Ok folks – how many of you watch the Ellen Show? Here at Purse Blog, we can’t get enough! We think the show is hilarious, brilliant, entertaining and unique… just like us, right?! Well, if you do watch Ellen, you will remember her quest to be on the cover of O Magazine. After days, weeks, months of work, Ellen received a call from Oprah saying yes, in fact Ellen would be on the cover! So we are following in Ellen’s footsteps.

ELLEN, we love your show! And, we have fun, witty and amazing things to share with your audience. Ellen, call/email/tweet us. We will be on your show one of these days and we can’t wait!

So, all you Purse Blog fans out there – do you think we would be a great addition to one of her shows? Help us attain our goal! Email/tweet/call… do whatever you can and tell the Ellen Show why Purse Blog should be a part of it!

Photo via Ellen Show

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Otter

    I can’t stand the Ellen show. I call it “Smellen.” It is not funny — not even slightly. She was terrible as a stand-up and even worse as a talk show host. I will say that her sitcom was good based on a strong supporting cast and pretty good story lines.

    She’s gotta get off the air. She is smelling it up.

  • renee

    Otter. Thank you for saying everything I was too chicken to say myself. This is the first I have heard that “Ellen” wanted to force her way onto the cover of “O” especially since only Oprah has ever been on the cover as far as I know. How presumptuous of her, and how gracious of Oprah.

  • Aww I love Ellen! I think she’s hilarious.

  • We would love Oprah too!!! Ha. I always loved Ellen but totally your opinion should be shared :)

  • renee

    It may have changed, but I think that Oprah has been on every cover of HER magazine.

  • Cindy

    I don’t watch shows like Oprah or Ellen or really any daytime TV. But…if The Purse Blog ends up on her show, that day, I would watch.

  • Gina R

    Ellen is hysterical. Best of luck!


  • 19yearslater

    Well I think that Ellen’s hilarious and unique and I would love to see Purse Blog on her show.

  • bambi

    I can’t think of one good reason why this blog should be on Ellen, except maybe that its writers/owners simply want more readers. $$$$

  • Bambi, of course we want more readers. Why wouldn’t we?!

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