Dear readers, it’s with a heavy heart that I bring you this Project Runway recap. For those of you that haven’t seen the episode and don’t want the ending spoiled, stop reading now, because I’m about to spoil it way earlier than usual. That’s right, Anthony went home, and I don’t even know if life is worth living anymore. The sunshine is a little dimmer. The morning air? Slightly less crisp and full of promise. Thursday was a dark day for those that like their television shows to be entertaining.

There was a challenge of course. And a sponsorship. Some folks, they made some dresses. A couple made pants and jackets. Everyone made a pattern, something in which the judges apparently have zero taste. It was like the show was broadcasting straight from Bizarro World, where up was down, left was right, and Emilio’s pattern was cute instead of vomit-inducing. Bizarro World must be an ugly place indeed. Join me in mourning, after the jump.

So, the challenge. I can’t blame the challenge, because that’s not what meted out Anthony’s demise (we’ll blame that on poor judging). As far as product-placement goes, the use of HP computers to design and produce patterned fabric overnight was probably the best challenge we’ve seen in a while – unlike Saturn car parts or the hair and makeup brands that sponsor this show, the ability for the designers to create their own fabric was actually relevant to the point of this show and added to the designs instead of making them more difficult in ways that people that weren’t on a television show would never encounter in the real world.

Our designers were allowed to make whatever they wanted with their patterned fabric, and some of our designers found that more challenging than others. As always, let’s discuss who succeeded first.

Our top three were Emilio, Maya and Seth Aaron, and one of those things is not like the other, for real. Maya made an electrifying McQueen-esque frock that combined texture and print in order to make the print come alive, and I thought that she was entirely successful. Seth Aaron made a pop-art blazer out of a genuinely silly print, and the more I looked at it, the more I could see it on the back of an editor at Fashion Week. It wasn’t meant for the general population, but it was brilliantly off-kilter in a way that several of his jackets have been this season. Plus, making a successful jacket and pants is much harder than tailoring a dress, and he managed to do both perfectly.

Then there was Emilio, who must have roofied both Nina Garcia and Princess Michael Kors before the judging started, because they both just drooled all over his ugly logo print. All he did was scrawl his first initial and last name (with a heart for the O, how…precious) repeatedly on a blue background, and Tim Gunn didn’t like it and neither did I. Also, Tim was correct that it looked something like this: <3saes<3, which made the think of the bromance pairing that Seth Aaron and Emilio had in the previous challenge. That was the first thing that came to mind when I looked at it, which might have been preferable to what the pattern actually said. All he did was make a puffy coat and a simple sheath dress, and the judges fell all over themselves in praise of his apparently masterful work. The pattern wasn't as horrific from a distance, I'll give them that, but his outfit was still far less interesting on the whole than Seth Aaron, Maya or Jay (that would have been my top three, in that order). I wouldn't have put Emilio at any higher than fourth, but he somehow managed to win the entire thing. Like I said, this is Bizarro World. Ugly is cute. Now, to the sad business of discussing who was on the bottom. It was clear about halfway through the episode that depending on how his dress turned out, Anthony was either going to win or go home. The extended shots of him talking about Beyoncé and his Uncle Leroy's porn addiction were just to funny and adoring to have him place anywhere else, and sadly when his dress came down the runway, I think we all knew which one it would be. Which isn't to say that his dress was bad. It wasn’t bad at all, it was just kind of boring and safe, and maybe a bit too similar to things that he’s made before. I wish that he had branched out a little bit and made something unexpected; maybe we could have kept him around for another week to charm and entertain us all.

He shouldn’t have had to, considering the competition, however. I respect Mila as a designer, but her non-functional maxi dress was pretty atrocious (and also pretty out of character for her). We’ve seen her make so many better things, and I would have never expected her to make a dress that was barely even wearable. Despite the fact that it wasn’t at all body-conscious, her model still had a nearly impossible time staggering down the runway in it, and the colors were simply not working for me. I thought it was the worst look of the night, not least of all because I’ve come to expect better technical execution from Mila.

Jonathan was also in the bottom three, but I didn’t think that his watercolor dress was nearly as bad as the judges did. They seemed to enjoy tearing him limb from limb a little too much, and yes, his dress was sort of dreary, but it wasn’t a bad dress. Jonathan weakly defended himself by asserting that sadness was an emotion too, but Nina and Princess Michael already smelled blood, and nothing was going to stop them from getting their soundbites in, even if the dress didn’t merit such cruelty. The backward jacket was a little weird, but it still seemed more functional than Mila’s dress. His model managed to make it down the runway, after all.

But those two dresses don’t even matter – the judges were intent on sending Anthony back to Atlanta for doing something boring, and back he went, head held high. He reminded all of us that you don’t necessarily need the crown to be the queen, and that there are some situations in life where a Beyoncé song just can’t give you all the emotional support that you need. I think having your favorite designer voted off of Project Runway too soon is one of those times.

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  • carrie

    Wrong person went home. No doubt. That ugly striped patio dress! Ugh!

  • Tara

    Another great recap, Amanda! I, too, was saddened to see Anthony go home. Mila’s dress was by far the worst of all. (fb)

  • 19yearslater

    SO SAD. Anthony was my favorite, too. I watched with my mom, who had not seen an episode this season, and she was sad to see Anthony go after just one episode of his awesomeness. Mila’s dress was fugly and disfunctional, Emilio should have been in the bottom 3, not the winner, and the call home of death failed because Seth Aaron is still in, and I’m pulling for him now.

    • I’m also officially on Team Seth Aaron. I was surprised to see that he called home and didn’t win or lose – how often does that happen?

  • Emily

    Great re-cap! I misses this one and my tivo was not set! Thanks (fb)

  • April C.

    Thanks for the re-cap! I missed it! (fb)

  • Mochababe73

    I agree. Anthony should not have gone home. I really thought Jonathan’s dress was pretty, but I agree with MK that the top did look like a straight jacket.

    I hear through the grapevine that on this week’s episode that one designer will drop out and another will be back. Hopefully, it’s Anthony since he was the last one asked to leave. Anyone remember that this happened with Chris March.

    • Oooh, now that would be interesting. I know that one of the designers that’s still in the running was not one of the ten that showed at Fashion Week, but I haven’t wanted to say anything about it in the recaps since I don’t want to spoil it for anyone that’s trying to stay away from the rumors for the finale. If Anthony came back, that would make my whole entire life. I loved it when Chris March came back, he’s one of my all-time favorite contestants.

      • dela

        I was thinking the same thing. Too bad, because the designer I think is leaving deserved better this entire season.

  • Toni

    Amanda, I agree with you on this one. It was sad to see Anthony go. I expected Mila to be aufed. Her dress was hideous. I found the judges comments to be exceptionally cruel where Jonathan was concerned. They didn’t have to poke fun at him like they did when he helped the model back into her jacket.

    The show will not be the same without Anthonty.

  • carrie

    ^^Exactly! I love Michael Kors, but this last episode he was just bitchy!

  • Claire
  • Reese

    Seth Aaron should have won for many reasons, and Anthony should have stayed. Period. The judges were def on crack. News reports today is that the next challenge is to make another outfit for Heidi. Since when was this show a place for Heidi to have her own minions of designers? We already did that. I thought we might have jumped the shark, but now I KNOW we have jumped the shark even if it is with prints and product placement. (fb)

  • Jane

    I was shocked that Emilio won the challenge. If you look at the pattern it looks ES love’s SA (emilio loves seth aaron) I hate fabrics like that. I couldn’t believe how Kohrs and Heidi were gushing over his dress even Nina. I couldn’t believe that Nina of all people would actually have liked his fabric and dress. It was boring, ugly, and so predictable. I loved Seth Aaron. He made pants, kick ass blazer, tie, and a shirt too perfection I might add and he gets third. Mila should have been booted off that dress was awful her model looked horrible in it. I was so pissed that Anthony was voted out this early. I don’t think that should have happened at all. I miss him and his isms. (fb)

  • Rosanna

    I was pretty shocked with the results. I can’t believe they got rid of Anthony! I actually didn’t find his dress to be that bad and I liked the purple print he made. Jonathan’s outfit was far worse and hasn’t really stood out this entire season (except for that white dress) and Mila’s dress was atrocious.

    I LOVED Jay’s outfit and was really surprised that he was not in the top 3. Didn’t like Emilio’s dress; the fabric he made looked really tacky and something a child would wear. Lastly, Seth Aaron’s outfit was awesome! The fabric he made was funky and interesting.

    Really hoping that Jay and Seth Aaron go to Bryant Park! (fb)

  • dela

    This has to be the worst episode of the entire Project Runway series from the judging perspective and I am not even talking about the final aufed result. First, when I had expected the judges to criticize Anthony for his explanations or redundant designs they kept quiet and now out of nowhere they ambush him (maybe it is the editing). Second and the worst thing I have seen on PR, judges attacking Jonathan so personally. I don’t know what happened to Michael Kors, he seemed to take a special pleasure in mocking Jonathan (not his design). I am glad Jonathan did not shed any tears. Also, it looked like Nina was about to cry as well. Is there some behind the scenes drama going on PR?
    Why am I hearing words like “cute” or “adorable” coming out of judges’ mouth. It has to be a Lifetime effect. I love SA’s jackets but everything he designs is fitted-waist-length and I expect judges to comment on that in the following weeks.

  • Mai

    I want Jay to win!!! Love his work! (fb)

  • Gelynn

    Thanks for the re-cap!!! (fb)

  • Christy

    thank GOD other people hated that tacky-ass fabric of Emilio’s. I thought for sure he was going to be in the bottom 3 and I’m pretty sure Mila was drunk or something when she made that dress….what was she thinking??

  • Erik

    1st. Emilio’s fabric was TASTLESS and just ew! the dress was not that bad…but OMG the print EW EW EW!
    2nd. I thought the way that they ridiculized Jonathan was extremely mean! and Michael may be a very well known designer but…he is not the best and sometimes he makes tacky and ugly things …

  • Sorral

    Oh Amanda I am hoping for an Anthony return a la Chris March, he was just too wonderful! Chris has a blog on lifetime and his comments about Anthony are so funny. Sadly he did not post one this last episode and I am dying to find out his thoughts on this, but maybe he is holding out on purpose ;)

  • Tanya

    I saw the episode and I totally agree with you. Great recap btw. I know the judges are supposed to be great at what they do but sometimes I wonder what the heck are they thinking. Poor Anthony:( I really hated seeing him go, I mean seriously he got the cover of Marie Claire I think Mila should have went that Maxi dress was def one of the worse ever! Lets see what they do this week.(FB)

  • Susan

    Oh, so glad to hear other people hated Emilio’s fabric – it looked like pajama material to me, like from Pajamagrams, not even as cute as Victoria Secrets materials – but maybe that is why Heidi liked it so much! ;) Thought he would be in the bottom. Did think he saved the material a bit with the black fabric breaking it up a bit tho. Jonathan’s material was nice, also, not as horrible as they thought, and very sad to see Anthony go…

  • JenG

    My heart is broken! I can’t believe he is gone! I thought Mila dress was worst, but of course I am not a judge.

  • Lydia

    What will we do without Anthony? Call me crazy, but I enjoyed his southern belle influenced style. He was always classy and true to his own esthetique. (fb)

  • Sherriann

    Ugh! That show will not be the same without Anthony, who will bring us hilarious one-liners?? (fb)

  • Shei

    Anthony should not have gone home! I’d rather if Mila was gone instead. Watching Project Runway’s definitely not going to be as fun to watch as it used to be now that Anthony’s not there… (fb)

  • Kathy

    Competition is sweet! It provides the form of preparation required to maintain a genuine business. Bring something of value to the table that is new, complex, and interesting. The show presents the climate to do just that. (fb)

  • PhotoGirl

    I can’t believe that Emilio (for whom I’ve developed an epic distaste) won with that overwrought schmatta that he sent down the runway! The judges/producers must be doing crack.

    So, so sad to see my beloved Anthony go. :(

    My money’s on Seth Aaron for the win.

  • toni canlas

    I find this to be the Project Runways lamest season … ;( ‘(fb)’

  • toni canlas

    I find this to be Project Runways lamest season … ;( ‘(fb)’

  • Marissa

    WRONG PERSON WENT HOME! I would vote off MK if I could…is that wrong? Usually I love listening to those who have made it in such a demanding business, but he drives me up a wall….I LOVE THIS SHOW THOUGH!!! (fb)

  • Beth S.

    *Ducking for Cover*… I didn’t think that Emilio’s look was so bad. His graffiti logo was actually quite cute. I just can’t stand his personality — he is SO pompous! And Mila seems like a truly lovely person, but that dress was DISASTROUS! If the model can’t walk down the runway? That’s what you call a FAIL. Why do the judges keep kissin’ up to her? (My personal fave? Jonathan.) And the rest of this season without Anthony? Oh, it will be so b-o-r-i-n-g…

  • Amy

    I agree with your comments on Mila. Not only was her dress atrocious, but so is her attitude. She reminds me of how high & mighty Irena was last season, but at least Irena had the talent to back it up, Mila’s face always looks like she just can’t believe someone other than her has done well.

    LOVE Anthony, and his Beyonce sermon was so funny!! (fb)

  • Alia Bustamante

    Mila is always repeating herself… getting tired of her. This season is awkward for me, i cant find one designer that i feel is amazing!! ’till now im rooting for Seth and the other girl that look like Mila (cant remember her name). Ohhh and i’ll miss Anthony! Loved his comments (fb)

  • lily

    i love anthony. mila should have gone, poor brandeis couldn’t even walk! (fb)

  • Michelle

    I’m praying there’ll be one of those ‘return’ episodes where Anthony has a second chance (fb)

  • Elyse

    love anthony and I was so happy to see him back this week! And that dress that he made was just stunning! (fb)

  • Michelle

    :) (fb)

  • spinningz

    Anthony leaving project runway? He was the most entertaining person in the show.. they should have voted mila off. Does she know how to use colours and make anything else other than stuff in black and white? Reminds me of that guy from the previous season who could only do draping, and the judges asked if he knew how to do anything else other than draping.

  • Beth S.

    Can’t wait for your write-up on Episode 11 “Sew Much Pressure” — and on Maya’s very elegant (but hopefully not stupid) exit from the competition! (fb)

  • gacats

    There are no words to describe how thrilled I am that Amanda has her own recap section.
    I love these recaps as much as the show! Way to go!
    I was so upset over Anthony’s auf-ing.

  • Cathy

    I am SO glad someone else thought this episode was HORRIFIC. I remember turning to my friend after it was over and saying: “that was like all of season 6 in one episode, right there.” WHAT was with Emilio’s pattern? He calls himself a designer? He doesn’t even know how to draw hearts!!!

    Mila’s dress was also horrific, although she has done some pretty good stuff in the past few challenges so they probably kept her around for that. Jonathan too I thought wasn’t that bad– I actually really liked the pattern, and the jacket was interesting (maybe not everyday-wearable).

    I’m seeing in some of the comments that Anthony might come back–please god make it so. :(

  • Jocelyn

    Aw Beyonce lol Tag for Linea Pelle (fb)

  • Joy

    why!? :(

    i like beyonce :P

  • Tiff Chao

    I haven’t watched Project Runway in while but the title caption caught my eye. Too funny. (fb)