Last night was the day we’ve all been waiting for during this season of The Rachel Zoe Project – it was baby day! A new Zoe-Berman was brought into the world, and although we (mercifully) did not see what happened in the delivery room, we did see the before part and the after part. Skyler, as we all know by now, is adorable. As if anyone ever had any doubts.

The baby wasn’t the only thing that happened, though. There was a giant diamond ring, the brief return of Jeremiah and a cameo by Molly Sims, for whom Joey had to fly to New York. Really, though, all anyone cares about is the baby. And maybe the diamond ring. (I definitely care about the ring.)

We started with Joey and Mandanna in the office, gossiping about Jeremiah’s firing and how he’s just too talented to stand around steaming clothes all day. Aren’t half of the people working in fashion overqualified for the entry-level jobs that they can actually get? Isn’t that just part of working in the industry? Does Jeremiah really not shower? He looks like he showers. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that he looks like he smells good.

Before I could dwell on that thought too long, Rodger showed up to tell everyone to not talk to Rachel about work no matter what. No emails, no questions, no nothing. Gotta release Baby Zoe-Berman before any more business can be conducted at Rachel Zoe Inc. As if Rachel will allow them to exclude her…

Elsewhere, Mandanna and Jeremiah got together so that she could tell Jeremiah that he got fired for being too good at things. I’ve only been let go from a job one time, and although I was laid off in the middle of the financial collapse instead of being fired, the HR people who did it preceded the news by telling me that I headed up the only program in the company that had actually increased both its revenue and profits during my time there. And then I got laid off! That was fun, and this scene sort of reminded me of that experience. Anyway, this isn’t about me. It’s about Jeremiah, and Mandanna was kind of bitchy to him even though she was right that his solution to the problem (launch Rachel Zoe Home!) was ridiculous.

Back at the house, Rachel, Joey and a couple of the anonymous brunettes were in the closet discussing exactly what Rachel could get away with in the delivery room. Jewelry? Stilettos? A hair and makeup touch-up before she’s wheeled into Labor & Delivery? I actually have no idea what they let you have. None of my longtime friends have had kids yet (which, knowing them, is for the best), and I certainly haven’t, so all I know is that they made me take my nail polish off when I got my tonsils out. I’m guessing that delivering a baby is different, right?

Before Rachel gave birth, she did have to deal with one more business call. Molly Sims had an event to attend in New York and needed styling services, and although Rachel was obviously in no condition to attend to them, Joey is not pregnant and will not be pregnant any time soon. That meant he would be heading to New York to style Molly, and since he’s never styled someone on his own, this should be a blast. He did manage to pull an entire clothing rack full of dresses at Starworks, which I suppose is the first step on the road to victory.

While that was going on, Rodger called Rachel with what he thought was a very bright idea: He had hired a videographer to memorialize the birth of their child! Naturally, Rachel was having nothing to do with it, and I don’t blame her for a single moment. That is a very stressful, serious moment, and I can’t imagine being comfortable having a stranger with a camera in my face the entire time. Never mind if the camera stayed above the waist; why have that person there giving you anxiety if you can avoid it? Isn’t there already enough to think about while shooting a kid out of your vagina?

Rodger’s next idea, on the other hand, was much better – a push present! I don’t personally believe in requiring a present just for giving birth, and I would never, ever demand one (it’s also doubtful whether or not I’ll actually have a kid), but it seems like an oddly appropriate gesture between Rodger and Rachel. He sat down with Neil Lane himself to pick something out, and he looked at some diamond rings and bracelets first before settling on ten amazing karats of diamond cocktail ring. Hell, Rachel makes all the money. If she’s always wanted it, get it for her. And he did. Rodger, I take back everything bad I’ve ever said about you.

Back at work, Mandanna and Joey were picking out looks for Molly Sims, whom Joey would then fly to New York and style. When Joey said he was going to overnight the looks to New York, Mandanna pointed out to him that it was perhaps not the most reliable way to do things, and it suddenly occurred to Joey that he’s not actually a stylist. Once in New York, Joey’s equally gay little brother showed up and told him that he didn’t like any of the dresses, and truthfully, I didn’t love most of them either. Is it too late to hire Jeremiah back?

Thankfully, Molly and Joey are friendly, but that didn’t mean that Molly didn’t ixnay 95% of the stuff that he brought, most of it on sight. She did love the fully beaded Rachel Roy frock that Joey had paraded around the studio earlier, though, and that was all that mattered. All that has to work is one dress. Personally, I would have preferred it a tad shorter and with slightly more tailored sleeves, but overall it was not a disaster. I love anything shiny.

And then, suddenly, we switched to a home video of Rachel in the bathroom right after her water broke in the middle of the night. Egads! It’s about to be Babytown, Population: Rachel and Rodger. I wouldn’t have blamed Rachel for smacking him in the head with her giant Perrier bottle for filming her, but she left any and all violence for after the camera was turned off. I hope she did swat him, though. I really don’t like being filmed, and perhaps I’m projecting that on this situation.

Anyway, baby time. While Rach and Rodg were at the hospital, her army of assistants sprang into action to get the nursery ready before the new baby came home. You see, apparently they’re superstitious about not organizing the nursery until the baby comes, but that seems like a really inconvenient superstition to have. Unless you have a bunch of employees to run around and do it for you while you’re at the hospital, anyway, which Rachel just so happened to have. The gang even called Jeremiah, who had ordered all of the nursery furniture, to come back and help get everything together. Naturally, Rachel’s kid’s wardrobe was already in place even if the crib wasn’t, and he had a nicer leather jacket than I do.

Before we knew it, the tiny baby was being strapped in to the back of the Range Rover and the whole family was headed home for the first time. By now, we all know that they named him Skyler, and the videos of him sleeping and yawning and just being a baby in general made my ovaries twitch. I felt them twitch. It happened. Hopefully we’ll get to see more of him on next week’s season finale!

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  • RedHead

    Umm…uhh…what about that Joey’s brother, huh?

  • mochababe73

    Rachel went overboard with the whole wardrobe thing. I have birthed to boys. Giving birth is a messy business. The last thing you want is to wear something designer. I say rock the hospital gown until it’s time to go home.
    As far as video goes, I don’t blame her for not wanting a stranger to video, but her her own husband? That’s a little ridiculous. If she wasn’t worried so much about looking perfect, it wouldn’t have been that big of a deal. But…I draw the line at recording the baby coming out.
    I never got a push present, but I’ve definitely heard of them. I’ve also heard the superstition about setting up the nursery before the birth, but I ignored it.
    I was in awe that Joey AND his brother are both gay.
    Jeremiah is better than me. I would have been bitter. Marisa and Mandana (whom I don’t like) would have been on their own.

  • Alisa

    I was pregnant the same time as Rachel, even though I looked probably like three rachels. While I was having my contractions I went an got a manicure and went out to brunch with my husband :) I just wish my labor was as easy as my morning ( emergency c sec not fun). So yes you are allowed to have your nails painted. Being a mom is the best thing in the world. As someone who was always career oriented all I want to do now is watch my son grow-up. I just read an interview with babrbara steinsand and she said that having her son was her biggest accomplishment. Barbara Streisand! Being a mom is best so happy for Rachel.

    • Alisa

      Oh and being Jewish I also did not set anything up. While I was in the hospital my husband moved us from NYC to Brooklyn (the pilgrimage that most couples in the city make that decide to have babies). And bought what we needed for the baby. And he got me a push present :) more like two! David yurman earings from his sample sale, a turquoise pair and blue topaz pair.

  • Bir

    I kind of saw Rachel again it’s been some time actually I mean I love her fashion intensity and drive but this time I got to hear and see Rachel as a successful professional genius that she is being a mom being happy !!!!!!! So good episode all around.

    Just one more thing pushing all the furniture into the middle of the room does not fill up the space please jeremiah you have good taste use it !!!!

  • Bir

    P.S I loved the ring !!!!!!!!!

  • bisbee

    As Alisa said, the superstition about not setting anything up (or even having it in the house) is a Jewish thing…it’s supposed to be bad luck. I didn’t follow it, but many do.

    Alisa – I was surprised you went to brunch after you went into labor – I had my children many years ago, but I remember being told NOT to eat anything, just in case something happened and they had to do an emergency procedure! That’s why they always only allow you to have ice chips in the hospital!

    • Alisa

      I called my doctor he said it was ok, it was still early.

  • Laura

    I would take ten carats any day :) that ring was so incredibly gorgeous.

    And even though I don’t have kids, I wouldn’t want anyone video-ing me in the process of pushing a child out of my body. I don’t blame Rachel a bit.

  • steffie

    I just want to know if any one paid Jeremiah for setting up the baby’s room, esp after they just fired him???!!

  • erica

    I told my husband about the push present Rodger gave Rachel. Even he said “that would make you wanna push!” Enough said. I am guessing the Hermes charm was from Rodger’s account and the money for this ring came from their “joint” account if you catch my drift.

    Back in the day, a push present was the baby. But that was then I guess. I just hate the name. Sounds gross. How about renaming it “mommy gift”or something cuter.

    And I don’t plan on wearing a hospital gown if I could avoid it. When you look good you feel good and who would feel good in that dreadful thing? There’s a line of fashionable hospital gowns at for mommies to be. I saw it on a fashion blogger’s site.

    On to Jeremiah, you had my attention when you were sweaty and working. Your whining is not cute. You’re on tv, getting exposure, making money, so get over it. From what I hear he’s still working with RZ so all is good in the world.

    The baby’s adraoable, the ring is amazing but all I want to know is where Marissa got that fab white cape she was wearing.

    • mochababe73

      Trust me, when that pain hits, the last thing that you will be thinking about is what you have on. That pain doesn’t feel good no matter what you’re wearing. LOL!
      But take my comment with a grain of salt. I saw a video of an epidural as a part of my Lamaze class. I knew that I didn’t want one. Both of my children were born au naturale. While I felt every pain, I wouldn’t change it. Like I said, labor is a messy business. At the time, I’d rather mess up their gowns than mine.

  • Pinkfeet

    It’s almost like Jerimiah is the insecure “nice guy” in this relationship .. he gets crapped on, treated horribly, taken advantage of, jerked around, never called back, he waits by the phone, does all the work, gets food, does the errands, is actually NICE..and gets dumped and is STILL nice to very end ( hello baby nursery ?!?! ) .

    .while Joey is the bad boy getting a mercedes ( wtf?), isnt even a stylist…is celeb obsessed, obviously money/self motivated only, Rachel fawns over him, has to pay him to move, to be her friend, to be nice to her, he never calls back, is passive aggressive and yet… Rachel wants him not the nice guy..gee I wonder what will happen in long run… I am SURE like all the other GREAT employees they will backstab her and run for greener pastures / more money or fame… poor J…

    While I adore her style sense most of the time, I think Rach puts herself in these personal situations by the way she treats people.

  • Mirna

    Joey is do annoying and his brother is no different. Their father must be proud to have 2 sons who are both really girls.

    • FashionSista

      Uhm what exactly is the point of your second sentence? Why wouldn’t the father be proud? I hope your parents are proud that they have a homophobic asshole as a daughter.

  • PhotoGirl

    Loved this episode. Baby Skylar (sp??) is adorable. But really, that’s news to no one. Also:

    Thought the massive diamond was fabulous. Still not a Rodger fan, though.
    I hope they paid Jeremiah, but something tells me that they didn’t.
    I, too, heard the superstition about not setting up the nursery in advance from my (former) Jewish MIL. I ignored it. I also had a miscarriage. And while I’m certainly not saying that one caused the other, what I can tell you is that coming home with no baby and then disassembling the nursery is beyond devastating. I’m thinking that perhaps this superstition is rooted in that one simple fact. JMO, of course.
    Hating that homophobic comment on here about Joey and his brother. Let me tell you: they are originally from my part of the country and were very successful before anyone ever heard of Rachel Zoe. I’m sure their father IS quite proud.

  • suz

    Isn’t Skylar a girl’s name?…or do I think that from watchiing Breaking Bad? I have a new admiration for Rachael for NOT allowing any videoing…..hats off to her.

  • Mirna

    That’s my opinion and yes my parents are homophobic just like me and you’re the asshole bitch!

  • Mirna

    That’s my opinion and yes my parents are proud and homophobic just like me and you’re the asshole bitch!

    • Manuela

      Then why watch and follow any ‘Bravo’ programmes? Seems like an odd thing to do as a self-professed homophobe. Just sayin’.

  • M.T.

    I am so glad that not only me and my friends hate Joey… He is so annoying period. No matter how successful he might be…(he would have his own Mercedes if he was….) he has no excuse to have this attitude. He is such a disgrace for Rachel. Also he should have gotten used to being close to celebrities by now and not behave like a schoolchild. I also believe that there is not a single person that doesn’t like Jeremiah. He seems to be a good person, up until now at least. Baby Skyler is the cutest ever!!! and by the way i loved the ring… i dieeeeeeee!!!!!

  • hannah

    i’m a nurse and i did labor and delivery and then postpartum/mother baby for a while, and the only reason you couldn’t fingernail polish during your surgery is because they check your oxygen saturation and your ciruclation on your fingernail during it. But we have polish remover pads that we can easily swipe to get one fingernail clean if needed.
    But as far as labor and delivery goes, you definitely don’t want to be wearing anything nice of your own because there is a lot of bleeding/spotting involved down there for quite a while, even if you have a c-section. I cannot imagine wearing those designer clothes in the hospital. They give you disposable underwear and pads and everything.
    Also I was a little grossed out about the hospital gowns as well at the beginning, but they go through rigorous cleaning and sanitizing before they’re allowed to even come back to our floors. There’s nothing wrong with wearing whatever you want while in labor or after you have the baby in mother baby, but if I have kids I’m fine with dirtying up their gowns while in labor,a nd then switching into my own stuff once I have the kid and am in mother baby. Which is what a lot of moms do.
    I’ve seen women pushing with more hair, makeup, jewelry, and nicer clothes on than I own, so pretty much anything goes — you just can’t eat incase they have to do emergency surgery.
    And i have heard a lot about the superstition with not having the nursery ready prior because of stillborns, and it is definitely devastating having to take the couple to another room away from the babies and talking with and hugging them while they talk about the blue room at home decorated with dinosaurs etc. It is definitely heartbreaking and i can understand wanting to wait til after the baby has arrived.

  • erica

    If the hospital allows it, I am going to bring two cute gowns. Wear one for labor and one for afterwards. If one gets ruined, I don’t care, but that’s my plan. What a sec, I’m not even expecting a baby! I am getting ahead of myself.

    But, I think a good middle ground is wear the hospital gown for the messy business, but definitely wear a cute gown after when people visit etc…

  • Karen

    seriously, this molly sims dressing proved 1 thing: Joey doesn’t know how to style. and yet Rachel hasn’t realised it & let Jeremiah (the real talented one) go.

    It’s really funny how Joey pulled SO many dresses and yet the client ONLY loved the one which he didn’t pull (credits to Jordan of coz).

    If this isn’t obvious enough, i don’t know what is.

  • Karen

    ok, am i the only person who thinks that jeremiah is wayyyy too nice to the point where he is desperate/dumb?

    I can’t believe how thick skin these people r to actually call him back for help after how they treated him. oh yeah, and then left him all alone in the house to do the (probably unpaid) job to go celebrate the birth of the baby.

    If it were me, I would rather forgo taking the high road and tell them to F*** OFF, becuz these thick skin people needs to get a taste of their own medicine.