Remember last week when we talked about whether it’s worse to be a skank or a snake? Well, as it turns out, the issue of Housewife snakery would continue to be relevant on this week’s episode of Real Housewives of New York City. And if you thought last week’s fights were epic, then Thursday night’s episode likely had you curled up on the floor in the fetal position.

Just when I thought we were going to have a fairly calm episode with relatively tame arguments, last night’s final 15 minutes sent us all on an off-the-rails trip straight to Crazytown, population: Jill. At some point after 10:50, I subconsciously started holding my breath and I don’t think I let it out until after the show had ended. It’s amazing that I didn’t pass out from lack of oxygen. Oh, and if you’re on Team Jill, you may want to bail on this recap right now and save yourself the rage blackout. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Ok. So. Let’s get the first 45 minutes out of the way so that we can get to the good (bad?) stuff.

The show started with Kelly getting interviewed for Playboy by a guy who had to be the skeeziest, nastiest pseudo-journalist on the face of the planet. Instead of realizing that he was being totally classless and unprofessional when he was supposed to be doing his job, Kelly egged on the flirting and got so excited that it made me wonder if she ever gets any attention from men off-camera. She’s a divorced model, not a teenager with a crush, right?

Kelly waxed poetic about how dreamy the guy was (he wasn’t) and practically squealed when he asked her out, after which she forgot which way she was supposed to be walking on the street. I was embarrassed for her, and as a person with a journalism degree, I was embarrassed by him by proxy. According to her Twitter account, she still wants to go out with him, despite what she later said about him not being as major as Gilles Bensimon, her ex-husband.

Speaking of people who only want to be around people that are major, we have Jill. Her daughter managed to land a spot in a Seventeen magazine spread about prom dresses, and Jill got so excited that the shoot’s stylist knew who Kelly was (and knew that she was friends with her) that she actually admitted that being friends with famous people makes her feel awesome, strictly by virtue of them being famous and her being associated with them. I guess that explains her friendship with the walking human scum know as Jon Gosselin.

Next up, Ramona (I’m trying to run through this other stuff quickly so we can get to the important part, bear with me here). We got a little bit more of a window into the traumatic childhood to which she had hinted previously, and it sounded pretty terrible. Ramona’s father was violent and abusive toward her mother, who would sometimes flee Manhattan with her kids to escape from his temper. She finally bonded with him shortly before he died, and apparently his death is the cause of Ramona’s fixation on renewal. There wasn’t really a storyline around this revelation, but it was a sad yet interesting glimpse into what makes one of the show’s oddest characters tick. Say what you want about Ramona, but at least she seems like an honest person that’s willing to admit her demons.

Ramona also got together with Kelly, Alex and Bethenny to help Alex pick out a final designer for Brooklyn Fashion Weekend, which is apparently an actual thing. I’m not sure why they were invited, since none of them except perhaps Alex really seemed to care about the “fashions” (why did they insist on calling the clothes that?) except for a dress that Ramona wanted to buy.

The get-together in Brooklyn set up an important fight, however – when Bethenny mentioned a Gatecrasher item which she thought had been planted by Jill (and based on my understanding of gossip columns and what was in the item, plus what happened later in the episode, I think I have to agree with her suspicion), Kelly took the opportunity to dig up year-old drama and talk about herself, since that’s the only thing that Kelly is ever really interested in talking about anyway.

She is still upset that Bethenny called her Madonna and she halfway did the “you’re down here, I’m up here” thing again, despite the fact that she already declared a clean slate with Bethenny during fashion week and pulled Bethenny aside to explain to her exactly how much she didn’t care about the whole thing immediately after they finished talking about it. At this point, I think she’s craving another fight in order to give herself a real storyline again, but Bethenny didn’t bite.

Unfortunately, however, Bethenny didn’t manage to stay out of the fray for long. The other girls all told her that they were sick of being in the middle of World War III (Kelly in particular got an outrageously passive-aggressive email from Jill that implied that their friendship was over if she continued her truce with Bethenny), and she called up Jill to try and set up a face-to-face meeting to has things out. Things went downhill from there.

LuAnn was present when Bethenny called, and Jill again took the opportunity to put the phone on speaker and conveniently omit the fact that LuAnn was listening. For someone that was so offended that Bethenny would call her a snake, LuAnn certainly did not take the opportunity to speak up and inform Bethenny of her presence, which seems like snakery from where I’m sitting. Hey LuAnn – if you don’t want to be called a snake, don’t act like one. Specifically, don’t act like one when cameras are filming the entire thing to later be broadcast on a widely viewed television show.

Luckily for her, Jill was busy making LuAnn look reasonable by comparison. The conversation careened off the rails violently when Bethenny wanted to know why Jill was playing her private message for other people and making the problem so much bigger than it actually was, to which Jill responded that she didn’t think it was relevant why the dispute had gotten so disproportionately large (also, she asked Bethenny to define “disproportionate” for her). Did that sound to anyone else like an implied acknowledgement that she was, indeed, the reason that everyone knew about it?

Apparently she realized that she was losing on that front (and also appeared to still be confused by the concept of proportions), so she did what any desperate, petty, loathsome famewhore would do in her position – she played the cancer card! More specifically, she accused Bethenny of ignoring the fact that her husband had an operation to treat thyroid cancer over the summer, but she also didn’t dispute that Bethenny had sent Bobby flowers and emailed to ask how he was – an email to which Jill never responded.

She argued that Bethenny should have called Bobby personally to inquire about his condition, but since she said he had his “throat slit from ear to ear” for the operation, I can’t see why anyone would think that calling him afterward to ask how it went would be a good idea – would he have even been able to talk? According to Jill’s own version of events, it sounds like Bethenny acted in a totally reasonable and sympathetic way – what was she supposed to do, continue to badger Jill about her husband’s health until she finally answered? That seems unreasonable to me when someone is trying to deal with something so private and emotional, and maybe it seemed that way to Bethenny too. Also, for what it’s worth, I looked in to Bethenny’s claim that Jill was blogging about traveling and going to events all summer when she was supposedly spending every waking moment tending to Bobby, and it checks out. I don’t know that that really matters, however, and that’s the last thing that I’ll say in Jill’s defense.

Call me optimistic, but I hadn’t expected Jill to stoop quite so low. Sure, I figured she’d get pretty far down, but using her husband’s cancer to try and win a petty argument on reality television is a whole new level of pathetic and crazy that I honestly have a hard time conceptualizing. When the whole sickening encounter was over, Bethenny was in tears on the sidewalk and Jill looked like she was on an adrenaline high, gloating in mock disgust about how low and mean Bethenny is and about how she and LuAnn are so far above such petty conflicts. I’m pretty sure that neither of those morons understand irony, but if they did…well, I can’t even think of a way to finish that sentence, because it’ll never happen.

If you didn’t think that the argument’s aftermath was indicative of who’s enjoying the attention from the conflict the most, then you need to watch it again. Also, if Jill was so hurt, why wasn’t she acting like she was even remotely upset, particularly if all of this was really about something as emotionally wrenching as a loved one’s cancer? Some people just love to throw down, and Jill is milking her dramatic tendencies for every last shred of attention that they’re worth, whether or not the result is productive or positive (must I again bring up her friendship with Jon Gosselin? Or Michael Lohan?)

I’ve always been moderately Team Bethenny in the past, and although I doubt that she’s completely innocent in this or anything else, I don’t know how anyone could watch that display of malignant narcissism, particularly in light of the threatening email that she sent to Kelly, and even say Jill’s name with a straight face in the future. The woman is loathsome, and I’ve never had such a thoroughly visceral reaction to anything that’s ever happened on this usually insipid, silly show. Where’s Kelly when we really need a “we’re up here, you’re down here” moment?

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  • BLynnT

    Haha. The last line just sums the whole thing up right there. You could not have ended this recap in any better way. PERIOD. That’s exactly what Jill needs, someone to pull that with her. I have always been Team Bethenny (this season and last when it was Bethenny v. Kelly). However, last season, I was able to write Kelly off as just being in a world of her own, where frankly it’s fine if she wants to be “up here.” But this thing with Jill is just absurd.
    Yes, the “get a hobby” comment might have hurt her, but it’s Bethenny we’re talking about here. She’s known to be more than a little blunt. Did Jill not know who she was friends with? You are totally right that she is just milking this for the publicity and the knowledge that she will be the focus of every episode if she can keep this up. And her Countess Crony should really take her own advice and have some more manners instead of being the snake in the grass on all of these speakerphone calls. (fb)

  • ChristyR143

    Brilliant summary Amanda. Love it, and totally agree with you!

  • Sofia Nolan

    I`d be upset too haha :)

  • Lisa

    Thanks for the recap. I hadn’t seen this episode yet. I used to like Jill, but she’s getting crazy (fb)

  • Lisa

    Great recap! Jill is really acting despicable. I agree that Bethenny is no angel but at least she called Jill and tried to work things out. I don’t know, something about Jill screams “media whore” to me. And of course, LuAnn wouldn’t identify herself because, as she pointed out in the last episode regarding plastic surgery, it’s much classier to talk about people behind their backs rather than confront them. I love Ramona for her craziness and diarrhea of the mouth, makes for great TV. I never thought I’d say this, but Alex and Simon have totally won me over. I used to think they were pretty pretentious but Alex is doing a nice job of staying out of the muck this season. She is the unexpected voice of reason. I look forward to your next recap, I enjoy them more than the show itself! (fb)

  • Sarah

    Jill really should have stopped while she still had the slightest chance of looking like the abandoned friend….now she just looks like a bully who’s overplaying that ‘sympathy’ card. Luanne is a snake, and isn’t the polite ‘classy’ thing to do is to leave the room when someone’s having a private conversation? Or better yet, just shut your mouth and keep your nasty comments to yourself instead of throwing fuel to the fire? Kelly reminds me of a dumb-down version of Bugs Bunny, or maybe it’s Peter Pan in lala land. Where can I find a Team Bethenny shirt?

  • christine

    love your recaps of the NYC housewives but I am a bigger fan of the Atlanta girls! (fb)

  • Janet

    I’ve always liked Bethanny and bought her 1st book where she thanks Jill and Bobby! Sometimes she takes things a little too far but that is her personality, if I realize that I think her old BFF should be able to realize that and not make a mountain out of a mole hill. Amada I’m confused did Jill spend all summer by Bobby’s hospital bed or was she attending events and traveling? I love your recaps like everyone else!!!

  • diana

    i think they are all crazy! bethenny’s body is sick though. (fb)

  • ceejay

    Not liking this season as much…too much Bethanny (fb)

  • Tamee

    Oh the drama….the drama!!! (fb)

  • Lydia

    I made the mistake of reading this before watching the episode. No worries though-your recap just made me want to watch it more! Officially addicted. So long other Housewives from inconsequential cities! LOL. (fb)

  • Pamela

    You said it all PERFECTLY! After I saw that whole thing, I was just sooo mad at Jill and was in shock at how cruel she could be! I liked Jill in the past…but not anymore. You said everything I wanted to say!

  • Lisa in Oregon

    Wow – Jill really sunk to a new level. I knew when I was watching it that you were going to agree. The smirk on Jill’s face during the phone conversation said it all. She was waiting for this call. She was waiting for Bethanny to come groveling back, just so she could say no. I just kept calling Jill the “B” word all through the episode. Still can’t believe she acted this way with cameras rolling…

  • Michele Suleiman

    I saw this episode too and at the end totally agreed with Ramona’s statement that Jill likes the “underdog.” I’m not too keen on Bethenny in general, but that fight made me dislike Jill even more.

    • Michele Suleiman

      And yes, that guy was waaaay creepy with Kelly. (fb)

  • Nancy

    As usual very good recap Amanda. WOW – Jill really takes the cake! I thought that Gretchen (RHOC) and Kelly were the pitts, but Jill, oh my, oh my! Jill really is “down there” as Kelly would put it. And, what is the deal with that scum bag that interviewed Kelly?? How could she even find that creep remotely attractive? Like you said, She must not ever get ANY attention from men (paraphrased). OH, and it’s such an HONOR to pose for Playboy! hahahah Obviously I’m team Betheny and I do like Remona for some reason – crazy eyes and outbursts included. I’ve also began to appreciated Alex and even Simon this year! LOL

  • mochababe73

    The whole conversation with the two of them was just weird. Lu Anne needs to just stay out of it. She just keeps egging Jill as she watches the carnage while lurking in the background. Talk about sneaky like a snake.

    As far as Ramona, she nearly brought me to tears. We all can get a little insight as to why she conducts her life the way that she does. Her family is the antithesis of how she grew up.

    On a side note, I was really hoping that they would have made Joni a “Real Housewife”. I have liked what little that I have seen of her since the first season. (fb)

  • Jane

    I am not enjoying this season what so ever the whole cast is out of control especially Jill. I have liked Jill in the past when she and Bethenny were friends, but I can’t stand her now. She really is that mean girl that Alex calls her. I can’t stand watching this season and it is all because of Jill. 9

  • swags

    I love your recaps on the housewife shows.

    I posted in the tv section that I can no longer stand Jill. I even put something on my facebook about it since most of my fb friends watch the show. When she put the call on speaker for Luanns entertainment and to incite a little bit of extra drama in her own direction, I was done with her despite liking her the first 2 seasons. At this point Bravo could move filming into a jr high school because this season reminds me of 8th grade.

    And then there’s Kelly. I don’t dislike Kelly, I just don’t understand her being on the show except that she is tall and thin and can pull off outfits that many cannot. I will give her that. However, she shouldn’t really be allowed to talk. The PETA thing a few episodes ago was enough Kelly speak to last the entire season. The scene with the journalist made me cringe. And it didn’t make sense. Max was good looking and had an accent which can also act as a cover over nonsense talk which he executed last season. This guy was very bland. Her acting like she had never held a conversation with a man before didn’t help. (fb)

  • Liza

    I love how Jill always love to bring up “The man who took you on travels and fed you”. WTF, Betthany can feed HERSELF…She’s not a starving puppy dog let alone an underdog… So classless and countless.

  • S

    I think Kelly gets plenty of attention from men. You can’t honestly think otherwise. I don’t think she is incredibly beautiful: but she is tall, slim, fit with great hair and a decent face. And most of the men I know wouldn’t pass that up. I think Kelly is just a flirt and what we saw was her way of flirting.
    Jill didn’t surprise me. She and Bethany used to be friends and I saw glimpses of poor character from them since the inception of the show. I was never on either’s team. BOTH of them are media whores. In fact, Bethany was asked by Alex if she planted that article. Ramona called Bethany a media monger while they were looking at clothes and Bethany did not deny it. I think Jill didn’t cry because she was probably a little over it by the time Bethany found time to call. Hence, the smirk.
    I liked the fact that Kelly took the opportunity to tell Bethany that Bethany is being treated the way she treated Kelly last year. I like Alex and Simon and Kelly comes in second because her vice is being self-absorbed (like Gretchen) versus going around talking trash.

  • kemilia

    Another great recap!
    Lesson I learned is if I ever have the opportunity to speak to Jill on the phone (which will never happen), keep the conversation bland because of her speaker phone fetish.
    I hope there is a little more focus on Simon/Alex soon, enough with the Count-less and Jill.

  • bisbee

    Excellent as usual. I have to admit that I used to say that Jill was my favorite, but after watching this week’s episode, my opinion has changed. Her behavior was so tacky and ugly – in the past I’ve made excuses for some of her questionable antics, but this was way beyond defensible. I was never “against” Bethanny, but I have to admit I’ve got a softer place in my heart for her now…she seemed to really be hurt by Jill. I felt bad for her…

    • I used to love Jill too, I even used to be a fan of her on Facebook. She’s gone off the deep end, and it almost makes me even more mad because I thought she used to be great before.

  • Handbag Lover

    Hey Girl, Great recap! I like the RHONY but this season is really annoying me. Jill is spoiled and loves attention and just full of herself. I don’t think that Bethanny did anything to TRY to hurt Jill and the entire arguement is stupid. If Jill was a TRUE BFF she would have listened without judgement and accepted her apology and moved on. The rest of the ladies are just fair. Kelly needs to go and i mean tomorrow. UGH, she reminds me so much of Sponge Bob Square Pants, model please. I am ready for the RHONJ and the new one from Beverly Hills. I bet those are going to be really good. :)

    Again, good recap I could not have said it better.

    • I soooooo cannot wait for the New Jersey housewives. Those broads are fantastic.

  • otter

    This season makes me sad. Previously, I had enjoyed the show because of the fun balance of genuine female friendships and a little bit of drama thrown in. it was also fun to see the silly antics of Alex and Simon. Now, the friendships that remain appear to be there for the specifc purpose of ganging up on others. Not cool.

  • Lauren

    I absolutely love Bethenny for being a real, no BS, no nonsense, in your face type of woman. She is not, imho, pretentious or concerned with her reality show image. A lot of people dislike her for these reasons, but honestly, I admire her for standing up for herself and being herself no matter who likes it or not. Good recap as always!

  • Houn

    This has got to be one of the worse seasons for the “Real Housewives” franchise. Honestly, I’m sick of all the catty backbiting. The women of New York are just ridiculous! But does that stop me from watching the show? Nooo. (fb)

  • Hellena

    Not like this season-she has a great body though (fb)

  • lyns (outtacontrol on tpf)

    blackballed??! I thought it was “blacklisted” …

    • I think she said blackballed. They mean the same thing.

  • Katerina

    Excellent recap, I didn’t think I could dislike LuAnn or Jill anymore then I did last season, but, once gain, they managed to shine in their stupidity and vulgarity. Bethany is a fresh breeze, of sarcasm and energy, at least she is a real person with a pulse and heart. Hats off to Alex for seeing these dopes for what they are :) Favorite line ever from Alex when Jill tells her about her kids climbing up some guy’s leg “Watch out for the well meaning Morons !!!!!”

  • Rosanna

    Kelly’s interview was painful to watch. She looked like such a spaz! lol.

    Bethenny has always been my favorite on the show; it was a little sad to see her cry at the end of the conversation with Jill. Seems to me that Jill is being really petty about the whole situation. Bethenny reached out to her to and she didn’t even have the decency to talk to her privately. Then she goes on to say how their relationship is over, but she can’t stop talking about it.

    Alex seems to be the only sane one on the show this season (fb)

  • Jane

    i also think that Jill is being really petty about the whole incident. Too much drama if you ask me!

    -Jane kwong (fb)

  • Allison

    Jill is a major drama queen. Maybe Bethenny was insensitive not asking more than once about Bobby’s illness, but “HOLY CATFIGHT”. This is just ridiculous. And somewhat painful to watch. Either way I’ll tune in for next week. Team Bethenny! (fb)

  • Wen

    I couldn’t agree with you more! Seems like Jill is going the way of Tamara and Vicki. Where is the Jill that I used to love… so generous and fun?

  • Wen

    Wait… forgot to mention… since this is purseblog. What is up with EVERYONE on reality shows sporting Birkin bags? RHW… Selling New York…. Kardashians and others I can’t seem to think of at this moment. Same bags in diff colors… like stepford wives!

  • Cruziiie

    Wow… Just when I thought kelly was my least favorite person on the show, here comes LuAnn. For a woman who wrote a book on ettiquette, she sure is classless. Seriously. Not only does she place herself in the middle of fights, but to top it off, she encouraged Jill to LIE about anybody being in the room when Bethenny called (play the tape- she shook her head & tried to stop Jill).

    I used to like Jill, but she is out of control now. Has anyone heard of “getting over it”— ATT JILL: take some lessons. Yeah, Bethenny told her to get a hobby, but there was some valid reasoning there, reasons that Jill has yet to discuss or own up to. Maybe Bethenny wasn’t at the hospital for bobby, but it wasn’t like she totally ignored the fact that he was sick either.

    Although bethenny came off as a mean girl, I like her because she lets people know where they stand with her. From what I can see, there are no fronts on her end. She might not be innocent, but she definitely doesn’t deserve the craziness she is getting from theother ladies. She tried to clear the air & instead got badmouthed and ganged up on. How old are Jill and LuAnn again? They need to grow up.

  • arlene

    I agree with everything you said. Jill used to be my favorite NY housewife , but now all I see is a bitter , mean women. I agree with Bethenny, she doesn’t seem to work much at her husbands store, she doesn’t do much philanthropic work like other rich women in NY who don’t work, , she needs to get a HOBBY!!! I hope the 2 other new NY housewives add something interesting to this show other than cat fights.

  • Tanya

    Wow wow & wow is all I can say. (fb)

  • Nirali

    (and also appeared to still be confused by the concept of proportions),
    This gave me my first laugh of the day, thanks
    I laugh at everything, but something so small and silly broke me out of my funk XD


  • Belle

    Last week, my daughter and I were in Beverly Hills and someone actually asked me if Jill and the rest of the Housewives were a fair representation of the women in Manhattan (we live on the UES). All I could say is “Yes!”. Jill and LouAnn are the worst, and they make Kelly and Bethenny look good.

  • Idealist

    AGREED! You nailed this recap! Jill makes my skin crawl! & the way she had this silly smirk on her face during the phone conversation just screamed “mean girl” & I’m just taunting you for the heck of it! PLUS who does speaker phone? What is this 7th grade?

    • Doree

      Thought I was the only one that thought Jill was back in High School being “Miss Mean” of 19something…What an example to set for her daughter..And she thinks she is the essence of Jewish mother…she doesn’t understand that the term stands for a woman with heart and compassion…And who is she to stand in judgement of women who work for a living and support themselves , i.e. Bethany, Ramona and Alex. She is so busy trying to social climb she has lost sight of what’s really important. Jill talks a good game, but is mean and vindictive and has lured a willing Luann into her web of deceitful behavior. I used to love watching the show but have stopped….Jill and Luann behave too bady. As for Kelly, at least she tried to repair her dispute with Bethany , but Jill has to put her 15 year old bullying self into the mix and try to break that up. Jill get over it.

  • styleezta

    so love this show :D the new jersey one is soo funny as well. lots of mean girls but they make good tv!!


  • Silvana

    i dont watch this show but Ive realized there are a lot of designer bags on reality shows nowadays!
    (fb) (fb) (fb) (fb)

  • 2manybags

    Jill’s email to Kelly was so childish. Despite that, I’m still on Team Jill. I can’t stand Bethenny….I still think she got a man, got a ring and forgot about her friends. She’s all about herself.

  • Eric

    sorry never really had a chance to follow this show-(fb)

  • Fai

    Love the recaps for RHNYC as in Australia we’re not upto this season yet. (fb)

  • pjma

    Jill wanted to be considered the “leader” of this group and Bethenny overshadowed her. That is the primary reason for this “breakup”. Bethenny stole Jill’s thunder and therefore she must be removed.

    Look at Jill in all episodes. Nothing new here. She trashed Ramona, Lu Ann, Kelly, and Simon. She trashes their homes, their kids, their clothes, and interrupts everybody in an attempt to steal back the spotlight. Bethenny eclipsed her and showed her she could make her own way without her and this must rankle the one who wishes to be Queen Bee.

    She is Bobby’s trophy wife, living it up to the hilt, hoping all the others will envy her great fortune as she brings her entourage – hairdresser, makeup artist, stylist – into the show as she shops nonstop to prove her worth. Bethenny admitted upfront that this program was a stepping stone to establishing her brand and it apparently has worked.

    Jill is the “snake” of all of them. Ramona has a drinking problem. Kelly is vapid. Lu Ann is a big fat phony. And Alex and Simon are social climbers. Bethenny at least has a goal which seems attainable. The others are merely fameseekers.

    • Lisa in Oregon

      Perfectly said.

  • Susan Albert

    Jill is despicable for using her husband’s cancer as an excuse. Were the blogs from the summer about her travel and activities fake or is she in denial so she can berate Bethenny? By the way I had thyroid surgery and they don’t “slit you from ear to ear” A small, about 2 inch incision is made in the crease of you neck. You are also sent home after 2 days. I was back at work in two weeks. And I didn’t need my husband around me constantly providing care. I would have been happy with flowers and an email from a friend I knew was traveling. Could Bethenny have called? Sure. Is it a friendship ender? I don’t think so.

  • Stephanie S.

    I am so disappointed in Jill this season. I liked her in season’s past but her stance on friendship and the way she has been treating Bethenny makes me sick. And her email to Kelly—like omg, are we in high school again? She is not acting like a grown, mature woman.

    I’m kind of happy to see the women getting together with Alex and her being the one who is friends with them all. Everyone treated her and Simon so poorly because they thought they were strange, and really didn’t give them a chance.

    Luann is a snake, I feel bad for her daughter, who seems like a nice girl. Ramona…I used to hate her, cheers to her for her whole renewal thing, I think that’s a great example to set and try and rebuild relationships/friendships that weren’t necessarily the best in the past.

    (fb) (fb) (fb)

  • skye

    Aha, you said it all so succinctly!
    If you peel through Jill’s layers, at the core I think you will find hurt at the “get a hobby” remark Bethenny initially made, but in her overreaction and determination to get even, she has lost sight of the hurt and is turning into one bitter lady.

  • Jocelyn

    I honestly don’t watch this show but I want to enter the Linea Pelle giveaway :D (fb)

  • Jen

    Team Jill!

  • Bagolicious

    I just finished watching the above episode. I taped it since I’ve been away in Paris. Lots to catch up on!

    Anyhow, as far as I’m concerned, Jill is one sick cookie. How can anyone be so mean and self-righteous? It’s the world that’s to revolve around Jill. I mean, really, Bethenny sent flowers and e-mailed. Give me a break. Get over it. She REALLY does need to get a hobby. A grown woman acting worse than an out-of-control, temper- tantrum throwing, 2- year old.

    Bethenny is the only one that I can half-way stomach although she definitely has her issues,too. But, at least she seems more “real” than Luann, the classless and uppity, countess, Jill, and Ramona who is just out of her mind. And don’t even let me get started on that Playboy model one who is just in a galaxy of her own. Beyond pathetic. She acts worse than an immature 16- year- old, love sick, puppy-loved girl who falls for any piece of rancid, male meat that looks her way. And that pseudo interviewer was some rancid meat. Shameful. Simply shameful.

  • troi

    Anyone reconize the designer of the bag that Bethenny was carrying when she and Jill were talking at Ramona’s place on the April 8th show? Please, Please must know for my own sanity!

  • kelly

    I have loved watching Jill in episodes past, but she really acted like a spoiled fifth grade girl in this one. Her attacks on Bethenny, her wanting to isolate Bethenny remind me of the worst parts of being an elementary school girl. LuAnn is just sad, she and Danielle from RHWNJ were separated at birth, pretentious, tacky, hurtful – mothers who think only of themselves and never consider the impact of their actions on their children. Women like that produce children that grow up to be women like Jill. (fb)

  • Doree

    The more comments I read the more I find that Jill is a very familiar character who is an excellent successor to the original “The Queen of Mean” Leona Helmsly. She befriended Bethany when Bethany needed a friend and seemed good to her…but now Bethany has worked hard and can stand on her own two feet. Jill wants to undermine her with snide remarks and mean accusations and is trying to have all the women pick sides…If you are friends with Bethany, then you cant be friends with me….Hey Jill, where is the heart you claim to have??? You must have left it on Long Island …Quelle domage…you tell have truths out of context to rally these people to you side…”Poor me “- look how I ‘ve been so badly treated”..Stop and take a hard look at yourself in the mirror…I think you wont like what you see and certainly wont like the weakness and “unclass” you will see in LuAnn

  • Tracey G.

    love rhony (ipad)

  • Tracey G.

    im obsessed with this show (ipad)

  • Tracey G.

    ny show is so funny (ipad)

  • Tracey G.

    new season is airing soon (ipad)

  • Tracey G.

    new season is airing soon, wohoo (ipad)

  • Tracey G.

    new season soon yahoo! (ipad)

  • Tracey G.

    love bethaney (ipad)

  • Tracey G.

    this show cracks me up (ipad)

  • Tracey G.

    cant wait for the new season yeeeaaa (ipad)

  • Tracey G.

    so excited for the new show (ipad)

  • dorick

    Jill continues to be disgusting…who the h-ll does she think she is. She brought back a 20cent trinket from Australia..surely she could afford a little more money for each gift…she is obnoxious and judges everyone.
    Why not find some women with substance who can contribute to the community…Jill’s pettiness is boring and the “countess” needs to get real and stop sitting in judgement…I used to enjoy this show and now make sure I tape it so I can fast-forward through much of the inane dialogue.

    How about getting some women on the show who have real careers
    and have to navigate real life.

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