Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen of Real Housewives of New York CityYou guys, my day was kind of meh yesterday and my hormones are making me a crazy person, but when Megs called me to tell me about this article, it totally turned it around. My love for the Real Housewives of New York is fairly well-documented to those that know me, and my love for Alex and Simon in particular has grown this season. They seem kind of nice and normal, I think, particularly when juxtaposed with megatwit and enemy of all things intelligent and logical Kelly Killoren Bensimon. Plus, I liked their renovation a lot more than I liked Jill’s (they used the same color scheme that I have in my bedroom!), but don’t tell her that, because I’m fairly sure she’d cut me.

Anyway, when asked by NBC New York about the actual, real-life color of Kelly’s ridiculously over-tanned skin (my friend from New Jersey would call her “too tan for February”), Simon responded that it changes every day (which is kind of what we suspected), and also mentioned that the ladies on the Blog and Forum refer to her as Kleather. BAH. You mean girls are famous now! All thanks to our dear friend Simon.

The mean girl in me really hopes that Kelly already knew we called her Kleather, and that if all that Botox allows her to frown, that she did when she heard it. I think my little grinch heart just shrank two sizes.

Article via NBC New York

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  • LVDevotee

    You are too funny!! I love your description of Kelly. What a pill she is!! (And not in a good way :) ).

  • Ruth

    Hah!!!! Too funny! As strange as Simon and Alex are (and really – they are very strange), they do seem like kind, decent people. But that Kelly….

    Maybe the Housewives are actually TPF’ers!??! I betcha Simon is!

  • Kas

    hahahhaha so funny! simon so is hes very femi

  • Sher

    Simon and Alex seem pretty decent, but I do think he is gay , but wants a family, etc. Well we could talk about that for hours, who knows? Anyway , Kelly really gets on my nerves. Does anyone know her real age??

  • ChristineNY

    I just read the article, and have to say kudos to Ally Zarin. To hold her own with that interviewer and take the high road re Kelly the Lunatic, while only a junior in high school, well, let’s just say Miss Ally has certainly got some poise and some class.

    As for Alex and Simon – they still make my skin CRAWL!!! Just when I was beginning to think they might be a tad OK, he got all hissy and psycho at the limo driver for not going in the direction Simon had ordered. (“Your surprise is RUINED!”) Since when does taking a different route home constitute a surprise? Really, they both need some serious help. The red patent pants in the final episode just scared the hell out of me, too. Not an image I particularly want seared into my brain.

    Can’t wait to see how Luanne holds up when she can no longer call herself a Countess. And please, someone, please get Ramona to a physician before her eyes pop all the way out of her head. Is this what happens when you make too many visits to the plastic surgeon?

    And yet, I’ll be back next season for more.


  • Otter

    Love these bitches — all of them. oh, and Ramona and Alex’s husbands should star in the Real Queens of New York.

    GO TEAM JILL. You are the best honey!

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