As you know if you participate in our weekly livetweeting, I went to a Lady Gaga concert last night instead of watching the return of Gossip Girl. I bought the tickets almost a year ago, so if the CW had asked me, I could have ensured that they rescheduled. But! They didn’t ask me. And because exhausted, sweaty and covered in glitter is no way to write a recap, I thought we would have an open thread instead.

And we’ll have plenty to talk about – the return of Cece and Billy Baldwin, the advent Lily’s heretofore unknown sister who has a weird yellow tooth, and Serena’s long lost cousin Charlotte, who sort of looks like a more common Blair Waldorf who should really consider a return to her natural hair color. (I’m sorry, that was sort of mean. But I’ve been an inappropriate blonde before, and it’s not a good look.) Oh, and there’s the small matter of the Dan-Blair-Chuck love triangle…

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  • Jenn

    I’ll admit–I haven’t seen the ep myself (though I’ve been anxiously awaiting). I blame the cable going out, and having to watch it today once it’s uploaded to the CW. Still, I’m a spoiler addict and came to see your thoughts to prep myself for it all.

    I first found this site because of your Gossip Girl reviews. And I’m convinced it’s this site’s influence that now has me obsessed with purses.

  • Jo-Anne

    I love Gossip Girl, but last night’s episode didn’t live up to my expectations especially since we had to wait so long after that Dan and Blair cliffhanger kiss.

  • bb

    Just watched. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!! The only thing I loved was the Nude Christian Louboutin”s that the cousin slipped on while learning to LOVE the upper eastside lifestyle!

  • DJ

    Great quote from the show! I always love your reviews.

  • Em

    You should totally tell us all about the Lady Gaga show, Amanda! Was it as awesome as everyone says they are?

    As for GG? The Dan-Blair-Chuck love triangle – I don’t have words.

    • Gaga is great live. I saw her in 2009 at a much, much smaller venue (4500 seats instead of over 20,000 last night) and I thought that show was better – smaller, weirder, and she did almost every song she had ever released.

      This show was great, but it was more of a traditional pop show – big set pieces, lots of backup dancers and lively dance numbers, more mainstream costumes to make it easier to change. The audience also seemed a little bit more…normal? As normal as a Gaga crowd can get, I guess. It was still lots of fun and more than worth the price of admission.

      One thing I definitely give her credit for is singing live – she did at both shows and her voice is wonderful. No lip syncing at all that I could detect, and she mentioned during the show that as a rule, she does not lip sync.

  • BeckyBenett

    oh no. i thought you were going to post a review cause I missed it and quickly typed in purseblog to read your recap..

    i told myself i would not watch GG again until Blair and Chuck gets back together so after they separated, I just read your blog to get updates.. haha..

    • I didn’t realize that the concert and Gossip Girl’s return overlapped until a couple of days ago! I had the tickets for so long that I almost forgot I was going to it. The regular recaps will return next week, I promise!

  • Quantam pendant

    I always love your reviews

  • Kim

    This episode did not live up to the hype in any way. I expected much more sizzle out of the current love triangle storyline of the show ( if you recall, there’s always one). Blair’s revelation post-Dan kiss that she’s actually in love with Chuck, yawn…the emergence of Vanessa as the all-knowing seer of the show,pointless and the return of Epperly was the needless icing on an overwrought cake. GG, please step up your game. During your unecessairly long hiatus, I found other shows to fill up my Monday evenings and to them I will return if this doesn’t improve! And what is up with the Raina-Nate thing…Yes, they’re both gorgeous but her character is way too intelligent to spend as much time with Nate as were supposed to believe she does!

  • Mila

    Love the quote from the show! Hahahha :) Serena looked amazing in this episode!

  • BirkinCoveter

    I agree with the above commenters, they gave us a great episode before the hiatus then came back with this. After I finally came around to the idea of Dan and Blair only to be dissapointed when Blair said the kiss made her realize she wanted to be with Chuck. Not really sure how I feel about the cousin storyline though it could be promising at the end her mother was going to divulge the reason she needs to be watched, and now that nobody is talking to Vanessa her character is more annoying and pointless than ever.

  • Mochababe73

    This looked more like a series finale episode. I was so disappointed that I even wasted my DV-R space.
    Oh, well, hopefully next week will be better.
    And, I’m not real sure why Raina and her father were even asked to be in the book (?) when they just got to New York.
    Oh, well, at least Serena carried a cute handbag.

  • deejah

    My favorite part of this epi was when Blake Lively tried to feign sadness and disappointment at the shoot with her mother. I choked on my spit laughing. If she wasn’t so damm good looking, her acting chops would have her in Arkansas with Ross couture. –OH SNAP!