Ok, folks, we have a problem. That problem is named Kelly Killoren Bensimon, and she’s screwing up my mojo. Not that Real Housewives of New York City hasn’t been slowly driving me crazy for the last month, because it has. Kelly just makes it worse.

Not only does nothing come out of her mouth that ever make any sense, but I also am so full of seething disdain for her that I can barely see straight when she talks, let alone take notes or organize a recap or think thoughts other than “My god, MAKE IT STOP.” Since this part of the reunion was mostly about Kelly, trying to mold everything that happened into a series of rational paragraphs ought to be interesting. Won’t you join me one last time?

Naturally, things started where the last episode ended – Kelly was offended that Bethenny intimated that she might, you know, be kind of totally crazy, and she tried to leave. She couldn’t find the door (doors are tricky!), so she eventually came back and sat down in order to continue twirling her hair and not paying attention to anything that was going on around her. Even LuAnn had to laugh at Kelly’s walk-off temper tantrum, and when both Jill and LuAnn are breaking ranks and admitting that you’re a moron, things are bad. Not that Kelly would notice, however – she was counting her split ends while this part was happening.

One of the more interesting things we found out during last night’s episode was that Kelly did not leave the island of her own volition, she was sent home by producers instead, which seems to logically contradict the whole “bullying” storyline that she’s selling. After this fact was laid on the table, everyone yelled at each other and it didn’t make any sense, not even to me. From what I could glean, it seemed to be a fight over whether or not Kelly was bullied, which I honestly thought we covered on Monday. Didn’t we? Did I dream that? If I did, it was one of those super realistic dreams, sort of like the ones Kelly had about Bethenny butchering her with a giant knife and making those fantastic knife noises.

After everyone repeatedly said that no one had been bullied, Kelly declared that she thinks they’re all jealous of her and that’s why they bullied her, although she did not go in to detail about what exactly the ladies should be jealous of. Perhaps her large collection of shirts that she pretends are dresses? During this entire exchange, Jill and LuAnn were oddly silent, and I have to assume that if they agreed that Kelly had been mistreated, they would have defended her in some way. They let her fend for herself, and when are those two ever quiet?

Everyone eventually got bored of talking about Kelly, so Jill’s arrival on Shutter Island was up next. Jill’s justification for showing up was that she was invited and encouraged to come back when the trip was planned and that’s why she showed up, and when that didn’t work, she claimed that she showed up to make sure Kelly was ok. Ramona reminded all of us that she had already told Jill that Kelly wouldn’t be on the island when she got there, so, uh…darn. Time to come up with a new justification for showing up, Jill! We all know that she just did it because she can’t stand it when stuff happens without her, so she might as well admit it. I’d like her a lot more if she did.

But she didn’t have time to tell the truth because Ramona got up, stomped her feet, put her finger in Jill’s face and told her exactly what she should have done when she got to the island. Not only was it was fantastic, but it also kind of made sense, which only made it more fantastic when contrasted with Kelly’s sullen, simpering version of non-reality. Apparently it’s possible to be angry and still create full sentences – I had forgotten.

When Jill realized that she could no longer sell her motives as pure, she moved on to talking about how awful the environment was when she arrived on the island and how she understood why Kelly left. In her words, it was like facing a firing squad, except there were no bullets which seems like a pretty key part of a firing squad to me. And, I mean, if there were bullets, her complaint would probably be justified. No one wants to get shot. Although if it means more screen time, I wouldn’t put it past Jill to voluntarily take one in the leg.

Once it was decided that the subject of the vacation had been beaten to death, the group moved on to LuAnn’s love life. Andy asked her about the comment about her ex and Jews that she had made earlier in the season, and she hemmed and hawed and more or less admitted that he doesn’t like Jewish people without actually admitting it. As Kathy Griffin so aptly said on Watch What Happens Live after the show, a Jew-hating ex is not something about which you can successfully hedge – you have to outright deny it, no matter what, because anything less than that is a tacit admission.

LuAnn also more or less admitted having had affairs because she refused to answer a question about her dalliances “out of respect for [her] family.” And, you know, if there hadn’t been affairs, then answering the question wouldn’t be disrespectful…that’s just a conjecture on my part, of course. But much like anti-semitism, I would say that cheating is another subject that you can’t really hedge – it just makes you look guilty. After all, why would correcting untrue rumors of infidelity be disrespectful to your family?

Other than that, LuAnn was pretty contrite – she seemed far more normal and relatable in talking about her divorce and new relationship than she did during this season and the two previous, and hopefully her boyfriend will distract her from meddling in the lives of others in the future. LuAnn strikes me as the type of woman that needs to have a man to feel like her existence is justified, so maybe he’ll stick around and she’ll go back to just being mildly ridiculous instead of totally annoying.

Then it was time to talk to Kelly again and, really, I can’t even take notes when she speaks. I don’t know how to recap that. I don’t think that the English language contains words to describe what it’s like to listen to Kelly explain things, but I’ll give it a shot anyway: Kelly makes my face hurt. She makes me upset for the human race and scared for future generations of children, particularly the two with half of her DNA. I look at her and wonder exactly how much of a douchebag Gilles Bensimon has to be in order to have been married to her for a considerable amount of time. The fact that she continues to breath and sit upright baffles me – you would think that those things would be complicated enough to confuse her and that she would have toppled over and passed out by now.

For her part, Kelly appears to not know what a declarative statement is, and she also admits that she hardly ever listens to what anyone else is saying, apparently because she finds no one but herself at all interesting. Also, her hair. She finds her hair interesting. And the feathers on her bracelet. People talking? Not so much, which is why nothing that she says ever makes any sense. Ever. Well, that’s part of the reason, anyway. The other part is because she’s just kind of dim.

When asked to explain her comments about supporting PETA and wearing fur, Kelly responded but didn’t so much explain her position as just reiterate the completely nonsensical thing that she said about it originally, with the added insight that her opinions change day to day. But of course, she never explains anything, so why should she start now? She just twirls her hair and babbles incoherently until someone interrupts her or she can’t think of any more words to say, at which point she stops and stares blankly back at the person that asked her the question (or, if she can’t remember who actually engaged her in conversation, she just picks the first person or object in her line of sight) until he or she starts talking again. And if it happens to be an inanimate object on which she affixes her attention, well…I guess she just stares at it until she falls asleep or something.

And finally, finally, it was time for the last question of the evening: would they come back to do another season? Bethenny probably wouldn’t, which isn’t surprising since she has her own show now. Ramona actually managed to enjoy this season and would love to do another one, as would Alex. Sonja wants to be besties with everyone because she hasn’t been around long enough to fully abhor Kelly yet. LuAnn joked that she wouldn’t and it was actually deadpan and kind of funny, but she totally would because she’s still trying to find a storyline for herself. Kelly hemmed and hawed but also would love to come back because it made her a better person. Right. Jill said that she doesn’t know, but only because that’s the answer that gets her the most attention.

So, on that note, who would you like to see stay or go for the next season?

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  • kris

    Great recap, I can’t even believe you were able to write that. I got so much anxiety just watching that and I thought I was the only one who had unnatural rage/hate for Kelly, glad I’m not the only one, as I was getting concerned. These women show that you can age without maturing, yikes.

  • Ashley

    Hopefully Kelly will go away and never come back. I cannot stand to listen to her or watch her or even hear about her anymore. She has to have an IQ in negative numbers. I feel so sorry for her children- hopefully, they have stable people in their lives to model themselves after because it sure shouldn’t be her.

  • Melissa

    Thanks again for the recap, Amanda!
    I agree with kris – I got major anxiety and had to actually fast forward through parts of it, like the montages of the season. And I’m sorry to Luann but I had to ff’d through her part too – I didn’t want to hear anything about her music career. I did greatly enjoy when they cut to her covering her mouth after the ‘humpty dumpty’ comment. Some things really are too true and you just have to laugh.
    Part of me wants Kelly off the show; the other part just marvels at how mentally unstable (both in intelligence and health) she is and enjoys the freak show/train wreck for what it is. She has the least amount of self-awareness I’ve ever witnessed on a reality show, and this includes many seasons of Real World/Road Rules/MTV shows, so that’s like, no self-awareness at all.
    My favorite reaction to Kelly was definitely when she was “able to explain herself” and ‘it was perfect’ and Andy just went: Oh, ok.
    I’m looking forward to next week’s lost footage, although I wonder if they’re going to even show Scary Island scenes or just some meaningles dribble. Please be the former!
    As for the other ladies: Sonja NEEDS to stay or I will probably not watch Season4; Jill could go for all I care; Alex is okay and can stay if she wants; Ramona should stay; Bethenny doesn’t need to stay (she is my favorite but now we have 1 hr just for her) and Luann is a non-entity at this point – she can do what she likes and I don’t think it will affect the show one way or the other. I do like her for the most part; just not when she’s up Jill’s rear.
    Guess I have to start watching RHONJ now if I want to watch a crazy person desintegrate…

  • Lara

    I cannot stand Kelly, and I hope that she does not come back for the next season. It is not entertaining to watch her. It is painful, and now that we know that Bethenny is not coming back I don’t think I’ll watch another season of Kelly. Anyway, on the finale recap – how about Jill’s attitude towards Alex? 1) her laughing with LuAnn at the mention of Alex hyperventilating over at crazy island and 2) the “spread eagle” comment about Alex’s photos???

    • Yeah, I couldn’t figure out a way to wedge the Jill/Alex kerfuffle into the recap, but it was truly bizarre. I think that we really saw Jill at her worst there – instead of correctly identifying her negative feels toward Alex, she chose to attack her on relatively unrelated subjects, particularly the pictures. Because I’m a good sport, I googled them after the episode and none of them were anything close to what Jill described. Alex has a very nice figure, she took some racy pictures, who cares? It’s totally hypocritical to say that’s ok for one person but not for another, and I’m not sure why that’s any of Jill’s business to begin with.

      • Kim

        Just a reminder, the reason it was a “big deal” in the first place, as I recall, is that Alex didn’t tell anyone about the photos and she and Simon were invited to a party with important people within days of the photos being “published.” (I think Ramona was the hostess, but am not sure). The hostess was mortified about introductions at said party. And honestly, I get this. If racy photos just came out on the internet of you, you might want to call your hostess, explain the situation and tell her that if she’d rather you not attend, she would understand and lay low for a few days.

      • I disagree, but I’m rather permissive about stuff like this. I don’t think nude photos are a particularly big deal, and certainly not something that any third party deserves a warning about. It’s just boobs, we all got ’em! I think it’s very petty to not want someone to attend a party because of it.

  • kris

    Also, the fact that Kelly after watching the clips of Scary Island, giggles while watching, and then doesn’t even acknowledge her behavior (When Andy asked her about going home to recover, she grimaces and says “Recover from what”) scares me beyond belief. To her that’s ‘normal’ behavior if she doesn’t notice a change, and the fact that she can have her children watch that and teach them ‘systematic bullying’ is also bizarre. I think at their age even they can distinguish right from wrong in that situation.

  • Shelly the Chic Crafty Chick

    Oh my gosh, thanks for the laughs. I love your description of last nights episode. Kelly is coo coo for coco puffs as Bethenney says. No wonder Ramona drinks so much Pinot, you’d need to around a nut job like that.

    I am so going to miss Bethenney on the show. I think it might tank without her on it. She adds so much comic relief.

    I like Sonja a lot and can’t wait to see her. BTW, I’m confused about why they didn’t have the other woman, Jennifer ??? on the reunion show. She is the one that planned Jill’s event at the skating arena and she also attended Ramona’s renewal ceremony. They were calling her a Housewife and when I was watching one of the shows (maybe season finale) they had her Tweeting and she calls herself a new Housewife on her Twitter profile. So, I was wondering why they didn’t have her even though she came towards the end of the season. If anyone knows, send me a tweet @chiccrafychick and let me know. I’m just curious.

    • From what I understand, they filmed her as if she was going to be added just like Sonja and for some reason, chose to almost entirely pull back her inclusion in the show. She was never given a real intro (where they show the woman, her name, and her family standing in the background) while Sonja was, and she claims to have filmed extensively with the other women. Either they decided she wasn’t a good fit or they’re hoping to keep someone they thought was leaving, I’m not sure.

  • Ivanna

    Amanda did you notice the look on Andy’s face while Kelly was talking, it was a combination of pain, frustration, and confusion and that said it all. I just can’t with Kelly anymore, attempting to make sense of anything that comes out of her mouth might result in a permanent lose of braincells. It’s so sad to think that this person is a mother to human children, I feel for them. I think it should go without saying that she should not return next season, it’s literally painfull to watch her. The revelation that she didn’t choose to leave “scary island” on her own but that she was escorted off and home on a plane by a producer, speaks volumes, the woman is not mentally stable. I sincerely hope Bravo will realize that and listen to the negative feedback and get rid of her. As long as Kelly goes I wouldn’t mind watching the rest of them even LuAnn.

  • Camille

    You’re recaps are such a hoot! I love them, and this one was especially appreciated as I couldn’t watch the whole episode and caught only parts. I admit to the whole ‘rubbernecking’ as we drive by the trainwreck that is Kelly K. Bensimon. I was fascinated and repelled by her all at the same time. I was soooo disappointed that they didn’t ask her point blank about her crazy allegations that Bethenny had tried to kill her/was currently trying to kill her. Gritting my teeth in frustration with the other ladies and Andy that they didn’t ask about that rather serious (and seriously crazy) allegation. And also, what is up with ‘satchel’s of gold???” Will we never know?? Does she even know. Oh well. I have to admit, when I realized they were going to go easy on Kelly, unlike the grilling they gave Jill, I lost interest. I’m sorry but I wanted answers, I wanted questions that Kelly could even attempt to answer and they all sort of gave up before they really gave it an effort. I know Kelly is frustrating, but come on, at least make an attempt. This woman said some seriously crazy stuff that she needs to answer for. I’m beyond disappointed they wimped out in the face of her nuttiness. The rest I didn’t catch, I lost interest and had other stuff to do.

    I will watch next season no matter which housewives return, but I have to admit, if they allow Kelly to keep irresponsibly making crazy allegations without consequences or justification, I’m done. I can’t stand her. She needs to go because with her in the mix it isn’t an even playing field. The ladies aren’t professionals at dealing with the mentally ill and Kelly needs professional help.

    • JenG

      Kelly will probably return because Bethenny is gone or at least she should be since she has her own show.

  • LV

    Great re cap.
    What a kook Kelly is. I cannot stand her and I really hope she doesn’t come back for another season. I don’t think I could take it with her on the show.
    And what happened to her twitter account?

  • Kim

    You didn’t catch what I feel was the most interesting and compelling thing Jill said at the end when asked if she would return. She said she wouldn’t want to because Alex hates her. Now, we call know that Jill thinks Alex is waaaay below her. When Jill speaks to Alex, the contempt is palpable. I think this is a little negotiating tactic for Jill. She doesn’t want Alex back. She’ll say, “I can’t come back if Alex is,” and will force the producers hand. The producers, let’s face it, they’re probably douche bags for producing this stuff anyway, will choose Jill. As they say, “watch what happens.”

    • Tess


      I think you’re right on point — Bethenny said Jill wanted to slay her — now Jill wants to “slay” Alex. She wants to get her off the show and impact her livelihood. Plus, the remark about the nude pictures ‘spreadeagled in her husband’s hotel” was an effort to cause trouble for Simon with his business associates. Jill is a hateful liar — and I hope Bravo doesn’t fall for her scheming.

  • S

    I know I’ve said this before, but I feel sorry for Kelly and not in that catty way where I’m saying that because I secretly hate her. What you said Amanda last week about Kelly never maturing after she discovered she was hot (or something along those lines) was perfect – sorry if I misquote you. And maybe I’m crazy, but maybe Kelly makes sense when she writes. I know some writers that should never speak because their thoughts are best understood on paper. Maybe that’s how Kelly is. Or maybe I’m giving her too much credit. I don’t think any of the ladies envy Kelly, but I do think initially Bethany envied Kelly. No one that secure should care if another girl she barely knows says hello to her at a party. That was Bethany’s initial problem with Kelly – which is quite petty. But Kelly is wrong in thinking that Bethany is still envious because Bethany clearly has the stronger and more vocal fan base and she knows it! I like to watch Ramona and Sonya. And I think Luann and her perfect digs and Jill and her mean girl routine are good for tv. I hope Bethany leaves. I know I’m alone on this. But she has her own show and I just can’t take too much of her. Alex and Kelly could leave for all I care. But I love Sonja

    • If they gave Sonja her own show, I’d recap it. I love Sonja. I want her to be my new BFF. I bet she’d be an absolute HOOT to have a few drinks with. She manages to be funny and entertaining while still being well-spoken and mature, which isn’t something we’ve really seen from a housewife so far. She’s not mean, she’s not petty, and she doesn’t seek drama, but she till manages to be really entertaining. I find her totally refreshing and I might have a little bit of a girlcrush on her.

      • S

        Ha! Me too!

      • Danielle

        I second that! Sonja is terrifically funny. and not at all catty. I love her!

    • MiMi

      Sonja also made a comment about Kelly pretending to not know her. She said she and Kelly used to pass each other and say “hi” coming to and from (somewhere- don’t remember that part.) I think she said something like…”What’s up with that?!”

    • Team Ramona

      With all due respect, and I mean that very sincerely because I do believe you are being sincere regarding Kelly and her writing abilities, but you are really giving her waaay too much credit.

      If you had ever read any of Kelly’s tweets, you would not be wondering if she makes more sense in writing. She absolutely does not. She is incoherent and bizarre.

      And Bethenny’s problem with Kelly wasn’t merely that Kelly didn’t say hello to her. It was that they had met each other many times, and Kelly always pretended not to know B, while hitting on Bethenny’s then-boyfriend (who was a photographer.) That, to me, is a fairly significant difference.

      And I love Sonja, too. So far. I’ve watched enough reality shows to reserve judgment on anyone until I’ve seen someone in action for more than one season.

    • bf

      Me too!

  • S

    I know I keep splitting my comments – sorry! But I also love Sonya because she admitted on her blog last week that she thinks everyone is a bit scared of anticipating the zingers that come out of Bethany. I think Sonja has everyone figured out and knows exactly how to play her cards. And she doesn’t have to be super catty (like all the others) to do it

  • pocochocoloco

    Excellent recap as always..
    loved this sentece: “and if it happens to be an inanimate object on which she affixes her attention, well…I guess she just stares at it until she falls asleep or something.” lol

  • JenG

    I am amazed that Jill still blames Alex for all the mess with Bethenny. She said she wouldn’t film with Alex, as if Alex care. I hope everyone return except Kelly, Jill and Luann. Kelly needs to spend time in therapy. Jill is mean and Luann is boring!

  • mochababe73

    Listening and trying to decipher Kelly is like beating your head up against a brick wall. This woman is on some good stuff. It’s so good that she may need to stop taking it. This woman twirling her hair looked creepy. She had the nerve to say that Ramona, Bethenny, and Alex were dangerous. She’s insane.
    Jill is NOT fooling anyone. She’ll be back whether or not Alex is on the show.
    Sonja is growing on me. So, I would like to see what happens next season.
    Kelly. No.
    Ramona. A resoundin YES! I love the Ramona Coaster and can’t wait for next season’s ride.
    Alex. Sure. I would like to see more of her and Simon. Love him.
    Lu Ann. No. She’s dull, unexciting, and boring. She brings nothing to the show.
    I say replace Lu Ann and Kelly with different housewives.

  • Bagolicious

    I can totally do without Kelly, Jill, and the Countess returning next season. Can’t stand the Three Stooges!

  • Sakyie

    Great recap Amanda! The highlight of the episode for me was LuAnn trying so desperately to hold back her laughter, when Bethenny referred to Kelly as “Humpty Dumpty”. I get that she wants remain composed and graceful at all times, but that laugh got the best of her. Moving on, watching last night’s episode gave me a bit of a headache, it was nothing but a rehash of everything they talked about in the first two reunion episodes, so I was bored to tears for most of it. Throughout the season, I’ve been back and forth over how I feel about each of these ladies, and I must say Team Bethenny/Ramona/Alex came out on top. For the first time in three seasons, they all came off pretty true to themselves, whereas Jill as well as Kelly tried their best to save face when the cameras were rolling. Sonja is by far the best housewife of the entire Real Housewives franchise. She’s smart, funny, and checks the drama at the door! All of the other women, OC,ATL,NJ,DC,BH included, can take a lesson from Miss Sonja T. Morgan!

  • Team Ramona

    Amanda, I just wanted to thank you for your recaps. Listening to Kelly makes me feel like *I* am the crazy one sometimes, and it makes me feel so much better that I am not the only one who feels this way.

    And honestly, I was appalled at the contrast in Jill’s voice and demeanor when talking to Bethenny and then when talking to Alex. She talks about viciousness and contempt? Look in the mirror, honey. She was just awful to Alex. Very vindictive, and for me at least, it backfired. Instead of making me think, “Poor Jill,” it just reminded me of how she had behaved towards Bethenny and why I stopped liking Jill in the first place.

  • amy

    great recap. Who would i like to see return…. Definitely Sonja because she is fun to watch and Romona. On the opposing, who would i like to see leave/go. Jill and Kelly. I’m on the fence about wanting to watch Luann again, and Alex. Only because i don’t consider them watchable. Bethenny obviously wont, as you stated she has her own show, why would she return?

  • Pamela

    SHUTTER ISLAND! LOL….Good one! This recap was perfect and hilarious. And for the first time in my entire time of watching this show, Kelly did confuse me big time! Yes, believe it or not, I actually kind of understood what she meant in the previous shows.

    Jill really scared me a bit with those looks she had towards Alex anytime she spoke…wow! That’s definitely looks of hate and I am shocked. And as for Alex’s racy pictures, I can see why she thought she was spread eagle but it wasn’t in the hallway, it was in the bathroom. I had to google it after I heard that to see if she was exaggerating .. U can see everything but definitely not spread eagle…and honestly, I like her body way better than Kelly’s. Kelly’s body seriously GROSSES me out…I cant stand seeing her in a bikini with those peices of bones sticking out between her boobs…just yuck! Definitely NOT a healthy image that she was talking about.

    Seriously – I wanna see what happens with Bethenny and Jill, that’s all I care about…oh and Sonja, she’s totally awesome. You forgot to mention that at the end they were crying and hugging each other. They definitely wanted to meet up and talk…Bethenny looked at Jill a lot with a better look on her face than we saw previously. I never got that ending with my best friend that I had for 24 years, and I do miss her, but I’d probably never make the move that either of them did to try to patch it up, so it’s nice to watch them do it while I’m too stubborn to do so!

  • Catt

    okay, what is this real house wife thing got to do with PurseBlog???

    • bf

      They carry bags and really nice ones!!!!

    • …a lot of our readers like to talk about it? If you don’t, it’s very simple to not read the recap, but I think that the number of comments here explains pretty clearly why we continue to run these posts. It’s fun!

  • RedHead

    “…take one in the leg.” Honestly, you are so funny Amanda:-) Are you as funny “in real life”? If so I bet you are fun to hang with. Thanks for the great writing!

    • Haha, I’m glad you like my recaps! I’m probably not the best person to evaluate whether or not I’m funny in person, but since you asked: totally. I’m hilarious. I need my own show. CALL ME, BRAVO.

  • NCGal

    I am still laughing at this latest, Amanda!!! You are friggin’ brilliant, girl…
    Bethanny is already starting to wear on me. Last night on HER show, she showed herself to be kind of a snot, a bit or a phony, entitled, and a little self-important. Understand, I totally would too and probably worse, but she wants us all to think she’s not like that…just an observation.
    I want them ALL to return and my prediction is that the all, will!!! None of those women have the ego strength to resist the money or the attention that another season would give them.
    You wait…ALL of them will be back, even Queen “B!”

  • reneeo

    It was nice to read that I’m not the only one that Kelly gives anxiety to. I do hope she doesn’t come back–she is too irritating. She is so stupid I don’t know how she has enough brain cells to even breathe. It is just SO painful to watch. I can’t stand it! This was a very interesting season, I really got hooked. Can’t wait to see what happens next year!

  • arlene

    I vote to get rid of kelly. I feel bad for her kids and she needs to get some help.
    I find Alex boring but love Simon, he should have their air time. I feel Jill was wrong for what she did to Bethenny this season, but I love her clothes, bags and shoes and that was the original reason why I statred to watch them so I vote to keep her. I LOVE SONJA and she is a given. I can do without LuAnn and her stupid song. Ramona is the class clown and needs to stay. Just my opinions! Can’t wait till next season.

  • Melissa

    I can not stand kelly!!! If she comes back, I will not watch the show.

  • olivia

    what i wonder, WHERE IS HER EX-HUSBAND???!!HE NEED TO CONTACT HIS ATTORNEY AND TAKE FULL CUSTODY OF HIS CHILDREN!!OMG!! Why would he let his obviously crazy, unstable, idiotic and STUPID ( nothing that comes out from her mouth makes sense) wife have any custody??!! And why does all of the women on the show during the reunion even let her open her mouth to respond to anything, you just can’t talk 2 crazy person! They need to put her in the corner seriously! Thank God at least she’s gorgeous!! :))

    • suz

      Gorgeous??? Wow…..I find everything about her totally repulsive.

  • Matthew

    Lost footage episode next week. I admit that I’ll watch it, but Bravo is really good at running these seasons into the ground.

  • Janinevs

    Great recap as always. It’s gotta be illegal for Kelly to be on tv, I think there’s some serious medical issues there. I just can’t watch her, I feel the same way I would imagine feeling watching an execution or something equally inhumane.

  • NCGal

    Amanda, here is a great Huffpo companion-piece to your brilliance:


  • adrienne

    I can’t stand Kelly, but I DO want her to stay on the show. Obviously, more of America needs to be convinced of her inadequacy to function with any assemblance of normalcy and common sense. She can’t speak, she can’t interact, she can’t focus, she can’t write (and with a degree in Creative Writing from Columbia no less???) Have you seen her response blogs on Bravo.com? A kindergartner could write more and more proficiently that she can!
    I cannot wait to see this self-centered BIMBO completely self-destruct. I am chomping at the bit to hopefully see some of the editted scenes of Kelly at the island Vacation “VACATION??? WHAT VACATION?” OMG what an idiot. Maybe the glorious accomodations that Ramona generously gifted her girlfriends were not up to her “standards”? I would have been THRILLED to get an Empty tote bag for crying out loud! What an ungrateful B-tch! I hope Bravo SLAYS her in the upcoming episodes. Don’t Edit ANYTHING!!!! I want to see it!!!! I am hoping that Kelly dissolves into a blithering idiot blob and ends up quivering uncontrollably in a strait jacket in the looney bin. That’s where she belongs! Not in a fantastic home, or on the runway, or in any magazine, or in public, or with KIDS! I hope her daughters are questioning her sanity and seek help for themselves.

    Has anyone seen her home? http://www.luxist.com/2009/04/13/kelly-killoren-bensimon-in-east-hampton-estate-of-the-day/ She has DEAD ANIMAL PELTS in almost Every Room!!!!! Why does this crazy person get to live in a mansion like that? I’m Screaming NOT FAIR!! I can’t even believe that a STUPID person as this even exists on our planet and gets the notoriety that she gets! HOW???? WHY????? She is not even that attractive – she grosses me out completely with her greasy skin and unkempt hair. YUCK!!

    I hope she stays on the show and all of the other women see what Sonja, Ramona, Bethenny & Alex did. I know Andy definately gets it now!!!

    PS – Amanda, love your recaps!! I’m definately grooving on them and wait for every one!!

  • Bagolicious

    My favorite Jill Zarin rant was when she had the audacity of hollering at Ramona for not even offering Bobby and her a drink of water or asking them if they needed to use the bathroom. LOL! Why would they need to be offered a drink of water or a bathroom when they were on a “Private Plane” where there are beverages and a bathroom? What a bonehead.

  • suz

    Kelly’s dress on the reunion shows looks a lot like she might have stayed around and gotten caught up in the toilet paper dress designing at the “shower”.

  • Sara

    I have read that she did not get a creative writing degree from Columbia. She actually got it from Columbia University’s School of Continuing Education. Their acceptance standards are very low, definitely not the standard that Columbia has. Basically, they accept most people who apply.

    • NCGal

      More proof that she is self-deluded. Anyone in the public eye and with an ounce of pride would not profess to having an Ivy education, but would be truthful and 100% disclosing about something like this; would put the School of Continuing Education caveat in there. Who the $#@ are her managers and who the #@! dresses this woman? It makes me sad that she obviously does not have that one true friend who can take her off to the side and say, “Kelly, you need to step aside, regroup and get some long-term intensive help!”
      My real fear and sadness is the down-the-road collateral damage these women are doing to their daughters (and son). Jesus.

  • adrienne

    A degree in creative writing should be just THAT – being awarded for the ability to write creatively. Any and all of her responses to confrontational & delusional behavior are one sentence dismissals with no explanation, no recap, no soul-searching or even internal/external justification for her actions. Her behavior on the reunion show and her blogs demonstrate that she is completely oblivious to any and all others’ situations, experiences and existences.
    She has no clue that her own delusional, erratic behavior and thought processes is the very cause of her own distress.

  • Ana

    Soooo, my opinion is that Kelly is seriously mentally unstable, probably bipolar and definitely has borderline personality disorder. Girl needs help. And that’s a medical opinion. Because I actually have an M.D. From a real school. Not the Columbia University School Of Continuing Education. Really.

  • Sarah

    I think Sonja is so normal since she is the only housewife who is actually part of New York society and involved in charities across the cities. The other housewives have no sort of connection to the masses of New York charities other than the ones they create themselves.

  • Kristi

    I agree that Kelly is insanely retarded!