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Despite the fact that none of our designers can ever hope to be as spectacularly talented as Christian Siriano was two season ago (or as any of the top four were that season, really), they still continue to plug away at this thing we call Project Runway, even though it’s on a network that no one watches and it directly competes with Real Housewives. Not a good time slot decision, Lifetime execs.

Anyway, I digress. We have, what, like six or seven designers left? I’ve lost count. There are a bunch of chicks and only two dudes left, and the dudes are kind of fail-tastic. Christopher started strong and faltered, while Logan simply managed to sneak in to the next episode every week by not blowing his entire fail load on any one outfit thus far. That doesn’t mean he’s any good, it just means that he’s been slightly less offensive than someone else, time after time.

So did his card get pulled this week, or did another member of his mediocre brethren face Heidi’s tall, Germanic ax? Make the jump to find out.

This week, the designers were asked to look to their best outfit from the past to create a new look. Everyone but Logan has won a challenge and those looks were used for them, but he hasn’t even been in the top three, so they just chose a random dress that I don’t even remember for him to use to create his second outfit.

And apparently that random dress had some zipper on it somewhere, I don’t know where, because he bought like a million of them at Mood and made a collar out of them. Too bad Althea had done that a few weeks ago in the Bob Mackie challenge. Understandably, she gets mad and goes to Irina to talk smack about Logan behind his back. And really, I think that may be Irina’s only redeeming quality – she’d be a good person to snark with.

Ultimately, though, Althea decides to take the high road and not say anything on the runway, which is the correct decision. Project Runway history shows us that those who complain about copying or cheating to the judges just look like mealy-mouthed jerks, and it’s best to not look like that on national television if possible.

Irina, though? Irina wouldn’t know the high road if you pushed her out of a moving vehicle on to it. Because she made a big sweater in the last challenge, she’s decided that no one is ever allowed to make a big sweater again, ever. Althea’s design contains one, although its shape and feel are completely different than Irina’s previous effort (or the one that she makes for her new challenge), and Irina calls her out on the runway for it, in spite of their previous bonding over the Logan issue.

The judges were unimpressed by Irina’s accusations because they’re never particularly impressed with stuff like that, and both looks were in the top three along with Carol Hannah and her cute little frock. I was kind of disappointed that she didn’t do something with a bit of the feathers and sequins that appeared on her Bob Mackie dress (which was my favorite look of the entire season thus far), but what she made was perfectly serviceable.

But it was Althea that took the win this week, much to Meana Irina’s chagrin and my utter delight. Not because Althea’s outfit was that great – her pants would be unflattering on anyone other than a model, although I liked her big, ridiculous sweater – but because I just like seeing Irina scowl when someone else wins. Hopefully her face will freeze that way eventually.

It’s also worth noting that the top three this week are the ones most likely to make it to Fashion Week – Althea, Irina, and Carol Hannah are easily the best designers left standing (although Epperson and probably Ra’mon should still be in the mix, ideally), and now we’re just a party to the slow death march that is the elimination of Logan, Christopher and Gordana. Although considering the bad judging so far this season, it wouldn’t surprise me if one of them managed to sneak in to the final three.

Although it won’t be Logan. His zipper extravaganza got him eliminated this week, although I don’t think it was the worst look on the runway. That dubious distinction belongs to Gordana, who made a flaccid grey blazer that appeared to be straight out of a discount store in 1994. I’m comfortable with Logan’s elimination, though – he’s been the most consistently bad of the remaining designers, and at this point, does it really matter in which order the riffraff are removed?

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  • luvhautecouture

    Ra’mon was a treasure!! STUPID for them to get rid of him! DARN

  • Kimberly Marney

    While her looks are not “out there” like Christian’s, Irina is the most luxe and beautiful designs. I would certainly wear them. Polished and sophisticated designs that are very sellable. Althea is the queen of separates although nothing too exciting. Hated those pants even though the judges cooed. Carol Hannah, great fairy dresses! What else can she do? Christian just doesn’t have a sense of scale and proportion. Logan is just bad.

  • alundpr

    What’s interesting about Irina’s allegations against Althea is that although the sweater was part of Althea’s initial drawing, it’s was not Irina’s original design. When Irina arrived at Mood and saw the fabric that would ultimately become her (God awful) dress, she changed her design to include a dress and sweater. Who’s copying who?

  • Jan

    Who made the comment from the headline?

    • Christopher, poking fun at the judges’ critiques. It was in the very beginning of the episode. The way he deadpanned it was hilarious. I almost chose Heidi’s “I’m about ZIPPERS!” instead, there were several good quips in this episode.

  • dela

    Amanda, I finally understand what you have been saying about Irina all along. Nina was completely spot on about Irina’s dress (well fitted but looks cheap). I could find that dress at any Charlotte Russe-type store.

    I am glad Logan (or Jonathan Rhys Meyers-clone) is gone. He offered nothing remotely innovative all season long.

  • Jen

    Why have the last few challenges been so boring and simple? Is it because the designers are so mediocre compared to the designer contestants from past seasons? I yawned through the last episode.

    Irina was a bit too nasty for my taste in this episode, and I’m generally not as bothered by her as others. Competition brings out the nasty in people, and it’s generally good for entertainment/voyeuristic purposes. But I was really bothered by the fact that Althea won. I would think that in an unchallenging challenge that you should step it up – i.e., not take the “new look” requirement too literally and not just make your dress longer (i.e., Christopher) or your shorts/jacket/tank combo longer (i.e., Althea). At least Irina’s outfit and Logan’s outfit (as godawful as it was) took their previous looks in a different direction. Otherwise, I certainly would have fallen dead asleep.

    • I read somewhere that Tim Gunn said that a lot of the challenges had been changed to something simple and one-day because they feared that production could be shut down at any moment because of the lawsuit. He said that they had actually had better stuff planned. If I could remember where I read it, I would have put it in my post, but I can’t.

  • mochababe73

    I like Irina. She sees Project Runway just as it is-a competition. She is keeping her nose to the grindstone and working. She reminds me of Kenley whom I liked as well. No one is there to make friends. There is a job to do.
    Her looks are not avante garde like Christian (whom I love), but there are many women that will wear her clothing. Let’s face it, Christian’s clothes are not for everyone.

  • milanoo

    Good for you, people do have their own like. Different people have different taste, we could not judge others just by the apperence.

  • Loquita

    While I do find Irina immensely talented, if I were the head of a fashion house and had to work with her in a daily context I wouldn’t hire her simply because of her horrible attitude, all talent aside. It blows my mind that some of the designers on the show (both past and present) behave as they do, especially when they have full knowledge of the fact that they are constantly being taped. For them, Project Runway is essentially a season-long job interview/audition that provides them with an invaluable opportunity to present themselves and their work in the most positive light possible. Again, with competition in the design worked being what it is, I fail to comprehend just how contestants like Irina behave so poorly on the shows. Doesn’t she realize that *everyone* is replaceable?

    • I was actually having this same convo with a friend of mine over the weekend. She was like, “Well, isn’t everyone in fashion kind of an asshole?” and the fact is that some of the super famous and successful people are divas, but that’s because at this point in their careers, they don’t need to do anything other than exactly what they feel like doing (Karl Lagerfeld, anyone?). But someone like Irina? When you’re looking to be hired into a position with upward mobility in design, acting like a smug asshole that no one likes or wants to be around is NOT the best course of action. As one of the other designers so aptly put it, she already acts like everyone works for her when, in reality, no one does. And quite frankly, she’s not nearly talented enough for her work to overshadow her attitude.

  • Loquita

    Oops…I meant to say “design world” in the next to last sentence above. Sorry for any misunderstanding!

  • milanoo

    what is that.

  • Tico

    While her looks are not “out there” like Christian’s, Irina is the most luxe and beautiful designs. I would certainly wear them. Polished and sophisticated designs that are very sellable. Althea is the queen of separates although nothing too exciting. Hated those pants even though the judges cooed. Carol Hannah, great fairy dresses! What else can she do? Christian just doesn’t have a sense of scale and proportion.

  • Eve

    Whoa, I hate this f***in show. It’s so boring – the final was really horrible. what do you think?
    xoxo eve

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