As I arrived at my new apartment in New York yesterday approximately three and a half hours behind schedule, I found myself telling my cab driver that all’s well that end’s well – the delayed flight, the two-hour line at the LaGuardia taxi stand, the obscenely overpriced plate of chicken fingers at the Atlanta airport Houlihans – it was all fine because it had ultimately lead me to my much-awaited destination safe and sound. Little did I know, my feelings about the evening’s season finale of Gossip Girl would be much the same; most of the episode left me a little disappointed, but the ending more than made up for it.

I’m on pirated wifi at the moment and was only able to watch an extremely blurry online feed of last night’s episode, during half of which the sound was 30 seconds ahead of the picture, so I don’t think that any recap I could write of the show would be anything resembling coherent. Regular HD episode of Gossip Girl are confusing enough as it is. But let’s talk about last night’s finale and the cliffhangers for next season in the comments. Also, is anyone else kind of enraged that the writers would dare to compare Dan effing Humphrey to Jonathan Safran Foer? Blasphemy, I tell you. Not to mention that exposés of Upper East Side life are a little more Plum Sykes than JSF.

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  • barbara

    Please write a bigger recap this is barely a recap.

    • Unfortunately, Mother Nature and Delta Airlines conspired to prevent me from writing much of anything yesterday or today. If people would be interested in a more detailed write-up later in the week, that might be possible.

      • Christine

        yes please make a recap even if it’s later in the week. i love reading your point of view on the show. :)

  • Christine

    Awww I was so looking forward to your recap this morning, I’ve been refreshing the site to see if it’s been posted. :(

    I’m glad that the Thorpes are finally gone and so is Vanessa. I just wish they have taken Charlie/Ivy with them. I don’t want her to come back next season.

    I also love Georgina being back. She cracked me up when she tried to get in on the schemes, she said she’s never been bored since she joined that Christian group plus when she told Serena that she’s missed her coz she gets her made me laugh so hard.

    Regarding Blair and Chuck, it upset me seeing them partying while Louis was waiting for her and the sex?? Ughh, made me so mad! I guess that’s Chuck’s pull on Blair. I’m happy that Chuck finally let her go. I really hope his character keeps on with this path and matures more so maybe he can be worthy of Blair again.

    In the meantime, what made the season finale for me was Dan and Blair’s mini interaction. Movie dates online? I was so giddy! Then Eric made a remark after that Charlie wasn’t the one Dan was trying to get over. I have high hopes that the writers will continue this whole Dan and Blair thing. I think they are cute :)

    But wtf was that pregnancy thing in the end?? I really hope it’s neither Blair nor Serena that is pregnant.

  • Ellz

    Welcome to New York Amanda! Could you hold off writing about RONJ until you’re fully rested and settled? I’m dying to know what you thought of that mess. Holy cannoli!

  • nychic1114

    YES YES! Please expanded re-cap even if later in the week!

    Will there be a recap for NJ Housewives? I keep refreshing the page hoping you’ll post one!

    • There will be! Since people are interested, I’ll do one for both, it’ll just be later in the week. I don’t have any cable and I’m stealing Internet right now, so it makes things a little dicey!

  • Alyson

    Great Amanda! You made my day, I will check back later this week. Happy unpacking!

  • Matthew

    I’ve been dying to see your recap of RHNJ, because that was by far the most disturbing episode of any RH I’ve seen. I wondered how they would top Danielle’s antics, but good Lord, they topped them.

    Thing is, I felt icky watching it and it honestly made me quite uncomfortable. I couldn’t even tell what was happening in that fight scene, and it wasn’t entertaining, funny, or enjoyable. Bravo has put some shenanigans on TV before that were funny or ridiculous, but this was just sad.

  • Matthew

    P.S. Congratulations on your move to NYC! :-)

  • FallonLatrece

    Glad you made it too NY safely. I too have been refreshing all day waiting on your recaps for both shows. :( I’ll just wait for later in the week.

    Talk about the shockers at the end, Charlie wth; and don’t get me started on Vanessa? But I took kept thinking, all this build up for Dair only to left with nothing at the end. I did however just love how Erik picked up on Dair, he look was just so knowing.

    I’m excited to see how Dan wrote Blair in his book.

  • Hannah

    sooo happy to see that you’ll be writing a recap later on this week! as i was watching the episode last night, i couldn WAIT to hear your POV!
    also, my biggest laugh of the episode was the writers wanting us to believe Serena has EVER read a book! even a childrens book!! let along F. Scott Fitzgerald!! i was about to die!! shes as phony and airheaded as they come! give us something more to work with people!

    aaand i cried when blair and chuck gave their goodbyes. Wtf. i don’t cry. they’re just way too damn good of actors! especially with the rest of the cast they have to work over to put some talent in the place.

  • BirkinCoveter

    I had mixed emotions about the finale last night though the actual ending was great. I’m glad they wrapped up and got rid of the Thorps but that hostage situation was way underwhelming they could’ve at least set the building on fire. I’m glad were seeing this more mature side of Chuck though when he let Blair go I nearly teared up. Georgina was hilarious last night I was hoping ” I have’nt been this bored since I believed in Jesus” would be the re-cap headline, she should be on the show more often. The pregnancy test in Blair’s waste basket was too transparent for me to believe she’s the pregnant one or Serena for that matter. I really hope Gossip Girl uses the potential storlines they created last night to make next season great. More than half this season was a snoozefest.

    As for RHoNJ it was sad last night theres nothing entertaining about watching a family fight like that and in front of children no less. This is the second time an episode in RH franchise has left me feeling sad and uncomfotable the first being the infamous finale of RHoBH when Kim and Kyle Richards went at it in the limo. I hope Bravo does’nt make these family showdowns apart of there Housewives bingo.

    • Hannah

      “the hostage situation was way underwhelming they could’ve at least set the building on fire” LOL!!!!!!!! love itttt!

  • mochababe73

    I missed your recap.
    You should really read Jay Mohr’s recap of Jersey on Bravo’s website. It was hilarious.

  • Earmuffs

    Welcome to New York!

    Annndddddd, wow I was shocked with the ending. “Charlie”, a fake cousin, was something I did not expect. I’m already excited about next season.

  • Amy

    Really enjoyed the episode (finally got to watch it last night). Definitely some great twists and turns – I didn’t realize the Charlie/Ivy thing until she met up with Carol at the end.

    My guess is that it’s Serena that’s pregnant. Don’t know who’s the father, but she’s disappearing with her grandmother for the summer, and that would be a perfect way to hide for awhile, no matter what she chooses to do. If it’s Blair, wow will that be a problem!

    Loved it that Chuck let Blair go. There were some seriously amazing scenes between the two of them in that episode, and I wonder what’s in store for the future. Chuck finally matured a bit! Or did he put his finger on Monaco when he spun the globe with Nate??

  • weaslgrl

    Amanda, welcome to NYC — we’re very glad to have you! Hope everything will now go more smoothly for you, so that you can quickly get settled in and start enjoying the greatest city in the world!

  • Hannah

    amy — i also thought about blair being pregant by chuck!! but how much time had passed btween that night and the test? there’s no way she’d know that quick! and i thought he put hsi finger on Monaco too!!!!!