Anyone ever notice that the people that most often insist that they hate drama are the ones that always find a way to make themselves the center of it? If not, that’s probably the biggest thing you can learn from Real Housewives of Atlanta. These ladies doth protest too much.

There were no enormous blow-ups or wig-tugging incidents in this episode, and it was probably better for it. Bravo should learn that when they don’t build up expectations of ridiculousness, the stuff that actually happens seems more interesting. Last week, they promised us the world and couldn’t deliver, but this week they promised very little and I was pleasantly surprised. The episode was a bit slow, but it seems to have set the stage for some new story lines to begin, and I’m all about getting some new drama that doesn’t involve Kim’s wig.

And also…was that Michael Lohan?

Yes, it was Michael Lohan. He wasn’t in the new episode, but rather in the “extended footage” of last week’s fight that aired beforehand. I can’t believe that Bravo didn’t include the fact that Lindsay Lohan’s insane born-again father was at the restaurant (apparently bringing an anti-smoking product he sponsors to Kim) when all of that went down. I call shenanigans! Heck, let him join the show. He’ll be the male Kim. Possibly my favorite part of the entire evening was watching Nene run down the street after him, in heels, yelling “Mr. Lohan! Mr. Lohan!” I laughed so hard, I nearly passed out.

Anyway, back to the new episode. It started out with Lisa planning trip out to LA for her grandma’s 92nd birthday and to visit the grave of her deceased older brother. Not to be insensitive, but…yawn. I don’t find Lisa to be that compelling of a character, and while it’s great that she’s visiting her grandma and sad that her brother passed, I’m not sure I want to hear about it. From next week’s previews, it looks like she’s going to take Nene with her, so that might be interesting. Key word in that sentence being might.

Next, we got to see Kim explore the amazing world of grammar and sentence structure with her kids and their nanny. To answer the question in this week’s title quote, no, “sightseeing” is not a verb. It’s a noun. But before that issue could even be settled, one of Kim’s daughters started jokingly rapping a prayer in Spanish, and the completely humorless nanny, who had been working for them for a grand total of five days, looked at her and told her she was going to h-e-double-hockey-sticks (our advertisers don’t like us to swear. Hi, advertisers!) for doing that. For a moment I thought she was joking, but it became clear very quickly that she was not. I would have FLIPPED OUT and fired her right there, and I’ll say this for Kim – she didn’t. She kept her cool. But later, when the nanny left the younger kid and a friend playing outside to go buy a tampon, Kim told her to hit the streets. What kind of nanny promises a twelve-year-old eternal damnation for a silly joke, in front of her employer, after less than a week of employment with the nanny? An unemployed nanny, that’s what kind!

Nene got a plug in for her book, which she fully admitted is being ghostwritten for her, and I find that kind of refreshing. I know people that have done ghostwriting before, and you wouldn’t believe how many books are ghostwritten (hint: more or less every book every written by anyone whose primary occupation is something other than “writer”). I’m not really sure where they were going with this scene, so we’ll move on.

Kandi is finally getting some interesting drama – she had dinner with her fiance to ask him to try and reach out to her mom and participate in a photo shoot with them, and despite the fact that I think he’s kinda cute, his reaction made me think her mom was right about him; he’s triflin’. Instead of agreeing to reach out to her, he told Kandi that she needs to stop listening to her so much. Suspect, right? Just talk to the girl’s mom. Make a friend. It’ll all be cool. But he can’t even do that for someone he wants to marry. As a result, he will heretofore be referred to as Kandi’s Triflin’ Fiance. He no longer gets a name.

After that, Sheree and Dwight took some of the other girls out for moral support while they went speed dating. Dwight looked like he had stuffed a cucumber down his leather pants and Sheree ended up talking to a 25-year-old and someone whose last relationship ended in a restraining order. ‘Twas not a great advertisement for speed dating.

And in then end, they all got together for cocktail hour at the King Tut exhibit that came through town not long ago. They managed to not all beat each other senseless because their kids were also there to see the exhibit, but of course, that doesn’t mean they won’t beat each other senseless the next time we see them. In fact, I think it makes it more likely! Kandi, who has an obvious problem staying away from triflin’ people, struck up a conversation about music with Kim and invited her to come out to the studio with her. Nene poked her head into the conversation to ask if she could get them anything (she was the one who had organized the event), and Kandi acted like that was a rude thing to do, which completely baffled me. I love it when people ask me if I need another drink. That means I’m not paying for it!

After Kandi’s somewhat rude reaction, Nene started joking that she was going to come to the studio and record too. It seemed like a pretty innocuous joke to me, although I understand that it can be irritating when someone thinks that your profession is something that anyone can do (if only you knew how many people ask me if PurseBlog is hiring when they hear I’m a blogger. They all “think they’d be great at it!”). But Nene was obviously making a joke about her previous drama over singing with Kim, and Kandi really acted holier-than-thou and snotty about it. They had all been drinking. People make stupid jokes when alcohol is involved. Kandi should understand this by now.

That was about it; like I said, it was a slow episode. But based on the previews for next week, it looks like this episode set us up for a throw down between Lisa and Kim and “hood”-off between Nene and Kandi. Until next time, folks.

Oh, oh, I almost forgot. In the “Watch What Happens” episode with Andy Cohen and Kim that aired at midnight – does anyone else think that Kim is starting to look like Lori Waring from the OC Housewives? She’s had so much plastic surgery that she has actually turned herself into a completely different reality star.

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  • Tamara

    I’ve never commented on a post before but I am a regular to Purse Blog…let me just say, I heart PurseBlog, I window shop here on a daily basis.

    Now onto the reason why I decided to post…..

    I officially love Dwight……..and I love the fact that he is comfortable in his skin to wear the skin tight leather pants with the “cucumber” on full display. I think that was the highlight of the show for me.

    I don’t know if this would ever happen, but what would a conversation between Dwight and Tim Gunn be like? Ahhh, the world may never know.

  • JenG

    Thanks for the commentary I didn’t get to watch the show.

  • Redseouls

    I have said it before and I’ll say it again: Amanda I live for your recap! I laugh so hard each and every time. Thanks for the comedic relief!

  • otter

    Good show last night. I agree, Kim is turning into Lori and Sheree is morphing into a horse.

    Nene ROCKS. BAM!

  • mj

    Seriously, is anyone as sick of Sheree as I am? She is NOT good looking or not special at all. Her look and attitude annoy the crap out of me!

  • Sher

    I am in NYC in a hotel that does not have Bravo. Thanks for the info. Love, love your updates.

  • Urooj

    My second best part of every Thursday is getting online and reading your reviews!! (First being of course watching RHOAtl)
    (I read PB more than I read the news…random confession)

  • Aaron

    Is it a joke that I’m not getting when you say “sightseeING” is NOT a verb? It scares me that you’re writing a blog and you think it’s not a verb. I’m running, I’m jumping, I’m skiing, I’m sightseeing. It’s a verb. “To sightsee”

  • @Aaron: So, let’s have a quick grammar lesson, shall we? In those sentences you used as an example, the verb is AM. It’s what we like to call a linking verb (in case we need to go remedial here, ‘am’ is indeed in those sentences. The apostrophe in “I’m” replaces the A to make it a contraction). Running, jumping, and skiing are all activities, you are correct, but not verbs in those instances. They’re gerunds, which are technically nouns. You can read all about gerunds here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerund

    Also, in my post, I linked to the dictionary.com page for the word “sightseeing” so that anyone who was dubious could have the information from a third party easily at hand. Take a look! It explains why “sightseeing” is a noun and “to sightsee” is a verb. Oh, the wonders of grammar! It’s best to, you know, look things up before you tell people they’re not doing their job correctly.

  • What About The Cell Phones

    I liked the Director’s cut with the extended footage of the argument at the restaurant. It was hilarious watching the arguments. Then Kim and Sheree get interrupted by cell phone calls from their family and kids, stop arguing, talk to the kids, hang up, then pick up the argument where they left off, shouting included. Then when NeNe told Lindsey Lohan’s dad to go back to Malibu, I died laughing. This show is too funny!

  • erica

    I’d really to comment, but I can’t stop laughing about the first comment…Dwight and his cucumber!!! HAAAA

  • erica

    Aaron, hush up.

    Ok, let’s clear up the sightseeing thing once and for all.. (I have a BA in English for those who care)

    It has many titles according to usage.

    It can be a adjective (A sightseeing tour)
    It is a verb when you say “sightsee”

    I went sightseeing (as Kim was saying): NOUN
    Just like I went skiing.

    Skiing then becomes a noun (strictly because of the usage and placement)

    When you refer to skiing as a sport, it’s a noun! I could keep going, but I’ll stop.

    At first I thought Kim was a dummy for not knowing, but then I forgave her because she is Kim after all, she’s not a writer (like Nene, lol)

  • erica

    Pardon my mistake (the a instead of an before the word adjective)
    I said I was an English major, I didn’t say I was a good typist

  • Lindi

    Amanda I totally agree with you about Kim morphing into Lori Waring. I thought the same thing. I couldn’t figure out exactly what she had done to look more like Lori. Must be a combination of the new wig and possibly some work to thin her nose and modify her upper lip?


  • RY

    dont watch this nonsense, although cucumber conversation sparked my interest. Is it large? The cucumber? I think I might start watching just for that. Is there a lot of drama? If there is, I think I will stick with Mad Men-no cucumbers shown, but Jon Hamm is completely delish.

  • Metalblond

    This show is hilarious– and the re-cap even more so!! I can’t stand Sheree but I love her handbags…does anyone know what the red bag she was carrying for her Speed Dating was?

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