In the grand tradition of Bravo reality shows, the penultimate episode of Kell on Earth was fairly reasonable, and we can only hope that it’s the calm before the grand finale storm. Don’t get me wrong – stuff happened, but it wasn’t so much a plot as a succession of events, one not necessarily causing the next. There’s always one episode like that in every season, and last night’s episode filled that gap for our girls (and guys) at People’s Revolution.

The show was a little about Skinner’s lack of a life, a little about how the fashion industry tanked with the economy, a little about how people want something for nothing, and a little more about the omnipresent themes of office politics and Kelly’s unending quirks and awesomeness. It was like the season was condensed into an hour-long nutshell, except without actual stories. But I didn’t mind – it seemed like one of the most personal episodes yet.

First things first: there’s still basically no one working in the People’s Revolution office. Between the firing of Stephanie Vorhees and Tandrew’s sudden escape back to sunny, tan-friendly California, even less work is getting done around the office than when they were there, screwing things up and making everyone’s job harder. Obviously, that just means that Skinner is even more stressed than normal.

Despite that, we finally got to meet her as a person in this episode. We saw her itty-bitty downtown apartment, which is probably a third of the size of mine and costs twice as much (but is also in New York City, and mine is not, which is an important distinction), and we met her equally downtown hipster boyfriend Alano, who wants her to chill out and spend a little more time with him.

Skinner also likes to hang out with Andrew a lot, and he seems to agree with Kelly that she needs to reclaim part of her life for herself. He tries to cheer her up in various ways, including giving her a spike crown to wear at the office and making jokes about the sexual molestation of donuts. Obviously, those jokes cannot be reproduced here, but they were the kind of silly profanity that always manages to at least partially distract me from whatever else is going on. No snark: Andrew seems like a good friend.

They end the episode together, eating ice cream in the office after Skinner’s boyfriend decides that he can’t handle her work schedule. The thought of going through the aftermath of a breakup while cameras are rolling makes me absolutely sick to my stomach, but what better way to heal yourself than eating Ben & Jerry’s with your best gay?

It’s too little, too late for her relationship with Alano, but in order to allow Skinner to patch together something of a social life for herself, Emily and Robyn set out, yet again, to hire another account worker for the company. Kelly isn’t allowed to hire people anymore because she’s too wacky, so at the most she sort of wanders in and out of the process, asking new-hire Mallory who she was named after.

Like the last person that People’s Rev tried to hire, however, Mallory was never destined to make it to her first day of work. She never called back to accept the job, so everyone just thought that she had found something else or decided she didn’t want it, but the fine folks at Page 6 eventually provided the answer: she was in jail and had apparently used her one phone call to do something other than inform her prospective employers of that fact.

Not that it mattered – Mallory’s arrest stemmed from the alleged theft of nearly a hundred grand in jewelry from her previous PR gig, and I’m guessing that once that came to light, it wouldn’t have mattered if she had called in a prompt manner to accept the position anyway. In case anyone is interested, the latest news that the New York Post has on her is that she’s still out on bail.

They hired someone else, a similar-looking girl named Grace, who apparently wasn’t arrested for any fashion-related legal transgressions and therefore could show up for her first day of work. She did manage to cut out early, however, which resulted in her getting called back in once Kelly found out. I was frustrated on her behalf, because that’s the kind of thing that would annoy me an office – she seemed to genuinely believe that she had been let go for the day, and she had asked around to see if anyone needed any additional help before she left. Maybe I should take back what I said last week about wanting to work at People’s Revolution, because the look of irritation on my face would be easily visible to anyone that was looking at me.

Somehow, amidst all that, Kelly managed to find time to jet out to LA to check on the office’s West Coast arm. Because fashion industry revenues are down and a lot of brands are having a hard time coughing up the cash for Kelly’s services (as excellently demonstrated by that loathsome Vanity Fair writer that wanted People’s Revolution to throw him a party for free), Kelly’s trying to pick up new clients in California in order to boost revenues. Her potential clients included a party space/clothing store by music dude Rick Ross (not the rapper Rick Ross – that would have been way cooler), and it was perhaps the most stereotypically hipster space that I’ve ever seen in my entire life. But hey, if it keeps Kell in business, I’m ok with it.

Perhaps I’m leaving something out, but I can’t exactly think of what – it was that sort of episode. Next week is the season finale, where we see Kelly & Co. shoot a DKNY ad on the streets of New York City, among other exciting things. Do you want the show to come back for a second season? I know I do.

Also, a bit of a treat for those of you that like Andrew’s style as much as I do: a tour of his closet.

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  • This episode was very easy to watch, without much plot at all. But I kinda liked it.

    Skinner clearly works hard – almost too hard? I know there is nothing wrong with a good work ethic but it seems to be affecting her personal life, which kinda sucks. As much as I know NYC is super expensive, her place looks like the size of many closets, which is frightening.

    I really love how honest and open Kelly is with everything going on in her life. She is honest about the industry and honest about how the economy affects the industry and her work. I like that.

    Andrew is officially my favorite person ever. He just seems like a great, fun guy and friend.

    • I really liked the episode too – since they weren’t forcing the narrative arc quite so much, the show felt even more real than it usually does. These people all seem fun and interesting, and the day-to-day stuff is just as fun to watch ast he more dramatic bits.

  • Sorral

    I love this show, but I only get watch it in pieces because my bf can not handle one more bravo reality show. I love Kell and her staff, i totally want to work for her! Amanda keep up the recaps, i stumbled onto this site by accident and its your writing that keeps me coming back!

  • Jane

    I love this show I hope it comes back for season 2. Hey if this pads her pockets a little more than I am all for it. I think Kelly is so wonderful. It cracked me up that she was so upset that Grace went home early because she wanted them to work together so everyone especially Skinner to be able to go home and try to have a life. I don’t know any other boss that would ever be that worried about our lives. I would love to work in the office. Andrew all day long sounds like the best time to me. I want to be a People’s Rev-girl so badly.

  • Tiffany

    OMG! I nearly peed my pants when Andrew was talking about the donuts on a d*ck..
    He is awesome! I don’t understand why Skinner is to be blamed for the Grace incident?
    Then how is Grace over Skinner in rank? Anyhoo all in all I love the show still!!

  • Vicki

    OMG I love this show, I am so bummed there is only one show left this season. I really hope it comes back on soon! (FB)

  • Jocelyn

    I don’t watch this show :(

    Tag for Linea Pelle (fb)

  • abitnerdy

    yayy i love kell on earth! I wish more of my friends watched it! Love Kell’s kick butt sense abilities! (fb)

  • windsor

    I am no longer getting Kell on earth on Bravo. I want it back. I love it.