I don’t know how the weather is where you are, but as I write this, Atlanta is experiencing its first springlike day since the actual advent of the season, and I couldn’t be happier. (For the record, I also couldn’t be happier that I’m moving to New York right around the time that Atlanta’s beautiful spring weather will to change to sticky, stultifying summer heat.) Weather-wise, spring got off to a belated start this year on much of the East Coast, but I think that this time, the sunshine is here to stay.

Or maybe it’s just the Kate Spade With a Twist Orange Slice Satchel that’s making me so optimistic. After a change in creative staff several seasons ago, Spade has become fashion’s go-to brand for whimsical, witty accessories at a price point that makes its pieces seem like a reasonable splurge from time to time. This bag and its lemon counterpart perfectly demonstrate the band’s cleverness.

Take it from someone who knows: This is the kind of bag that strangers will cross the street to ask you about. An accessory like this one can seem a little odd at first blush, but when paired with a sundress and some retro sunglasses, you’ll look like a stylish woman with a sense of humor about herself and her personal style. And isn’t that exactly who we all want to be anyway? The lucite handles are the perfect touch – not only do they add a note of modernism to the design, but they don’t interrupt the visual lines of the orange slices. Buy through Nordstrom for $245.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Maggie

    Very cheery and bright! I like it!

  • Wyatt

    Love the lemon version better than this one, but still, very cute!

  • Lulugurl

    Normally am a fan of Kate Spades fun designs but am on the fence about this on….. :\

  • ninjaninja

    Is it suppose to look like a slice of orange?

    • Yep, Orange Slice is in the name of the bag!

  • Britty

    I would totally rock this along with my giant white wide brimmed hat. Love it!

  • Kells

    This is adorable! Kate Spade has been on a roll lately!

  • Marion

    Very cute! I could see myself running to the market with it!

  • Hedda Gabler

    whimsical. i like!!

  • 19yearslater

    Love. This is a straw bag acting like a fun summer accessory, not pretending to be a fancier bag. Fantastic.

  • bb

    LOVE IT!

  • Leah

    Wow I remember when Kate Spade put fruit ON her bags, now the bags ARE fruit. Too cute!

  • Karen

    Might need to add this to my yellow Scout to round out my summer bag collection. There were also some fantastic straw bags in the store that combined natural-colored straw with black fabric. I’m not usually a big straw bag fan (nor a huge Kate Spade fan), but I am loving this line!

  • Shopping Lady

    A fun and cute bag. I need to check it out to see if it’s big enough for beach essentials.

  • KaylaNiche

    I love the shape!

  • The Fashionable ESQ

    Very cute. It reminds me of something I carried around as a little girl.

  • Cathy Fitz

    I guess I’m in the minority as I think this looks like a cheap beach bag, and not a $300 bag.