I’m not sure I’ve ever recapped a show that has had as unsatisfying an ending as this season of The Rachel Zoe Project, except for perhaps the season of Project Runway where that horrible Irina person won. In this finale, though, there were clearly no winners. Including us.

Despite being promised the glamour and clothes porn that goes along with the Met Ball, all we got were a few Marc Jacobs dresses and 40 minutes of baby chatter and relationship issues. Even Anne Hathaway and her perfect hair couldn’t save this episode for me, although she made a herculean effort to do just that.

The first task of the last episode was a Bardot-themed shoot for Love magazine (which is great, if you’ve never read it), and of course things had to happen immediately – no time for planning, eating or breathing. Brad says that Rachel has a hard time saying no to jobs, but I’m not sure that’s a job to which I’d want to say no, if I were her. Styling a shoot for an avant-garde fashion glossy has to be a lot more fun than picking yet another unoffensive red carpet dress.

Brigitte Bardot is a wonderful, if perhaps overused, muse, but her style inspiration provides a convenient excuse to pull beautiful clothes and give a model giant blonde hair. Despite the presence of wonderful gold minidresses and ridiculous fur jackets, everyone was kind of pissy for the entire afternoon. Brad posited the idea of calling a car service to take him home, and he and Jordan both more or less ignored Rachel while she ordered them to and fro with very little organization. Brad mentioned that he might be turning into Taylor, which was surprisingly accurate – I guess we all know where Taylor’s nasty attitude came from, and I guess it’s not just The Rodge who is affected by Rachel’s frazzled, scattered, obsessive approach to the workday.

In the next scene, Rachel and Rodger were suddenly in New York for the Met Ball, and The Rodge was clearly not amused by, uh, anything that they were doing. Rachel was attending the ball with Marc Jacobs, so I’m honestly not sure whey Rodger even bothered coming along for the trip. He complained about having to hear about The Met and the people Rachel needed to dress, and he also didn’t understand why they had to talk about fashion the entire time. He did realize he was on a business trip, right?

I’m not entirely unsympathetic to Rodger’s plight – Rachel does seem to prioritize everything else in her life over him – but why he would go on a business trip and then complain about all the business going on is sort of baffling to me, and it seemed to confuse Rachel as well. Because Rodger wouldn’t list her anymore, she went down the hall to crawl into bed with Brad (who was still sleeping) and bother him with their daily schedule. She did bring a very large cup of coffee, however, so I think that’s forgivable.

Rachel’s first project of the day was a Piperlime shoot with a styling contest winner, who seemed incredibly excited and also incredibly over-accessorized. Brad didn’t seem nearly as excited, mostly because being happy isn’t part of his storyline for this episode. Meanwhile, Joey the Hair Gay was having lunch with Rachel’s sister in another part of town, and they discussed the progress of the Rachel Baby Mission. Both of them seemed to take the fact that Rachel doesn’t have a kid as a personal affront to decency and morality, and although I’ve been watching this show for two solid months, I still can’t figure out why. Other than Rodger, who cares if she doesn’t have a kid?

Thankfully we were soon distracted by the charming and lovely Anne Hathaway, whose hair is perfect, as is everything else about her. Also, she’s actually good friends with Brad, in addition to being a client, which just makes me all the more jealous of her. If she didn’t seem so awesome, I would absolutely despise her from the pure ache of envy that she gives me deep within my being.

Sadly, the detour of wonderfulness was short-lived and Rachel’s meddling sister came back to cry and needle Rachel about babies. Well technically, she needed Rachel about being too “busy,” but that’s just code for NEED BABIES NAO KTHX. Rachel admitted that she knows people want her to slow down and enjoy life, but no one can do that for her – either she wants to do that or she doesn’t, and Rodger’s insults about her lack of cleavage probably aren’t going to make her want to spend more time with him.

Rachel’s experience being fitted for her dress for the Met Ball wasn’t much more pleasant – she had to pick one of Jacobs’ dresses to wear to the event, which was a bit of a problem since she doesn’t generally wear ball gowns, she just picks them out. Also, Marc Jacobs isn’t a traditional red carpet designer, so the dresses themselves were a bit…challenging. She settled on a deep-v mustard velvet gown that probably exposed more ribs than was wise, but it definitely fit her better than the patterned dress she tried before it. Sadly, we didn’t get to see much else in the way of Met Ball fashion.

The next thing we knew, Rachel and Rodger were back in LA and headed to the gynecologist. I’m not entirely convinced that Rachel really wanted him to come along, but along he went anyway. Once there, Rodger stamped his hand with random stuff sitting on the doctor’s desk and then denied saying that Rachel might be too old to have a baby. Rachel said that she desperately wanted to be a mother but, uh, is anyone else not buying that? She freaked out at the prospect of having a blood test right afterward, and in this instance, I have to agree with Rodger. If she’s so desperate to get pregnant, why delay a simple blood test when she’s already in the doctor’s office?

Back at their apartment, Rachel admitted that she’s still afraid of what having a baby would do to her career, and she doesn’t want to put her work on the back burner. That seemed obvious all along, so I’m not sure exactly why they had to have that conversation all over again – if the reality of the situation is apparent to a casual viewer after two months, why can’t Rodger see the writing on the wall?

Rachel apparently wasn’t clear on why they were having that conversation either, because she got up and walked outside to avoid continuing on the subject. She doesn’t want to deny Rodger a baby because she doesn’t want to lose him, but she also doesn’t really want to have a kid for any other reason. Rachel ended the show (and the season) by reiterating her commitment to becoming a parent, but I think I can speak for all of us when I say that I won’t believe it until I see the baby bump.

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  • PhotoGirl

    Bump? HA! IF there is a baby, she will buy it (can you say surrogate?) the way she might buy a vintage piece or some other charming accessory. (“Did you want a nanny with that?”)

    This season, I think I got to know Rachel and Company a little better than I really needed to. The thrill is gone.

    BTW, nice article about Brad in yesterday’s NYT. Can’t believe she really crawled into bed with him. (Well, yes, actually, I can.) Just imagine if the CEO of some other company tried that shizz on a business trip! Holy inappropriateness!

    I can’t imagine another season of Rachel, can you? I think she’s officially jumped the shark.

    • I loved the article about Brad too! And it surprised me that no one ever mentioned a surrogate on the show – they obviously have enough money, and if the physical part of having a baby is what’s stopping her from being a mother, then why not??

      I agree that we got to know them a little too well this season – I prefer this show when it keeps things light and fun, and particularly the last two episodes were NOT light or fun. I could watch Brad all day, though.

      • PhotoGirl

        Brad’s very amusing.
        For me, the best moment of the show came when he asked if he was turning into Taylor. Now that we’ve had such a big look at how Rachel manages her personal and professional lives, I am starting to have a better understanding of Taylor’s surly attitude.

        But I watch Rachel for the fashion, and there simply wasn’t enough of it this time around.
        If I want to be annoyed, I can turn off the TV and just deal with my own life/business. :)

  • purseloco

    Rachel already has a baby, why have another one.

    • PhotoGirl


      So true. . .

    • Jelita78

      ahhh so she does have a baby..
      this gets confusing every time! (ipad)

  • Jo Marie

    It does look as if Rachel is not baby ready. Why we can see that and the people nearest to her can’t is not a mystery. She’s still telling them what they want to hear. I believe her life is a tad unmanageable right now. I’m not surprised she refused the blood test.

  • CambridgeGal

    Watching all these people harass her about having a baby makes me wonder what year this is.. I am sort of offended that nobody in her life seems to respect how she feels about it at all.

  • Jennifer

    This isn’t the show I want to watch for drama. I was eager after the beginning of the season – more emphasis on fashion and less on drama, but the entire baby storyline was annoying. Rachel should just admit she doesn’t want to have a child and go on with it. I think that the people in her life don’t respect how she feels about it because she doesn’t articulate it. But her actions speak louder than words – she may say her and Rodge are made to have a baby, yet refusing to take the blood test speaks volume.

    That being said, I was continually annoyed at her comments about the fashion industry demanding her full time involvement, and she can’t slow down. Hello? Lots of women with high powered careers (lawyers, judges, doctors, corporate execs) and demanding jobs (police, fire fighter) get pregnant, have children, breastfeed, and work. (And, before I get flamed for how hard it is to be a work at home mom, I know – work at home moms have it hard too.) She isn’t the only woman in the world with the problem.

    Also, I kept wanting to scream at the TV that the pregnancy is the easy part. It is contained at that point. Try trying to work full time, manage the house, deal with a kid too sick to go to school, covering a soccer practice, keeping your husband happy, finding time to take care of yourself – that is the hard part.

  • Alex

    Did anyone else notice that Rachel seemed like she was guessing her age at the gynecologist?
    “Thirty…Eight?” (said looking at the ceiling)

    • Rach

      YES!!! Thank you for noticing.

      I was insulted that BRAVO seemed to think we’d believe she was 38 (especially since she lives in the world of botox and other attempts at eternal youthfulness). I also found it a bit unrealistic to believe that a woman at her weight (and age) could even consider getting pregnant.

      Then the fit over the blood test. She doesn’t want kids and I think everyone knows it (not that there’s anything wrong with that) – this is just a story line.

  • erica

    Watching the finale was kind of awkward. And Rodge pushing the blood test thing was a little much. I know once my husband forces an issue or acts pushy, that makes me want to do even less!

    I think Rachel is a good boss, a little over extended, but she’s right! Funny, when I worked as a PR assistant in NYC my boss said I was smart, creative, but she actually used an additional word to describe me…obedient!! LOL Meaning I did what she asked of me without much debate. So, if Rachel wanted Brad to push that rack up a hill he should do it! She’s his boss, why does she have to explain? Kudos for her pulling rank, I haven’t seen her do that often enough.

    To conclude, this show was like a cliffhanger. I love kids, but all this baby talk is getting to me. At the end of the day, I watch this show for fashion, so unless the rename it The Rachel Zoe Baby Project and put it on TLC, I say less baby, more couture.

  • Ping

    This show is getting so BORING b/c the dialogue is exactly the same in almost every episode (ie “I die!”)
    I love fashion and I tuned in originally to see the fashion, but the baby story line seems so fabricated as if they need some “drama”. I agree with the comments that Rachel does not want to have a baby as her job is her BABY. Let’s face it, like many reality stars, this is her ticket to brand herself (not that i blame her), but there is hardly any drama and frankly all her “fashion friends” seem quite fake. I just tuned in to see your recap (i think your recaps are great) as I stopped watching the show midway thru this season. But even your recap can’t save this vapid girl and her whining hubby. Is it me, or does anyone else see that Rachel has more chemistry with her hair guy than the Rodge? I ‘m sure they are still “best friends,” but the only reason they are still together is it’s probably too costly to divorce in California where they have community property laws.

  • Amy

    lol@NEED BABIES NEO KTHNX . LOLspeak jokes should be used always when recapping this show, lol FUNNY!!!

    As far as her intelligence and lack of topics and conversation.. He married a Fashion Stylist, not a UN ambassador!! What other topics would she discuss other than a dress and who will be wearing it!
    While it would be interesting and probably hilarious to witness Rachel hunting down “couture maternity wear”, but i agree BRAVO sucked the fun outta of this season with this storyline. I’m also sick of hearing and watching Rodger bitch and moan about lack of babies. I say, AMEN to at least no more Rodger!
    However next season, should there be one, will be more clothes, more happy and less bitchy Rodger.

  • Bagolicious

    The show was beyond boring. I hope there’s more excitement in the D.C. Housewives show tonight.

  • Leslie

    I have to start to wonder if Rodger is clueless…how can this woman who makes Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway look chubby carry a child. I mean when she was getting into that Marc Jacobs gown and her chest was extremely exposed…Well, let’s just say I gasped….I think that they should just get a puppy and then Rodger and said puppy can be buddies…

    I watch this show simply for BRAD….I have a straight married girl crush on him…honestly, I think my husband has a crush on his as well. I kind of wonder if they were hinting last night that he might get his own show…during his pilates scene…talking about loving his boyfriend and dogs…and that he just wants to be Brad…

    • c.c.

      I have to start to wonder if Rodger is clueless…how can this woman who makes Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway look chubby carry a child. I mean when she was getting into that Marc Jacobs gown and her chest was extremely exposed…”

      She is thin, I’ll give you that one. Although my mother had 5 kids and doesn’t weigh 100 lbs sopping wet. Sometimes the scrawny ones are tougher than they look.

      I’m no doctor but I agree, with her age and her weight, I think she’ll have a difficult time even getting pregnant.

      If she even wants to.

      • Leslie

        I couldn’t agree more, there are certainly a large number of smaller framed women who have tons of happy heathly babies. In fact most of America should be smaller :-) people!

        On a different note…and not directed at you c.c….but just a comment. If I was Rachel and it was a known rumor that I didn’t eat and was bone thin…AND I had my own show…I swear there would be a lot more footage of me eating and hanging out at resturants….not just drinking a latte…Just a thought.

  • Mochababe73

    I also enjoyed the article about Brad.
    Rachel’s biggest problem is finding balance. As a working mother as well, I realized that I had to leave work at work. Teachers are notorious for staying late at work and then taking even more work home. So, I stopped. I try to get as much as I can done at work, but when I am at home, I am at home. And, I have two children who are involved in sports. My job may not be the same, but the concept is the same. Every job has its demands.
    Brad’s line about Taylor was so funny and Freudian at the same time. Now, he is feeling what Taylor had been feeling for almost 5 years. I have always been on Team Taylor.
    I will be so glad when the whole Zoe/Berman clan realize that Rachel wants a baby but doesn’t want it to interfere with her career. She’ll probably have a surrogate, and in a couple of months, we’ll see Rodger with the baby (dressed in mini couture) and the nanny. There is no way that this chick is ever going to slow down enough to give birth.

    • PhotoGirl

      BIG props to you for being a teacher! I did it for a while and I realized that I wasn’t cut out for it at all. Few people know how hard our teachers work or what an enormous influence they have on our future. Thank you so much for the work that you do; it’s so important.

      (Love the thought of Baby Zoe in baby couture. And you know that’s exactly how it would go down, too! :) )

  • adrienne z

    Maybe she has something in her blood that she did not want found out…
    …otherwise there was no reason for her not to get one at the moment when she was already there. With all of this girl’s finagling for time and coordinating schedules, it just does not make sense to take up valuable business time to sit through another appointment when it would save that much time to do it while she’s already there. Doesn’t make any sense unless she’s all BS trying to placate people when she doesn’t want a baby to begin with.

  • c.c.

    Amanda, you are one of the only bloggers that can absolutely change my mind about an episode I just watched. That’s good, right? Yikes!

    To be honest, I watch because I’m a fashion junkie. I must be about as deep and have the same attention span Rachel does because I miss half the things they say because I’m looking at the clothes. I missed Brad’s zing about Taylor. Pretty accurate.

    Can’t wait to find the Brad article because I was under the impression he left his job and just works with Rachel. If that’s the case it was probably a poor decision if he hates fashion.

    Maybe they just spend too much time togther. I know I could never work with hubby or one of us would end up on Court TV.

    Thanks for the recap!

  • NCGal

    38, my tuchas!

  • Sher77

    I found the last episode kinda boring also.I also felt sad as Rachel and Rodg do not seem like happy people. They are always getting dressed up, but to tired to go ,where they need to be.But they go anyway. I would like to see them going out and having fun. For this to stay on air, something has to change. She is painfully thin. Is that her nature. I doubt that. Her sister is a normal size.

  • karen

    googled rachel and she was born sept 1971, so she is 39 or soon will be-also went to george washington univ and studied sociology and psychology, thought that was interesting…i agree, wasnt the best show…count me in also as someone who is sick and tired of the whole baby thing-its obvious to everyone that she does not want to have a baby, and i was floored by her remark that she is desperate to be a mother, huh?? someone who is desperate to be a mother gets the blood test asap, so she is def hiding something…found the bardot statement hilarious during the fashion shoot with furs, since i believe bardot is a huge animal rights activist and would never wear fur…its not impossible to get prego at 39 on your own, but its tough-i was 39 when i had my kids but i used IVF, otherwise it wouldnt have happened-incidently i had no issues while being pregnant and actually did alot better than women alot younger-as far as her weight, my college roomate was a size 0-didnt even know they made 0’s, everyone thought she was anorexic, she was just super thin, naturally…so who knows…

  • D

    Can we please address Rachel’s comment about wearing a vintage Chanel cape/robe in the delivery room…..really now, REALLY?

  • Ponygirl

    adrienne z is right on the money – she refused the blood test so adamantly for a reason… likely something she doesn’t want the doc or Rodger to find out about. Drugs maybe?

    As someone familiar with infertility, she will likely have a very hard time getting pregnant. I can’t imagine being so incredibly underweight (she’s not “thin” she’s skinny), I would guess her estrogen levels – necessary to get pregnant – are way below normal for her age. Her voice also sounds like someone much older – another sign of low estrogen.

    And yes Karen – you are correct, Bardot was a HUGE animal welfare advocate and never would have worn fur.

  • Hect

    I have to say …… Miss zoe can do no wrong but barvo my god this episode was worse than guccis latest bags and those are some bad bags Rachel come back so that we can all go Bananas!!!!!!

  • Elly

    I don’t know if any of you have heard but Brad is leaving Rachel Zoe, effective October 1st. I read it on People.com this morning!

  • may

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