dana were wandering around Taylor’s kitchen, trying to correctly identify the microwave and clutching their metaphorical pearls over the fact that Brandi said “cock” last week. Look, I know that Brandi is likely the most annoyingly crass woman on the face of the planet, but “cock” isn’t that shocking of the word. It’s not like she dropped the real C-bomb. She probably will before the end of the season, though. Will that be the first C-bomb in the history of Real Housewives? Maybe. I sort of feel like the honor of the first C-bomb should belong to Kim from Atlanta, though. She seems like the type. Anyway, they also talked about some party that Dana was going to have, but I kind of spaced out during that part. “Inevitable future party exposition” is my least favorite part of Real Housewives.

Meanwhile, Kyle and Adrienne got together, also to discuss Brandi’s innate ability to get herself to the bottom of a hole and continue to dig. Instead of “cock,” they focused on Brandi’s weird preemptive insistence that she’s not a slut and her lack of surprise that her son whipped his penis out and peed all over the yard, which are far more worthy subjects in my humble opinion. Adrienne, having been chosen by producers to introduce Brandi to the group, tried to be diplomatic about Brandi’s behavior. “She just has no filter, that’s all!” Ladies, if people describe you that way, it means you’re a jackass and they’re trying to be nice about it.

The topic of conversation then shifted to Kim’s maybe-drunken antics before Adrienne’s basketball game, and Kyle was predictably moderate because she’d like to repair her relationship with her sister. (Also, because Kyle’s embarrassed by Kim and she was trying to save face. More on that later.) She insisted that Kim has always been something of a flakey, slurry free-spirit, and that’s just how she is and not necessarily the result of chemical interference. I might have believed that if it had been said prior to Kyle screaming at Kim about being an alcoholic last season and then Kim checking herself into and then out of rehab after a week, but as things stand now, that seems like an unlikely explanation. I wish I believed it.

In further lunch dates, Brandi then sat down with Adrienne to have milkshakes and talk about how sometimes, people just get jealous. Truthfully, I don’t doubt that there is some cattiness that comes out because Brandi is a beautiful ex-model who has maintained her figure despite two kids and a divorce, but she also did kind of make an ass of herself at the barbecue. I still can’t even wrap my head around the whole “You guys think I’m a Super Slut, I know it,” thing. Even a week later, it makes no sense.

Suddenly it was time for a get-together at Dana’s house, wherein she told everyone who came through the door that her outfit was Valentino and then complained about her “Fendis” while trying to make it to the bar to get crippled Brandi her drink. Apparently with all the money she spent on questionably tasteful clothes or accessories to try and impress other people, she couldn’t afford a door guy, cater waiters for her party or furniture for the “game room.” Let that be a lesson, ladies. Good help is hard to find, and it’s even harder to find if you’ve already spent all your money on ugly sunglasses.

The uncomfortably long shot of Brandi crutching her way to a club chair was a little bit of subtly hilarious editing brilliance, as was the long silence and uncomfortably large space between Brandi and Kyle’s chairs while they waited for someone else to arrive and provide a little bit of conversational relief. Finally, Taylor showed up wearing a shiny negligee and broke the awkwardness, at least until Kim showed up. Then a whole new level of awkwardness descended on the party, and it stuck around for good.

Oh, Kim. She looked like she had just rolled out of bed and admitted doing her makeup in the car. When Kim got to the front door, she called Dana by the wrong name, but I do have to agree with her that Dana looks like a Pam. Kyle pulled her into the bathroom to clean her up a little bit while she hollered about Dana-Pam’s house being dirty and how she hadn’t eaten in a week, but Kyle ensured her (And us. That was for our benefit.) it was just anxiety. Outside, things were no less awkward because Dana-Pam was trying to beg a free trip to Hawaii out of Camille, who was doing her best to be diplomatic and civil about the brand new wannabe freeloader.

Eventually Kyle let Kim out of the bathroom to join the gathering of blonde women sitting awkwardly on a hodgepodge of chairs, stools and beanbag chairs. They were eating carrot sticks and sipping vodka sodas and pretending like they were at an actual party instead of sitting in an unfurnished room of some weird chick’s house and quietly speculating inside of their own minds about what exactly Kim was on.

Elsewhere, at a much more awesome and less awkward party, Lisa was hosting her daughter’s boyfriend and his parents for dinner. They arrived with an orange-bagged hostess gift in hand, and although I didn’t get a good look at it, I’m going to pretend it was an Hermes bag because that makes me happy. They all sat down to a beautiful meal in Lisa’s beautiful home, and Pandora’s boyfriend got up to make a toast, but he assured everyone that he wouldn’t propose…because he already had.

He had proposed n New York! They had just arrived home from a New York vacation during which they got engaged, and everyone was teary and overjoyed at the news even though I kind of figured that that’s what had happened from the beginning. Lisa made a very sweet toast to them, and then, as if to remind us that she was human, she rudely cut off Ken from doing the same. Moment of bitchiness aside, I would have much rather spent the evening at Lisa’s party than Dana-Pam’s.

Back at the crappy party, Dana-Pam decided to move the girls into a room with matching (although ugly) furniture in it, and somehow, that seemed to be the trigger that sent the party from awkward to hostile. Kim excused herself to the bathroom during the switch and Kyle went after her, which would seem to indicate that Kim’s behavior was indeed cause for concern and not par for the course, as Kyle wanted us to believe.

That quickly lead to a game of charades that made things even more awkward, which I hadn’t previously thought possible. You see, no one wanted to play with Brandi. This is still middle school, after all, and the girl with the cast can’t play dodgeball. In reality, though, trying to avoid Brandi during a game that requires significant and broad knowledge of society and pop culture is probably the right choice, since she apparently thought that Winston Churchill was a black dude.

At some point, Kim excused herself to the bathroom again, which gave the rest of the group an opportunity to make awkward conversation about what Brandi should or should not do in order to ingratiate herself into the group and make Kyle (and possibly Kim, if Kim is still having cogent thoughts and forming opinions) like her. The answer to that, of course, is not what Brandi did next.

When the sisters returned from the bathroom, Kyle announced that they were going to do an IQ test and Brandi would go first. Was that a pointed jab at Brandi’s meager intelligence? Almost definitely. Is it smart to get passive-aggressive with someone who’s almost surely looking to start some kind of conflict for camera time? Absolutely not. But that’s what Kyle did, because Brandi has longer legs than she does and that makes her act like she’s 12 again, and that caused Brandi’s brain-wheels to creak into action slowly, eventually leading her to realize that Kyle was being a little snotty.

Brandi called Kyle a bitch (in the context of “Bring it, bitch!” which is really not all that bad in a competition), which meant that both of the sisters sprung into action, hollering and pointing fingers and generally acting horrified, or maybe just surprised, that Brandi was quick enough to pick up on Kyle’s mean joke. She was also quick enough to pick up on the fact that Kim and Kyle had been in and out of the bathroom infinity times since Kim arrived, and when she threw that into the argument, things really escalated. Apparently we’ll see the rest of the confrontation next week.

For now, though, I’m a little conflicted over how I feel about this. On the one hand, it’s crass to call people out in that manner for what might be (and, let’s face it, probably is) a very serious substance problem. On the other hand, I’m not sure how obviously messed up you can be at a filming for a reality TV show and still reasonably expect everyone to pretend like nothing’s happening. The scene Kim (and Kyle, her dutiful enabler) was making was too obvious to ignore. Kim was late and disheveled, she was confused, she seemed to have trouble focusing her eyes. Once inside the bathroom with Kyle, Kim wailed that she hadn’t eaten or slept in a week.

Perhaps most telling was the fact that she took her handbag with her every time she went to the bathroom, which is classic addict behavior if I’ve ever seen it. None of the other ladies had their bags with them; why would you cart yours around like it was your lifeline when in the home of a wealthy friend where no one would be able to touch it or its contents without being filmed by a professional camera crew? If it has something inside it to which you want constant access, that’s why. I’m certainly no expert, but from the few friends I’ve had who dealt with addiction, that stuck out to me.

Kyle’s insistence on rushing to the bathroom with Kim was in stark contrast to her repeated assurances that Kim has acted like a total flake since they were kids, and her willingness to lie to everyone about the fact that her sister is spiraling downward doesn’t help anyone, let alone help Kim, the person who needs it the most. Propping Kim up on reality TV and the refusing to admit that her behavior is anything short of normal while Bravo plays her deteriorating mental state for cheap laughs is not the way to put an addict (which Kim most certainly is) in the position to save herself. So maybe Brandi didn’t bring up the subject in the right way, but eventually, someone had to mention the giant, jittery elephant in the room. Kyle’s an enabler, and the pay-no-attention-to-the-wasted-person-behind-the-curtain approach isn’t anything but a lame attempt to save face while paying no heed to what might actually help get Kim on the right track.

Apologies for the seriousness, but there are only so many jokes that can be made at the expense of someone who’s obviously in a rather dire situation. See you guys back here next week, ok?

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  • PhotoGirl

    Well I, for one, am GLAD to see you write about this in a serious manner. I’ve stopped watching the show this season, but unfortunately, other people in my household have not. So I heard about this “party” last night. I honestly wonder how Andy Cohen can look at himself in the mirror each day. He, Bravo, and every single RHBH advertiser should be ashamed.
    Thank you for having the decency to mention that something is very, very wrong here.

  • Appaled at Behavior

    This was really appalling behavior by ladies who know better. Kyle was a bully and definitely an enabler last night and she knows better than to treat a new member of the group this way. Just really nasty behavior from a pack of mean girls.

  • Kate M

    That was embarrassing to watch (for me and them). Thanks for the great recap and for dealing with Kim’s issues seriously. Nothing fun or funny about it!


    Maybe it’s expoitative to use Kim’s problem for the show, but I find it can also serve as a cautionnary tale. I find that most of the time there is a moral lesson underlying in everything that happens in those shows, you get to see that everything is not pure gold and under the gold plating these people are the same as us and they have problems too. The saying that money doesn’t buy happiness is made true to me when I watch those ladies. Kim’s issues tell me that I should take care of continuously grow as a person and develop personnal interest and hobbies beside only devoting my life to my kids and learn to be comfortable with myself and to lay the past to rest.
    Maybe I am being too much of a Pollyanna but it seems to me that by watching this kind of drama unfold some women can get and epiphany and change their lives for the better.

  • Lottied

    Oh my goodness!!!! I so thought the same thing as you when the boyfriend’s parents walked in with the small orange bag, I shouted out ohhhhhh “Hermes”, so fitting ,right?

  • suz

    Wonderful recap….especially your sesitivity to the Kim issues…whatever they turn out to be. My new strategy….I DVR, read your recap and then maybe, just maybe…with great trepidation, I’ll watch with an eye toward when to fast-forward. These women (and all the other Housewives) seem to evolve from sort of “fun” to absolutely awful right in front of our eyes. I guess it should be expected. After all who else but a somewhat crazy famewhore would go on these shows anyway? That said, everytime I decide I’ll watch something different, I rediscover, other than movies, there is really nothing else worth a hoot to watch on TV…..so back to theses shows I go.

  • NCGal

    The reaction to Sad Kim’s addiction and alcoholism is interesting. As if she was the first in the Bravo franchise to demonstrate the dark descent into self-destruction. To wit: Ramona, Juicy Joe, arguably Vicki, Tamara and her son, Kim Zolciak, Jeana Keough, Tammy Knickerbocker’s daughter…all pretty much depict (ed) various stages of alcoholism. These shows are nothing but the exploitation of all things-ism, shopping addiction, gambling, doping, bullying, self-abuse, eating disorders, misogyny, ageism, violence, the promulgation of racial and ethnic stereotyping, stealing, DUI, unconscionable spending allllll have a place in the Bravo RH franchises and all are out trotted out as acceptable entertainment. Sad Kim is just the latest among a growing pile of Bravo road-kill.

    • PhotoGirl

      Very well said, NCGal.
      And to those who say there’s nothing else to watch on TV, I would add that perhaps you’re right. However, the world is full of friends and family to talk to, books and magazines to read, and DVDs worth watching. I refuse to continue participating in Andy Cohen’s nasty experiment in cultural devolution. If enough people say no to this kind of TV, believe me, the networks will give us something better to watch. My cable bill is exorbitant. The RH franchise is extremely poor value for my money.

      • LeaD

        and well said back to you!

        “…the world is full of friends and family to talk to, books and magazines to read, and DVDs worth watching. “

  • ninjaninja

    Oh my gosh! Does anybody watch Archer? Dana looks like Pam!

    • Oh my god, you’re so right, Dana does look like Pam.

      Archer is one of the best shows on television if you have a really strange sense of humor, in case any of you aren’t familiar with it. It’s awesome.

      • Purse Mommy

        HAHAHA Pam!!! She does

    • kjon

      I’d rather hang out with Archer-Pam than Dana-Pam!

  • Jamie

    Kim may indeed have an anxiety disorder and she may be choosing to self-medicate. However, she was clearly intoxicated, and enabler Kyle clearly knew it.

    Brandi may see the elephant in the room, but stabbing it with a pitchfork is not going to do anything but make it angry. If she was so concerned about Kim’s health, then she could have (and in fact, any of these women could have) gone to the camera crew, producers and said – hey – this is enough. This woman needs help and exploiting her on camera is not going to make her better. I agree that Bravo should be ashamed of themselves.

    Kim and Kyles’ behavior was I am sure a tactic they have mastered since they were young. That is a very complicated dynamic that will require therapy and lots of it. It is not something I really want to watch unfold on TV when I am looking for mindless entertainment!

    Oh yeah Dana-Pam is a lush and as much a bully as the others. Her party was also not a ringing endorsement for her professional services as an event planner!

    • Nancy

      I was thinking the same thing about Dana’s party planning skills.

  • SoCalG

    Last night’s episode was just a complete mess
    that unfortunately is not over, let’s hope next week’s episode won’t drag the figth too much.
    Did anyone else notice Taylor’s black eye (completely covered with make up & bangs)?

    • Purse Mommy

      Now that you say that I was wondering what was going on with her face.

  • Mirna

    They need to get Kim off this show and into a rehab center ASAP! Can’t denie she’s on something. I kind of like the new opinionated girl but I don’t care so much for Dana. I agree w Camille if you have money you don’t go around announcing it every chance you get. Her house looks horrible. If you can afford $25000 sunglasses you can afford a interior decorator to hook up your house.

  • mochababe73

    I have yet to watch last night’s episode. However, I find that Bravo is looking for the next Bethenny Frankel. It felt like that with Cindy Barshop. Now, it’s Brandi. Neither of them are funny, witty, or have the ability to laugh at themselves which, for me, made Bethenny likeable. That’s why we won’t see Cindy anymore and Brandi doesn’t even get a tagline.
    As far as Kim is concerned, she is definitely on something, and it may or may not be legal. However, Brandi is new to the group, and it’s really none of her business.
    I like Lisa as well. She seems to live a fabulous life and is loving every minute of it.
    Adrienne and Kyle continue to be my favorite housewives of this franchise.
    I don’t think that Kyle is an enabler. I think that she’s just feeling guilt about outing her sister on last season. This is her misguided way of mending fences. It’s just not going to work.
    I found Archer on Netflix which I will have to watch now that you and ninjaninja mentioned it. I’m curious.

    • Ashley

      I think that Kyle is absolutely an enabler becuase she’s the same way with Taylor. She refuses to see that Taylor has a legitimate weight problem. When Lisa brought it up at dinner last night, she made a comparison to an addict. I think that she knows exactly what’s going on with Kim but would rather hide it than try to fix it.

    • Kyle is pretty much a textbook enabler. Enablers often mean well.

  • Lorie

    I just sat there with my jaw on the floor. It’s ridiculous how they act like Kim is fine when clearly she has a serious problem. No one goes to the ladies room that much unless they are ill or hiding something. Kim didn’t appear to be ill – but she did appear to be under the influence of something. My guess is that it could be prescription drugs. It’s very disturbing and very sad to watch her and know that no one is helping her!

    Is there a reason we have to keep suffering through Dana-Pam’s presence on this show? Can she just be gone already?

  • Jess

    I can’t believe how many people are giving Kim and Kyle a pass for such horrible behavior. They were downright rude to Brandi and have been since she showed up. Sorry, but if someone treated me even half as bad as they’ve treated Brandi, they would have gotten blasted a lot harder than just saying someone’s been in the bathroom too much. And, I have a very hard time feeling bad for an addict. That’s why you don’t try drugs, you don’t drink too much, you don’t abuse prescriptions. No one is immune to it happening to them so everyone needs to avoid doing those things. And obviously, her family has wanted her to get help and she can’t follow through with it.

    • JenG

      I agree with you Jess. Kim and Kyle behavior towards Brandi was terrible. Was Brandi suppose to just sit there and take whatever Kyle and Kim dished out? Kim and Kyle were beyond rude. Kyle knew when Kim came through the door that something was wrong. Kyle has seen Kim in the same condition before that is why she moved so quickly to help her. Bravo need to replace Kim so she could possibly get some help. Kyle can’t make Kim get help, Kim has to make that decision. I am a child of an alcoholic and my father died when I was 12 all because he could not stop drinking. I hope Kim seek help!

    • Jamie

      No pass on Kyle and Kim’s behavior – definitely mean an inexcusable. However, I really think that Kim’s addiction is more complicated than being hooked on pills or alcohol (not sure that her coffee was “clean” as Kyle said). I really think that her issues revolve around her mental health and that rather than getting the help she truly needs, she is finding other ways to medicate her issues. She needs support – not in the form of enabling as her sister is doing – but in the form of an intervention. And, not one on TV – a true intervention where she gets real help.

      I don’t feel bad for Brandi, other than she may not be bright enough to know that by signing on to a show like this, she is surely going to be set up to be the fall-gal. The newbies always get burned!

      • Nancy

        Jamie – I agree. did you happen catch the expression on Kyle’s face when she tested Kim’s “coffee”? Read to me like it was much stronger than coffee, cream and sugar…

    • Nancy

      Jess, I’m totally with you about Kim and Kyle’s behavior. But since Kim was clearly not of sound mind, I’m gonna hand most of the blame in Kyle. The whole parlor party felt like high school on steroids.

  • Emily

    The most frustrating part of last night’s episode, for me, was Dana’s ridiculous worship of Kyle, e.g. Why are you calling my friend Kyle a bitch and Kyle, she keeps calling me Pam. Dana is like that kid in grade school that nobody could tolerate because she was such a tattle.

    I do not think I will likely be a fan of Brandi’s in the long haul, but I did find Kyle and Kim’s behavior towards her appalling. I am generally a fan of Kyle’s, but I was disappointed. She is a grown woman, not Regina George.

    • Kristen

      Emily: Took the words right out of my mouth! Especially the part about Dana’s worship of Kyle’s mean girl behavior.
      I would have said a lot worse if I was Brandi and the women acted that way towards me though I’m not a fan of hers.

  • Mary

    The whole episode was uncomfortable, but, when the teams were chosen and Kim in her altered state announced that she didn’t like Brandi and didn’t want to be on her team, and then Kyle joined in, I was DONE! These adult women were acting like mean girls on the playground. I used to think Kyle was a better person than that, but the last couple of episodes with Brandi are showing another side of her.

  • RedHead

    It sure seems like Bravo editing is making Taylor & Camille less villian this season…and Kyle & Lisa more so. I’m guessing legal issues can be very impactful things when you are an editor at Bravo. **I too am getting a little disappointed in how Bravo seems to exploit “mentally fragile” people.

  • Mary C

    Dana/Pam is a phony, she is not wealthy and she is NOT a legit party planner. Dina Manzo could put on a better party than that. In Kim’s defense, her fiance was murdered a few years ago, so she has some issues to deal with. It does seem like Bravo is exploiting her and creating situations where the bad behavior comes out. I can’t watch a whole episode anymore. I quit watching all the other RH shows. I like Adrienne and Lisa, although I think Bravo is editing to show her a little negatively but it won’t work because she really is is puppies and sunshine and rainbows. The shows need more fabulosity and less mean girl drama.

  • chloebagfreak

    I was really nauseated after last nights show! I still can’t figure out the visceral hatred that Kyle has for Brandi. I have a feeling it goes beyond her using the “c” word. It may have something to do with her loyalty to Lisa and Brandi was friends with Cedric.
    Brandi is clearly the most beautiful of all of them. She looks fresh and lovely when shots of the other housewives dry, aging skin was contrasted. I don’t think she is very smart and clearly has no education, but It does seem like a HUGE over- reaction to little things. I just walked away shaking my head to figure it all out. It was a very”icky” feeling from the show last night.

  • Carla

    I’m going to agree with Versatile up above on the cautionary tale. At the very least, anyone that gets inebriated at a party (habit, addiction or just a night of fun) should realize they are fooling NO one. If you think no one can hear you slurring or no one realizes you’ve been to the bathroom umpteen times, you can only benefit from someone willing to film you FOR you. If everyone in the room isn’t on the same stuff at the same dosage you are, you’re going to look like a buffoon. Most of us learned that one in college.

  • Chellie

    Who would have thought that Camille would be the adult in the room?! Maybe she’s just grateful she’s not on the wrong side of the Mean Girls – but she was very reasonable at Dana-Pam’s party.

    • Purse Mommy

      It was scary how reasonable Camille seemed and she also appeared as if she kind of cared about Kim

  • suz

    OK…now I’ve FF’d through this episode. There’s something “off” this season, and I think it’s more than the obvious elephant in the room, Russell. Last season everyone sort of existed more or less on the same glittery plain, even if they “weren’t getting along.” This year, there is a weird, forced vibe. The party at Dana/Pam’s seemed like a teenage hen party in the basement rec room of a Jersey housewife. Brandi, although quite beautiful, doesn’t seem to bring a thing to the table. Who would have thought Camille, taking the high ground and being the voice of reason, might be the most interesting twist so far this season?

  • yeah

    Only one other person noticed Taylor’s bruised eye?? I actually felt like crying when I saw how hard she tried to cover it up. All that makeup and the bangs over the eyes couldn’t hide her behavior. When she looked down, the bump was so obvious.

    Poor Kim. And Kyle. Having 3 little sisters I can say that I would do whatever to protect them especially if I had humiliated them the way Kyle did to Kim at the end of the first season. It may not be healthy or productive, but its what I would do.

    • SoCalG

      I guess there were just a few of us that noticed that bruised eye
      It really broke my heart when I noticed it
      Specially when Dana was just looking at her & trying to make small talk & obviosly not say anything about it.
      This show is just not “Real Housewives” . . .
      Bravo is just making money out of really unfortunate events in these people’s lives.
      I know they ‘signed up for it’, but I just find it sad

  • Jennifer

    I feel very conflicted as well. I know all of this was filmed last spring, so for all we know, Kim IS in some facility somewhere getting help. Perhaps watching it all play out on TV helped? Like people who don’t realize how large they are until they see a pic of themselves? I was always a huge fan of Kim’s back in the 70s & 80s, such a talented acress, hopefully she will get straightened out. She seems to be a devoted mother & loves her family -its a shame that these chemicals appear to have really taken over.

    Yeah, Kim & Kyle were the Mean Girls & yeah, it happens, even as adults. Their behavior was appalling, but come on, I refuse to give up my opinion that there is a 16 year old girl alive & well in every adult woman. And sometimes in these situations it just comes out. I read Kyle’s blog on bravo & she admitted that was not her proudest moment.

    Dana, to me, acts like she probably could be fun if she wasn’t so busy trying to fit in. That’s a shame that she can’t just be herself. Brandi is one of these that, to me, just sticks her foot (the good foot) into EVERYTHING! It seems everything she’s said & done makes her look like the dumb blonde. Don’t like Taylor period & was pleasantly surprised to realize how much I like Camille this season. Her comments about not realizing what Brandi was getting into were hilarious!

  • Mary

    The addition of Dana is so forced. Have you noticed that Lisa isn’t shooting with her? I think Lisa would just leave the party when Dana spoke of the price of her sunglasses or Valentino shorts and Fendi shoes! Really? That girl doesn’t know her audience.

  • Pinkfeet

    I don’t get all the hate for Brandi. She is blunt, but so far.. I fail to see what exactly she did that is so horrible to have all these women be so effin mean to her.

    Kim and Kyle were awful to her! Kyle keeps saying over and over she is not a mean person, neither is Kim ( even on some news show she had to get on TV to say she’s NOT mean..really? you seem pretty mean to me). The K tag team needs Brandi to kick their ass while Lisa drop kicks Dana.

    I don’t think Bravo is exploiting Kim. Kim and Kyle are exploiting their own families. They signed up knowing full well Kim has problems. Did they think Bravo was going to film them shopping and having sister chats only? Please.

    While we all know Bravo puts these women together who are NOT friends to see what happens, there is no reason to hate on someone who is younger, thinner, prettier than you in such a manner that is childish. Kyle is no longer the prettiest one in her age group. Brandi looks better and Kyle is just jealous.

    I am still waiting for Mauricio’s girlfriends/mistresses to come out with their babies any day now. If your marriage is so good, so perfect do you really need to say it over and over? Nope.

    • chloebagfreak

      I agree with you! I really wish they would have come up with a logical reason for hating Brandi. If anyone would have been this mean to psycho Kelly NY housewife it would have made more sense!

  • Blaine

    Kim needs help in the same way any cancer victim deserves help – without blame, without condemnation, and with love. I lost my loving, awesome aunt to alcoholism – and yet she was the only aunt to step up to the plate when I lost my Mom as a child. This disease is just that. A disease. Treatable. Preventable. And through no fault of the diseased.
    In any case, Kim needs medical care & I hate that her family won’t step in & insist on it. Worse yet, to put her on a show. Kyle’s in a terrible predicament. She is a younger sibling, and Kim’s problems are in no way her own.
    Can we just live in Lisa’s world? I love Lisa’s world. I hope I come back as a really ugly dog so Lisa will adopt me. :))

  • Laura

    I wish this show was just about Lisa and Ken :) They make me happy. Oh, and Giggy.

  • miss lisa

    As an adult, albeit not a rich one, I would leave a party if I were being treated like Brandi. I wouldn’t make a big deal, I would leave. Why fight an idiot, a drunk, or a bully? Self-esteem and self-confidence = a civil exit and no drama. People who do what Kyle and Dana do don’t stop. I haven’t got time to waste on people like that. Kim probably has mental health issues in addition to substance abuse issues and needs genuine help. In my opinion, the two strongest and most stable housewives weren’t at the “party”, and very sensibly so.

  • Chellie

    I don’t think Kyle would have behaved that way if Lisa and Adrienne (not to mention hunky Mauricio) were there. She would have checked herself.

  • Mirna

    I read on bravo that Kyle was so shocked at her own behavior that night and that she didn’t even recognize herself. She said she’s not a mean girl and she’s just really nervous when her sis is around. I think she’s looking for a excuse because she knows she looked like a fool.

    • Manuela

      Kyle saying something like ‘she didn’t recognize herself’ that night only makes me more upset with her. Way to avoid personal responsibility and shirk accountability, Kyle! Goodness knows I could run mouth in my 20’s…especially after a drink or three…and I stuck my foot in it on several occasions. But never once did I act the ass and later say ‘I hardly know the person I was that night; I hardly recognize myself’. Oh, Please! I know now and knew then my eight-headed inner Super B*tch and I knew when I owed someone of my acquaintance a sincere apology…and an earnest attempt to never say something so GD dumb again. C’mon, Kyle. Just say you were an ass, say you’re sorry and rein in the b*tchiness. It’s not so hard; grown-ups do it all the time.

  • Ruthie

    I keep reading that BRAVO likes to add housewives to the mix who will add drama. WHY? There need to be housewives that are sane to balance the INSANITY! It’s tiring to watch all the drama ALL the time. I vote for Lisa, Ken, and Giggy, too!

  • Peterlarn

    I work with Substance Abusers, and the sisters were classic 1. abuser, 2. enabler. 3. both in denial. If this is the lives of the rich and famous, I think I’ll pass! These are some cruel , scarey acting and looking women; get a haircut and put down the botox.. I don’t care if your sunglasses cost $50,000, shut up, there is no accounting for class; just look at your empty house. I love the show believe it or not, but I know I will never be out of work, and you will never be out of material.

  • Purse Mommy

    When I saw Kim the first thing that came to mind was that she is on some kind of medication like for bipolar or a mood disorder and maybe the doctor is still tweaking the dosage. I also had an alcoholic in my family and if Kim was THAT drunk you would smell it on her.

    • Manuela

      Yep. Alcohol makes a drunk smell like alcohol; it comes from the gut and there’s no very effective way to disguise it. With a really bad drunk, the alcohol comes out of the skin pretty much in the same form that it went in (it stops being metabolized) and then that person *really* smells. If poor Kim isn’t adjusting to legitimate meds, then she’s moved on to a substitute for the alcohol in some form.

  • jomarie

    I believe the enabling behavior is a hold over from the years when Kim was the wage earner for her family. Her fragility seems to cause a panic in Kyle that is probably not reflective of thier current situation. They seem to have a very comfortable routine in the bathroom where Kim is bolstered by Kyle during a needed break from “performing”.

  • Blaine

    *Blaine rocking herself in a fetal position* “Lisa & Ken please! Please more Lisa & Ken!!”

  • Lisa in Oregon

    I may be an odd woman out but i really like Brandi. I know she is crass and uneducated, but I really like her take-no-crap attitude. I was happy when she called out Kim and Kyle. I’m really disappointed in Kyle because she seemed so mature and reasonable last season. (Compared to Camille) Could it really just be editing?

  • Bagolicious

    If I were the husbands and/or children of these middle school-acting women, I would divorce them all.